Letter(s) from Venera Ahmadgalieva to Fergus (Ireland)

Letter 1

Hi Fergus.
Thanks for a photo you fine the man.
This is a small word you write to me. Thank that you have found time for it. I do it first time. Never didn,t introduce myself in Internet. I want to say you something about myself in this letter. My name is Yla. I live in Russia. In republic Chuvashia. Yantikovskiy region in village Salagaevo. My village to be in 3 kilometers (this is 1,5 miles) from region of the centre. This is - about 670 km from Moscow. My height - 171cm and I weight - 57kg. I was born in 8 May in 1976. In 1994 I have finished the school and entered in medical institute and finish it 1999. My profession is a baby physician. I have learned English in institute. I wanted to work in city but there is no job and I have found a job in district central hospital in Yantikovo to see children and them parents. I live alone. I have a small house where I feel comfortable. I have a cat. It.s name is Barsik. I havn.t children and almost havn.t friends.I'm 29 years already, and I look like lovely. I try to do all of me best to do so. I,m happy. But it.s hard to say that isn.t so. I think, time is going it.s usual way work and house. But there are things without which people couldn,t be happy. And for me it isn,t material things, but it,s spiritual things. I'm very mach the same that your answer because it,s present for my to take only one chance in dialogue through e-mail. If my letter to you shouldn.t answer, I think your can,t and don,t like to answer to me. But I hope that you is like for me as I. I,m interested in our dialogue, and I expect your answer. I,m with pleasure will answer to you any questions if you really want to hear more about me. What is your job and do you like your job? Do you have ever experience in correspondences with anybody from an other country? This is just my feminine curiosity. I send you my photo. I understand that all people have a different mind and interests, but I sincerely hope that its scene and my appearance will be pleasing for you. I will be very happy if you send me your photos. I,m sorry that I didn,t answer your letter for a long time. Forgive me, but I havn,t a possibility to take a computer. I have no computer at home. I use computer on work. But I will try to write you every day if you wish. Best wishes form your new friend.
I,m really glad to receive your message. I want to tell you something about my interests. My favorite color is white the symbol of the cleanest. I like to rest on the nature. Also I like pets. You know I have got a cat it,s name Barsik. When I come home after work I sit and take my cat on the knees and hear nice music. What kind of music do you prefer? I like to listen classic music, soul, pop. But the choice of the music depend on the mood. In the summer evenings I with my friends go to walk. I like to spend the time in the kitchen too, where I do experiments with new dishes. I like to cook most of all. Have you ever eat russian borsh, pelmeni, pancakes with honey? In the last letter I'm not write about my family and I want to make it now. I was born and in Salagaevo live there now. I don,t remember the Father because he didn,t live with us. I was brought up by mum since the childhood. She was very good woman and we lived with her very well. She was for me my best friend and the most close person on the Earth.
Unfortunately now she isn,t with me. She has for a long time a cancer of a stomach and in 2001 she has died. I was 25 years, but I felt like the unprotected child whom has remained alone. I,m long time grieved for her death and couldn,t believe in it.I am grateful to mum for happiness. Now I live one in the house. It is the small house but very cozy. After death of my mum I feel very alone. I have no brothers or sisters. Now my family are my friends. I have many familiars but only two main friens. There are Lena and Anna. We are friends since the childhood. Friends of the childhood the most reliable and I can always address to them for the help and support in a difficult situation. Unfortunately Lena live in city. But we write each other letters. Anna lives near to my house and we meet with her every day. Her care and support for me is very important now.I think that the friendship is important and necessary for each person.Do you think so? Can you tell me more about yourself and people near you? You can ask me about everything. You seem to be an intelligent and interesting person from your letter. So please tell me more about yourself, your likes and dislikes, interests, expectations, desires. I'd like to know more about you I hope you be interested in me, my life and my hobbies.
I shall try to tell you all in the following letters.I shall answer your questions with pleasure. With the best regards.Yla.

Letter 2

Hi Fergus!
How are your? How is the weather? I hope all is well. I'm fine.
Thanks for a photo you interesting the man, your house seems to me very much Big, you one live in him.
I want to tell you about my interests and hobbies. I hope it will be interesting for you. : I like various music. All depends on mood. I love to listen Russian executors. It is Valery, the Spleen, Chaif, Sveta. And from foreign executors I like Madonna, Pink Floyd, Agva, Scooter. From film actors I like Djim Kery, Djeki Chan, Eddy Merfi as they play cheerfully and when I look films with their participation always . I like film "Titanik". Write me about you interests and a hobby. It will be very interesting to me to learn about it. Also I love sports. But I,m not engaged in professional sports. And only the fan. I like to swim. I run each day in the mornings, after run I do my exercises and I accept souls. I think that sport it very well for healf. Earlier I was engaged in aerobics and voleyboll. Also I like to observe of sport on TV. I always like to look sports. It will be very interesting to me to know about you more. My hobby is sewing and knitting clothes. I also like to spend time in my garden, to go to a wood for mushrooms and berries. In the winter I like a ski and skates. It is possible endlessly to speak that I like, but I want to tell you what I don,t like. I don,t like artful and envious people. I don,t like lie and a deceit. I don,t like cruelty and roughness. I also don,t like people drinking alcohol. Also I don,t like bad meal and cloudy days. I finish the letter. I have no more time for it. I shall write you later. I shall wait the letter from you.

Letter 3

Hi my Fergus!!!
I am very glad that you have written to me. Your letters are necessary for me every day more and more. These make me happy. Today I was late for work. In the morning to me has come the neighbour - the old grandmother when I only have woken up. She very good woman and we frequently address to each other on different trifles. She lives one. Her husband has died five years ago and at present to her to help there is nobody. But she is not lonely. She has son and the daughter. But they very seldom come to her. To the senior son 42 years and daughters 37 years. At them already for a long time the families and they have moved to live to city. Certainly they too can be understood. Children need good education which it is possible to receive only in city. I certainly do not blame them. But to overlook about old mother it is impossible. You agree with me? Today she has come to me with a small problem. At her the lock on an entrance door has been spoiled and she could not close it. I have gone to look her door. I have tried to make the lock independently, but could make nothing. The mechanic from me has failed (smile). It was necessary to call the expert. Nataliya Andreevna (so call the neighbour) was afflicted certainly but that can make two women when the expert is required. I have a little calmed her, she the sick and to her is impossible to be afflicted. Her should to lay in hospital but she has not agreed and now I make to her injections every day. I have promised to her to call the expert. On my work the man which looks an economic part in our bureau. He drinks alcohol much, but has "able fingers" (so in Russia speak about masters who very well know and perform the work). I want to ask him to help the neighbour with her door. Today I did not see him still but as I shall see I shall necessarily tell to him. The help is necessary for old people. Especially our state is very bad thinks about old men. Their pension very small also is not present any social protection. The medicine - paid and all money they to spend for medicines. Certainly it is not fair, but economy of Russia in bad condition. Certainly I am not interested in a politics but the question about ocial protection always interested me. I heard in the USA social protection of the population on top-level, whether not so? Forgive me, but I should finish. I have no time more. I shall write to you later
Your Yla.

Letter 4

Hi Fergus!
Thanks for a picture. How I like to look at you. Your pictures reflect your soul. Your pictures tells me every time what you feel, transfers to me your emotions. Thanks for all your pictures. I smile and enjoy. Each your picture brightens my day like gulp of cold spring water in the heated desert. Yes, really class machine.
Really you consider itself old? Age it not the main thing. The age of the person defines his appearance and a condition of his soul. The main thing in the person - soul. The person with age becomes wiser. At you the most remarkable age. I have decided to write to you because I think this age the best for a man. You should understand that I have written to you because I can imagine myself only near to a man of such age. I do not know why, but it is more interesting to me in a society of mature men. I like wise and skilled gentlemen. I think that we have the ideal difference in the age. Besides I have negative experience of dialogue with young men. The a adult man feels the responsibility better, than young. The difference in years relieves of set of problems which arise at people of identical age. It for a long time is known. But my choice is motivated not only it. And the main thing - you are young. You could be surprised, if to you there were 60 years. Then it is really big difference. But in our case a difference in the age of absolutely normal. Unless I am not right?
It's very often phenomenon when young ladies have interest only to adult men and on the contrary - young men have interest to adult ladies. At all people various tastes and if young lady likes adult man, possible that this incorporated in her blood, it is possible she was born with it or has got such interest as a result of the certain events in life. Maybe it illness, but it not defect. If young lady pulls to adult man, it means that it demands her heart and soul . She will be never happy with young a man, because her interest to adult men not a whim, not caprice and not game. This is true feeling. And there are no bases to consider this feeling not serious and not long-term.
I was pleased to get your mail. I write on You with pleasure. I hope that You expected its letter and You want to get my letter always Yesterday I have corrected the old pipes in house. I have caused the master from municipal services. I cheaply have not paid for this but now I must - calm. And now me is not frightened chill I not litter talked with You anyway about its former friend. I have introduced with him when me were 21. ?ertainly before 21 I met with lad but Vladik (so his name) was me closer than drugie. I have thought that love him. He loved to drink vodka often and aproximately manhandle with me. In Russia, such events - much often also I have thought that he will and otherwise not. I damaged the insults and humiliations with him for a long time when he was popit. Anna and other my girlfriends often spoke me that I threw him and has found the nice guy to itself, but I have really believed that he loves me. He often spoke me word love when regretted of me and, I forgave him. I do not know as but I could dare to remain from it however. Now I not to regret of this. I can not introduce Vladik as its husband and father my child. I not to should like to give birth from such person as he. Certainly I do not want to report that Russian men bad all, but basically this so. In Russia much mans to drink vodka vastly and this ruin destroy kill them. They become rough and bad address woman. Probably consequently I began to search for the fate in Internet and write You.I must terminate the letter and I hope that You will write me soon.
With best wishes Yla.

Letter 5

Hi my Fergus!!!
Thanks for a photo you fine the man.
As You? As your mood? I hope in You all - well.
At us colds begin, today around there was white, it Not a snow, it frozen.
Today this was particularly pleasing for me to read your mail and also to be written You. Now You will understand why. Today I have a fine mood. I have today caused to itself main physician of the hospital.
And he has reported me that beside me on worker graph will soon be a furlough. He has said that if I shall not take the furlough presently that I not get receive furlough already this year. I did not think that beside me furlough will so soon. But I have afterwards thought but why me not to use the furlough for our meeting. This - really big chance for us and our meeting. And after functioning I quicker will go to get your mail and report you this news. Beside me furlough will last 24 days. But there is other problem however. I have a passport for journey abroad but I have no visa. For receiving the visa at time and if I to be going to on You me necessary must be necessary to prepare to visa already. I have solved to not to postpone this and will solve to apply to agency of the journey.I am a faith and I hope that I have not furious and not offend You. I am a faith and I hope that You want to meet me. Can be outlined beforehand fate. I sincerely hope that its letter has brought the pleasure on You. And I sincerely hope that You want to meet me to spend certain time together. And I sincerely hope that You will be lucky to meet me.
Your Yia.

Letter 6

Hi my Fergus!!!
I from Russia to me even if to visit Spain, would be wonderfully.
As your mood? Any your mood today, which I want to try to do even better.
Today I have addressed the agency of the visas. I whip as vastly, this will cost for me to do the visa. They have reported me that consideration of exhibit on receiving the visa costs 104 dollars. This amount does not do to return even in this case if my exhibit will not is approved. And to get a visa, necessary to go in Moscow where there is consulate. Necessary must wait the long-term queue. This - an usual way receiving visa and procedure of the acceptance can be delayed for some week or even months. Except if my exhibit will not is approved, this excludes, which I squander the money in vain. I have said that I can not expect so long. On I have reported that possible to avoid the set of the problems and to do all during more quick conditions if to use the full package a facilities. The Full package facilities includes the after-pays for category of the visa, consular services, preparation for Interview with commission, interview. The Full package facilities costs 339 dollars, but agency of the visas deletes all problems and thereby enlarges the chance receiving visa without overweening delay. I have asked how much time will take to get a visa If to use the full package a facilities. They have answered, which he will take about one week. Can be 2 weeks if find some problems. I have reported that this variant satisfies me and I agree. I have asked, independently find the problems with visa since there were terrible terrorist actions in and conflict with Iraq. I was answer that they will request information for me in police bodies. And if in police bodies, they will be answer that I legal-constant person, I get a visa. I never outraged the law. And I never did anything unlawful. I will have preparation for interview. This will help me to get a visa. And I have really registered exhibit of the visa with big belief and with big to hope that You will pleased meet me, with belief and with hope that You want to meet me. I really want to give You grant - our meeting. I understand that our relations not long while. I know that You did not expect that I report inform tell say all this. But possible must be expected always. But practically nobody does not know that waits us tomorrow. Can be such possibility does not introduce more. I have opened You its heart and showers. I am a dialect that, that I feel. I am not matted their own feeling. I am a dialect direct and openly. The Solitude was made by me brave. You may think that I hurry events.
Your Yla.

Letter 7

Hi my Fergus!!!
Many thanks for photos to me have very much liked.
You have written to me in the letter, (possible to go anywhere without a visa) I agree, but under condition of only with you, on barbados.
I very pleased to get the letter from you. I must report you that I feel the deep feeling to you. Last night I long could not snow-clad for a long time. I all thought about our future meeting. As this will be remarkable. By the way, I do not know the exact date of its furlough but when I must hear this I must report You immediately. I have a good news have given you my nice. Today I went in tourist agency and they have said me that my documents for visa. They will consider the different analysis and to wait then the invitation in commission for conversation which required for reception of the visa. My feminine intuition I speak that I get a visa and arrive to you my nice. In tourist agency I have said that I must bring the temper with work. My leader promise to me that will write me temper. In the night I saw the dream. As we with you go on seeshore at night when sit the sun. And in give there for horizon to sit the sun and all transfusion and in our talk infuse the shouts of the bird. Certainly I was not never on sea and did not walk on coast during sundown. Us have a public sign if person dreamts the bird that will soon be a pleasing news. Now I understand this saying. We shall together. I always daydream to look after loved persons to be around him each day and each nights. Probably my daydreams is realized sometime... I do not want to think over this.
Forgive me, but I have no time more. I must write You next time.
Remember that I always think over You and only about You its.
Best wisheses your Yla.

P.S: 100...0 kisses.

Letter 8

My dear Friend! Why you do not answer my letter? I have offended you?
If so, forgive me please. But you can tell about it straight. Only do not be quiet. If you do not want to write to me more, tell about it. But I with hope in heart wait your letter. I have opened to you heart and soul.
Really you haven't anything in your heart to answer me? Yla.

Letter 9

Hi my Fergus!!!
Thanks for photos you truly fine the man, the man of my dream.
I spoke for a long time with Annoy about you for a long time last night. I have said her that want be met with you. Anna I beautifully understand and supports me in my desire. Anna very pleased for me that I got acquainted with you. She wants me happiness. I think someday you get acquainted with Annoy and you will become the friends. I often think you before dream. You even become me to appear in the dreams in dream. I all think about our letter to each other. I shall often assign question to itself that will afterwards when we are met with you my expensive. When I awake in the morning outside of become so wistful that I can not say you "with good in the morning my nice". I much interesting as long we shall speak when we see each other in the first once. That you you think about this? I think that when we are met I probably from happiness shall forget all that word which I want you to say. I saw the plane long ago not. And I have thought that these "Iron birds" allow to meet the million of people, which lucky to see each other each day (for instance You and I). But when I think about its future flight on board plane I can not forget last catastropher two planes. This was terrible to see the grief and tears relative dead of the people. Now our government certain that terrorist actions occurred the hare. I am a faith that guilty people will powerfully be penalized. They have no right to disturb the people to live. I hate terrorism and violence! You should hear that awe terrorist never will stop me. I shall be capable to start on board plane and to be afraid nothing. In my childhood, which I flyning plane. But people saw as flights - if he truth. I have heard that passengers - much well served during flight I am interested to see this.
I must terminate the letter. I want to report You that I think over You always and I love You its expensive. By the way, next week I can report You exact date of its furlough. About visa do not worry also. I try to do all necessary document. Also I shall give the protection feature for ?????. This will help me.
With many kiss for You.
Your Yla.