Scam letter(s) from Ashley Merlose to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
hey thanks for the email :) i'm looking for someone to have fun... not serious but who knows :P i attach a pic so u can remember me :)
Letter 2
nice pic :) i really love it :) hope to see you in real time to have fun but well see how really it goes for us :) so are you really up for meet ups? what area are you staying?
Letter 3
oh hello:) are still up for the meet up? i'm in los angeles right now... is that okay with you? if you ask me i don't mind traveling...
Letter 4

i didn't changed my mind dear... is just that... okay to be honest i'm not sure what am i getting after this... i had some sort of bad experience before and don't want that to ever happen again... i got rob the last time i went to meet someone from dating sites that's why i came to the point asking anyone i meet to do a background check before setting up a date arrangement... if ever can i ask you to make a membership to the private dating site logs that i am on? its an adult web site yes, but you don't have to use the site if you don't want... we are only going there to run the background check... if you agree i can give the address of the site... just a few seconds to get the background check done :)
Letter 5
of course my dear... i would be happy to know you and meet you... ( ) this page is what i use whenever i meet someone online... the members of the page are all in secure hands from identity being stolen or meeting someone convicted as a *** offender... i just want you to make a quick profile there and add me if possible? my user name there is ashleymerlose17 and my referral code is ( iWky1tTF ) just put this code in the referral code box so the site will know you are connecting to me :) please dear the code can only be use once... i only give it to you cause i like you... i hope you know i am a real woman looking for some good time... no money from you... only some satisfaction... if you trust me just do it and call me as soon as you can dear... i just want a seriousness... not and don't want any BS in my life now... i'll be waiting....
Letter 6
did you do it my dear? well you can still message me if you don't do it... it's fine... no hard feelings my dear:)
Letter 7
oh my... i'm not impatient or something... is just that you don't message me... i thought something bad happen... so is everything okay?
Letter 8
can you try this one ( )
Letter 9
you need to register first before you can find me? can you give me a screenshot of what you're doing...
Letter 10
oh sorry... i think i give you the same site... now try this one > i'll check later what happen...
Letter 11
we're already here dear... why give up now? i'm trying to solve it for you okay:) try using google chrome or turn off your firewall...
Letter 12 dear this is the only option we have now... give me your username once done...
Letter 13
thats the full user name?? give me the exact user name so i can find you on the site okay?
Letter 14
just wait my dear... you can have all the pic i have once we done here... and not just that... we can finally meet up...
Letter 15
can i see a screenshot of where site you now?
Letter 16
of course... but are you really a member? what is your username when you sign up? i need a screenshot so i know... can't see you yet...
Letter 17
can i get a screenshot first? if you're really a member i will find you... can't see you if i don't know your username...
Letter 18
the only johnny from london i see is signed last 2012... i don't think you done the membership... sorry but i think your the one who don't trust me... :(
Letter 19

i'm neither asking for an airfare nor a **** pic... all i want is a screenshot if your really a member of the site... i can't really find you and i'll know if you really do it... but there's no status on my page that your doing it... sorry if you have to go through this...
Letter 20
your just like the other guys... asking for more photos then they leave after they get what they want... okay bye...
Letter 21
nope... they didn't ask for **** photos... they also ask for a simple photos... but if you really want a photo okay i give you... i just sending this for you to know i'm real... bye
Letter 22
you don't need to use that site... the only use of that site is for background checking... it's hard to explain but that site hides personal info well... it just looks like a pornsite... i'll message you later... i have to go...
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