Scam letter(s) from Fatima Ahmed to Peter (Sweden)

Letter 1
My dear please i want to confide in you because of the trust and confidence i have in you, am 26 years of age. My husband is a multi-millionaires before he and son sudden demise in a fatal motor accident, he deposited 25 million US dollars in their bank account in which am the next of kin to claim the huge amount of money but my his brother are after my life because of their selfish interest, the bank insisted that they need an elderly person to stand by me in-order to withdraw the money and sponsor myself, i need you to stand as my guarantor/guardian to give your account details the money will be paid into your account then you get 25% from it as all the necessary document needed to perfect this transaction is in my possession.get back to me on my email ( )

Letter 2
HOW ARE YOU TODAY? I will like to tell you more about myself but where do I start from okay. My name is DR Fatima Ahmed. I'm a Citizen of Syria Damascus, Sex female, Age 26 years, a Widow; I am surgeon doctor by specialist, I am writing this mail to tell you about myself and what i am passing true I write this mail with tears and sorrow from my heart I will need your help in this situation I find myself, Am really afraid and don't know who to confide in. I am a medical doctor working with NATO currently in SYRIA, but I marred a Cambodia man name Abdessalam, who was a multi-millionaire before their sudden demise in a fatal motor accident with my son last years ago,
He deposited 25 million US dollars in his bank account in which am the next of kin to claim the huge amount of money but his brother are after my life because of their selfish interest, the bank insisted that they need me as the next of kin.
After the death of my husband and my son last year the bank of Cambodia contact me for 25 million us dollar in my Name as his Next of kin. He made me to understand that my husband willed 25,000.000$ to me as his next of kin which my husband brother out of selfish interest has been persuading him by all means to make a change of documents for him to be able to have access to the money with the claims that i might have been dead by now, but to Allah be the glory that am alive here in Syria, all the necessary documents needed for the transaction are in my possession as the next of kin.
please i need your help to present you as my partner to receive the money from your bank Account, once you receive the money i promise to give you 25% from 25 million us dollar for your help if your interest to help me.
finally the Bank manager concluded with me when i told him my Desire to go back to my husband land, but he told me no that i have to get someone reliable and trusted enough to stand for me as my partner so that the money can be transfer to his bank account, once the money was transfer I have live Syria and come over your country and live a better life with you and your family.
because of the political crisis here in SYRIA they has destroyed all the networks mostly bank, office, and network to call outside Syria in other not to spread the real condition and situation of Syrian Citizens and masses, I wish you have time to watch CNN or BBC world news you will see with your eyes what we are passing through here in Syria Damascus, Please save my life and my money because the rebels are pushing attack towards my direction, Please i don’t want to lost my money or my life because of this deadly political war that is taking too many innocent life and property,
Then everything spent on my behalf will be deducted from the money transferred and 25% of this money is for your upkeep Conclusively, I want to make a plead with you sir, to help me out of this situation and stand as my partner, It is my desire to marry a reliable and trustworthy man to actualize my plan.
The money is not my major concern but someone to show me care and love as his own, to make me have the feelings of husband care and homely feelings as your family member and raise me like your own, I promise not to disappoint you, and Allah blesses you. i need some of your information you can fill this for me, i will give you the contact of the bank:
FULL NAMES: --------------------
OCCUPATION: --------------------
TELEPHONE: ---------------------
YOUR AGE: --------------------
POSTAL ADDRESS: ----------------
City: ----------------------------------
COUNTRY: -----------------------
SEX (M/F):------------------------
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