Scam letter(s) from Angela Hassan to Peter (Sweden)

Letter 1
Good day my dear friend, I hope and believe that this mail find you in good health and mind, though we never meet or seen each other before, but I believe that nature has a way of bringing people together for specific purposes, Like I said before my name is Angela Hassan 24 yrs from Libya but residing here in Senegal because of crisis that happened in my country Libya last time.on Wednesday March 2ND 2011,The Libya rebels attacked our house and killed my mother and my two younger brother and my relatives instantly,though I was in the school during the period, you can can check through this link and see ( I lost my parent dolling the crisis and by the help of God I was picked by United Nation to hear in Senegal, Now am hear under United Nation (UNHCR) Am looking for someone a trusted person that can stand on my behalf to claim my late father’s money in the bank which is some of 3.7 million dollars,(to transfer out my late father’s money in the bank into his account pending my arrival to meet with you and further my education under your care, I have not disclosed this to any member of (UNHCR) because of my safety here so they will not plan anything evil to me, hear attached is my picture, and you can call me with this camp supervisor number (+221-773459222) any time you wish to speak with me, his name is Mr. Ali when you call tell him you want to speak with miss Angela Hassan he will send for me immediately to answer your call, I don’t have a private phone number because of my status hear in the camp, Once again all I need is trust love and understanding towards this our relationship, and also if you wish to ask me any question about this money is your ability to ask question,I will send you my late father bank contact in my next mail if you promise to help me out and never let go, And in other hand I will like to have your information such as follows… so can use it to introduce you to my lat father bank, .Your Full name......................... 2. Your address......................... 3. Your occupation...................... 4. Your phone or fax number............. 5. Your Age............................. Thanks for your trust and understanding.
Immediately I receive this I will give you the contact of the bank where the money was deposited for you to contact them pending my arrival in your country. Thanks and take a good care of yourself and I hope to see your pictures as well as I have attached mine to you in other that you might know the person that you are having conversation with. Dear I shall be stopping from here for now while I wait earnestly to be reading from you soonest. Yours sincerely,
Letter 2
Complement of the day my dearest one, am very happy for your quick respond of my massage, how are you today I hope and believe you are in good health? As for me all is not OK by me hear in camp but I believe that I will regain my freedom once again and join you in your country where I wish to spend the rest of my life with you,
Once again my dear thank you for your perfection trust and understanding towards me, and also for the questions and guarantee of my late father money deposited in the bank,
I also hereby to give you 110% sure that the money will not have no problem in transferring into your bank account, because the bank has already guarantee me that the money are well save and secure in their bank custody that all I need to do is to look for a trustworthy person who will stand as my life partner, and my father are also up to the bank tax before he died,
In this I think I have answer your question number 1and 2 questions.
3) I have already attached my two photos on my previous mail but I will attach another one for you to be sure who you are communicating with, as you request,
4) Here attached are my late father deposit certificate in Barclay bank London and also my refugee identity card,
5) my dear I don’t think your % of the money are the main issue now because all the money will be transfer to your bank account in your country, and I will also be under your care as my partner, but if you insist in % you will have 40% of the money while 60% will be for me and also invest it under your care.
In other hand I will like to have your full data information to introduce you to my late father bank.
Thank you once again for your understanding. I think I have to stop here for now and wait for your respond.
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