Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Kozlova to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
GOday friend I am Ekaterina. I am 26 years. I am from Russland. I has bought several e-mails in the agency of acquaintances. I has solved to write you. I send my snapshot I hope that it will be pleasant. I in search for man for friendship correspondence serious relations}. I do not know what you interests in girls? And therefore I will expect for your reply with your picture, Katushechka!
Letter 2
Hello. Thank for your answer. I was worried, I thought that you will not answer me. I want to know you better. I hope that you will not be against friendship with me? I want to tell you about myself and also learn about your life? I do not know from what to start my tale.
Jim , as I already wrote, I decided to chat on the Internet for the first time. My name is Ekaterina. I am 26 years old. My birthday is 11 september. I was born and grew up in the city Penza. I spent my whole life in this small town. Three years ago, I graduated from Penza State University. I studied to the accountant. I graduated from the university with a red diploma. I spent all my time to studying. So I really did not have time to my private life. I have very little experience in communication with men. There was only one man in my life. It was the first year of university. I am alone since those times. I would be very interesting if you will also writing about yourself. I want to know everything about you. Please answer me and send your photos. I also send you my photo, I hope you will like it!!!
I will wait for your answer!!! Ekaterina.
p.s. I quite forgot to ask, can you give me your phone number? I find it easier to talk on the phone, Internet access will not always be close at my hand.
Letter 3
Hello my friend. I've been waiting for your answer, and has finally waited ))). Jim , do you like my photo? I live with my aunt. I am sending you my photo with her in this letter. Her name is Irina. She is my mom's sister. My parents died in car crash when I was four years old. Aunt Irina took me to her after parent's death. I am very grateful to her, she brought me up as a mom. I have no one except her.
She is my most close person. She is very kind, we with her as friends.
I always share everything with her. I offended earlier when she scolded me. But now I realized that she brought me up, and much to be desired. She does not have her children. Her husband died two years ago in case of fire. The fire happened at his work. He was poisoned by carbon monoxide. My aunt was very nervous after his death. Now she became better, time heals all wounds. Sometimes I hear her crying at night. But I do not submit of the form that I know it. Aunt often tells me that I must create my family. A large extent because of her conversations I decided to write to you. I really want to have kids and loving husband. How do you feel about children? You want to have many children? To me it is very important, please answer ... I've got to get ready for work .... I hope you will answer me soon !!! your friend Ekaterina
Letter 4

Hello Jim. It is pleasant to me that you have again written me the letter. Communication with you is interesting to me. You very much were pleasant to me, and I want to continue our communication. I want to learn even more about you? What are you doing at work? You like your work? I work by the profession - the accountant. I work as the assistant to the chief accountant in the Penza Plant of Power Mechanical engineering. I have got a job recently and I only begin to get used. Here it is very strict. Therefore we always should be attentive. Very responsible work to be the assistant to the chief accountant. I should consider different accounts always. Sometimes I very much am tired at work, especially at the end of the month. At the end of the month we should hand over all monthly reporting. Once I have made a mistake for 1 ruble and to me everything was necessary to remake the whole day)). after that I recheck everything several times.
If honestly I don't like my work. With such work there is no time for private life at all. Every day at me passes monotonously. In the morning for work, in the evening home... I come home very tired and at all not forces to go with friends somewhere. I hope, sometime I will find work which won't take away from me so much time and forces. As if I wanted to appear now, somewhere on the seashore and to have a rest... but it is necessary to think about the future and to go to work... I will look forward to your answer, your Ekaterina!!!
Letter 5
Hi my friend Jim. Finally, I have an opportunity to read your letter. It is very interesting to me to read your letters. I read it several times. I go online, only for the sake of you to write you the letter. Recently I have begun to spend more time at home. I like to cook tasty food. More I like to cook. also I like to play sports. I go to a gym. I try to be in good shape. in the summer I skate on roller-skaters. Near my house there is a park. Once we went with girlfriends on mountains, to drive on snowboards. It was when I studied at university. I liked it very much. After that I never rode a snowboard. I hope sometime I will drive. I try to read books. Books calm me. I like to read romance novels)). Probably it from the fact that I have no love. I was tired to be strong, I want that near me there was a man who will care for me. I consider that the woman has to be engaged in homework and education of children. And presently women became similar to men. they smoke, drink alcohol on an equal basis with men. These are not women any more. It is a pity to me that the world so strongly changes around us. The aunt has brought up me that main in a family there has to be a man, and the woman has to listen and look after in all to him. Very much I don't want to finish the letter, but it is time for me to go. At once it became so sad at heart... well nothing I will hope that you will answer me soon... I miss, your Ekaterina!!!
Letter 6
Hi Jim. Today I haven't gone for work. At us has broken through a pipe with cold water. We have flooded neighbors, and I had to clean up the house, and also to help neighbors. it was very not convenient for neighbors. They are old people. I have offered them a little money for repair. But they haven't taken it from me. They have told that it is not so terrible and that money will be useful to me. They are very kind, I know them since my childhood. When my aunt worked before, she left me with them. To me it is very awkward in front of them. Tonight I am going to buy cake and to go home to drink tea with neighbors. Now bathroom equipment repair a pipe. We had to clean whole day. Because of it I haven't gone for work today. Now I have come to the girlfriend and the colleague Natalia, and I write from her. I have told her about you. She has asked to say hello to you. She needs the computer now and to me will have to finish the letter to you. Today very unlucky day, I hope that it will nevermore repeat. Your Ekaterina
Letter 7
Hello my dear friend Jim!!! i'm fine. Plumbers have made a pipe and have eliminated a water leak. In the last letter, I have told you that I will go with cake to neighbors. We went to them with the aunt. They live only two of them. They have a son, but he married and lives now separately from them. We with them sat long, talked. Remembered time when I was small. All this was ridiculous to remember. But we have also remembered my parents. I then couldn't fall asleep, cried at night long. I thought about parents. They aren't with us for a long time. I lack them very much. I am reminded them sometimes and cry. I will send you a photo where I sit on mother's shoulders. It is my one photo where we with her together. I always carry this photo with myself. After death of parents there an aunt Irina was always near me.
I am so grateful to her for for it. A photo where we stand with the aunt, here I went to the second class of school. I send you a photo where we stand with neighbors also. On this photo we with the aunt, both our neighbors and their son. There is good weather outside today.
I have gathered for work. It is time for me to go. I very much miss you and wait for your letters, yours Ekaterina
Letter 8
I have a bad day today . I felt that today there will be something bad. In the morning I have gone for work, and have begun work as usual. Closer by a lunch I was called by my chief the chief accountant. I am only her assistant. When I have come to her, she sat without mood. She has begun to talk to me. We have talked about work.
And at the end she has told me that I am dismissed. I have been surprised. I didn't know what to tell at that moment. I have asked me for what reason dismiss. She has told me that the relative of the deputy director wants to settle on my place. I have decided to write the letter of resignation myself. And now I don't know, what should I do. I should look for work. I don't know how me to tell all this to the aunt. I hope she will understand me. now I go home...
Letter 9
Hi my dear Jim. The situation with work has unsettled me. I very much was upset because of the fact that I was dismissed. I didn't sleep yesterday all night long. Even I have a little cried. The aunt calms me. Says that I young and will find still to myself work. She says that she will help me at first with money. So far I won't find to myself new work. But I don't want from it to depend financially, she also has so made much in my life. She all life helps me. I have submitted the resume in several firms, on my specialty today. I hope God will help me and I will find good work. Now I am pleased only by communication with you. If you weren't, then I would go crazy. Only with you I can openly share with the problems. Only you understand me, I can trust only you. it would be fine if you were near now. I would nestle on your strong ******. From one this thought, it is easier for me to become. I am very glad that you at me are. I hope sometime, we will meet and I will be able to talk to you confidentially. Now it became easier for me, that I have spoken to you. Now I have to go to solve a problem. Now I will go to one firm and I learn employ me or not. It is time for me to go. Your Ekaterina
Letter 10
Hello my dear Jim. I couldn't find work. I wasn't hired, on firm about which I spoke to you. I am very upset. I don't know, how to me further to live. I am urgent should find work. The aunt says to me, that I didn't worry, has calmed down. I have just had a rest, while I look for work. I told the aunt about you, that I communicate with you, as you always support me. At the beginning she was frightened, that I communicate with you because you live in other country, you have other culture, other mentality. But I have calmed her. I have told, that you are a kind and sincere person. She hopes, that you won't offend me and you will always be kind with me. Today I and my aunt have decided to be tidied up at home. But we finished detergent. Now I will go to shop and I will buy detergent and I will begin to be tidied up at home. I hope, it somehow will distract me from problems. I want very much , that you were near me. To me lack you very much. I have gone to
Letter 11
Hi, darling Jim. How are you? What you do now? It became interesting to me whether I will be able to find work in your country if I go to your country? I have a financial education. As I already wrote you, by a profession I am an accountant. The aunt to me has suggested to go to you today, to have a rest. To distract from all my problems. The trip to you costs much. I have told the aunt that I don't want to be for you a burden. But if it is honest, I very much want to arrive to you.
I want to stay with you together, I want to know you better. What do you think of it? The thought of our meeting pleases me. I thought all day of our first meeting today. I represented as you will meet me at the airport. Now for me the only dream, it to see you. And you want to meet me, in the near future? Answer please all my questions. I will look forward to your letter. Your Ekaterina
Letter 12
Hi, darling Jim. It is a pity that you haven't answered all my questions which I had asked you. I constantly think of you. I can't wait any more, I want to see you somewhat quicker. It would be interesting to me to look where do you live, to learn your culture, to get acquainted with your friends. You told your friends and relatives about me? What do they think of it? They not against you communicate with me? I very much would like to get acquainted with all your friends and relatives.
If in the future we decide to live together, I understand that I will need to move to your country. Therefore I want to learn your life, the country, traditions, customs. All my thoughts only of you. You are the only thing that can distract me from all difficulties and problems which are in my life. I very much want to be with you. I need your support. Your reliable male shoulder. I hope, you correctly have understood me? In youth I read Walter Scott's novels. In each his book, the knight was a hero. Which helped the princess to pass all horrors in her life. I saved her from villains. And always they were waited by happy life. I have understood for a long time that you are my knight. And only you I can open, entrust completely you all my soul and thought. You're my life and my pleasure. I want, that my maiden dreams became reality with you. I am ready for everything for the sake of it. With all the warm love, your Ekaterina
Letter 13
Hello my dear Jim. How are you? I am pleased that you share my feelings about the meeting. I believe that our meeting will put our relations on a new level. Through the Internet it is impossible to convey all the emotions, the feelings that I feel for you. To meet, we must act decisively. Now I do not hold in my country. I can go to you at any moment. We must seize this opportunity. Even if you and I do not get anything, I will not blame myself as much as if she could not fly to you. Do not embodied opportunity brings more pain than her bad result.
When we meet, I can not find a rest. I believe that you are my destiny, you are the one who needs me exactly. I want to create with you a serious relationship. But this is not possible without meeting.
I wanted to write you all this, after a conversation with a friend. It turned out her husband works in a travel agency. It can greatly help in this situation. If we make a decision to meet, I can turn to him for help in the design documents for the trip. I need to know about you. Give me your address and the name of the airport, where you can meet me. Send it to me in the following letter. I'm excited and trembling will be waiting for your answer. It is now solved, our future with you. We need to approach this seriously. your Ekaterina
Letter 14
Hello my love. I went to travel agency to the husband at the girlfriend. I have learned the cost of all trip to you. My trip to you will cost 450 euros. This sum includes the visa, the international passport, the health insurance and the ticket to you and back. But I have no so much money, and I don't know, what should I do?
To what money to me to go to you? It is a shame to me to ask from you the help, we never saw each other. I don't want to be for you a burden. This is big money. To me it is very sad that because of money we can't be together. I would give everything for the sake of a meeting with you. You know it. You for me became the native person. I have very much become attached to you. You are the only person now with whom I could forget all my problems. We very need this meeting. I want to be with you every second the life. I want to establish with you a close-knit, strong family. I now in such difficult situation. I have no work. And my darling is in other country. I am crying... I can't calm down. To me it is very painful. I was got by my worthless life. I am absolutely alone... don't throw me.....
Letter 15
Hi my love !!! I do not know from what to begin the letter. I very much want to arrive to you, but life so develops that I can not arrive to you because of money. I do not have 350 euros. My aunt has given me a little money. She very much worries about us. She want us to be together. I was at all the acquaintances and friends, tried to borrow money, but nobody can help me. It is very large sum of money. I am very much afraid of the fact that you will not be able to help me. I need your help very much. I want to come to you. My name Kozlova.
Tomorrow I will try to send you a copy of your passport. Today I talked to one my acquaintance. She has suggested me to go to work to Moscow. She is going there to go to work as the waitress. I have told that I will be able to work as the waitress in there too. I do not want to go to the big city, but to me will have. Because here I can not find work. I should live on something. It is very painful to me from all this. I do not want to lose you. In Moscow I know nobody.
Therefore to me it is very terrible. What will be with me there ... I told nothing to the aunt yet. I have told her that you will try to help to arrive to me to you. She very much hopes that we will meet. My love tell me precisely you will be able to help me or not? If not then I should solve a problem with the work now. Please, do not throw me, I need you, I want to be with you !!! Forever yours, Ekaterina.
Letter 16
Hi my love. how are you? how you weather? today we have a cold.
on the street do not even want to go. very cold today. my love, Today I had a dream like we're prepared to eat.
in the kitchen you go. I just do not remember what it was prepared.
I remember very well, how do you come behind me and hugged me.
I was so good. When you're around was, I did not need anything.
I was so happy with you. when I woke up, I remembered the dream and He is smiling. After all, soon all this will happen, because we'll be together.
a few more days and I'll be in your arms. I love you so much, very glad that you are mine. I really miss you.
love you. never tire of telling you how much I love you.
Thank you for everything. kiss, your Ekaterina
Letter 17
Hello, my love Jim. How are you? Why you dont write me? Dear, tell me, please. Will you help me with money for the trip to you? If not, then I'll have to cancel the trip. I miss you. Love you. Kisses, your Ekaterina
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