Letter(s) from Anastasia Bridun to Hans (USA)

Letter 1


How is everything going??? I could not go pass your profile and I liked you. I hope that you also like me and and want to continue our communication. Who knows what the future will brings us? May be happiness and love??? Lets try it?

King regards,

Letter 2

Hello Hans!

I am so pleased that you answered to me! And it is the good beginning of our future :) I want to introduce you myself. Once upon a time a nice blonde was born in Kharkov. And that was me, of course. My name is Anastasia, you can call me Nastia or Nastasia. I am 30 years old and I am from Ukraine. where are you from?? I had never been married and do not have a child, and you??? What are you dreaming about?? Do you like to travel? I work in the salon of beauty like the manicurist. I enjoy to bring the women happiness and make them feel themselves beautiful and sure. Really cool photos, you have sent me. Are you a sailor??? :)

Are you ready for the big changes in best way with me?? Are you brave enough?? I am sure that YES! Not it is your turn to tell all your secrets :)

So, I am waiting for your answer,
With attention,

Letter 3

Hello dear Hans!
How are you doing?? Here is great sunny day)) And how is the weather in your country?? I have told you that i live in Kharkov, have you heard about it?? Yes, I want to have kids, because I have not been married before , and what about you?? I am manicurist, and you??
What do you appreciate in relationships?
I wish you a great day,

Letter 4

Hello dear Hans!

I am so happy that I get up at the morning and there great weather and I can write you the answer and share my feelings with you :) How are you doing???What have you been doing at the weekends??? I hope that missing me))))I am joking. But if to be seriously I always think about you and us...I imagined how we are together somewhere in cozy place ..Only you and I..You know, it is said that if you really want something it will be for thousand presents)))) So, I am sure in it but it is just a question of time))) do you think the same??

At Saturday I have cooked a sushi by myself but I am not sure that it so good as in restaurant)))) And eat it alone...without you..How it would be amazing to spend such days with you..Anyway..I am sure one day we will look in each other eyes face to face..

Thank you for your photo)) I like your smile a lot)))))))))Do you like the winter weather??
Yes, I have been the stewardess a lot of years ago)) I am not sure is my passport is usable but I can check it)))) I know what I need to remake it. I know whom I can ask for a help))) Yes, I can come to you)) It would be really good and useful for both of us to know if we are suitable and what can bee between us)) What do you think???

Honey, I will help you of course to clean everything and cook tasty dishes)) I am a woman, do not forget about it)) I want to make you feel yourself happy with me.... I do not want to lose you....
I have added you in Skype and hope that at Wednesday we will talk by camera))) I want to see you in real))))))))))I am so exited))

I am so happy I have you in my life,yes, I am a real and soon you will see me))))

Letter 5

Hello! HAns! I have the empty letter from you!!

Letter 6

Hello dear Hans!
How are you my darling???You know I had amazing morning today)))) I have get opened my eyes and saw how the dove sitting at the window sill)))) I was watching it )) It was such an imagination that it wanted to tell me something)))))) I think it is really great sing, sing of hope and love))))) What do you think, Hans?)))

Darling, I miss you very much and really want to come to you.. I thought you are serious with me!Please, tell me your opinion, I want to share everything I have with you..

I feel myself very comfortable with you)
I am impatiently waiting for the video call with you)))))
My warm hugs))

Letter 7

Hello darling Hans,
how are you today? How is your mother? I have asked you what has happened with her but you even did not answer me( I hope that she will be better soon!
Hans, I have told you that if your mother ill it is much more better to come me to you !Here is war and it is not suitable time to show you my country!Yes, I do not have it, but I can get it, if you will help me it is everything is solved. I have on my mind that I am interesting in you and do want meet to have serious relationships with you.. and what about you?

Letter 8

Hans! I have been writing you for a long time!! why you ignored me?? No, I was waiting all these time for your answer but I thought you forget about me or just do not want to communicate anymore. Please, tell me what is going on... Do you still want to be with me? Let me know all your thoughts!
My kisses,

Letter 9

My Hans)
Thank you very much) You know I am so exited))) I even will not sleep today))))))))))))How I am waiting for these time)))))))))))))Darling, I have read in internet about Western Union, if it is suitable for you? I need to make passport 220$. You are my Wizard)))))))))))))What plans for today?) How is your mom?

Letter 10

Hans, here is my adress : Ukraine, Kharkov, Poznanska street, building 3a, app. 17
Full name : Anastasia Bridun

When I am going in vocations I have the extra salary, like a premium.
Thank you!