Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Voronchikhina to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi Jim!!!
I was glad that you responded to my letter. And it means something that you and I can continue our acquaintance with you and tell you more about each other.
I think the fact that you might be interested to know more details about me and my life.
My name is Ekaterina. My friends call me Katya. If you want, you can also call me that. I am 29 years old, but soon I will be 30 years since my birthday on October 24th. I graduated from college - "Saratov State Socio-Economic University." I work as an accountant in a network of grocery stores. My job is what I believe and accrued wages of employees, accounting of expenses and revenues of the company, as well as the materials will report at the end of the month. Work takes me a lot of time and effort, because you have to be very careful in the process of filling all of these documents. Therefore spare time I like to spend a fun and active, as itself I am very energetic person.
I like to play sports, so in my free time I like to play tennis or skate as well as I occasionally visit the gym. This allows me to keep myself in good shape and be distracted from work. But not only sport helps me to distract from the work. As I attend photography school where pass rates photographer. I want to learn how to make beautiful photos and I think that it will definitely have me!
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about where I live. I live in Balashov. This is a very small town. Its population is about 100,000 people. My city is located 210 km west of Saratov. Perhaps you do not know where is my city, but I think that you know about Saratov, as it enters the twenty largest cities in Russia. Through my city flows one of the most beautiful rivers of central Russia - Hopper, Balashov which divides into two unequal parts.
I live in an apartment separate from their parents. I have no brothers and sisters, so I was the only child in the family. Parents really love and appreciate me. I also treat parents with respect and love, and try to help them in every way.
I tried to tell you as much about yourself as possible. I think that now you have an idea about me and my life. But if you have any questions, be sure to ask them, and I will answer them in my next letter.
I also send you my pictures and I very much hope that you will send me your photo instead, and also tell us more about you and your life.
I'll wait for your answer. Best regards, Ekaterina
Letter 2
Hello my friend Jim!!!
I was glad to see your letter in my mailbox today. I am very glad this.
How are you? How is your day? How is your mood?
I hope the fact that you are all well. But I think the fact that you will still be much better when you get my letter.
Thank you for what you have told me about yourself. This will allow us to contact you to know each other better.
Thank you for your photos. I was glad to get them from you.
my full name Ekaterina Voronchikhina.
Today, "1C" program does not work on my work. Through this program, I'm doing all the reports. This means that in the second half of the day I was free from work, and so I think to go with a friend in a cafe and eat rolls. And you love the rolls?
I told you that I'm a good cook? Of course not! Since it is not possible in a letter to tell all full of himself and his life.
As a child, my mother taught me to cook to cook a variety of dishes so that I could prepare their own to eat or feed your lover in the future. I enjoyed spending time with her mother in the kitchen, it was very informative and interesting. My mother taught me the basics of cooking. But I did not stop there and decided to improve and learn how to cook new dishes. I like to cook. I belong to the food preparation with the soul, which makes it even more delicious. So I am preparing not only for themselves but also for their friends, as they really like my food.
Do you like to cook? What dishes do you like? You ever tried Russian cuisine?
I would love to cook for you. Maybe someday we will meet with you and then you can appreciate how I cook. I think that you will be satisfied after I try my dishes.
I also love the comfort and cosiness in the house, so I kept clean and tidy, as well as watch over so that my clothes were neatly folded.
Now I want to touch on a very important topic for me ... I would like to ask you what qualities you are looking for in a girl? What do you like in a girl?
I'm looking for a man with serious intentions, who will love, appreciate and respect your mate. I also want my man was always honest and sincere with me, and also that he drank little alcohol and never raised his hand to his beloved. You are just such a man?
I believe that these qualities are very important to create a serious relationship, and in the future a happy and successful families. You agree with me?
I hope that I will not tire you with my letter and your questions. And now I would like to wish you a wonderful day and mood. I'll wait for your answer.
Your friend, Ekaterina
Letter 3
Hello my friend Jim!!!
I am glad to receive your answer. I like to read your letters and get to know each other better with each letter.
How do you? How is your mood? As the weather with you?
I hope that all is well with you.
I'm alright. Today we have on the street beautiful sunny weather. I think that if you were next to me, we could go for a walk together.
I think that that would be very nice if we are able to cook together. Maybe we will do it one day.
Yes, I love to swim.
Thank you for your beautiful photos. I like them very much.
Remember I told you that I would go with a friend in a cafe? We really had a fun time there. We ate rolls and drank a glass of ****. This evening helped me to relax and get away from work. I'm sending you a photo from that night. Oh, and in the photo beside me is my best friend, her name is Darya. We are familiar with it since childhood. Darya, is the man to whom I can entrust all its secrets and share some sort of problems or vice versa good news. We always help each other and support in different situations.
Do you have a friend with whom you can share your secrets and who will come to your aid in difficult times?
I would like to have more such friends, but in fact very few of them. That is why you need to appreciate and take care of your friends!
I still have a very important question! How much alcohol you drink and how often you do it?
As you probably know, there is a problem of alcoholism in men in Russia. I do not want my man drank a lot of alcohol, and even more so brawled and raised his hand to his girlfriend. But of course not all men are like that. There are normal men, but unfortunately they are already married.
I do not mind my man drinking alcohol. But if he drinks it, he should be a little ***** and behave appropriately towards his girlfriend. I can only drink alcohol in the company of friends or on any festival or event. I usually drink soft drinks or cocktails, and it happens very rarely.
Well, enough talk about sore problem with alcohol. Let's talk on another topic.
I thought that you would be just very curious to know about my parents. My mother's name is Natalya. She was already 56 years old and she is retired. My dad name is Alexey. He was 59 years old and he works as a security guard at "Balashov bread base." Also I have a grandmother, which is already 78 years old. She lives in a village which is not far from my town. My parents and I often go to visit her.
In the summer I like to stay with my grandmother in the village, when I have days off from work. I like nature and clean air. Do you love nature?
At this point I think to finish my letter and wish you a wonderful day and mood. I hope that you will soon be able to read my letter and reply to me as soon as possible.
I'll wait for your answer. With best regards, your friend Ekaterina
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Jim !!!
I am glad to get your wonderful letter. From your letters smile appears on my face.
I'm glad that you do not forget to send me your beautiful photos. I am always happy to receive them from you.
I do not get another letter from you. But I'm glad that this letter came to me.
I am glad that you consume enough alcohol. I am proud of you!
I am glad that you have good friends on whom you can rely on in difficult times.
I would be very happy to go for a walk on nature together with you. That would be very cool.
Jim, I would like to ask you about how you spend your vacation? You ever been abroad? What do you like to do in your spare time? I enjoy spending time with friends or you're relaxing at home alone?
As I told you before, I try to have fun and actively spend their free time. In this I was helped by my friends. My friends and I are very fond of fun. Together with them, we can go to a movie, a walk, in a cafe, or just sit at home and play board games. And how do you spend time with your friends?
Do you love the sea, the sun, the beach? I think that that is not a lot of ****** question, because everyone likes to relax and swim in the sea. I was once on the sea, but it was within my own country. I was in the city of Gelendzhik. I really liked it there. After all, the sea, the sun and the beach can create a good mood in any situation. And to make it even better, the next to be beloved! As they say in our country "to rest - not work!"
Honestly whole life I had a dream to visit your country. I would like to know the tradition and the culture of your country, see the historical values, as well as enjoy its beauty. After all, every country has something special that others do not. I will have a vacation around mid-October, so that we could possibly have to meet you! I believe and hope in the fact that my dream is fulfilled in one day!
Tonight I'm going to cook pies with egg and onion, as well as apple pie. You ever tried these pies? Pies Learn how to cook my grandmother when I was little. I loved to sculpt dough, when my grandmother cooked pies. She helped me and taught me how to properly their oven. Previously pies baked in a real Russian oven and that is why their taste is very different from what is now baked in the oven at home. Nevertheless, pies are very tasty and I would very much like for you to try them! I think what you are really like!
By the way, my last evening did not pass in vain. We with my girlfriend Darya, yesterday went to the gym and there I tried to give everything on full power. When, after the workout I got home, I just wanted to lie down and rest. But I have not had a chance to do it, because I had to go to photography school.
What are your plans for the evening today? You will be doing something interesting?
I hope that that will host your evening fun and exciting, but in any case I hope that you will not forget about me and write to me immediately as soon as you will have the opportunity to do so.
I will be waiting for your letter. I wish you a good evening. Your friend, Ekaterina
Letter 5
Hello my dear friend Jim!!!
I am very happy to receive your letter! But unfortunately I can not answer it now. Today I had to take a break from work, but unfortunately I was not allowed to do so. I called my boss and said something that I need to urgently prepare accounting statements for the last week, and show them to him. So now I need to immediately go to work and prepare all the documents.
I hope that you will understand my situation and will not be offended for what I could not answer your letter today. But I promise you what I'm going to do it later, as soon as I will have time for this! My dear, I have to go now ...
I hope for your understanding.
Sincerely, Ekaterina
Letter 6
Hello my friend Jim!!!
I'm sorry that I could not answer your letter yesterday. I'm not comfortable in front of you, but I really could not do that either, because I had to run to work. I hope that you're not mad at me for it ...
If we meet with you, then I will make some cakes for you. I am sure that they will love you.
I think it would be very nice if we'll meet and spend time together. This will help us to know each other better.
Thank you for your beautiful photos. I am glad to receive them from you.
Yesterday, after I could not answer you for your letter, I have been thinking about you, and I found it difficult to concentrate at work. I really wanted to write you today and get your new answer, but unfortunately I did not have such an opportunity ...
I am very pleased to know that I found a such a wonderful friend. You really like me and I am pleased to communicate with you. I believe that each new letter brings us. Our relations are developing gradually and I think go into something more than just friendship!
Honestly lately I think a lot about you. You firmly entrenched in my head. I do not know how you did it, but I like it. I have not had such feelings and emotions that you call me right now. You may even begin to come to me in a dream ...
Today I had a wonderful dream in which we are together with you! I could not believe it, but I distinctly saw in a dream, what was you next to me, although I have not even seen you before in real time! My dream began with the fact that I was at home and was going to go on a date with a man. Suddenly the doorbell rings. I open it, and you're standing on the doorstep! You were dressed in a classic suit and looked just fine. I came to you and you kissed me on the cheek and we went for a walk. You led me to a certain place, which I did not know. After our walk we were in the woods, where there was a gazebo. We went up to her and I was incredibly surprised ... I saw what all the gazebo was decorated with rose petals, candles stood on the table and a variety of dishes in an ice bucket was a bottle of champagne and two glasses were next. We slowly come to the table and you began to pour champagne into glasses. Once you have started to pass me a glass, I suddenly woke up! I was very upset! I tried to sleep on to watch my dream, but it was all in vain ... But after this dream has remained a smile and pleasant feelings and memories on my face!
Jim, as you dream some dreams about us? Maybe you just had some something interesting dream.
How do you feel about my dream? You want to make my dream become a reality? I think that that would be very nice if all this really happened! I would very much like this, may all the same it will ever happen ...
By the way, I told Darya that we communicate with you. She was very happy for us and wished us all the best! She sends you greetings!
I send you my photo. On one of my photo four-legged friend, who lives with my grandmother. His name is Jack. He is very nice and kind dog. But most importantly, I decided to make a surprise for you in their photos. I hope that you liked it!
I am sending you a kiss and I hope that it will reach you. I'll be waiting for your answer, my dear!
Your Ekaterina
Letter 7
Hello sweetheart Jim !!!
Your letter raises me up again! I'm happy as a little girl, when I receive it from you! I'm glad you did not forget me and write to me.
Thank you for your wonderful photos. I was very happy to receive them from you.
I would very much like to meet and we have realized our dreams into reality. That would be very cool.
I'm glad that you liked my picture I made for you!
Today, I'm with my colleague photoschool doing homework. We will need to show it today in class in photography school, so that the teacher can see that we are properly mastered the material covered and continue our training.
Jim, I would like to learn from you. Do you have me any secrets? I look forward to your honest and sincere response! My grandmother always taught me to be honest, and also told me that lying is bad. If someone does not live honestly and lying to others, he will return it to the same. This conversation I started because I want our relations have reached a new level! On the level of complete sincerity! It seems to me that we have to tell each other everything that we think about what's going on between us. For me it's not just like that ... I can see, as we move forward. And we do not know what lies ahead. Maybe it is love, happiness, prosperity, passion, tenderness, affection ... or perhaps disappointment ... I think that after some time, our heart and soul tell us ...
But now I would like to tell you about what's going on with me ... I have a strange feeling, my heart beats faster ... I would just like to hug you right now and feel the touch of your lips, which have moved into the sweet and gentle kiss ... I really want to experience it all! I would like to just be right now next to you, at least for a couple of seconds to see and to feel you next!
Have you ever walked under a starry sky? I would love to go on the street, hold your hand, and talk under the starry sky. It seems to me that it's romantic! Would you like that?
If I had wings, I would have just picked up and flown to you and would give you a kiss. I think what you would have liked it!
I am very glad that fate brought us together with you! You are a very remarkable man I was looking for so long! With my heart that something was wrong ... it was a feeling that something special ... I think I fell in love with you and I want you and I did not stop there and move only forward!
But I do not know what you feel for me now and how you react to all of this, as well as any changes you, after we met with you ... I hope that you just tell me about your feelings to I ... it's very important for me to know!
I hope that you will treat the right to all my senses. I have not even sent my letter, but would thirst to get your answer!
I am waiting...
Kisses, your Ekaterina
Letter 8
Hello my dear Jim !!!
I am glad to receive your answer. I always wait for your letter, and if I do not get it for a long time, it makes me sad ... But when I see a letter from you, my mood becomes immediately much better despite no matter what!
I'm sorry if I last talked a lot about your feelings. Maybe I hurried and you're not ready for it. I was on the emotions and wanted to tell you how I feel. If I told you too much, please do not be mad at me for it!
As today is your day? Are you fine?
I hope that that your day goes by with a smile and positive emotions.
Thank you for your wonderful photos. I like to receive your new photo.
I hope that you will answer my questions in your next letter.
When I do not get a letter from you, I feel sad and lonely. I'm starting to really worry about you because I do not know what's going on with you and I think that it is possible to you that that happened ...
Jim, what did you do last night? Last night my friends invited me to play tennis. I gladly agreed to this. All it passed actively and having fun, and that helped me relax after a busy day.
After tennis, I went home and started to watch the movie. But I was not able to watch the film carefully, because I was thinking about us ...
Today to visit me want to come to my girlfriend Darya. She asked me to give her a massage, as she is very much the back hurts. Do you like a massage? My friend says that after the massage, it feels a lot better, it becomes easier to move! By the way, did I tell you what I'm doing good massage? I learned how to massage, when I was in university. I went masseur courses, which lasted 3 months. During this time, I have mastered the skills and techniques of massage. I think what you would like a massage and you would get a lot of pleasure and enjoyment. Would you like me to do you a massage? Or maybe you could do it to me? Could you do it to me with your strong and gentle hands. I think what I would have been very nice. I would love to try this!
We know you do not have much time, but during that time you made it clear to me what a wonderful person you are. I even got the feeling that we are familiar with you for a long time and we understand each other perfectly! I am very glad that you are with me, because you changed my life!
Have you looked at the night sky? Have you seen the stars? I send you many kisses on each star as there are stars in the sky. If you look at the night sky, they will begin to flash you. This means my kisses come to you!
I hope you liked my photos and they along with my kisses bring you pleasure and love! Now I have to go, but maybe we'll meet in our dreams today? I hope that I will see our meeting.
Your gentle and affectionate Ekaterina
Letter 9
Hello my sun Jim !!!
I love you and I want to feel you next to me !!! I love to read your letter !!!
Thank you for your photos. I am very happy to receive them from you.
I think that that would be very nice if we are able to massage each other. I think what we would have liked it very much.
I miss you my dear by Jim ... I madly miss you there ... Today, I again thought about us. In recent days, I did not come to a head but you my dear! Do you believe in fate? I believe in destiny and I am convinced that the fate of never brings two people just so. I am grateful for this generous gift! You - the most important thing in my life! Until the moment we met, I felt some emptiness and indifference to everything. Now, every day I feel like the whole inside fill of warmth and love ...
Jim, do you know what happened to me yesterday? I was at work and did accounting statements. Then suddenly the door opens and you walk into. You ask when I'll be free to go and suggest a walk. I said that I need to finish the job, and I'll be free. You agreed to wait for me. When I finished my work and went outside, you have stood with a gorgeous bouquet of tulips! These were my favorite flowers! How did you know my dear ?! Then we went for a walk along the boulevard in the direction of my house. We walked, talked, laughed, smiled at each other. Everything was just great! Such a long time with me was not ... Time passed quickly, and we were close to my apartment. Unbeknownst to us, we converged on a very short distance ... we looked into each other's eyes ... my heart began to beat faster ... And then suddenly you kissed me! This was our first unforgettable, delightful kiss! Never a man never kissed me like that ... I have noticed that in my body passed a pleasant shiver ... You hugged me tight, and we continued to kiss ... long ... gently .... But ..... then I woke up and realized it was only a dream ... I am very sorry and upset that this happened to us only in a dream ... After all, I wanted to make it all happen in reality! Do you want this, my sweet?
Today I was a trouble ... In my camera broke the motherboard, and as an evil warranty on camera over 2 months ago. I thought then that I will be able to eliminate this problem in the service center, but I was told that the replacement of the matrix will be very expensive, and as I said it is not known how to work the camera after its replacement, and how long he will be able to serve. I was told that that much easier to buy a new camera, than to fix the old and wait until it breaks down again ... The price of the new camera is 46700 rubles. Now for me it is a lot of money and I can not afford right now to buy a camera. But he soon I need so that I can continue their lessons in photography school. I'll have to quit photography school, because I can not continue their education without a camera. I am very upset about it ... It's been my favorite hobby! I do not know what to do now ...
At this point I want to finish my letter and send you my kisses! I hope that you are as you send me your kisses ... I will wait for them and your wonderful letter!
With love, your sad Ekaterina
Letter 10
Hello my dear and gentle man Jim !!!
I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad that you and I met one day and during that time we became so close to each other.
How are you today? How is your day? You got my kisses? Do you like them?
I hope the fact that you are all well and my kisses to cheer you up.
I am happy to receive your kisses, they warm my heart, and I feel like an angel, and I of your kisses have wings.
Thank you for your photos. They liked me. I hope that in your next letter you just send me your photos.
Understand that the camera I need in the near future, since my lesson in photography school will be coming soon! I did not get to order it through amazon. You understand that?
Dear Jim, I have a serious question for you. For me, not without significance a question about how your loved ones are to me and our relationship with you? This is very important, so it is honest answer to this question. What are you talking about me? What do they think about our relationship? What do they think about what your girlfriend will be from a different country and a different nationality? And if we are together, they will not be against it? I do not know your country, people in your country, your culture and customs ... I know you and me it is enough to be together with you.
My parents, as well as my friends are very happy for our relationship. They want us to only the best and that we were happy together! They want happiness and eternal love.
My parents and friends would like to make you a gift. What gift would you like? Maybe it's some kind of souvenir of my country or city? Or maybe something else?
Jim, do you want to be my man? I would love to be your girlfriend, because you mean so much to me ... I want to give you my affection and love. I want to make you happy every day. I want to wake up next to you, I want to cook for you. I want you to be happy just being next to me!
Though we shared a great distance and I know that this is not a barrier. We can overcome any difficulties on our way! After all, we're the creation of each other!
My dear Jim, I hope that you will answer me in return, and we will continue our joint path to happiness.
Kiss Kiss Kiss! Waiting for your early reply ...
With love and warmth, yours and only yours Ekaterina
Letter 11
Hello my dear gentleman Jim!!!
I'm bored and waiting for your letter. I am happy to receive your letter today. I would be very upset if you do not write me!
Thank you for your beautiful photos. Thank you for what you did not forget to send them to me.
Thank you for your compliments. I am pleased to receive them from you.
I ask you a serious question in my last letter, but you have not answered me to them. Why?
Yes, I think the fact that you are a man of my dreams, which I've been looking for!
By Jim, every day I hear from my friends and acquaintances that I am changing. They sometimes do not recognize me, they say that I became cheerful and more active. People see you as a positive influence on me. You gave me a new life. My favorite, I'm very grateful for that!
I thought a lot about our meeting. And I'm very worried because I do not know what is waiting for me, and how it will happen ... And you think about how our meeting will take place? How do you imagine it? I think about it all the time, it's my dream! In this dream, I see how I get out of the plane and see you! I can not imagine what it looks like the airport, as I had never flew, but I am confident in the fact that I immediately recognize you as soon as I get off the plane! I throw the bag and run to you, and you run to meet me with a bunch of my favorite tulips. You hold me gently and firmly, and we're kissing. We do not notice anything or anyone around. For us there is only us. I can taste your sweet lips, your gentle breathing and hear your sweet words ... After that, you take my luggage and we go to your house. We unpack my things and go through to the kitchen. While I was preparing for us a light dinner, you decorate the table (puts candles, open a bottle of wine, puts the plates and cutlery, glasses to get it). After my preparations, we begin to have dinner by candlelight in the background plays a slow romantic music, we conduct lovely conversation about us. We've been waiting for our meeting and were very happy to sit together at one table face to face. After dinner, you invite me to dance. You take me by the waist, I box his hands to your shoulders, and we begin to spin in a love dance. We become one piece in the dance and go slowly into the bedroom. You gently you put me on the bed and start to gently kiss my lips, neck, chest ... And I kiss you my favorite ... We slowly undress each other ... Our desire, passion, love, tenderness, kindness, unrestrained desire connected in one piece and we enjoy each other ...
My dear Jim, how do you imagine all this? How do you see our meeting? What do we do?
I really want to know what you think about this? How do you feel about that?
I'm waiting for your early reply and I would like to know your opinion. And learn all your desires and dreams about us. I like to kiss you and my favorite!
I want to be only with you! I want to make you happy!
Letter 12
Hello my dear, sunny Jim !!!
I was waiting for your letter, and finally I got it from you!
I just really want us to be together with you and embody all our dreams come true! I want us to be happy with you!
I do not know how to describe what happens. I've already told you about it ...
Yesterday I was talking with my parents about you. I told them that I can not live without you and that I want to see you. My parents said that they were very happy for me. They are happy that I met the man of her dreams, which I have been waiting and looking. My parents say that I should go to you, because they see us as a happy couple who will be able to create a successful family! I promised my parents that we will create with you a happy and successful family, and my parents will be proud of us! When I said this, I saw on my mother's face broke into a smile and rolled down her cheek a tear of joy. After that, my dad came over and gave me a hug, he told me something that you should always strive for the best and if possible, use your "ticket to happiness!" I told Dad that I love you very much and I want to be with you! I do not want to wait! I love you very much!!!
I constantly think of you, I want to be with you forever, I do not need anyone but you! I dream of our meeting with you, I'm just trying to imagine it ... I want to with you our happiness would be together forever! I want to kiss you and feel your kisses, enjoy our passion and love! I just want to hold your hand and walk along the street, so we were together! For me the most important thing, to my beloved was with me and that he was happy! I want to take care of you, my beloved! I have no idea what will happen to me if I do not see you. We are two halves of one whole! One entire great love. Dear you are the most valuable thing I have. I am very afraid of losing you. You're everything to me. Except you me nothing and no one cares. You - it's all that I need!
In my work fits the planned vacation. I think what I should take this opportunity to spend a holiday with you! But now I can not tell you exactly when I will be able to stay with you. Tomorrow I will speak to his superiors, and then I can tell you more precisely when I can stay to you. Could you tell me your airport? Where should I better stay so that we could meet with you? What things should I bring?
You could me give me your address and your full name, as well as your phone number?
I want you to see more, hug, kiss. I want to see you smile, make you a nice ... Now I just think, how can realize my dream - to see you! I will try to do everything in my power. I hope that my dream will soon be realized and we will be with you with my dear. You have no idea what I am experiencing as I write this letter to ... I seem to have with you ... My imagination plays harder and I can not live without your favorite!
I love you very much! I want to see your new email rather my dear! I hug and kiss in my head ... But I hope that all this will happen in reality ...
With the most sincere and pure love, your Ekaterina
Letter 13
Hello my prince Jim!!!
I am glad to receive your answer and your warm and tender words.
How are you my love? Are you all right?
I hope that everything is fine you! With each your letter, my life is getting brighter and cheerful! After all, you're the man I love very much! I really want us to meet with you and continue our lives together! I hope that my words do not frighten you ... We have not known each other long, but you have already taken place in my heart ... I do not want you to get out of there!
I want to see you every day, you feel close, breathe in the fragrance of your body ... I want to breathe beside you and feel your strong arms ... I want to kiss you ... I think you have the same desire!
I want to see next to me was you - a strong man, with whom I will feel safe ... and that you wanted me as his woman. I want us to be happy together ... I will make you the happiest man in the world! I think it's possible!
Thank you for your photos. I was glad to get them from you!
I am pleased that your holiday went well.
Do you want us to go in the hot tub with you together?
Yes, I have a cell phone. My number is 79371176186. But I do not know if it will have to call me, because I have a corporate number, and it only works in Russia.
I spoke today with his superiors. My boss said that I can go on vacation. I will have 5 weeks vacation. I would like to spend a holiday with you in your country. This will be possible? I can come to you for 30 days of leave?
My vacation will begin on October 17 and will end on November 21. If you can not take me to you for 30 days, then I can fly to you at that time, which I offer you.
During the holidays I will have my birthday. This is my anniversary, I will be 30 years old! We have the opportunity to celebrate my birthday with you in your country.
I told my parents about what I was given a leave of absence at work and then I'm going to fly to you. My parents were very happy, what things are going well and the fact that soon we will be together with you! But on the other hand they are very experience that I will be traveling to another country. I reassured them and said that everything will be fine. My parents asked for your phone number and address of where I'll be. I hope that you will not mind if I give them to your data? Just because it is quieter.
Last night I could not sleep for a long time. My thoughts are crowded. I only think of you. I think of the opportunity to meet with you ... My feelings for you are very strong. We should use this chance. We must use our strong feelings! We need to organize a meeting as soon as possible! Now we need to think how we can meet with you!
My dear Jim, I have very serious intentions to meet with you! I'm almost on vacation and I want to spend my vacation with you in your country. This meeting will change our future! I wish this meeting!
I found this poem on the Internet and would like to dedicate it to you: We are so far from each other - between us kilometers of the city,
This **** internet and monitor screens, but I still feel you,
Yet between us do not consider the thread, which is not afraid of obstacles and remove ...
It connects two hearts - yours and mine ... My Prince Jim, I keep thinking about you and about our meeting!
I kiss you. your Ekaterina
Letter 14
Hello my dear Jim!
How do you? How is your mood? Are you ready for our meeting?
I miss you too much. I very love you. I look forward to our meeting. After I met you, I became much happier!
I understand that I do not need no one else! Because I'm happy with you!
I want to feel and see you. I want to see your house, your friends, spend your free time together. I want to see your life at the time of our meeting!
Thank you for your beautiful photos. I like them very much. I want you as much as you can send your photos!
I'm sorry, I really thought at work and did not even notice when your data.
I really want to meet you and I, as soon as possible and had a great time together! I think that our meeting will change our lives for the better! I really want this!
I have a regular phone and it does not have access to Wi-Fi.
You are far away in the United Kingdom. I am here, in Russia! We shared a great distance. Thousands of kilometers away ... I'm happy, and at the same time it is very sad for me. I have so many different ideas in my head ... why I do not live in the UK? Why do not you live in Russia ... Why do we have divided this huge planet ... It's driving me crazy ...
I am grateful to the genius who invented the computer and the Internet ... It helped me to be the happiest woman. Despite all this, I am happy, because I have you. You are the meaning of my life! You're like a beacon shining directly on me through the fog and the darkness of my life lost ... Yes! It's true!
Perhaps today you are very surprised and worried ... Maybe my words very unexpected for you ... How much I want to see you now. It is now, during this moment !!! I want you to know about my feelings. I do not want us something to hide from each other!
Tomorrow I will go to the travel agency, where I will find out information about the trip to your country. Travel agent tells me about the documents and formalities of my trip. Tomorrow I will tell you about it.
Happiness - a strange thing ... We must fight with each other and with the rest of the world to be happy.
Suppose that each raindrop and snowflake snowfall will kiss on your cheeks ... Let the sun's rays will be my warm and tender embrace ...
Our meeting is not far off, it remains just a little bit and we'll be together.
I am waiting for your quick response.
Kisses, your Ekaterina
Letter 15
Hi Jim!
What kind of nonsense are you telling me? You lost your mind?
I am very upset, so what you told me ... Your words made me very painful ...
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