Scam letter(s) from Irina to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend. I saw your profile several weeks ago on dating site. I do not remember the name of that site. I hope that it will not cause for a stop of our correspondence. I am glad that you responded to my message. It's just perfect. I want to write you a letter, and we can get to know each other better. Do you agree with me? My name is Irina. And I'm 32 years old, my birthday is on 17 April. I live in Russia in city of Kostroma. I work for a cosmetics store, the seller consultant. I like my job, every day I meet new people. I do not smoke cigarettes, and very rarely drink alcohol. I can afford a holiday on a glass of wine or a champagne. But this is rare, and it all depends on my mood. I look for a serious relationship. And you? I want to find the man of her dreams. I never got acquainted on the Internet and for me it's new .. I would like to tell you at once that communication on the Internet for me is something unfamiliar, so you'll be my first guide in the Internet dialogue. I will be very grateful to you if you are interested in this letter. And very soon you will answer me. I want to tell you that in the same letter, I will do my own photo for you to know who will be in touch. I will not write a lot, and to say, since I do not know your response to my letter. But I'm sure if I you are interested in, then you will have a lot of questions for me. Therefore it will be good if you write all your questions, and in the next letter, I have great pleasure to answer all your questions. I think you have noticed the excitement in my lines, and this is true. This is due to the fact that I did for the first time to communicate with the person on the Internet. At this point I will finish my letter and I'll wait for you to your replies. Irina.
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