Scam letter(s) from Yanina Sadovskaya to Jack (USA)

Letter 1
My dear! I have not heard from you for several days already. That never happened before without you telling me about it. So I am worried about you. What happens in your life and how are you? I hope that you will find couple of minutes to tell me and let me know you are well. I hope you did not forget me. I will be waiting for you online in our usual time. Kisses, Yana
Letter 2
My darling! For many days already I cannot find you online! I start to really worry about you. I miss our wonderful communication. I hope you are all right. I hope your health is well with your hard working schedule. Please let me know how are you doing. I will be looking for you online every day! Kisses, Yana
Letter 3
Hello my dear! I think that this is the most sad letter I have ever received in my life… I miss you very much and I was really sad to read in your letter that you are leaving this site and I will not be able to hear from you in our usual time here… During your visit I really felt confused. You travelled across the ocean and half of the world . I hate this act of fate because we could not meet each other. That would be unique pleasure for me and I regret so much that we could not make it. You know what tragic events did not let it happen except absolutely not planning this meeting beforehand. However I suppose that you have alternative plan for time here because your trip went well without me. Of course it absolutely does not matter for me how to communicate with you unless it breaks the law. I like this site a lot because it gives good quality translation and we can talk to each other with no problem. Of course it is my fault that I do not know English well enough yet. Of course you should not learn Russian or Ukrainian)) Your words about 6 tons of honey were frustrating for me. I never treated our communication like that! Believe me it was complete joy for me and was brightening my day. It was precious for me. I would not exchange our communication not for 6 and even not for 100 tons of honey. The emotions that you easily give to me are more important than any material thing. And actually our communication was much sweeter than 6 tons of honey))) Our communication was more important for me than having sleep and rest. I was waiting for it as for breathing in some fresh air during long and routine days.
Now I often see you online on site. I try not to take much of your attention when this happens because you wanted some time alone as I understood from your letter))
I hope that you are well and that you found strength and luck to start career at new place. I pray for your success every day. I believe that woman`s spirit can give luck for man. I can assure you that you are in my thoughts every day! I have never spoken to such intelligent, smart, interesting and educated person before. Hug you
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