Scam letter(s) from Lubov to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Good day. I applied to a paid marriage agency to get acquainted with a man from another country. This agency is called "bridespb". If you enjoy this acquaintance, then I want you to have an idea about me. My name is Lyubov. I'm 31 years old, I'm from Russia. I want to destroy my loneliness and find a good person who, like me, wants to share with me the joy of living together and a happy family. I have no children. My hobby: walking and cycling, outdoor recreation. In a relationship with a man it is important for me that he is strong, purposeful. I want to appreciate, love, respect him. I want his opinion to be authoritative for me. I think that you are the right person and I will be very glad to see your answer.
Sincerely Lyubov
Letter 2
I am very pleased to receive a letter from you Jim! I wish you a pleasant time of day. It's nice that you did not leave me without attention. I would like to tell a little about myself. My name is Lyubov. I am 31 years old. I am kind and faithful, but at the same time I am quick-tempered and stubborn, because I'm not an angel. I'm lonely and I do not have any children. My hobby: walking and cycling, outdoor recreation, because I love the fresh air. I want to continue and live a happy life with my beloved man. I want to destroy my loneliness and find a good person who, like me, wants to share with me the joy of living together and a happy family. I am what I am. In man, the main thing is individuality. Everyone should be an individual and then he achieves something in life. You agree with me Jim??? I always want something more than I have, and I aspire to it. I can spend the evening having fun with friends, but I can spend the whole evening with a book in my hands, but I do both with ease and joy. I can not find a serious relationship in my country, because I have not met a man with a kindred spirit. With a beloved man should be easy and simple. What do you think about it Jim??? How many serious relationships have you had in life? Were you once married or engaged?
I'm very interested to see your answers to my questions, since it is from the first letter that we make a conclusion about the person. Many people say that people should approach the signs of the zodiac. To be honest, but I do not really believe in it. What is your zodiac sign?
It does not really matter to me, but still very interesting. My zodiac sign is called Scorpio. Jim I applied to a paid marriage agency on the advice of my friend Elena, who successfully met a man from another country. I'll attach her picture to you. In the future, if our acquaintance finds a continuation, then I will with great pleasure exchange with you the numbers of my phone. I think that to give you a start, I gave you a good impression. I will wait for your answer to tell you more about myself and learn more about you. I'll wait for answer Lyubov
Letter 3
Hello my friend Jim! How are you? I'm glad that you keep in touch with me. Of course, in my life I had relationships with men. But all of them ended unsuccessfully. Between Russian men, I did not find a soul mate. I did not meet an interesting man. Maybe getting to know you will bring the best result. A new acquaintance can have a lasting serious relationship. What do you think about it? In this letter, I want to tell more about myself so that you have a better idea of me.
My height is 170 cm and weight is 57 kg. I try to do sports to look better, but I think that you know better, since you are a man. I will be very pleased to receive a compliment from you! )) I was born and lived in the city of Samara all my life. This is an ordinary city in our country and has no special attractions. I was born on November 15, 1985. What is your date of birth? I am a very purposeful person. I like to understand the motives of people around, I try to make a first step towards each other in a relationship. It is pleasant to meet the desire and desire to understand the motives of behavior, the feelings of other people, to see the needs and concerns of others, the readiness to meet, to take the first step. It is a pleasure to communicate sincerely with such people. You agree with me? In communication with you, I want to find mutual understanding and excellent friendship. I would be very pleased. I certainly have friends, but they are not so close to me. It is very difficult to build a serious relationship. Are you ready for a relationship or just playing on the Internet, can you just enjoy the communication? I work in a cafe cook and accordingly I can very deliciously cook. What is your job? Does it bring you life's stability? Thanks to work, I have financial stability. I like flowers very much, but since I'm a lonely girl, I have to buy them myself ((I'm an educated girl and I have some programs on the phone that we could use later for constant communication.) Do you use Viber ??? Maybe You are using WatsUp ???
Now it seems to me that it's too early for us to exchange the numbers of our phones, but in the future, if our communication continues, I will be pleased to know your mobile number. At work, we are forbidden to use the phone. I'm more detailed story I will attach a few photos to you to see me, many photos were accidentally lost, but I will try to show myself to you .I think you will be pleased? I will look forward to your letter and answers to my questions. With respect and impatience Lyubov
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Jim! I'm always glad to see your new letter! Now I'm opening my mailbox with intrigue. :) However, I'm interested in what you'll surprise me this time. Our communication is always intrigue for me! I did not think that everything would spin. I always smile when I read your letters !!! It seems to me that any woman is very pleased with the attention from men, as well as nice to receive compliments and flowers. Do you agree with me??? Now that we have a little knowledge of each other, what do you think of me? I'm very interested in learning more about you. I like to actively rest! No, of course I'm not lazy. I mean having a holiday in nature with friends. I like to rest. At such moments I can relax and not think about the hectic at work and other problems. The organism needs to be given rest. So as you already understood, I'm always looking for new feelings and positive emotions. Do you like traveling? I would like to request your phone number, since I can not always use a computer. It seems to me that it would be more convenient to use such programs as Viber or Wats Up. Please write me your phone number with the code? I can not always use the phone at work, because the authorities say that the phone is distracting, but I will try to write more often to you.
Do you like your work? What do you like most about it? What do you do in your free time? I am pleased to communicate with you and I think that maybe we will be good friends. In life, everything happens and you never know how it will turn. But I believe that change is for the better. And you ? But since we already decided to start our communication frankly and without cheating, I think this is correct.
This concludes my letter. I'll look forward to your letter, which once again will bring me many smiles and a great mood. Thank you for being there !!! In one of these letters there is a photograph. On it is the image of my favorite dog, which before your appearance was very much and quietly listened. Your friend Lyubov
Letter 5
Hello, dear friend Jim! I'm glad to see your letter. How are you? I hope that everything is fine with you, like me :) I'm happy to write you another letter. ( I'm smiling ) .In the last letter I asked for your phone number so that I could occasionally use such programs as WhatsUpp or Skype. Our communication is gaining momentum. And I like it! Yesterday, my friends and I went to bowling. In this letter I will attach you a photo. I will very much hope that you will like it. We try to meet once a week. We have a tradition! Joke, gossip, secrets :)
Girls always ask me about my personal life. Most of my friends are married and have children. Tell me about what you already like about me or do not like? What qualities do you like or dislike? Our statistics in my city shows that 7 out of 10 weddings are getting divorced. I told you that we are working hard to find a decent man. We communicate very little. I want to know how you feel about the girls?
What is important for you in the first place in a woman? I think that Russian girls are different from girls from Europe. Tell me, how did you spend the day? I will finish this letter. I'm looking forward to hearing and photos! :) I'm sending you some photos :) I look forward to hearing, Your Lyubov
Letter 6
Hello my dear Jim! I hope that you do not mind that I stopped calling you a friend. I think that if you lived next to me, then we would have been a guy and a girl with you. We communicate with you not a little time for the Internet. And in our time, to find such a good man as you are very difficult. But as they say in one Russian proverb. Without difficulty, and do not catch the felling from the pond. I say this to the fact that you need to try to find a good man. Well, I was very fortunate that I found you, and I was able to interest you. I can not even guess at the end what I'm interested in you. Do you believe in the fact that you need to communicate with many women and only then choose ?? Can you tell me about this ??? I can say that I was interested in you. I like this type of man like you. That's why I decided to write to you. I like that you are always honest with me.
When I read your letters, it seems to me that we have known each other for a long time. But then I remember that we never even saw each other. Everyone says that there's a lot of deception on the Internet.
But I believe that this is not so. What is your special talent ??? The Internet works wonders. Thanks to him, we met and began to communicate. But we are very far from each other and could never meet live. You remember the day when I first wrote to you. I hope that you do not think about me badly, after my statement. I liked you. I can tell you straight. If you were near me, and our communication passed exactly as it is now, I would agree to go out with you on a date.
Maybe we would go to some kind of cafe or movie, or maybe just walk with you through the night city. In some picturesque place. I want to tell you that I would spend more time with you together. And I really want to know the real you. What you really are in life. My dear, you have become more than a friend to me. How would you do in this situation ?? Tell me about your thoughts. What do you think about this ?? How would spend time together ??? Dear in this letter, I want to show you a short video with my cat. I will wait for answers to my questions, since it is with the help of them that I will know you even more. Your Lyubov! :)
Letter 7
Hello my dear Jim! How are you? I read your letter. I was glad to see him. Honestly, I've been thinking a lot about the last few days. I have a very serious talk with you. I do not know how to start telling you everything. Because I'm afraid of how you react to all that I want to tell you. Honestly, I can not keep it all in myself. And on the advice of my friend at work, I decided to tell you everything. I have feelings for you. And this is more than just friendship and networking. I know a lot about you already. We are not a little acquainted with you. And I can tell you that we are really familiar. I can already say I'm meeting you. I do not flirt with men. I had little feelings of jealousy for you, and fears. That you can meet someone else on the Internet who will like you more than. I'm really afraid of this. That's why I want to ask you. You communicate with someone other than me on the Internet, and maybe some woman who lives not far from you? I understand that you are a good man. Because for many of my letters, you answered exactly as I expected it from you. And it was incredible! You are a good and kind man. And I could write a whole list of what's good in you. But I think that this is not important.
You mean a lot to me. And I would very much like to see you and talk face to face. I really want to hug you and kiss you. My love, you would like to see our relationship grow into something more than just correspondence. Of course, it's good to communicate on the Internet, but it's not serious. I think that our relations have moved to a new level, it would be very cool to see at least a couple of days? My sweet, have you ever traveled? Have you ever been to Russia? what do you think about it? Just in this letter I want to attach you a photo in the open air pool. Say necessarily in the next letter your opinion about them. Since I trust you and adore very much, I want to attach one erotic photo. I really hope that you will like it. What do you think about sex? What does love mean to you? I've never been to another country and I do not know what is needed for this. But they told me to go to a tour agency, they'll tell me everything in detail, what exactly is needed to visit you. My dear, what do you think about this? Would you like to meet me? If you are interested in this, tell me, and in the next few days I'll go to the tour agency and find out everything. But tomorrow, my work is waiting for me, and today I need to cook more, and clean up my room. I hope that I did not scare you with my thoughts) so I will finish my letter. Write to me as soon as possible. I will wait for your reply with impatience. Your Luybov!
Letter 8
Hello my dear Jim! How are you? I was glad to read your letter. Each time I understand that you are the one whom I have been waiting for in recent years. I did not think I could tell you about what was inside me. But I was able to overcome myself, and told you all that was in my head. I expected different reactions from you. I'm telling you this honestly. But when I read your letter, I realized that I was not mistaken in you at all. I cried. I saw tears in my eyes, they were tears of joy. I was very glad that our feelings are mutual. I like you very much, and all I want to say to you right now. I really want to see you very much. And I'm ready to fly to you. To put it mildly, an unusual act on my part. But I think that if I could live life in one country, then in your country together with you I can do more. My dear, you inspired my life. And now I want not just to live, but to rejoice in every new day. I can tell you that I fall in love with you.
And I'm very happy about this feeling. And now I have one goal, this is to get to know you closer. I want to come to you, and to know you as you are. I'm sure that you will like me more than you like. Because I understand what you really are. You are a very good man, Jim. And I hope that you are ready to meet me at home. Are you ready for me to come to you? My dear, I will try to do everything as soon as possible to fly to you. Tomorrow I'll go to the tour agency and find out everything exactly about my flight to you. What do you think about it??? Darling, I'm very serious about being with you. I'm very interested in what will be your reaction. Darling, are you sure about your feelings for me? My dear, I will wait for your answer. Also, I'll try to write you a letter as soon as I find out for sure. Yours faithfully Lyubov!
Letter 9
Hello my love! How was your day Jim? I am very happy to read your letters. At me too all is good. Today I went to a travel agency. They told me that in order to travel to you, my prince, I must make the documents. I must apply for a visa. Many documents for traveling abroad I have, since I wanted to travel once, but it did not work out!
I also have to undergo a medical examination! In the travel agency I was told that my visa must be approved after the documents are submitted. I want to do everything as soon as possible. Beloved, I'm ready to be near you, but also I want you to answer me exactly: are you ready to be near me ??? I am very glad that we are preparing for our meeting. Beloved, I have about $ 1500 to travel to you. Do you think that's enough? I'm ready to sacrifice everything for you and me.
My heart is full of love for you, and I'm very lonely without you and your loving heart. You have no idea how much I miss you. I always think about you, and it reduces my loneliness. You are always in my heart and in my thoughts. My love for you all, and I love you like crazy! Our love with you is the most precious feeling for me in the world. There is no feeling stronger and more beautiful than our love.
I am very glad that we find a common language with you, that we have found such a close and very sensual relationship. I thank God and other higher powers that they gave me a chance to meet you! My love, for me the communication with you is the only thing that makes me happy every day, and makes me live and beat my heart. My love, I'm looking forward to when we are together, I dream of a strong and friendly family. I also believe that soon the time will come when we first meet, We will have a very strong family. My sweet, tell me about your plans for the future? We already know each other well enough, and most importantly, we always need to consult each other. According to my understanding of the family, we must together make all decisions.
First of all, it is necessary, because everyone has his own opinion and must say it! I almost forgot my darling. I think that I will need your data for additional information so that I can work with a travel company. (City? Airport name? And phone number, ok darling? Also I'll give you my address (Russia \ Samara \ zip kod (443100) street: Pervomayskaya 24. apartment 42 \ phone number +79278784832) I really want you to be my husband. I love you and I miss you. At the moment, I must finish my letter. With love your Lyubov
Letter 10
Hello my love! How are you? What did you do today, my prince? I am fine! I'm very glad to read your letter again! I am the happiest in the world. And all this thanks to a wonderful person, my Jim! My sweet letters bring me much happiness and joy. My beloved was told that today or tomorrow I will be called from the embassy to approve my visa. I'm very happy about this, and you ?? Cute! I really want to write you something warm, gentle. That this letter warmed you a little, your soul. I want you to feel pleased, happy, happy with my words. Someone thinks that everyday vanity is life, real reality, and everything else - illusions, swimming in the clouds, in a word - nonsense. You do not think so, do you? After all, life is, first of all, moments, moments when you experience feelings of joy, excitement, excitement, happiness. For the sake of such moments, and worth living.
Yes, it can be considered something unreal. But what then, in general, all the experiences, feelings that a person experiences? Especially, it's not cheating, it is not a ghost, not a mirage that will melt without a trace. After all, this is reality - my words, phrases addressed specifically to you, my beloved. And reality is the sensations that they will cause in your soul. I want to make good, warm emotions in your own words. Calm you if something disturbs you.
Infuse optimism. After all, life is really beautiful. And indeed it is. After all, as a child, we enjoyed it and did not feel sad about anything. Why, as adults, we do not become happier? After all, the world around him has not changed much. Probably, it's all about you.
It's nice to realize that now we are alone, you and me. Reading these lines, you involuntarily think about me. Let the moment, but now for you there is no one but me. And not only my words, but my thoughts, which they carry, gently and affectionately embrace you. Calm and good are you in these arms, my good? Please, forget about the past, do not worry about the future. What was and what will be is now not at all important. Live in the present, live these moments. And be happy, my beloved man. Your favorite, Lyubov
Letter 11
Hello my dear and beloved husband Jim! I miss you so much. I miss and miss you. Today I got a call from the Embassy! I was informed that my visa is ready, you just need to draw up the necessary papers! To take a visa, I need to go to the Embassy in the city of Moscow :) I have already prepared for this. Today I was at work. At work, I'm all right. Today on the way from work I also went to the station. I found out all the information about how to get to Moscow. I decided that I would go there by train, as it is convenient and safe. To get to Moscow, I will need to go there by bus for many hours. On the bus ride safely. My dear, I will travel to Moscow today. I do not want to delay this matter for a long time. There I will be tomorrow! Do not convey in words how sad without you. I can not without you for a minute, sometimes the soul just demands to see you, just to see everything! I miss your hands, lips, which I so want to kiss now. I'm so glad that I can say so many pleasant words to you. I'm just happy that everything is so good and soon we will be together. It remains to wait very little. You are very dear to me. My most beloved and dear person in the world. I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart that I love you very much and want to be your wife. I believe that everything will be fine with us. We will be together, we will live together, and love each other, as much as possible! I will take care of you always, and I will do everything for you. Because you are mine. My soul, heart and body - everything will be unbroken before you. With you, I learned how to love and be loved. You gave me warmth and care. Do you remember how you confessed to me in love? I was very happy when I first heard these words about love. Until now, I remember this day as we decided to meet for the first time and spend a few days together. I am very happy that we decided to take such a serious step. Although we are still not together, but I'm happy that I can just write to you this letter full of love. You really are the best man in the whole world. I will never leave you and will always be there. I will give you the nights of love and the dawn of complete happiness. I promise that you'll never regret meeting me. To you I experience those feelings that I did not know before and who have never felt for anyone. For your sake I want to live, wake up in the morning, I want you to always smile happily. For your sake alone I want to be better and kinder! I'm overwhelmed with such tenderness, with one thought about you, goose bumps. I promise that I will always love you and I will never give up. I miss you every time I miss you and very much LOVE you! Everything will be fine. Just remember that you are the best and reliable. Your wife Lyubov!
Letter 12
Hello my dear Jim! How are you without me? I write as soon as I can.
Darling, I really miss you and really want to hug and kiss you. I'm terribly bored of you my favorite !!! I came to Moscow !!! Everything is all right, it's good! Decided to immediately share with you joy! I found myself a cheap room for a few days. I think I'll settle there.
Later I will go to the travel agency to buy a ticket. Moscow is just a huge city! My sweet, I would really like to call you, but you know that my phone works only within Russia !!! Do not you want me to come to you? My love, I came to Moscow. I am good. I'm sorry that I did not write you faster. I write to you as soon as I have the opportunity. My Jim, how are you? Are you waiting for me on a visit? My Jim, today I was at a travel agency to pick up all the documents and go to the embassy for a visa. But there was a small problem. A girl in a travel agency, explained to me that I did not make the right type of insurance. I made insurance for traveling through Russia, and I need insurance for traveling abroad. With insurance for travel on the territory of Russia, I can not get a visa. The girl in the travel agency explained to me that I can remake the type of insurance. I called the branch of the insurance company, which is in Moscow. I told them about the incident and asked how I can change the insurance. The insurance agent explained to me that I can do it without problems. I need to go to their office. Unfortunately, international insurance is more expensive. International insurance has more coverage and the amount of insurance payments, so it costs more. My sweet, I do not know how to tell you about this. I'm very embarrassed. I have no other choice. My Jim, I did not think that I would have to spend more money for insurance. I spent all my money on paperwork and buying tickets.
There is an excellent flight to you on July 1. My love, unfortunately, I can not get a visa without international insurance. My love, can you help me with the payment of insurance? I phoned my barefoot, and asked him to transfer to me the remnants of my salary. But he said that he could do it only after 1,5-2 weeks. I do not have time to wait that long for Moscow. I will spend more on the hotel these days. My love, I thought, maybe you can lend me money so that I can make insurance. I will come to you, and when my boss lists my salary, I will refund this money to you. What do you think? Can you help me? My love, do I need 290 US dollars or 270 euros? I very much hope that you will not think badly of me. This is for me the most important thing. I'm very ashamed to ask for help from you. But I did it at the last moment. I asked for help from all my friends and girlfriends. But unfortunately everyone has their problems and no one can help me. All the hope is only for you. My sweet, I'm very worried. I already bought tickets. We must do everything as soon as possible. On July 1 we will be together, if you will help me. I very much hope that you will be able to help me and will not leave me alone in trouble. Write to me. I will be waiting for your answer. Your beloved wife
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