Scam letter(s) from Irina to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
How are you?
I'm looking for a man on the Internet for a serious relationship.
I have serious intentions. I've never been married, and I do not have children.
My name is Irina. I am a friendly and calm girl.
If you are interested in continuing our acquaintance, I will tell you more about myself. I would like you to tell me a little about yourself too.
What's your name? Where do you live? How old are you? I would like to see your photos.
Please send your photos.
Letter 2
Hi Jim!
Thank you for your answer. I'm sorry I did not answer you before. I have access to the Internet only at my work. I do not have a computer at home. I hope that you understand me. I work in the SPA salon. I will tell you more about my work later. Now I would like to tell you more about me. I live in the city of Seversk. You can find it on the map. It is in Russia. I understand that there is a great distance between us. I hope this is not a problem for you. I think that distance is not a problem in the modern world. Now it is difficult for me to start a new relationship. I'm disappointed in Russian men. I studied English when I was at university. So I decided to try to find a man abroad. My English is not perfect. But I hope that you understand me. I hope that you are not afraid of the great distance between us, and we can continue our acquaintance. I decided to use the Internet to try to find love in the big world. I want to create a reliable and honest relationship without lying. I immediately tell you that I'm only interested in a serious relationship. I want to find an adult man who takes life seriously. If you are not interested in a serious relationship, then I ask you not to respond to this letter. I already talked with some men on the Internet before. But most of them just wanted to get my naked photos. It was very unpleasant for me. I want to tell you that I will never send naked photos. I hope that you will not ask me for naked pictures. Now I'm 34 years old. My birthday is July 24th. My height is 170 centimeters. My weight is 52 kilograms. I try to lead a healthy lifestyle. I do not drink alcohol and do not smoke. I cook delicious food. I try to eat only healthy food, prepared by me. I do not like clubs and discos. My character is calm. I do not like to quarrel. I love life and always try to be positive. I do not know what else to say about me right now. Maybe you want to know something else about me? Ask me, and I will definitely answer. I will wait for your answer. I hope that you will tell me more about you and your interests. I also hope that you will send me your photos.
Letter 3
Hi Jim!
Thank you for your answer. What is your mood today? I like reading your letter. I hope that we will have a good communication. I'm curious to know about you and your life. I also ask you to send me more of your photos. So I will have a better idea of you. I will also send you my photos. Today I'm sending you my new photos. I hope you like my photos. I also want to thank you for your new photos. You look very good. I was very glad to see your photos.
I understand that we can not meet today, tomorrow or a week. But I am sure that we will find a way to meet in the future, if we develop our relations. What do you think about it? I think that distance is not a problem in the modern world. That's why I decided to seek my love abroad. Now it is important for me to know a person as well as possible before starting something serious. I would like to have a relationship with a man who is older and more experienced than me. Because seriousness comes with age. Do you agree with me? Many people tell me that I look very young. This is because I try to follow my appearance and take care of my health. As I told you, now I'm 34 years old. I hope this does not bother you. I already talked with men who were younger than me. They were all not serious in a relationship. As I told you, I'm looking for an adult man for a serious relationship. So I want to meet a man who is older and more experienced than me. I believe that the most important thing in a relationship is honesty, trust and respect. Please answer me honestly. Are you interested in communicating with me? I hope that my letters do not tire you. Today I want to tell you a little about my family. I hope that you will be interested. My family is not big. I have only a father. I live with my father. My father was a military man. Now he is old and he is a pensioner. I always help my father and take care of him. My father's name is Nikolay. I grew up without a mother. Sorry, but I would not want to talk about my mom now. It was very hard for me when my mother left this world. I am grateful to my father for his good upbringing. My father is a good man. He spends most of his time at home. I love my father. We always try to help each other in everything. I have neither brothers nor sisters. I was the only child in the family. I've never been married and I do not have children. My family is not big, but very friendly. We always support each other in difficult situations. I think that this is the most important thing. Can you tell me something interesting about your family? I would be very happy. On this I will finish my letter. I hope that tomorrow I will be able to read your letter again. I send you my new photos. I hope you like it.
Letter 4

Hi Jim! What is your mood today? I am pleased with the fact that you do not forget about me and wrote to me again. Unfortunately, today I have a bad day. Today, when I went to work, I accidentally dropped my phone on the floor. Now my phone is broken. I can not turn it on. I'm very upset, since this phone was very expensive for me. My father gave me this phone for my last birthday. And now my phone is broken. In the next few days I'll go to the repair service. I really hope that there my phone can be repaired. And how was your day? What's New?
I would like to tell you more about my work. I hope that you are interested. I work in the SPA salon. Have you heard anything about such salons? In the salon in which I work, a wide range of services. SPA is a procedure for the body. Body treatments: massage, peeling, wrapping, other various procedures. Care of hair, face skin, and much more. Basically, my duties include massage and work with documents. At work, I have to work with documents. I use this computer to work, and to write letters to you. I have to be careful. If my boss sees that I use a computer in order to communicate with you, then I may have problems. I hope you understand me. I write to you at a time when my boss does not see me. I feel comfortable working with documents. When I first started working, it was a little difficult for me. But now I'm used to my work, and I easily manage all the documents. I work every day except Sunday. Unfortunately, this is my only way to access the internet. So I can not write to you on Sundays. I hope that you understand me. I send you photos from my work. These photos were taken in the office in which I work. In the photos I teach new employees a relaxing foot massage. I hope that you will like my photos. I would like you to tell me more about your work. I would be very interested to know more about your work. Will you tell me something interesting about your work? I want to ask you to talk as much as possible about yourself. Because I really want to know you more as a person. I hope that we will be able to continue our communication without any problems. I like to answer your letters and ask you questions. Trust and honesty are very important for me. I hope that you do not communicate with me for entertainment, and you really want to know about my life? Today after work, I'm going to help my father clean up the house. I like cleanliness and order. I will finish my letter now. I will look forward to your next letter.
Sincerely, Irina.
Letter 5
Hi Jim. I received your letter. Communication with you gives me joy, which I did not have before. I do not feel lonely just because of you. How was your day? I went to the repair service. The master looked at my phone. He told me that repairing my phone will take about 2-3 weeks. Repair of my phone requires parts that are not currently available. You need to order these parts. They will arrive in 1-2 weeks. Then my phone can be repaired. I hope that repairing my phone does not take too long. I have to be without a phone for some time. I hope that you understand me.
I would like to know how your day goes. When do you wake up? What are you doing during the day? When do you go to bed? What do you like to do in the evening on weekdays? Do you like watching movies or reading books? Every day I wake up at 7:00. Almost always I go to my work by 08:00 and work until 18:00. When I get home, I immediately start cooking. Do you like to cook food? I can cook very well. I can cook various soups. I like to prepare salads from fresh vegetables. It's very quick and easy. I like Caesar salad. Especially the tomatoes in it. And the sauce. I like to eat. But I do not get fat. I think that I have a beautiful figure. What's your favorite food? My father taught me how to cook food from childhood. I helped him in the kitchen when I was 9 years old. I already told you that I grew up without a mother. So my father had to cook food. And I always helped him. I know many different recipes for cooking. And I'm sure that you have not tried many recipes that I can cook. Have you ever eaten pancakes, borsch, soup or dumplings? Have you tried any of the above? I rarely go to cafes and restaurants. Cooking takes me a little time. And I enjoy it. After cooking I love watching TV. Recently I watched the movie "Interstellar". Have you seen this movie? I like this movie. I like comedies, dramas, historical films. Sometimes I like to watch horror movies. And what do you like to see? What's your favorite movie? I will look forward to your early reply. We've known each other for a bit. But it seems to me that you are a good man.
Your Irina.
Letter 6
Salutti my man Hey hey my dear friend, You gave me your email address on the site. Do you remember me? I’m sending you my picture. What is your opinion of me? Do you like the way I look? I'm very interested to hear your view. I would like to continue communicating only with you. I liked you very much, I would like to hear more information about you. I wish to tell you something about myself. I am Irina. I didn’t have any relations with a man for a very long time. More's the pity, my last experience wasn’t successful. Therefore, it is a big problem for me to start a new relationship. I decided to surf the net to overcome my problem. I liked you very much and I made a decision to get acquainted with you. I do not imagine what will be the result of this communication, but I would be happy to consider you just as my friend at present. Do you agree? I’ll be waiting for your letter. Tell me something about yourself, please. I will be glad to look at your latest pictures. Is that possible to do? Irusya
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