Scam letter(s) from Cindy Li to Richard (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, Thanks for your email you gave to me how are you and for writting to me too i understand you are joking i didnt keep it in mind , i am so glad to meet you in the dating website and am happy about the little conversation we have in the website i will like to know more about you, but i will start by telling you about myself. My name is Runxia Huang my English name cindy, i am from in the city of lanzhou,gansu province china i work in as sales girl in a shoe shop were we sales cosmetics and female wears as well, i live with my mother here in the city and my mother is once a retired teacher in a secondary school, i lost my daddy for the past years now and i am the only daughter of my parents i have a family members which is my uncle my daddy's brother he has his own family we don't live together with him he live with his family as well. I am seeking for a honest and true relationship that will leads to marriage and happy family, i like to meet people and i like to learn different cultures as well, i am a single girl never married before but still hoping to find a true and honest partner that i will share my life with both good and bad time, i am easygoing, honest, loyal and respectful girl and i am a very happy person and i always make someone around me to be happy, i always like to be honest to myself and people around me, that is why at time people say to me that am so honest, obedience, loyal,caring, and respectful girl. what i like doing on my free time is i like to cook, clean up our home do some laundry and other home activities and i like going to beach and i like going out for dinner as well, my favorites food is i like eating Chinese dumpling, Chinese egg rice, fried rice with chicken, and pizza i like fruits and i like Chinese strawberry, orange, and pineapple, that i all about me take care and have a nice day i hope to get back from you soon.
Letter 2
Hello dear, How are you doing today and how is your work and your health together with your family i hope all is moving fine as well. thanks for your message about yourself i am so glad to read your email today, i work as a sales girl in a cloth shop and i am 32years old girl,i am searching for a true and honest partner that i will share the rest of my life with both good or bad time, i will like to know more about you because i always like to be honest to myself and people around me but i dislike dishonesty, cheating, unforgiving heart, i will like to ask you some questions don't be offended.
what is your full name?
have you married before and what happen in your past relationship?
what kind of relationship are you looking for?
what did you like in a woman and what did you dislike in a woman?
How do you treat a woman?
why i'm asking all this is because i am single girl never married before but i have been in a disappointed relationship with a man before, even that we have not married yet but he promise to marry me before even that we don't live together i trusted him and give him my heart because everything about in a relationship is honest, trust, and understanding every woman has to give a man all the respect and every man has to give a woman all the respect for the relationship to last. after sometime his attitude totally change he drinks all sort of alcohol, he smokes around, he chest girls around, he goes to night club, he lives all kind of bad life then i tried to caution him about the life he is living he continue with his life my mom told me that kind of a man is not good for a girl then i decide to quit the relationship
right now i am very careful to find a true and honest partner that i will share my happiness with, i don't want to fall in a relationship that will hurt my life again, i have to stop now take care and have a nice day hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 3
i am sorry dear for not writing to you for long time i never give up in you and i never find any other person, How are you this days dear
Letter 4

I am very busy this time with my work dear i am still interested in you just that i'm busy this time i can reply your message. in next 1 month to come i will have my one month summer are doing dear?
Letter 5
good afternoon dear how was your weekend sorry i didnt work this weekend so couldn't be able to reply you fast, yes i will have one month vacation very soon i will be happy if we can spend the holidays together and use the opportunity to know each other very well.
Letter 6
thank you for the nice pictures you send to me i understand how you spend your weekends . i am not a village girl i'm a city girl i was born in the city. we don't use facebook in china we only use wechat and email. about my holidays i will be happy to spend the holiday together with you and we can use the opportunity and know each other. if you cannot come here in china i can come to your country if you wish me to come
Letter 7
good morning dear thank you for the nice pictures places you send to me. how are you today. i hope you are doing fine. you can call me on phone if you wish my phone number is 8613215158754. we can talk and know more better too
Letter 8
you can call me on call. is better or we can write here too
Letter 9
that is my phone not my wechat id. my wechat id. is susieli89 you can add me
Letter 10
good morning dear richard i am fine my rest went very well i sleep very okay also thank you for chatting with me in wechat yesterday i enjoy the chat. have a nice at work today. this is my pictures
Letter 11
thank you so much dear i understand all you mean me too i never found it lucky in the dating site all i meet there are either scam or dishonest people that only want to see me on video ***** and asking for my ***** pictures too, that is why i am looking for someone that will invite me to meet in his country and know each other there if we are mean to be that we cannot waste our time in writing or chatting
Letter 12
good morning dear richard how are you today i hope you are doing great. thank you for your sweet messages you always sent to me. i am very much interested with you. tell me your plan about what i told you that i want to spend my vacation with you so that we can no each other more better if you wish.
Letter 13
good morning dear i am fine. how was your weekend i'm sorry i didnt work this weekend and yesterday i was very busy so couldnt reply your message. thank you so much for inviting me to come to your country and spend my vacation with you so that we can take the opportunity and know more better.i have meet my boss yesterday and ask him how to get USA visa because she always travel to usa 4 times in one year for business trip. she just directed me to meet her travel agency that help to get her visa. she said i should meet them that the will help me to get me your country visa in 10 to 14 working days.i will go to meet them after my work today before i go home so that the will tell me there requirement.
Letter 14
good morning dear kelvin. i will come i can't dis appoint you i went to the travel agent office yesterday with my boss and to make inquiry for the travel visa he told me how long the visa will take to get it, he said the visa to your country will take up to 14 working days before it will come out,and should bring my international passport with 8 months valid up with 4 photograph picture of me and the visa fee is 2,850 chinese yuan i ask him why the visa fee is more expensive he told me that he will need to get so many authorization from the local authority here to make the visa application more presentable so that i can be able to have a tourist visa because America is nice and big country as well i will need you to assist me so that i can be able to pay the agent so that he will start the process immediately i have international passport with 2 years valid now. i would like to hear from you and know your thought take good care of yourself and have a nice day with your family.
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