Scam letter(s) from Julia Gulichka to Michel (France)

Letter 1
Hello, dear!
Thank you for your letter and for your interest in me. You would probably ask me what such a
yong girl does here, in the Interenet. I will tell you,
I'am looking for a second part of my hart, for a person with whom I could share ideas and spendall my lifetime. I want him to be smart, kind,elegant, gentle, funny and romantic, cause two romatic people could better understand each other.
I think you would like to know more about me, so I will tell you some facts about me. As you
know my name is Yulya I am 28 years old.
I live in Ukraine, which is situated near Russia. If you think that you are the one for me and you want to continue our correspondance, please, let
me know. I will be waiting for your soon reply with hope.
Letter 2
Hi, Jean-Michel! Let me tell you about myself for you to know me better.
I am sure we can work something serious in future, as this is what I am here for. Well, my name is Yulya, I live in Ukraine, Poltava region, in a small town called Gadyach. I was born on the 25.11.1988. I am 28 y.o. this year. My job - a teacher at school. I work with children in the 1st grade.
They are 6-7 years old now. I like my job a lot, I like children in general. As for my family, it consists of my mother only, she is proud of me and supports me for my search of the partner abroad, perhaps, I will be able to find a good man and a life there...
I rent a room and live with the owner of the flat, a lady of 76 y.o., my mom lives in the village about 90 km far from me. I go to visit her every weekend. She is a pensioneer, she used to work in the plant.
My father left me when I was 5 y.o. and I have not seen him since that time:( I want to tell you from the very beginning that I will not make and send any ***** photos, as I am a decent woman. My English level is intermediate. I speak and write it on my own. The things I don't lke in men are laziness, dirt, discouragement, selfishness, lying, greedy, the important thing is creation to share, that's the reason it is my desire to have a working man, worried about home, his family, who has a vision to achieve more, efforts to act in different fields, to obtain a proper production, to have an honest life and well-being according to our work. I hope to find a person who must have respect, must be sincere, loving, loyal, his eyes must be for me and not for others, I care what is mine will come back to me and not to anyone else so the body, eyes and everything else must be solely and exclusively for me. Well I guess told you the most important information and I am ready for your questions if you are interested.
I also hope to have more information about yourself and see your photos. Take care,
Letter 3
Hi, Jean-Michel! After I read your message, it made me feel very good inside of my mind, (heart), and it brought a smile to my face, both inside and outside of me. I am now very happy to be able to communicate with you. You sound like a wonderful man, and I am very impressed by you.
You deserve to have a person who can respect and treat you as an equal, and I am very interested to see and hear your honest opinions on many issues in this world, and also about relationships, and friendship. Anyway, you sound interesting to me.
How do you go to visit your mother 90 km away, by your own car or by public transportation?
by bus
1) Did you already have long term relationship? How many if you don't mind? - 2
2) New life abroad with a foreign man? How did you get this idea? What was your first motivation? - my friend's friend
3) Would you like to continue to be a teacher in France or do you expect something else? = it depends. I like my job in general
4) Would you like to live outside of the city center? - yes
5) Could you confirm me that you can easily use the web links I have already sent you? - no
Were you able to watch my photos and short videos? - only photos, the Internet is too slow here to downliad the videos:(
I do not remember if I told you, but I speak and write English on my own, I
learned it at school, at the Pedagogical University and at the language courses.
I can say it is one of my hobbies, like cooking and children's psychology.
I had a hard day at work, we learned so many things with my class today, they are really good at Math and Natural Sciences. But I am tired.
I can not wait to get home to take off my make-up and have a good rest. Though I would not kin if I could close my eyes and appear near you now, we could go to quiet cafe to talk, to hold hands, to know each other better..
I wish it was possible for me to come to you.. Looking forwards to your next letter,
Yulya. PS. I have never been married, I do not have children. I send you the photo with my nephew, my cousin's son.
Letter 4

Hi, Jean-Michel! Are you doing well?? Me, I'm fine; you know i have just step to the Internet cafe, I opened the computer and..I found your lovely letter.
You're making my days here better every time I receive letters from you... I like the most the way you express yourself: it is so deep from the heart, so sincere and true; I cannot even believe that I'm so lucky to communicate with someone like you... I think that we have done a very good start talking to each other the way we do. Anyway, during the week I have to put some order to the room and to prepare for the concert at school, it is devoted to the ecology and to the nature protection. Do you have long term school holidays during summer as we have in France? - 3 weeks What are you used to in your kitchen? Gas or electricity? - gas
Are you familiar with all this technology, I mean saving your data and photos in the cloud? - no
Do you use a smartphone? - no
Do you have a good quality on your mobile network in Ukraine? - no The passport can be done fast depending on how much we are ready to pay for it.
Two months (the cheapest way to make it) - $195, one month - $250, $300 for two weeks, $380 - for one week and the shortest - one day - $450. I will appreciate if you are ready to help me with it... So, can I start collecting all the necessary papers for it and wait for your help as soon as possible? Dear Jean-Michel, I discussed everything with my mom and she does want to meet you very much, but she also hopes very much as well as I do:) that all this is serious and if it is, then I might come to live with you, there, but for this I need to at least visit your country....
Of course, you can come here, but I can not accept you here, in the town I live, as I only rent a room and live with the hostess of it... And there is nothing for you to see here, the town is gloomy, there are no interesting places to go to... I don't know you that much (that is why we should arrange the meeting), your country your style of life and so on and here you can behave yourself as one person but when I come to your country you will be just another... I just need to see you in your place of living, it will help me understand you better. Please don't get offended.
I can understand my Mom, she worries about me and my future a lot..
Besides, it would be ME and not you who will change the place and the way of living. Agree with me that it would be better for me if by the time we decide to stay together forever I will have already seen the place of my future living, your style of life, the customs and traditions of your country and so on. I have had you very much in my mind during the week; I've been thinking about you and about almost everything you said to me in your letters: your words come over and over again inside my head and ..though there is some distance between us, it seems to me that something really good and strong can be build from us. It would be better of course, if there was not this distance. It would be better if I was living somewhere, in some place in your town...,but what can we do about that? We can only communicate and..., finally see (and be sure about it) if it is for us to live together in this life. You know.. I'm also feeling quite lonely here; only work, work Kisses,
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