Scam letter(s) from Marianna Gastin to Yudhi (Indonesia)

Letter 1
Maybe you will find a big reports information,from this e-mail for ask her a this question.
How to take benefit a funds money,from people had die.Caused hearts attack.
She not find,from DNA to seeking some one relationship that's people.
This her picture,and address.
Marian Gastin (Queen MG)
(44)08447747966 / +448447747966
61 Queen St, London EC4R 1AF, United Kingdom
Hello my friend,
I am Marian, from UK, I'm looking for a nice person to get to know and have a wonderful time together, I am a very outgoing person and enjoy all types of activities, My friends say I’m very outgoing but I think I’m cool when first meeting people, I work full-time as a Banker,I am very sociable and enjoy being around people If you would like to get to know me, just send me a message
Have a nice time,Marian
Letter 2
Hello ,

Thanks a lot my dear friend for your reply and it is my pleasure having you as my friend, Sorry that i reply you late I wasn't afraid because i didn't done anything wrong, anyway what name should i call you often, I'm 38 years of age and a citizen of the United Kingdom, presently working with Deutsche Postbank AG here in London as the Senior Auditor of the bank

I have been working hard all my life so i must think of something better, to enjoy my life and probably have a family, maybe relocate and start investing in other things, I was married but my ex-husband got married to another woman with reason that i did not have time for our family which led us to divorce, Though i told him that soon i will resign and we will have enough time for each other but he was impatient, He fail to understand that i was pursuing a goal

I want to relocate to your country to get into investment and maybe own a small company i can manage, Money won't be the problem, Please could you tell me more about yourself too? I'll like to know you better to know whether we can achieve this goals together(Business) we would center our relationship in business

Please I want you to tell me more about yourself and your family? What is your real name? What is the nature of your job? I will appreciate it if you can write everyday as this will help us get better acquainted, It is a pleasure to be in contact with you

I want to say that my heart is full of joy and happiness for knowing you and i like us to keep this closeness and hope this will bring us to a better future as i wish.

Take good care and have a lovely day.

God bless you!!!!!! ......................

Best Regards
Marian Gastin (Queen MG)
(44)08447747966 / +448447747966
61 Queen St, London EC4R 1AF, United Kingdom
Letter 3
Sweetie, thank you for responding to me, How are you doing today over there? I guess i will be the one to thank for your understanding and maturity,

I believe this is a good beginning of many other things to come, I'm happy that you're business already, it will help us a a lot, personally i wanna invest in any profited business there in your country, though i don't have any business in mind,

Anyway let tell you how i got the money i wanna invest, i had the opportunity to set out some amount of money that belongs to a deceased customer whose autopsy result showed that he died as a result of congestive heart failure

I was his personal accountant officer before he died and from the account opening records, he did not indicate anybody as his beneficiary/next of kin. And since 2010 to date, nobody has come forward as his beneficiary/next of kin to administer the fund. The amount in question is 2,300,000.00 GBP (Two million three hundred thousand pounds).

I can provide all the necessary legal papers from the British Court to present you as the legal beneficiary to these funds if you would accept to partner with me in this deal.
I have worked with this bank for several years and have taken time to study the British inheritance claims procedures.

It would be appreciated if you would treat this issue with every bit of confidentiality and maturity and put my integrity foremost because i wouldn't need any mistakes or regrets. I assure you that you will never regret it if you would take the bold step to partner with me in this deal

This happens in every bank around the world, even in your country but people outside the banking cycle do not know about it.

With warmly love and my best regards,


Best Ragards
Marian Gastin (Queen MG)
(44)08447747966 / +448447747966
61 Queen St, London EC4R 1AF, United Kingdom
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