Scam Letter(s) from Elena Sergeeva to Lars (Greece)

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Letter 1

Lars I read your letter and looked at this site. Lars, I wanted to ask you what you see on this site? I ask someone for money? I deceived whom for the sake of money? Do you see this on this site? Why do you think that I am deceiving you and only for the sake of money was. It really hurts to hear it from you now. I planned a trip to you, because I love you. And now you tell me that I am deceiving you and that I am a fraud. I want to talk with you about a lot now. But, through the letters it does not turn out all to know what we think about each other now. Do you have skype? Can we now chat in online skype? Write me your name and I can wait for you in skype

Letter 2

Hello my LOVE Lars!!! How are you? What's interesting about your life? With me, everything is fine, in addition to the fact that you are not near me. I very much hope that we will be together soon. And two loving hearts will soon unite. I was very glad to receive wonderful letters from you and see your video, which you wrote down for me. I was very glad to hear your voice. I watched your video several times and I had a big smile on my face that I could see you and hear. You have a beautiful voice and I understood every word of yours in the video. Only I was sad to hear that you do not know what to do with money. That you do not have the opportunity to send money from Greece to Russia because of the laws of my country. My dear Lars, we have to sort everything out at the beginning every moment. Thank you for sending me the site and explaining in detail about getting a visa to Greece. I already consulted with the agency's manager. My dear Lars, I do not need an invitation from you, because my term of tourist visa will be 30 days. If I want to issue a visa for a longer period, then I need an invitation from you. But, not in this case. When I spoke with a travel agency employee, they explained to me that we have good relations with Russia and Greece. Therefore, for people traveling from Russia to Greece, simplified execution of documents. There will be no problem for receiving all the documents so that you can arrive to Greece without any problems. Only you need to pay me 480 euros and everything will be done by the agency. My dear Lars, I went to the bank today morning and found out about the law of the Russian Federation, which you told me in a letter that the citizens of Greece can not send money to Russia. I was told that there is no such law. I was also told that there are money transfer companies from any country in Russia and there are no problems. For example, the company is called MoneyGram. Do you know about MoneyGram? My dear Lars, can you show me the site where it says that you are prohibited from sending money to Russia by our law ??? I want to read this article. I really want to be with you my love Lars. You have become dear to me and I am most afraid of losing you. I can not imagine my life without you. I can only hope for your help. I just can not pay for all the documents for myself and to come to you in Greece. I really want to be in your hands, but it's not in my power. You really are my prince, my love, my hope for the future. I generally can not find the words to express my great love to you !!! I hope that we will be next to each other. I'm waiting for your e-mail letters. Your Love Lyudmila



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