Scam letter(s) from Kristina to Ken (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, Ken! Thank you for your interest and let us begin our acquaintance. And this is very pleasant for me (I mean your interest) because I have never do this before and I hope that we will become close friends and maybe more a bit later. My name is Kristina. I was born on July, 19, 1983. I live in Lugansk. I like this city and Ukraine very much. When I was young I had to move a lot because my father was a military as long as I remember myself and only now we live simple life. I could say that normaly people do not understand all the advantages of calm life. We went to Germany, I remember almost nothing about this time because I was very little child at that moment. Then we returned back to Russia. I had to change a lot of schools and I never had a lot of friends. I just did not have time to make them. With my parents I visited more then 5 Nothern Russian cities.
My parents decided to move to our relatives in Ukraine at last. My grandparents, my aunt and my sister live here. They had to sell our belongins before leaving and I was sent to Ukraine without my parents. Parents decided that I had to leave there before them. This procces of selling took them more than a year! And all this time I spent with my aunt and sister. I hadn't seen Mom and Dad for all that time! I missed them very much. If something like that happens with me I will never let my child live far from me... I finished school and entered the Lugansk Easten Ukranian National Universiny. I study economics here. My biography is not noterable for interestiong event, you see. I guess that you must be interested why pleasant-looking, young, Ukrainian girl with good character began to find her love trough the Internet. Perhaps I will not give you an exact answer. If you were in my shoes you would see my point readily. I have heard that foreigners believe our women to be very gentle, with good characters. The truth is that I am disappointed in Ukarinain men. They just seem to be unloving and uncare people that will never think about their future. And I am waiting for a real present of my destiny. And I believe that my love is somewhere. I am awating for a reliable, faithful, deep-soul person who will fall in love with me. The only things I need in my man are faithfulness, who will try to understand. But I do not want just to get a mark in my passport "married" I want to find someone who will feel with me all this life full of ordinary events and uncommon surprises. What else can I tell you about me? I have to let know beforehand that I do not know English and I am only going to start studing it. My letter and yours are translated with the help of translating agency. But I really hope that this will not put obstacles in the way of our friendship. I think that the most important thing in people relations is feelings. My friend helped me to find this agency. She is married now. She met her husband with the help of the agency. I decided to do the same. And now I realize that there are many good points. I really have to go now. I was carried somewhere far from here while writing to you but it is time to go down on this big but at the same time lonely Earth. I hope to get your answer very soon. Looking forward for your answering,
Letter 2

Hi, my dear Ken! Thank you for your Letter. I did not know that lettring could be so interesting and exciting, because I was thinking about you and waiting your answer. Tommorow I am going to tell my parents that I have got a new friend. I do not know what but something helps me and I feel that we will be able to become good friends. In my previous letter I forgot to tell you that I did not live with my parents. They live in another city of Ukraine, and I the only child so I have to visit them very often. They are very hard working people. Everything that they are going is for me now. Education in my country is very expencive. My Mom, her name is Valentina, she has to work a lot. And my Dad, his name is Igor, he works in the store. The only thing I could thanks God for is my family. :) I am sending you our family photo because I want you to see my family as well and understand me. My parents always supported me in everything. When I was 13 I began to go to the dancing school. Here is my real love and thing I adore to do. And if you dance with me one day you will understand me better. When I dance my mood raise up! What about you? Can you dance? If no, this is not so important, I will teach you! So when I have free time I prefer to meet my friends and go to the dancing club with them. But now I want to meet precios men here. He should be loving sencitive and his main train of character should be self-confidence. And, of course, like every young girl, I dream a lot. About a nice man, with whom I could have a serious relationship. Maybe ,I`m dreaming about you:-)? Like an ordinary girl I like flowers and toys. You know in my room I have a lot of soft toys on bed and on the shelves. Maybe that's all about me for this time. If you want to know something else just ask, OK? And please write me more about you, I'd like to know you better and better. I am eager to hear from you. Yours, Kristina
Letter 3

Dear Sir! We are writing to you in order to inform you about the problem Kristina has. Unfortunately Kristina can`t answer your letter, as her account with us is over now.
Kristina doesn`t speak English at all and doesn`t have a computer at home, that is why she applied to our agency, which is called "Lika" Our agency gives the services of translation from English into Russian and from Russian into English. We have more than five qualified translators and interpreters, who make the translations of your letters to Kristina and Kristina`s letters to you very quickly, which gives you a possibility to stay in contact with her.
First Kristina payed for our services, but just not she has some finencial problems in her family, and she is not able to make up her account with us. As Kristina is very much interested in continuation your correspondence, we decided to contact you and to inform you about the problem. Our agency is not a marriage agency and here are all the services we provide to our clients: - translation the letters from Russian into English;
- translation the letters from English into Russian;
- scanning and printing the photos;
- printing the letters;
- sending and receiving the letters;
- giving access to Internet to our clients. If you are interested in continuation your correspondence with Kristina and would like to become our client, contact us by this adress, and we will send you the information about our prises. Please, if you have any questions, write us and ask all of them.
We are always open for your suggestions. Respectfully,
Letter 4

Dear Sir, The name of our company is "Lika". "Lika" is a company which gives the services of translation and using Internet. But we should admit that we aren`t a marriage agency.
Thank you for your letter. As you asked, we send you the information about our services and payment.
Kristina wants to continue correspondence with you very much. But she will be able to answer all your questions after her account will be made up. The information concerning our payment: - the cost of one letter is 5 U.S. Dollars.
(4$ for the translation of the letter, and
1$ for printing it and access to Internet); - scanning one letter costs 2$; Unlimited letters(it includes all the service,exclusive of the photos,made especially for you, every photo is $4): -1 month of using our service $250
-2 month of using our service $450 So, if this information is interesting for you, you can become our client. If you want to use our services, you should send money through Western Union
country - Ukraine;
city - Lugansk;
the name of our manager - Oksana Konyakhina. After transfering money, please, let us know about the control number of the transfer, the sum of money, your full name and the country you live in. If you have any questions, please, let us know, and we will answer them immediately. Sincerely Yours,
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