Romance scam letter(s) from Olga to Jim (Canada)
Letter 1
Good day my stranger, How are you? I look for a serious man, to create a relationship. unsuccessful relationships in real life, I decided to find a man on the Internet. My name is Olga. I am 32 years. Im sociable and cheerful girl. I was never married. I have no children. I send you my photo. I also would like to know about you. I also will be glad to receive your snapshots. I wish you a good day. I'll wait for your message. Olya
Letter 2
How are you, I am pleased that you wrote to me.
I am only interested in serious relationships. I am not interested in the adventure.
I want to find a relationship that will be based on understanding, trust, respect and loyalty.
I was disappointed in men from Russia. Because they do not think about the family, only entertainment, sex, alcohol and more.
This is not for me. Maybe that's why I decided to try to find relationships on the internet.
it is also my first experience on the Internet. I think we can know each other and we can be friends.
What kind of relationship do you want? which is important in a girl for you?
Your email I was given in marriage agency Badoo. I saw you, and my female intuition immediately prompted me to write to you.
You seemed to me serious and kind man. I am looking for only serious relationship.
Thank you also to send your photos to me. You have a very handsome man. and I would like to get to know you even better.
I want to tell you more about me. My name is Olga. I am 32 years old. My birthday is August 10, 1984.
My height is 170 centimeters. And my weight is 55 kg.
When's your birthday?
Age man for me does not matter. A good man who will love me is necessary for me and understand me as a person.
In Russia we have a saying: "Love between all available age."
This saying is fully reflects that age sometimes absolutely does not reflect a person's inner world.
I think it connects the world of people and support their strong ties and mutual understanding always.
I've never been married.
I have no children.
I have no brothers or sisters.
I live alone in a studio apartment.
I live in Zelenogorsk. This small town. It is a closed military city.
here is the electrochemical plant to obtain enriched uranium isotopes.
I send you a link to my city. So you can better understand my words.,_Krasnoyarsk_Krai
At the university I learned English. But it is to be a long time. So forgive me for my frequent errors in writing. I'll try to remember everything.
I work in a company, taxi service. I work in the personnel department.
And what do you do? Who do you work? I would like to know about it.
Unfortunately, I can not write you very often. I have access to the Internet only on my work.
in a letter I'll send you some of my pictures. I hope you liked?
I want to see your latest photos with your next letter. Good?
I shall wait for your answer. Your new friend Olga.
Letter 3
Hi Jim.
I was waiting for your reply, I am pleased to see your letter.
How do you? How's your day?
I want to thank you for your photos. It was interesting to look at your pictures.
I think the pictures will help us to know each other better.
You're asking me about my vacation? Honestly, I do not even know where I can get a vacation.
But you do not think that it is too early to talk about the meeting? After all, we still do not know each other.
And I think that first we need to learn more about each other. And after that to talk about the meeting.
Do you agree with me?
I will continue to talk about themselves. I think you might be interested to know me better and in detail.
I've already talked about my work. But once again I remind you.
I work in a taxi service. I work in the personnel department. A lot of work with various documents and people.
After all, I depend on what kind of people work in our office.
I'll send to you some photos with my work.
So I want you to write more about my family and loved ones. I live alone.
I have a mother and father. They live in the village and engaged in agriculture.
Unfortunately I do not see them very often. Sometimes I visit them on weekends.
Before, my father was a military man. Now he's retired. And they go to live in the village.
My mother in 61 years and my dad to be 72 years. In my next letter I will send to you a photo of my parents.
I have an only child. I do not have any brothers or sisters. Although I always wanted a sister.
What about your family? You often see them? Do you often spend time with them? Told me about it,
I would be very interested to learn more about you.
Now I will finish my letter. I do not want you tired of reading it.
I'll wait for your letter and your answers to the questions.
Letter 4

Hi Jim.
How is your day today? How is your job?
I am pleased to see your new letter for me. I'm curious to know you.
I am very pleased to see your new photo. I see that you love fishing? I also really like to be in nature. Because in these places clean air and natural silence.
I'm good. Weather pleases me today. Although the sky to be a lot of clouds, but the sun breaks through the clouds and gives a good mood.
I usually enjoy the sunny weather.
What is the weather to be with you?
Today I will write more about yourself. I think you might be interested.
I like good music.
I listen to different music: Rock, foreign pop music and many different. I have no particular preference in music. Basically, it depends on the mood.
I like to watch movies. I prefer to watch a movie such genres as science fiction, comedy and action films. Sometimes I watch TV series.
Which movies do you prefer Jim?
Do you like to listen to music?
How do you spend your free time ?? How do you relax?
Free time I like to spend with my friends. I have fun with them. Jim, do you like to spend time with your friends?
I would like to know about it.
I also like to use your spare time to cook for myself and my family. My friends and family say that I did it very well.
Can you cook?
Do you engage in sports?
I go to fitness. To maintain my figure. I would like to send some photos for you with my training. I hope you will like it.
I guess I'll have to finish my letter today. Tomorrow, I'll wait for your next letter for me. Write me about your day.
I wish you good evening. You do not get tired to read my posts?
Letter 5
I do not understand why you do not write a single letter! Why? If you do not want to start our communication. Please immediately write it.
Because I am to you with all my heart. And you just do not write me! Every day I check my e-mail,
to watch you write to me or not. Why? Write me. You are welcome. With forward your letter.
Letter 6
Hi Jim.
I'm glad to see your new letter for me. I was interested to read your letters. How are you?
Unfortunately, I have a bad day. Today, when I went to work, I dropped my phone in the asphalt,
and it broke the screen. Now my phone does not work. I can not turn it on.
I am very upset, because this phone has been very dear to me. My mother gave me this phone for my last birthday.
And now my phone is broken. Tomorrow I will go to a repair service. I really hope that's my phone can be repaired.
Yesterday to visit me came my friends. They are very good and I like to communicate with her. We chatted for a while in my home.
Then we go for a walk. we really had fun.
Jim, on the street, I happened to see her ex. He was, with what that girl. I looked at him and realized. I have nothing for him.
I do not feel any sense. It was for me a completely stranger. I do not regret it. He did not like me,
I did not appreciate our relationship with him. For him the only important entertainment, sex, and self-esteem. I am glad that has stopped with him.
I only want a serious relationship. I am not interested in the adventure.
For example, my parents for a very long time together. They love each other. The main key to family happiness they consider such qualities:
love, patience, respect and trust. In any relationship, there are difficult moments. I can be disagreements, disputes and misunderstandings.
That's life, in such moments, you should try to understand each other. My parents are happy together. I'm happy for them.
I do not need a prince on a white horse. I want to find a man who would be a gentle and caring to me. I want to find a man,
with whom I could connect my future life.
tell me about your past relationships. I would be interested to know.
I'll look forward to your letter.
Good day and good mood.
Your Olga.
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