Scam letter(s) from Patricia Aka to Peter (Sweden)

Letter 1
I NEED YOUR HELP TO INVEST IN YOUR COUNTRY. Hello, I got your contact from, Am Ms. Patricia Aka,the only daughter of Late Mr.Emmanuel Aka in Ivory Coast. I seek for your assistance to help me transfer the sum of US7,500,000.00 am willing to offer you 20% as compensation .If you agree kindly mail me for further details Yours
Patricia Aka.
Letter 2
Hello Mr. Peter, I received your mail and the contents was well understood, So much thanks for you as you love to assist me, Well before I continue in my writing I we love to ask of your family because they are all important to me, Are they doing fine? and I believe that in few days I we be with you for the rest of my life and futher my education in one of the school there in your country while all this money will be invested by you as plan. Please I want you to understand that I have trusted & agreed with you before I contacted you for your assistance to have better life there in your country and I will really like you to prove this to me that you will take good care of this money and me after the money as be transfer into your account that you will provide. Now Before I contacted you I have informed the bank director already here in Cote d' Ivoire that I will be contacting you that I want there bank to transfer my late father money at their bank to you as you may direct them on my behalf as I have prove to this transaction. Now that you are with me I will want you to kindly respond back to me immediately you see this mail for me to give more information to you on how you will contact the bank on my behalf. Please respond to me immediately for more information, Once I hear from you I will give you the information which you may need to contact the bank while will proceed in this transaction, Kindly send me your telephone number. Thank you and I will be expecting to received your respond, please am urgently in need of this money to be transfer into your account while I live this country as soon as possible to come over to your country and continue my education in your country while you will invest this money into a good investment which you know very well in your country. Yours
Ms. Patricia Aka.
Letter 3
Dear Mr. Peter (Father)
Again, I thank you for your mail which you have respond to my mail which I have sent to you, as I we want you to know that I have trusted you before I contacted you from this site and as I my self love to be in thailand, I have trusted you because before I contacted you I have go into seven days fasting and prayer and after all I GOD say to me that you can help me with your good haert, well I have contacted you with joy and happyness because I know that my dream will come to pass when I come over to be with you. Now wthat you are with me, I we informed the bank where my late father deposited this money tomorrow morning and get back to you with the bank details for your to contact the bank and ask of any question which you may like to know before will proceed. Father I want you to know that all this money will be transfer to you and after take your 20% as it note, the rest money will be invested by you into good investment while I contiune my education. All I need from you is your full support to complete this regards so that I can come over and be with you. Well I we send to you my pics tomorrow I we look for scanner and send you tomorrow. Tell me about you and your country and what kind of investment are think to invest this money into. I look forward to read from you again Yours
Letter 4

Dear Father, I was more than happy and I do know GOD as answer my prayer for providing you to help me and now that you are with me I we want us to proceed immediately as I have informed the bank already about you. Please I will like you to call the bank immediatly you received this mail and tell the bank director that you are calling on my behalf, with this statement the bank director will recognise you and tell you their requirement to enable them to transfer my late father's money into your account. Here is the contact of the bank where my late father deposited this money for you to contact them immediately on my behalf. Bank contact information.
Bank Name: Societe Ivoirienne de Banque
Bank Adresse: Siege social 34 bd Republique, Immeuble Alpha 2741 ABIDJAN 03
Telephone Number: +225 7716 3044 ext 121
Fax : +225 2027 7908
Attn Mr. Daouda COULIBALY ( Managing Director )
Email: ( Meanwhile, I don't know you and you don't know me, we are doing this transaction based on trust and as a matter of decency, thank you for your picture this will help us to used it to recognise each other at your country airport on my day of arrival in your country and for more confidence and trust in this transaction. I have inform the bank already that you we be contacting them for the transfer of my late father's money into your account that you will be provide for the transfer, as I will want you to know that now that you have see my mail I will like you to be in contact with bank time to time so that before the end of next week you can inform me of the good news that you have received the money in your account. Thanks once more and GOD Bless you and keep you safe for me till I come over to your country after this money is confirm in your account. Best regards
Patricia AKA.
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