Scam letter(s) from Elena Bader to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello dear!
It is my pleasure to meet you, as you already know my name is Elena, I am from small city Slavyanoserbsk which is situated in Eastern Ukraine, I was born there and I have been living there for whole my life.
I am live-loving, cheerful, I adore traveling and discovering new things in life. A bit more about the way I look – I am 167 high, 52 kg, 30 years old, and of course I am sending you some pictures for you to know how I look like better)). Of course that will be wonderful to hear from you soon and to get many pictures of you, also please tell me more about your life. I am here for finding serious relations and for soon meeting in real life!
Yours sincerely, Elena.
Letter 2
HI dear Jim!
It was really great to get your letter, thank you for answering me, and of course thank you for pleasant comments as for my pictures, I think from the very start we shall learn more about each other))))
Jim, thank you so much for your picture, I really liked it, you look wonderful, handsome man with great taste, I hope in future you will send me more – in this way will not only open souls to each other, but will be closer to real life as well)). Dear, and please, do not worry about our difference, because I am not a small girl any more, and I am looking for a mature man to come into my life!!
Telling a bit more about my personality and life, I was born in Slavyanoserbsk, Ukraine, and I have been living here for whole life, working and developing my personality in all ways. My grandparents were born in Kazakhstan, but later they moved to Ukraine, so my Mom and me were already born here, my Dad is from Ukraine as well. I live with my Mom, unfortunately my parents divorced when I was small, Dad found another family, but my Mom was so strong raising me alone! Well, Jim, as you already know I was born and raised in happy, very positive family, my Mom is my best friend, very active, very funny, very energetic, I can always share everything that happens in my life with her, by the way soon will have her birthday)) I am already thinking how to congratulate her)) I got good education of cosmetologist, I have been studying in Lugansk National Medical University, but now I live and work in my native city.
Dear Jim, you may wonder, why have I decided to look for my destiny here? Well, Jim, I can not tell exact reasons, I tried to find relations in my city, I had serious relations in life, unfortunately not really successful ones, our lives just went their ways. It seems to me that my ex was too childish and he was concerned about his career only, not about our relations and family, he always spent time preferably with his friends, not me. So now I decided to start a new period in my life, and search for my man in the Internet. May be my destiny waits somewhere else for me, we never know where we can find and where we can lose. So why not, may be good luck is waiting for me somewhere else already))))). And why have you decided to look for your future relations abroad? Did you ever have serious, long-lasting relations?
Jim, next time you write - tell me more about your job, please, and I will tell you about mine in all details in my next letter))).
I have a strong hope that you are interested in my personality, and we will continue communicating!
Yours sincerely, Elena
Letter 3
Hi dear Jim.
It was so lovely to hear from you, thank you for such a wonderful letter, it really makes us closer day by day, and helps us to become more than friends)).
Dear, to be honest I use a usual phone, not a smartphone, unfortunately with this whole situaiton in my place I could allow myself to get the one, so to be honest I can only talk on phone or write you, but that is also a good start)) May be I will find a treasre one day and will get a nice smartphone that will make us closer)))
It was lovely to read more about your hobbies and interests, I find you as a really talented person! It was interesting to follow your life interests, may be one day we will go in for that together, who knows)) may be it will happen soon)) Wish we were together already, I will have my birthday in just a couple of days, and wish we could spend it together))! Will feel a bit lonely to say honestly.
I promised to tell you more about my hobbies and interests in my letter, so here you are)). First of all I adore cooking, my Mom always taught me how to cook delicious and at the same time healthy food, starting from early ages I have been learning how to cook national Ukrainian dishes. One day you will taste them on yourself and tell me if you like it, but I am sure you will! Except national cuisine I adore eating fruits and healthy food in general. Also I adore winter and skating))) But at the same way I adore summer and sea, sunshine and beaches)) As far as you know I work as cosmetologist, sometimes my friends do not let me have rest even after work, and asking to do manicure, haircut, so on after work)))
Well, I am talking about myself, but I already have several questions for you))) I would like to know more about your daily life, do you like spend time outdoors? Do you like nature and traveling, will you go camping for example or will you prefer to stay at home? Do you have a lot of friends to spend time with, may be some relatives you visit from time to time and you go out together? In what way will you spend your free time in general, will you go to cafe, or just spend several hours at fresh air? And of course I will tell you my views as for these things, but may be in next letter, because you will be tired of my writing soon))).
My dear Jim, it seems I can talk to you forever, but it is already the very time for me to continue work unfortunately, I hope we will hear from each other soon, and of course I wish you to spend a lovely day and keep me in your heart and thoughts, like I do!
Yours warmly, Elena!
Letter 4

Hi dear Jim!
It was lovely to hear from you, I really liked your letter and everything you told me about your life and personality. I am glad to continue our communication, and hope we can stay in touch to know each other better step by step. I will give you my mobile number, so if you want you can call me, and that will be nice to make this step in communication, because in this way we can not only know each other through mail, but we will know how our voices sound, and it will make us feel closer! I already imagine your wonderful voice, and I am waiting to hear from you so impatiently)))) ! So here it is +38 066 171 54 38 Hope you can also share your mobile number so we can call each other and talk, we do not always have a chance to write letters and we do not always have access to Internet, but phone can make us closer any moment of life!
Darling, thank you for nice compliments as for my Mom, I am very sad to know about your lost darling, but still I am sure she will always stay in your heart and mind! I also lost some of close people in my life and unfortunately know what it feels like....
Jim, I am really interested in you and I hope that will lead to something more than just friendship. Virtual communication is great, but I think the main step in any relations is personal meeting. So in future, when we are both ready for that, I hope we can meet and spend time together, do you agree that only in such way people can understand seriousness of intentions and become a real couple))))! Relations are hard work, but result is worth efforts!
Thank you also for your warm concern as for my city, you are right, I had to see war, never thought it will happen. Darling, I will honestly tell you that my region does not want to separate, it is all caused by Russians government, their army came to my city and ruined eeverything I had before. I will never have the same attitude towards Russia again, sad to say that, but when strangers are coming to your city and ruin your life that is not so pleasant. My parents were born in Ukraine, and I am Ukrainian citizen, and do not want that to be changed. But as we see life decides instead of us sometimes... Ok, let us stop talking about sad things))
By the way in my previous letter I promised to tell more about my work)))).
I have been studying in medical university, and got an education of cosmetologist, I am lucky right now to work according to my profession, in beauty saloon, as cosmetologist. I work mostly with medical side of this profession, I consult people and do some procedures for them to look better – something like lifting, cleaning, so on, so I work with skin. Earlier I also thought about doing haircuts, but later decided to stop at what I have already, and to learn more about massage, so from time to time I also do massage. Would you like to try it one day))? People tell I am a good specialist)) Also I do makeup, well, I am not a great fan of wearing makeup all the time of course, but can do nice one on occasions. In general I am for natural beauty))
Such work demands attention all the time, because you can guess – one wrong movement, and work is spoiled, so that I feel quite tired after working day, and I cope with it with the help of gym, I try to attend it three times per week, at summer I ride bicycle, luckily I live not really far away from the place where I work, so I am coming at bicycle, that is also a good way to keep fit)) At winter time that is difficult to do that because of our cold weather, so I prefer to go to gym.
As you see, I lead active and multisided life. I would like to tell you more about my interests, hobbies and daily life, but I am afraid you are already tired of reading my long letter, so I think I will do that next time! It will be great to know what are your interests and hobbies, do you have some special ones and do you have plenty of time to go in for what you like?
Jim, I hope to hear from you soon, thank you really much for your attention)) Waiting for your letter impatiently, yours with hugs and kisses, Elena.
Letter 5
Hi dear Jim!!
It was so great to hear from you, thank you so much for giving me a smile talking about my jeans with holes))) I already adore your sense of humour darling, I love when people have such the attitude towards life))) I am also always cheerful, and trying to accept life from positive side only))
Thank you also for nice pictures, no, I have never tried canoe, only a usual boat at lake, so I think that can be a nice fun, you will give me a ride one day)))!
Jim, as you already know my work takes quite a lot of time. But when I have a day off, I do all my house chores, and then I prefer to spend time outdoors, with friends, or alone, I adore fresh air, walks, nature, animals, everything connected to that! I have not seen many places in the world, but have traveled around my country. I prefer winter and summer, maybe I love winter even more, especially when we have a lot of snow, but at summer I will always go to seashore when I have longer vacations, usually it is a week or two. I will never forget the moment when my mom first took me to seaside, I was only 4 years old, but remember it really well, like it happened just yesterday))) I fell in love with it forever! Once I missed my plane when was traveling from one city to another one, well, traveling always is connected to some funny stories))) Traveling alone is in general a bit sad, so in future I hope we can travel together and discover lots of wonderful places in our huge world! Did you travel a lot and what countries have you already seen? Which ones do you like most of all and may be you have a wish to show some exciting and romantic places one day, when you are traveling with your beloved one (who knows, may be that will be me))).
Also I am really interested to learn more of your thoughts about future relations, how do you see your life together, what are you waiting for from your woman, how will you treat her and what would you like to get as an answer? Do you like to give or to get more? Sorry for so many questions, but I think that is very important for future relations, communication, and I will tell you my position as for relations in my next letter, will try to express all my feelings and preferences))).
Jim, I hope to hear from you soon, do not want to go, but have to continue my work now.
Oh, and by the way thank you for remembering about my birthday)) Well, here in my country it is a bad sign to congratulate in advance, so I will tell you thanks in two days))))
Waiting for your letter and sending you my hugs and kisses!
Yours warmly, Elena.
Letter 6
Hi my darling Jim!
It was so lovely to hear from you, thank you for such a warm, positive and tender letter, for telling me so much about your life and answering my questions! I had quite a difficult day yesterday, so many things to do, I had my birthday yesterday, and I understood I really miss you already, things that we share and do together could be much easier and better, I am really lack of strong shoulder in my life, and tired of solving all the questions on myself. Hope things will change the nearest time))). Why do I like you ))? I am tired to live without attention, care, kindness, and you are giving me these things)) I love inner world, and in case we feel comfortable together, it is already enough for me)) Only real life can be better!
Jim, in my previous letter I promised you to share some ideas as for my vision of future relations, what I am waiting for from my family, from my man, so on, if I am right)). Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is time that we need to devote to each other. People who want serious relations first of need to want spending time with each other, surround each other with attention and care, romance and tenderness of course. Jim, do you treat yourself as a romantic person? Do you like to make small surprises for your second half, impress her with something unusual? How will you do that)))? I like to be impressed and I adore when my man prepares small but pleasant surprises, like some love notes, some flowers, dinner in romantic place, so on! I think I am very romantic, when I am in relations, I will always make something pleasant for my beloved man, every day, when I am at work, I am already thinking how to make evening together unusual in some way, how to prepare a kind of small pleasant surprise, I am thinking about where to go together, what to do, I do not like just sitting at home near TV and that’s it, discovering different sides of life, traveling, just going out together is important for me, I do not like being lazy and having one and the same things every day. When I am in love, I will do everything for my man and devote all my life to him, but of course I hope to get the same feedback from him, I do not have too many demands, just to think about me, care about me and have me in heart and thoughts as much as it is only possible. I think I like to give more than to get, and when everything I am giving is accepted with care and smile that is the best award for me! Jim, and what is love for you? What are you ready to do for your woman, in what ways do you express your love, your emotions, do you like to care and to be grateful for everything that is done for you?
Just to finish want to assure you that I keep you in my heart and thoughts, being apart in distance we are close in minds, please, think about me and take care! Hope to hear from you very soon darling!
And will be wonderful to receive a call from you when you are free))
With tender hugs and kisses, yours, Elena.
Letter 7
Hi my darling Jim!
Will honestly tell that I miss you and writing each other, and I got your letter as the most pleasant surprise for today)))! Thank you so much for the most wonderful start of my day, and for expressing your vision of future relations. You see, we have the same views, yes, there are some differences, but all people have that, in general we are very close in minds and hearts, and that is lovely, don’t you think so)))?
Thank you for a lovely story about Tina, of course it made me feel a ittle bit jealous, will not hide that)) Of course I am joking, you are very polite and you are the real gentleman, not like major part of men here in my country. That is why I also like you so much))
To be honest, I do not like telling about my past relations but we are already good friends with you and I feel like I can trust you and share everything that happens in my life! Luckily I did not have really bad stories, I was just frustrated because I was always lack of attention. My man was always concerned about his work only, he did not think about something serious that we must have in future, about place where to live, about possible children, he was always at work or spending time with his friends, and almost never at home. We just decided to continue our life apart, because we just wasted time together. Yes, leaving is always hard, but some time passed and I understood it was a right step. I am full of new positive emotions now, got new friends, devote more time to myself and my own interests, and I am far away from everyday stress and quarrels. When people are not created for each other it is better to leave before it is too late, do you agree, Jim?
Well, Jim, will not make you tired of my stories, but be sure, have plenty of them to tell in future)) Telling about past of course helps us to understand future better. So let us move on and think about future, not about past. Would you like to meet one day in future and to spend lovely time together, what do you think about that?
I wish you to spend a lovely day, I am always so happy when you write me, so please, make my next day as happy as this one was))).
Yours tenderly, Elena.
Letter 8
Hi my darling Jim!
I am so sorry to hear about your letter darling, well, will wait till time when you can write it again, yes, computers sometimes behave not in a really good way. But once we are together we will not have such problems again))
PLease, enjoy your day darling, and do not forget to write me when you have some time))
Yours always, Elena!!!
Letter 9
Hi my dearest Jim!!
My darling, starting from tomorrow I will have to leave for a couple of days, after my Grandmother died she left a house, and my family is still there, they asked me to come for a couple of days, because I will need to sign some papers, they will be trying to sell that house in future, and they want everything to be ready, so I will need to cope with some documents and sign some more papers. But darling, it will not be for long, it will take just 4-5 days maximum and I will be back to you!! I will not have a chance to write you from there, because there is still no Internet connection there because of war, but do not worry, it will be just a short trip, and after that we will be back to our normal communication and plans))). I will miss you really much, but I will be back very soon, just several days!! Please, pray for all things to be fine, and as soon as I am back I will write you! Please, keep me in your heart and soul and do not disappear ;))))!!! Miss you already, and will write you right after I am back!!
Yours tenderly, and missing you already, Elena!!!
Letter 10
Hi my dearest Jim!!!
My darling, I am sorry it took a bit more time than I thought to cope with all details during my trip, but now I am back home, safe and secure, and everything is fine! All things are back to normal, and I am ready to continue our communication and to develop our further plans)). My trip was long and very tiring, but now life is completely back to normal, and I am happy to be back to you again! I missed you so much during this long trip, and I am sorry I did not have the way to let you know I am a bit late, because there is not Internet or mobile connection there, but I am so happy I have the chance to write you again darling!!! I missed you so much, and hope I will hear from you very soon!!!
Yours missing you so much, Elena!!!
Letter 11
Hi my darling Jim!!!
In my previous letter I promised you to go and to get more information about trips, well, dear, now I am here to tell you all the details, I had to take a day off work, because as I found out I had to go to several places first of all, second thing – I had to spend almost half of the day in queues… Was quite tiring to be honest, but I am doing my best to be in time before my vacations start!
Well, Jim, first of all I went to our local OVIR ( if you do not know that is state organization that deals with passports), to start the process. First unpleasant thing was a pile of bills they asked me to pay ( will not even inumerate everything – papers that cost 180 hryvnias, 240 hryvnias, 80 hryvnias, so on, in general everything came up to amount of almost 90 usd, if to convert into international currency), well, after several hours in queues in banks I was back, just some basic things to start process of making passport. Most frustrating thing was that they told me to come in two months to be scanned (they will take a picture of me, and I will sign some papers), and after that I will need to wait one more month or even more, they do not tell exact date, to get passport itself, so in general it will take from three up to four months to get my passport ready. Woman that works there listened to my situation (I told her I need to leave in just several weeks) and she adviced me to use the service of one company, tour agency, that makes passports much more quicker, but of course for hugher price. I contacted them and went there immediately, well, can not even describe my sadness when I heard their prices! Yes, they are able to make passport within 3 days, but it will cost near 300 usd. Jim, I was so frustrated, of course I knew that traveling is costly of course, but well, not that much! I have alrady paid quite a lot, comparing to my salary, and got such prices in addition…. I feel so sad, I wanted to arrange this trip so much, I wanted to come during my vacations, and now such a story happens!! Dear, I already dreamed about having this vacation together, and it seems now all my dreams are broken… I do not know what to do now, and how to make this come true! May be you have some ideas, darling? Please, answer me as soon as you get this letter, what have I do next, and how we can save our meeting!?
With all my love, a bit sad, Elena!!!
Letter 12
Hi my dearest Jim!!!!
So lovely to hear from you my darling, so sweet to talk to you darling! Every day we are together, and that already became a great tradition for us, thank you for making my day and my life brighter))) Hope my letter will also find you in perfect mood and perfect health darling, of course for that I am also sending you my kisses and my tender hugs, hope it helps)))))
My dear Jim, thank you so much for telling me that you would like to meet me, so happy to know you would like to spend time together in real life, at last we can see each other and make all our dreams true)))! But the only thing that bothers me is my vacations at work, well, will tell you everything in details!
My dear, I talked to my boss recently, we talked about coming vacations that I have every year, well, this year I will have them from 1st of September till 30th of September, and that is not possible to postpone or delay it, because it is fixed already, and I did not think things will go this way in my life))). So I will be free during the period I have mentioned, and next vacations will be only in a year, too long to wait. I hope you will be able to meet me around that time, what do you think? Darling, I hope so much we can meet and spend time together soon! I do not want to delay our reality we were coming to for quite long period of time!!!! So what do you think, we have exact time, I have my vacations coming, how we can arrange that? I have a plan to go to get some information about trips the nearest days, but to be honest I have never traveled before, I mean traveling abroad, and I have no idea what is needed for that, may be you know something? Hope you are more experienced in that sphere)) Of course I will do my best to learn what is needed, but if you have some ideas, please, tell me details, want to arrange everything in perfect way!
My darling Jim, will wait for your reply very impatiently, I hope you will answer me very soon, I do not want to lose time, and hope for your quick reply!! My hugs and warmest kisses for you my darling, please, answer me as soon as you can!
P.S was trying to make a small video for you, but on some reason sound does not work, so you will have to imagine what I was trying to say
Letter 13
Hi my darling Jim!!
First of all must admit how happy I am to talk to you, at last our mobile network worked for us and our relations)) I was happy to hear your voice, very beautiful and calm, and was happy to understand you so well! I am sorry for my voice, I had sore throat just a couple of days ago, so it does not sound perfect right now, but will be back to normal the nearest time))
As always I am starting my day together with you, right now I am drinking my cup of tea, and you are in my thoughts and in my heart dear, together with your letter. I have been thinking a lot about us, how wonderful is to meet someone who is far away but at the same time who is so close in mind, in thoughts and in heart! Even through this big distance I feel your warmth and care, and I think feelings do not depend on distance at all, we manage to pass everything that s in our hearts through words, can you imagine how it will be in real life? Have you already thought about that, how it will be nice to start day together, to come home to the one who loves you, and even when you are a bit tired and are in not really perfect mood you will always have the one to call, to talk to, and after that you will understand that problems do not exist at all, that you have your beloved person, and nothing means more in this world! I never thought I will find such a close person, close in everything – interests, wishes, feelings, words, and never thought that my man will wait for me so far away, but so close at the same time. Jim, we really never know where a simple action can take us, so I never imagined, when I pressed a button to send you letter that it will lead us to happiness and to what we have! I just want to feel everything in real life now; I think that is the very time to make all our dreams come true! And the very time to ask you may be the most important question till now – when we can meet in reality? I was thinking about that so much, and I am sure – I want that to happen soon! And what do you think darling? Will wait for your answer impatiently, and to be honest I feel a bit nervous already, because that will be the most important step for me in our communication!
Yours loving Elena!!
Letter 14
Hi my dearest Jim!!!
One more wonderful day together with you my dearest, thank you so much for writing me, it is the first thing that I do when I come to my working place – I check mail and here you are, with your beautiful words, that make me smile and feel so happy! Let us just be back to our normal communication, I missed you so much, and want to hear you as soon as possible))) Please, try to call again during day time, I will be at work, but still I will always find a minute to answer you! I am sorry that connection does not work, but please, try again, I called operator and they promised me that everything will be fine!!! So it must work and must give us the chance to hear each other at last)))
It is rainy here today, here I am, sitting near the window and thinking about you, about us, our relations, rain is the best time to think over life, agree? I am following rain drops on the glass with my finger, and I am thinking we are like them – I am here, and you are there, I can see your image, I am following you in your life, but like I cannot touch this drop through the glass, the same way I can not touch you, we are together, we are so close, but at the same time we are so far away right now! This window between me and rain is like distance between us – an obstacle, but at the same time not a problem – like we can break glass the same way we can just take a plane and meet one day! Just jump out of our life vortex and be happy, forget about routine and change usual life to happiness! We are buried in work and obligations, we are doing the same every day, and we almost forgot what real happiness is, how to relax, how to smile, to cry because of happiness. Want to change that so much! So tired of daily life, of coming back home alone, and no one is waiting for me there – yes, I have my family, close people, but without you, my loving man, it is only house, not home. It will become home only when you are coming there, and your beloved is waiting for you there, when you do not open the door and the first you see is emptiness, but when beloved one is hugging and kissing you, helping you to relax after another hard day, slow talk at the kitchen, sharing impressions and emotions, happiness and grief, supporting and understanding. Would you like to have such home with me darling?
Please, think over my words my darling Jim, will let you go with my tender kiss, and just know – the door of my home is opened for you!
Yours loving Elena!!!
Letter 15
Hi my dearest Jim!
My darling, I hope you will have nice weekends, and of course will think of me and of our future as well)) I will be waiting for your letter, you told that you will write me more when you have some free time, I hope on Monday I will hear more from you darling. I was thinking about our situation dearest, and have one good idea. We both know that we want to meet each other, and we both want that, but as you told me you feel unkomfortable helping me with documents, so we can meet. So my idea is the following, I can give you contact information of tour agency that i consulted, and you can contact them, in such the way you will know for that I am telling you truth, and you will feel better helping me with documents directly, what do you think? I think that is the best way out of situation, so we will both feel comfortable and we will reach what we want together my dearest! I am always keeping you in my heart and in my soul, and always dreaming about time when we can talk in real life, not just here or on phone, real life will be much better I can guess)))
Waiting to hear from you very soon, and sending you my best wishes, tender kisses and passionate hugs!!
Yours tenderly, Elena!!!!
Letter 16
Hi my dearest Jim!
My darling, I have not heard from you since my previous letter, I hope everything is fine. Please, let me know what are your ideas as for our meeting, because previous talk made me feel sad. I hope you are fine and will write me soon.
Sincerely, Elena.
Letter 17
Hi my dearest Jim!
My dear, thank you for your answer, to be honest I feel really sad after such words darling. I understand you well, I also had such situations in life when I was let down, and when people played on my feelings and betrayed in bad way. I had enough in my life, betrayals, war, broken heart, and I do not want that to repeat again. I was very sad when you compared me to some people who are playing games, and I also was let down in such the way several times in life. I am always doing only good things, because life always answers with the same, and as an award I found you, and we had such nice plans and so nice communication. But now you have some doubts about me, and I understand you, but at the same time that makes me feel sad. I do not want to try proving something, because we all had bad situations in past, and it influences the way we feel now. I trusted you completely starting from the very first day of communication, because I always try to trust people. And if I am telling I trust you I will send you a copy of my passport for you to have it, and as you told you do not know my full name and address, I will also send this information, my full name is Elena Bader, my home address is Ukraine, Slavyanoserbsk, Gagarina street, 71. I do not know what else can I do, I feel sad and I do not want sad examples of people to damage our relations and I do not want us to give up on everything only because we had sad stories in past. Well, I will still hope for better, I miss you so much, and I feel so happy that we have each other, well, let us do everything to have each other in reality as well!
Yours tenderly but a bit sad, Elena.
Letter 18
Hi again, my darling Jim!
And again a bright start of my day, I checked my mail box and here is letter from you, it always makes me smile and definitely is the best moment of my day! At last I am getting rid of daily routine and have the one who is near me like in real life)))) of course real life could be better)))
It was so lovely to see your photos, I liked lake so much, and Ginger looks so happy having bath))) I also dream about moments when we will sit there together, and on some reason I have no doubts that we will dear! Even through distance I feel protected and safe near you, and I am sure in reality these feelings will follow us all the time!!
Than kyou for nice compliments as for my looks, well, before war started here I really had the chance to get some nice clothes, now I have what I could afford before)) Unfortunately now times are harder for our people...
Today weather is quite cold and windy, I am sitting at work and dreaming about warm and sunny place I could be at now))) Previous summer unfortunately I did not have much time for vacations and could not have good rest because of work load, I had a week off work in June, that’s it. So I miss sea, sun and rest really much. Also I had no one to travel with before, all my friends already have families or relations, so they will better go together with their beloved ones, and I do not want to feel myself being a third one. Going alone is also not a great fun, agree? Just imagine what fun could we have together going somewhere one day)) First of all it will be a great help with my bags))) Jim, I belong to such type of people who are taking everything when going somewhere, it always seems that I am moving to live in another city when I am just traveling for several days)) People around always feel sorry about me and try to help me in some way)) But last several years I am trying my best to get rid of this habit, I definitely need you to watch while I am packing bags)) or you are the same))? Just imagine us going to some romantic place, sitting at the sea shore and watching sunset, always wanted to share sunset with someone! Seems to be so private and tender! And we are taking a picture together, I already almost see it – may be the first one to go to our album))? We, sitting at the sea shore, holding hands, and that sunset at background! Dreams now, but who knows, may be it will become real one day? What do you think, is it possible to experience that together? Jim, would you like to try)))?
Until my dreams have not taken me away completely will continue my working day, back from sea to my office chair))) But will be so happy to hear your dreams, your thoughts about place that we can share together!! May be you have some creative ideas I will like even more than my variant))? You are welcome to surprise me)))
Yours dreaming girl, Elena)))
Letter 19

HI my dearest Jim!
It is so lovely to get mail from my darling man, thank you for starting our day together my dearest, can not stop myself from writing you dear, because I already feel like we are together in real life! Again I am sorry for your lost letter darling, yes, computers sometimes behave in appropriate way, but as soon as we are together in real life, we will not need them any more))) Well, for the I think third time you are writing me that you prepared some surprise to tease me)) I can't wait till I get it, and meanwile will tease you with my dreams a bit)))
Today at night I had a dream about us being together, like a couple, it was so alive that after waking up I had a strong feeling it happened in reality! First I saw you near me in my bed, you touched my hand and talked to me calmly, we laughed and smiled, it was a real feeling like I do not want that to pass, and want that moment to last forever! Time did not matter for us, we did not think about daily routine or obligations, it was just pure happiness, no words can describe that feeling! Then you hugged me gently, took my hand and kissed it, looking in my eyes, telling me your emotions without words, actually we did not need words that moment – happiness can not be expressed, but our souls were together, our feelings were the same, and that was the moment I did not want to pass! You kissed my ear tenderly, and told pleasant and romantic words, I felt your breath and was just listening, understanding my entire happiness….then I woke up, and did not want to let this dream go! My window was opened by wind, and I understood the reason why I woke up! Did not want that to finish…. But understood that can become real so soon!! And will last forever, it made my day, and I am so happy to know that at last all my dreams will become real darling!!! Dreams will never finish so soon and I will never have to wake up from such a wonderful dream!!!
My darling Jim, have you ever seen me in your dreams already, did you feel something of that kind? Such happiness and light, such tenderness and warmth? Am I in your thoughts, am I following you in your daily life, do you keep me deeply inside your heart and soul?
With all my care and tenderness, for my loving man, yours forever, Elena!!!
Letter 20
Hi my dearest Jim!!
Thank you so much for lovely words about my letter, well, I shared my deep and most intimate thoughts with you, my dreams, I feel really close darling, and I am sure that you already feel the same, I can already feel that through your words, through your positive emotions and your smile)) Thank you so much for being with me, we are together in virtual world now, but we are so close to reality already my dearest loving man! And it makes me feel happy dear, every day I start and finish with smile and with thoughts about you, us, with heart jumping in my chest when I am just thinking about you!
Darling, thank you for a good laugh, when you talked about selfie with something between your legs))) Legs are great, and Ginger is lovely as always)))
Jim, yesterday I talked to my family, Mom and Dad, and I could not stop myself from telling them about us, I told them about you in all details, everything I knew, and they were so happy for us! I hope you also told your close people, friends about me))) My friends already know, best friends of course, they are happy I found my happiness in life – they knew I was not lucky before, and always supported me when something unpleasant happened, and now they are together with me in my happiness)) Sorry, could not hide our communication from best frineds, girls are girls, you know that)))).
My darling, thank you for existing in my life, can not hide my feelings from you, and do not have the reason to do that – I am just happy)))
With all my happiness, yours, Elena!!!
Letter 21
Hi my dearest Jim!!
My darling, I still have not heard from you, hope you are fine. Please, write me when you have some free time. Why we have serious plans, we like each other really much, and when it is coming to personal meeting you are just disappearing? I hope you were serious in your plans and in your words darling! I still want to trust you and our plans!
Yours sincerely, Elena!!
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