Letter(s) from Nina Lomakina to Ken (USA)

Letter 1

My love Ken!
My heart was drove more strongly, when I have seen your letter. I am very glad, that our feelings and desires coincide. We should trust and aspire together to general dream, and then all barrier will be not terrible to our feelings. My day today was heavy, but the ideas on you and about your words gave me forces. I feel, that if you will not write to me the letter, my heart will be broken, believe me. My walk on park after work was completely engaged in dreams of you. Weather In Russia stand cold, it is cold with each day, but the ideas on you warm soul, as a cup of hot tea. Most important, that the soul has not frozen. Sometimes, becomes especial last days to me alone. I look, as the people hurry up somewhere, but I have hurries up. And so it would be desirable! I so want hurries up home to prepare to you supper, that you could me embrace! I want, that we together created our family jack. I think, that at us all would turn out in the future. I have learned how many will cost to me to put the telephone. It will be approximately 310 $ and will borrow approximately 1 month. It for me while is expensive, I can not allow so much money and I very much was upset! I so would like to talk to you! But I shall dream of it, and all dreams sometime come true. You with me agree? Tell to me about that how you are our family holidays? Usually I celebrate New Year in a family circle, with the mum and close relatives, and Christmas (January 7) I note with the girlfriends. My girlfriends almost frequently tell all behind the husband and they about family life. Recently I have told about you, but they do not trust that the foreigner really can grow fond of the Russian girl. And I believe to you, and sometime, when you will come to me on a holiday and we shall be one family, you will be believed also with my girlfriends. And what your friends speak about me? Tell me please, it is possible to transfer love by words? I would like to express my feelings to you, but it all the same is impossible in a complete measure. I can not it explain, it probably should be felt. If you were a number, my love would be expressed in gestures, kisses, in embraces. Probably, I would take your hand and did not release her for one second. Know I am afraid of you to lose, I am afraid to lose your trust, your letters and words. From time to time I want to nestle on you and to overlook about all problems, and to see only your happy eyes and to feel yours gentle, and at the same time strong hands. If we were together, I would make utmost to make you happy. And I you already have made me happy, having entered in my heart. Probably, I again for you am a little sentimental, therefore I finish to write to you, in hope tomorrow to receive from you the letter love.Nina

Letter 2

Hi my pleasant love Ken!
My love, I hope, your businesses it is good? I am happy from love! Today in us The snow falls, it so is beautiful! Beautifully as well as our love, pure and Innocent. As though I wanted now to be with you. Know I is ready to do all, That I can, that you were happy! I know, that our love is strong also To this any obstacles are not awful. You agree with me? I am very pleased to read your words of love. I feel too most! Present, today in dream I Arrived to you by the plane! And you met me at the airport. It is such it was pleasant and gently! When I have woken up, my heart Was strongly beaten with happiness. As ? I would want, that it was by the validity! Today at work I all day thought of my dream. Willows to my head the idea was born, I do not know, whether it is pleasant to you really. Probably you will Consider me silly. Probably you know, that I should receive the visa to arrive to you. For this purpose I should go in Moscow and money is necessary for me to make the visa. It is inconvenient to me to ask you concerning the help, therefore forgive Me, if something not so. I have counted up, that to me to arrive in Moscow and to do the visa, it is necessary 420 $. But I really have no such money. Therefore it is a shame to me to ask you to me to help with money. I understand, that for you it is the too large Money, but if you will help me, I could arrive to you in one month. What you think of it? It - very much of shame to me to ask you Money, but I need in meeting with you. Understand me, it is necessary for me to hear your vote, your words concerning love. Only, so I can trust, that our attitudes are real, instead of fairy tale. I know, that you also it is required. Please, to help me and to give me chance to show you, That I really love you. I ask, that you thought above than my offer, for us it - Very important - step in our attitudes. Forgive me, if you do not divide with me of my feelings and desires. The people sometimes can not all Write each other, sometimes words and - not necessary..., close man Necessary simply about... Especially When it is bad, especially, when about anyone - not a gift... And it is more so, When I need in you, as never.... As now... My work has stopped to bring pleasure, because between us cost of obstacles. I want to clean them, please to help me! I with hope shall wait yours The answer, that it was, simply, the closest man knows, that you for me,
And I very much love you!Nina

Letter 3

hello my sweet love Ken!
I give you my address, on which you can send me the documents. In one week these documents will come to me. Please, if can send to me money this week, that I could order the tickets in Moscow. You are not as I is glad to learn, that you will help me with money to the visa, At last all our dreams come true! Soon we can meet each other and we shall tell each other words of love. The large thank to you for the help, you see you understand, how much it means for our love. Soon, very soon I shall see you, to embrace you, to feel you by each crate of my body. I already never shall release your hand, I shall speak you about my love indefinitely. Already now I think, what words of love I shall speak and that we shall do when we shall stay together alone!
I so am glad that soon you and I shall reach together my dream! Today I went in bank to learn as you can send me money. I was told by the employees of bank, that the most reliable and fast way to send and to receive money, is system of remittances Western Union. Has appeared, that it is very simple system. To me have explained, that for this purpose you should find in the city bank, where there is a system Western Union. You will send money to my complete name and address, then you will give control number from 10 figures, which you should inform me. Then I with this number, your complete name and address to go to receive money.
But to send money, you should know my information.

My complete name Nina Lomakina.
My address
Hadi-Taktasha, 45-78
Naberezhnie Chelni city
Russia, 463190

As well I should know about you the information yours a complete name and address. I think, that it is simple also you without effort can send me money. And then, as soon as you will send me money I shall go at once in Moscow. I am very happy, that you help us to learn about the friend the friend, I again and am again convinced that you the very kind, noble and careful man. You - my love and dream, this for ever! Love Nina

Letter 4

My love Ken,
I write you the letter, but my heart is broken off from a pain. I am very much afflicted, that we not together this evening! I know, that for you it is very complex to help me to pay all my trip, but you see I ask you to help now only with money to the visa 420 $ USD( american dollars) , that I already began to prepare it for my departure to you. You know to make the visa some time is required, therefore I want to make it as soon as possible. That then I at once could arrive to you. You understand me? I ask you to help me as soon as possible, because I can not without you of any day any more, and my things half are already assembled. Please, tell when you can to me help? I can not sit on a place, when I think, that for our meeting it is necessary much to make, and I sit without movement. Tell you too, as well as I, think of our meeting constantly? I want faster to meet you. I each time, when I am at the mum, beforehand am forgiven, in hope, that soon I shall set off towards to you. I understand, that I can I ask you too much, but we already should do first steps towards each other. But most important we already have made, we like each other!About, my owner, you the sky is necessary by me, you pure, deep … You - light.. To rush in your love - from my depth … You light for my fire. In you the soul related by mine … lives There is no at me other desire as soon as to be with you, I would not hesitate also minute, if could arrive to you. Each section of my body and is torn outside to touch you … I want to be near to you. I want to feel your lips under the palm. I want to hear your vote. I dream to feel you. But the monitors do not transfer In total … they only letters and symbols. I hate them for it. I hate monitors. I want to be near to you, I want be in your embraces I can embrace the monitor, I can kiss the monitor. I am angry on the letters. I do not love the letter. But I love you. Paradoxical difference. And I wait you not at door, not on window sill, … and at The monitor! At without the sensual monitor! I danced today. Danced for you. But you it did not see. The monitors are not able to see …. I sang today. Sang for You. But you did not hear. The monitor to you has not sung my song. Sometime I shall see
You … Nina

Letter 5

Hello my love Ken,
Lovely mine, favourite, unique how long to last minutes of expectation of meeting. It is an infernal flour - whether to wait and to think you will want me to see Or this day will pass again in painful expectation. Sometimes I catch on The ideas that can is time for tearing off this dangerous communication, but the pain passes heart And the tears dim to me eyes - there is no I can not make it, I can not To tear off the life. Yes life mine it you. I do not know your feelings and ideas, I can not even guess, but as to me It would be desirable that you simply have approached, has pressed me to itself and has told that all will be Well.Yes, I have passed on edge of your destiny. I so wanted. So asked. Only instant we There were together well, and then years. I shall wait for meeting, having concealed breath, and you can not work, therefore, That will think of me. I do not want to play in family, all this was. I want With impatience to wait for call from call, at an idea, that it you. I want the first kisses! Those from which do not hold a leg. But your strong hands will not give me to fall. I want to be drunk from love, passion and desires. And you, at first will be To resist to the gushed wave of feelings, but then will understand, that in it there is no sense. You as the boy will wait for meeting. You will tell, the Kid, I so want to be seen. And we shall so love each other. On light anybody and never so did not love, though...
P.S.My love, I ask to help me with money this week, that the next week I have arrived in Moscow and beginnings to do the visa.
Therefore I want to make the visa as soon as possible.

Letter 6

Hello my love Ken,
My love, I is glad that today you can to send me money to my travel to you. I do not know, why the system of Western Union requires my Insurance number, me about it nothing spoke in bank. I send you number of my Individual document 8800 573372. I do not know, can it it is useful. Only please, use Western union, that I could receive faster money and arrive to you as soon as possible. I hope. That now you have all necessary information.
I think of much to you, it is too much to feel unfortunate … Now I understand as far as fate more strongly than destiny, and fear before destiny … is especial if by destiny you could love … to fall in love, to break hearts, to force the people to wait, and to not go by it towards.
We too late begin to give back perfect, and the payment for delay happens at times is unfair and is ruthless, equally so to make the man by the slave of the feeling … and me it seems, what exactly under this payment I again have got And here you have appeared … as vision, as the genius of pure beauty … I am inclined to spontaneity, but not in the attitudes. You … you completely have turned mine life, the truth, now, me again to have to achieve … to achieve last, present, and, probably, future - present …
I with you present, I hope, that I to you am not indifferent, though is silly so to think and to reason … Nina

Letter 7

hello my love Ken!!!
My ideas only about you, my feelings to you to not transfer by words, any Word be unable to describe my love to you, any canvas will not sustain those feelings which I test to you. I am overflowed by desire to see you, to touch you, to love you.
My heart is broken off on a part, my soul is pulled out from a breast, when I do not see you. You life mine, you sense mine, you a pain mine and you pleasure mine. I can not is, I can not sleep, I am not able to think of someone except for you. I am not able to live without you, and it is not fated to me in this life to learn. There is no paradise on ground without you, and any, most remarkable place on ground, will be a hell for me, if you will not be near to me. And the eyes mine will admire you, both heart mine, and soul mine, both hand mine, and lip mine will love passionately you. I constantly think about yours gentle lips, which with languor I shall kiss, I dream of your perfect kind eyes, in which never will die away fire of pleasure and passion. You a picture, which not be written by any artist, you the novel which are impossible to repeat, you was authority to create a beam of light in twilight of gloomy life, only to god such work of art, as you! I as the withered bouquet, at your occurrence again am filled by life. I want to be with you and only with you, only near to you my ridiculous life is meaningful.
I can not without you!
My love, I send you the information, in which you need. Mine birthday of December 21, 1977.
My complete name and address on a registration
My complete name Nina Lomakina
My address
Mayakovskogo street, 45-78
Naberezhnie Chelni city
Russia, 463190