Scam letter(s) from Julia to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi! I want to meet you and get to know you better.
I will be glad to our acquaintance with you.
Write me I will wait with great impatience your answer.
Letter 2
Hi I'm glad you to write to me. I search good man for life together. I want to tell you about myself. My name is Yuliya, my birthday is June 1, 1973. My religion is a Christian. I was born in Kazan. Where do you live? I'll tell you about my life. I want to be honest with you. I hope that you do also. I live alone in my own apartment which was left from her husband. He leave me with my daughter in 2002 and to go to a young woman. I do not regret that it happened. I thought that coming back. But this has not happened and it is time to live for yourself. I have a daughter. She's already so grown-up and lives in Moscow.And I want every woman to have happiness and to be loved. She has her own family ( husband and daughter ). She comes to me 2 times in a year.
And we communicate a lot. I work as a hairdresser. And who do you work for? I have no parents. And you? Try to stay in shape. I think the fact that a woman at any age should be beautiful and attractive! And I always make myself beautiful hairstyles and try to follow him. I hope that someday I will find a man with whom I will meet old age. In a relationship with a man I appreciate loyalty, honesty and sincerity.
We have in Cauldron men less than women. Men my age are all married, free men do not want to have a family. And I need only serious relationship. I wasted a lot of time to upbringing my daughter and to create career, and now it's time to build a relationship with a good man. I am an independent woman, I provide for myself in this life. Try to enjoy every moment of my life and overcome with a smile all difficulties of my lonely life.
Letter 3
I'm very glad to see your letter again! I'm pleased to realize that I'm interested in you. With great interest I read your letters. I want to know about you as much as possible. I, too, will try to write to you as much as possible about myself. I do not have any bad habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I do not smoke and do not use drugs. I often go to the gym and do aerobics. I like looking beautiful. I try to keep track of my figure. My eyes are blue and the hair color is light. This you can see in my photo. I really like cooking, you can say that this is my hobby. From food I prefer Russian cuisine. And what kind of love do you have? I like going to the cinema and theater.
And you? I also like to ski. I will send a photo in this letter. I hope that you like it. I also love nature and flowers very much.
Walking in the fresh air gives me great pleasure. I work in a hairdresser from 8 am to 6 pm. I really like my work. How much time do you have to work? I hope you do not get very tired at your work. I think that you love your job. And it suits you. I'm generally interested in learning more about your life. I want to ask you some questions. What do you value in a woman? What is your ideal woman? Do you believe in love at first sight? I like writing letters to you. I'm so glad that I met you. I hope that my letter is not boring for you, I hope that you are interested in learning about me. I will answer all your questions. But if I did not answer your question, do not be offended, so I did not understand him. You just write it again. I will wait for your letter dear friend
Letter 4

hi dear friend I'm glad to see your letter. How are you doing? I read with great interest your letters. I want to know about you as much as possible. I'm also going to try to write you more about myself. Wish we got to know each other. You don't mind? Remember I wrote you in the letter that love flowers. So dear I have my own garden, I love spending there their free time. The truth is there is no Internet, but that's okay. I am there in communion with nature. There is nature and me. Every year as summer comes I plant there are many flowers and vegetables, but most of all I love to plant flowers in his garden. It is very beautiful. You love flowers? I hope my letter is not boring for you, I hope you wonder about me. I'll answer all your questions.
But if I have not answered your question, do not be offended, so I did not understand it. you just write it again. I'm sending you two more photos. I like them very much, because I'm here so bright. I hope they and you like it. On this day I had a very good mood. Your friend
Letter 5
Hi Jim! I'm very happy that you wrote to me. I've been waiting for your letter all day. I dreamed of you and me. With every minute I want to be with you more and more. I do not know what's going on with me.
All these days when I read your letters I was experiencing with Every letter that I'm getting closer to you. I realized that I Really love you. I need you like water and air, I can not Now imagine yourself with another person. You are for me now alone in The whole world. This love has blinded me, and I do not pay attention to either What men besides you. I'm happy that you have me, that you are only my. It is a pity that I can not convey to you all my emotions on the Internet. I Would like to see your eyes your smile, and tell you this is all straight in face. You probably agree with me that to convey your feelings in Writing is very difficult. In real life, it would all look different. In life, all this looked quite different. But it is your letters Made me happy, and I'm very grateful to you for this, that you Gave me his love and his warm feelings for me. I did not even have time To notice how my feelings became stronger and stronger to you. A Now I need you, I first experienced such feelings that Gave me bliss and peace. I close my eyes and see you, and me It becomes easy and warm in the shower. Jim, I hope this is The feeling will be mutual. I would very much like you to experience such Same feelings for me, because unrequited love kills a person. I I do not want to experience pain and heartaches. I just want to be A happy woman who will be loved and desired. I want to create His family and enjoy life.
All this time I was so lonely, But now I have you and I felt much better. Of course between us Many kilometers, but this does not make my love weaker, on the contrary it is with Every day becomes stronger.
Of course it's only a dream, but I'm in these Dreams I represent that we will be together and we will all be OK. Although I certainly understand that between us is such a huge Distance and I do not even know how our relationship can go up To a higher level. I really would like to take your hand and put my Palm on yours, feel how the warmth of our hands will be spilled over Body. I love you and now for me this is the most important. Now I'm sitting and I am writing you a letter and I was flooded with such a flood of feelings that I simply I am at the peak of bliss. I know that your next letter Will make me even happier. I will wait for your letter with impatience.
Letter 6
Good afternoon, my beautiful Jim. Jim, I'm happy to write you a letter again. Many people, perhaps, have long had a rest. Maybe now you're sleeping, too, or you're doing your own thing. But I know that you will receive my letter and I will be glad how pleased I am with you. When I was sleeping, I saw a beautiful dream again about us with you. That was awesome. We were sitting in a posh restaurant only together. We had two candles on the table. Jim, we sat together and looked at each other with great joy and admiration. Suddenly suddenly slow music began to play and you invited me to a dance. I was in your strong men's arms. You embraced me tenderly and it was very pleasant for me. When you and I danced, you silently looked at me and then started to say different pleasant words. You told me that you are very happy to see me in your arms. Slowly with the dance, we went outside.
It was already night and the bright moon was shining. She lit our faces. Jim, then we began to admire the stars in the sky. With each fallen star, we made a wish. I had a desire that we with you for the rest of our lives were all right and that we lived in harmony, not knowing any worries and sorrow. I so want that all of this was with us in reality. I think that you liked my dream? For me I liked very much, but only I do not know what could be there at the end of this dream. I think that it would have been much more pleasant there. Jim, we will have you much more enjoyable already in reality. I believe in our beautiful future. They say that the thoughts of loving people are transmitted at a distance. If there is such a thing, I hope that your dream will not be disturbed, but, on the contrary, it will be even sweeter and more magical. Is there something more pleasant than when you know that a loved man thinks so much and mentally talks to you ?!
If you are silent, no one can guess your feelings and desires. No one can know what's on your heart and soul? They think that you are indifferent, soulless and heartless. Therefore, I constantly say that in every word I write and say, you can read or hear the words "I love you!" I will wait for your letter to me with great joy. Your Yulia.
Letter 7
Hello my beloved and dear, Jim !!! I am very glad to see your letter today. I'm happy that you have me. I would not imagine what I would do without you and without your love for me. I really miss you Jim, I feel lonely and melancholy when you are not near me. I would very much like that we were together and were satisfied with our life. I really want to feel your warmth, and your gentle breath. I really want to see you every day with me. The fact that we'll always be together. I really wanna be with you. You're Jim, my only pleasure in this world. Jim, you do not imagine how I miss you. I hope that you and I will be together very soon, and our happiness will have no boundaries.
I really need you. I know that you understand this perfectly. I try very hard to write so that you understand all of my words. Which I express in my letter. You're Jim, I really need you and I want to be with you always. I am very glad that our hearts join fate. I am grateful to her for that. You see that I'm looking for someone like you Jim. You have become for me the only person I trust and with whom I dream to be always together. I hope that you also think about it. I miss you very much, and I would like us to be together very soon. I'm very glad that in my life there are you, Jim !!!!!!!!!!
Your only one, Yulia.
Letter 8
Hello my beautiful and beloved Jim !!! Every day, when you write to me, I more and more want you and me to be together. I really need you, and I can not live without you, Jim. I really want to learn more about you in reality and talk to you about different things. I really hope that our love will never collapse and we will be very happy together forever. I really miss you, but after reading your letters it becomes much easier for me. And when I do not receive your letters.
I'm very worried about you at these moments. I'm starting to think that something can happen to you. And I think it's just because you're busy. Maybe just a lot of work. But I know for sure that you would advise me and tell me about it beforehand. Jim, I love you very much !!! You are my only beloved person in the whole world. I really want to share with you all the joys of life. The main thing is that you always help me in a difficult moment. I hope that you understand me. I really hope that we will be together. I love you Jim!!!! I really need you. I do not know what I'll do when I can not see your letter. I really want us to be together as soon as possible. I miss you Jim, I want to hug you, I want you to kiss me. I very much hope that this will happen very soon. I hope that you and I should be the happiest people in the whole world. Sometimes it happens that I have a bad mood. But when I read your letters, the mood immediately becomes good.
It's no longer important that I had it since the morning. The main thing is that my beloved person writes to me, and never forgets about me. Jim, I'm very much afraid to lose you. I'm afraid that you can find someone for yourself who can make you a better life. I do not want to lose you. I really love you. And I ask you not to leave me. I love you very much Jim !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You and only I need you !!!!!! I wanna be with you! Your pleasure and love is Yulia.
Letter 9
Hello my Prince Jim!!!! You Jim, my happiness and love. Jim, I am very pleased to see your letter today. I'm glad that you are in my life. And I hope that you will always remain in my life. Every day I like reading your letters. You are my joy and my dream. I've been dreaming about you all my life. I really want our life to continue together. And we do not fear such a big distance between us. I'm not afraid of this distance, and I believe that it will not hurt us. You and I can overcome any obstacle. My love for you, Jim, has no limits. I never thought that I could love so much. You Jim, helped me to find my happiness, and my love flares up with a great flame. I very love you !!! You are the only person that I need. I can not live without you, my love. I would very much like that we have found great happiness. I understand that you have a lot of work, and you are physically very tired. If I were near you, I'm sure it would be much easier, because you would feel my support. When we'll be together. We must spend a wonderful time. I love you too, my love. You can not imagine how I feel bad here alone without your love. I want so much that I'm next to you and you could make me a magical massage. I know that you make me a wonderful massage, from which I feel a huge burst of energy. It's bad that you and I are still not together, we should be together and enjoy each other, but fate does not want us to meet with you in the near future, but I believe that a little later we will unite our destinies with you, And we will be the happiest people in the world. I live with only one hope that we will meet in the near future. Your love is only for me. I'm constantly thinking about you, and you're always in my dreams. I know how happy you would be if you could kiss me. When I go to bed, I think about you all the time and I know that at that moment it is getting very good and warm at heart. We feel each other and at a distance of 1000 miles, because we are madly in love with each other. Your biggest and strongest love in the world of Yulia.
Letter 10
Hello my beloved and long-awaited, Jim !!!!! Today my day is very good. I have been feeling good since the morning. Today I did gymnastics, and had a light run. After charging, I completely woke up and did not want to sleep anymore. I took a shower and began to get ready for work. I cook a delicious breakfast for myself. Today for breakfast I cook semolina porridge. The breakfast was delicious.
Jim, I thought about what we would do with you from the morning together doing exercises and running. I think it's very cool when you feel great. After the exercises, we would take a shower together. I would very much like to spend the whole day with you. I imagine that every day you are close, and we, Jim, do everything together. I am very glad that you are in my heart. I love you very much Jim!!!!! I came to work with a joyful mood and the day passes quickly. I was looking forward to my lunch break. I really wanted to see your letter.
Jim, I really miss you and your letters. But now, most of all, I want our meeting to become a reality. Jim, I really miss you and I want you to be around. I really want to see you and feel. There is nothing more beautiful in the world than being with loved ones together. I want you and me to be together as soon as possible. Every day we will spend next to each other. I really want to feel you around. I want to touch my hands and see your beautiful eyes. I want to talk to you on different topics, and to hear your beautiful voice, from which I begin to feel happy. I want to kiss you and hug you. Your touch of the hands will be very pleasant. Your kisses will make your head spin. I want to make love to you and be the happiest girl on earth. Jim, I hope it will be very soon. I love you Jim!!!! I feel lonely without you. I think only of you every day. You're the only person I really need, and with whom I want to be my whole life. You are my sun and joy forever! I love you Jim, and only I need you !!!!!!! Your favorite Yulia.
Letter 11
Hello my only and very beloved Jim !!!!!!! The greatest happiness for me is that you are in my life. I really need you and your letters.
I'm very happy when I see your letters. They make me the happiest in the whole world. I love you very much Jim!!! I was very bored and waiting for your letter. I really wanted to know more about you. You are the most precious to me all around the world. I'm really sick of the fact that sometimes I do not get a letter from you. I'm very worried and I'm scared. I do not know what will happen to you on this day. I am very worried about you. You are very dear to me, and I am very afraid of losing you. I really need you !!! I can not live without you. Jim, I love you more than anything. I hope that you understand me. I try to make sure that our love has no boundaries.
That we would always love each other. I really need you Jim !!! I really want you and me to be together. I really want this. I hope that this happens very soon. I believe in it. And you Jim? Do you believe that our meeting can be real? I really miss you. With every letter you write, I want to be together more and more. I'm very much alone without you. I really want that we have happiness. Jim, how do you think when we will meet? Tell me about how our meeting will look like.
I really want to know your dream. Can it ever be real? Jim, I really want that our meeting was the best and not to be forgotten. Jim, I really hope that you write me your dream. We have known each other for so long. I think that the dream has now become even more colorful.
Jim, we already know a lot about each other and dream about meeting.
Only we can not implement it because of some difficulties. I really want that our meeting was very soon. I think that you want it the same. I really hope that you write to me about everything that I told you and asked. I'll look forward to an answer, and a beautiful letter from my beloved Jim !!!!!!! Your best and beloved Yulia.
Letter 12
Hello my only and very beloved Jim !!!!! I'm very happy to see your letter. I'm very glad that you write to me. I'm very happy to see him.
Your letters make me very happy. I am very glad that I can receive them. Without your, Jim, letters are very bad for me. I miss so much, and I really want to know about you. I'm very glad that I can receive your letters. They bring me great happiness. From them I feel very well in my heart. I'm very happy about this. Jim, I'm very grateful to you for being Jim, do not forget me. I love you a lot for that. You are my sun and my happiness for the rest of my life. I love you, Jim!!!!!!!!!! You know, my beloved Jim, what do I want to tell you? I miss you too much. I really want to be with you all the time. I really want you, Jim, always to be around, and could support in any situation. From your letters, and your beautiful words in a letter, I really want to feel you around. From your letters I want to rejoice and be happy. I am very happy when I read your letter. And I really want to read it all the time. I'm happy that you write to me every day. Jim, you can not imagine how bad a girl can be when her lovely is far from you. I want you and me to be around all the time.
So that they could hug and kiss each other. I am very lonely without you, my sun Jim, and I dream of hugging you all the time. You are my joy, and my great happiness. I really hope that you are very glad that I am writing to you. I really want to come to you. I do a lot, so that my dream could be real, but I alone can not do anything. I would be happy to visit you in your country. I really want this. But you also must understand me. I alone can not do anything. I suffer very much when my love is far from me. I have a great hope of meeting you, Jim !!! About the fact that we'll be spending our first date with you.
About when I can come to you. I really hope that you will help us meet with you. I have been dreaming about it for a very long time. I really want this. You're Jim, and only you need me very much with this world. I really want you and me to be able to touch each other. Feel the breath, and the warmth of the body. The biggest dream of any girl is that her beloved could take care of and help her beloved. I really hope you're Jim, you understand what I want to say. I am very lonely without you. I dream that I could be with you. That our love had no boundaries and no end. So that we, Jim, can always rejoice with each other. The fact that we can always find how to spend time, and how happy we will be with you. I love you very much Jim!!!!!!!!!!! Very great happiness will be with me when I can touch you, and we will have the first kiss. I really want my love to always burn as it is now.
That my passion for you will never fade. I really want you and me to be very happy for our future life. I really want this, because I love you very much, my dear Jim !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only lovely is forever Yulia.
Letter 13
Hello, my favorite and most loved person all around the world, Jim !!!! You do not know how happy I am that you write to me. I was very much waiting for your letter. I've been thinking about you all my time, my love. All my thoughts are occupied only by you. I am happy that you are Jim, is in my life. I'm very glad that I can love and hope. You Jim, I discovered the feeling that I did not feel very long. I can very much love a person, and believe him. I really wanted my love to be just for you, Jim. You are my joy and my happiness. I really want to know everything about you and be with you. I really want you and me to be together, and enjoy any minute spent together.
Even in the whole universe there is no such person with whom I would be very happy. I know that my love is not unrequited. I love you very much, my dear, and the only one Jim !!!!!!! I'm very scared to write wrong, and then there would be no misunderstanding. I love you very much, Jim! You are the only joy that is in my heart. I really want to be with you my beloved person. I always think about how we can be together, and spend time alone. Our happiness will be great, and even very great. Our hearts will always be filled with love and great happiness. All that we want, we can experience together. I'm very happy that I can love you, Jim !!!! You are my prince on a white horse. I really want that I could be with my prince together. I hope this can happen very soon. You're the only person I need in this world. Jim, I'm crazy about you !!!!!! I think that no one can find such a happy girl. My happiness will be even greater when I'm with you, my beloved! I hope that we can be together and find the right amount for my trip !!! I really want us to be together and not to leave each other. I hope that our love will not have borders. I think that the faster we start to find the right amount, the faster we can be together. I really hope that this happens very soon. I really love you my prince Jim !!!! I think that we will be the happiest on the whole planet. You are my love, and my great happiness. I love you very much Jim!!!!!! Your sincerity is about the beloved Yulia.
Letter 14
Hello, my darling, Jim! How are you today? How does your day go?
What did you do today? I hope that my beloved is in a very good mood.
I really hope that you are doing well. I think that you are Jim, happy and waiting for the moment when we can meet with you. I really hope this can happen very soon. I think that you do not just sit there and think about us with you. About when we can meet, and how soon this can happen. I really want you, Jim, to be close. I want our dreams to come true and be real. I think that you and I should somehow come up with how we can meet. And our long-awaited meeting will happen very soon. Jim, how do you think about this? We both want to be together.
I think that if we try, then we always meet with you. And it will be the most pleasant and happy moments in our life. I really want you and me to be together. So nothing hindered our great happiness. I love you very much, Jim !!!! You're Jim, and only I need you. My dear, Jim, I really want that I could be with you every day. So that you can be with me from the very morning. I really want you to hug me and kiss me. You will not let me go. You will press to yourself, caress.
To iron on legs, and to touch gently to my breast. I will plunge into your caresses, and from your touch I will be excited. I did not experience such happiness with anyone. With you, Jim, I want to try a lot. I think that the most pleasant feelings I can experience with you. You are my prince of whom I have dreamed all my life. About such a good person, as any girl can dream of. I'm very glad that you, Jim, are mine. I do not want to lose you. You are very dear to me. I love you very much. I can not live without you and your letters. The most important thing for me, it's just you, Jim !!!!! Your faithful Yulia.
Letter 15
Hello, my dear Jim. Today I have a terrible day, I feel as if the end of the world has come. Because all my dreams today have collapsed.
Today I went to a travel agency. I had a great mood. I already imagined that I would soon be with you Jim. The agency told me that I need to make the necessary documents for the flight to you. These documents include a passport, a visa, some certificates and several photographs. I need to collect these certificates and pay for consular fees, for all the services of this travel agency. When I heard about this sum, I nearly went mad. When I give money for paperwork, then I can book a ticket. I knew that I would have to make out these documents. But I did not suspect the cost of processing these documents. In a travel agency I was told that for all these documents and a ticket I need to pay 1690 US $. Coming out of the travel agency, I realized that I could not come to you Jim, because I do not have that amount. From this news I even cried. I'm very upset that I can not come to you Jim. My dear Jim, it's not very convenient for me to ask you for help. I need my love to help me come to you! Only you can help me. I ask for help from my relatives and my friends, but they do not have that amount of money and no one can help me come to you. I'm very upset that no one can help me. I'm very upset that this is a big amount. But money is nothing compared to our love. My dear, I feel very ashamed and unpleasant! I think that now you will change your attitude towards me, but I love you Jim! I just want a little happiness and love! My prince, I love you. I love you Jim! I very much hope to read your letter soon. The sweetest and most gentle kisses! Your Yulia!
Letter 16
Hello, my love Jim ! I'm very happy to receive your letter. I was very much waiting for him. You know that I really miss you and want to be with you. I hope that very soon we will be together and everything will be fine with us. Jim I really want to be with you, to feel how your strong arms take me and carefully press me to myself. And warm, tender lips touch my lips, put all my love, tenderness, sincerity and devotion into every one of my kisses. We will enjoy every minute we spend together. I love you with all my heart and soul. You are the meaning of my life and I live only for your sake. Jim I really want to press you to me and never let you go. I really want to kiss you and really want that kiss never to end and be eternal.
I love you Jim.
Yours and only your Yulia.
Letter 17
Hello. Why did not you write to me? I want you to
answer me !!! Are you all right? Write to me soon !!! I will be
waiting for your answer. Your Yulia !!!
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