Scam letter(s) from Dorothy to Frank (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Master Frank,
Thanks for your email master and I was born in PERU.on a farm belonging to Mr.Robert Deakin,about a mile from Port Tobacco village there in PERU...I moved to the US when i was 20years.. ,My Height is 5'8fit, Breast Size. 34C, the length of my Virginal when inserting a Big X-mas Candel and i feel pains is 9inches,I have never worked Before cus i was with my previous Master before he relocated to Germany.. The Date of my monthly Period is always First week of every month, the first and second Day an Heavy Flows while the rest day always very little flows and Stopped, i started my First period was i Was 14yrs Old, and i used a Tampa, i got Deflowered when i was 21yrs old with my First Boy-friend, it felt so much pains with an heavy Flow of blood,He cheated on me, I caught him fucking my best Friend and i cut him off when i was 23yrs old, i have never had sex with any other man Expect my previous Master that took me as his pet and i served him for 2yrs, he never shared me with another Master though he is a Sadist Master and never allowed me to own a Phone and No freedom and any excited moment,He made me live a private life and i love it , i ended the Contract with him when he re-married and his new wife didn't like the lifestyle and he relocated to the Germany,
Master Frank am I will tell you about my family and i will start with my dad, My dad is a good business man and he do help people alot in any way he can just to make them happy in life , But there is a friend of my dad who is every close to my dad and our family and this man and my dad do business together and at the end of the business things work out fine for both of them,But after some days this man send some guy's to kill my dad and that is how my dad was kill so he can has all the money and the properties my dad put in his care., this led me to this life style and i want to be Dominated by Master, Master if not that my Previous Master re-married i will never Come to ALT to search for any Master. Master am glad that you are interested in me..Master what i like most is to see my Master been sincere with me and never Disappoint Me, What i love most is a Doggy Position and i love serving my Master for real and Not Cyber.Am here in Lafayette Louisiana as i have tell you from the site before sending you looking for a real master that can relocate me asap.Hope to read back from you soon...Dorothy
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