Scam letter(s) from Ashley Waneago to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
Hello there ,
It's so nice to read from you ,.. ..Well I'm seeking a long term relationship that is full of understanding and affection....i hope you can give me that.... i need Someone special to capture my heart and handle it with care,who will cherish me and be willing to share life's greatest joys and sorrows. I have been heart broken before. Am not in good condition right now.I really need someone who will help me,its a shame i am not in state at the moment,i would have really love to meet you asap.I will be so happy if you can make me happy because at the moment that am writing you this letter am so sad....Am in need of little help because am in a bad situation now,I will tell you about it if you wanna know about it...I promise to love and also care for you if we end up being lovers cause you seems like a interesting person...i really wish to explain all that had made me sad to you.
I want you to tell me little more about you..hear back from you
Letter 2
Its so good to read from you,am Ashley and am from south Carolina ,single and am an aspiring Model ..A little more about me i love going to the movies and making people around me happy....Am looking for Someone honest and caring...someone that is clean and understanding....I want you to tell me little more about you.
1)what are you looking for in a person
2)what kind o relationship do you need
3)what do you do
4)do you stay alone
5)whats your age range.
6)where do you live now
i would be expecting to read from you soon.
Letter 3
Am very sad now at the moment honey i wish i am in a very nice situation back home now i would have really loved to meet you in person and look into your eyes while we get to know each other well.... i want you to know that i have been inNigeria since two days. my mom works here,she actually had a car accident so i had to come down to see how she is doing here. Immediately i got to the hospital where mom was, i was shocked because her condition is very critical she injured her body and lost much blood, the doctor says she needs an intensive treatment and he told me all will cost me $2000 but presently i am only left with $1600.....please try to understand that i don't want my mom to die ...she is the only one i have after my ex cheated on me and broke my heart... and ever since then i have not been with any one ..i really need someone to love me and someone i can love back too so lonely and i need someone true and real...i will be expecting to read from you soon so i will know if you will help me.lots of hugs and kisses.Ashley
Letter 4

Hello love,
how are you doing and how is life back so glad you want to help me save my moms life.
Baby i want you to know that i really do like you and want to have a lasting relationship with you as sound like someone i will be happy being with.
am so scared of loosing my mom now,i lost my dad last year and mom is all i have got now..i will be so grateful to you if you help me baby....and i promise to make it up to you as soon as i get back,may be you come to my place to meet me up or if you want me to come over to your own place straight up ,let me know and also send me your detailed address so we can know how to meet please just try your best and help out soon i beg you,mom is in a very critical state here now..
i would like you to kindly go to any WESTERN UNION office close to your area to help me send the money $400 to the below information .

ZIP CODE - 23401,
Please as soon as you send the money kindly get back to me with the information's that was give to you by WESTERN UNION after been through with the transfer of the money .
I am looking forward to get the payment information from you.
thanks alot.
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