Romance scam letter(s) from Alena Babenko to Paul (New Zealand)
Letter 1
Hello my dear!
How are your? I miss you very much and I want to meet you very soon.
You know that I had a problem with buying tickets.
Unfortunately I did not have enough money to buy tickets to you and I had to spend the whole night at the airport.
That was really terrible! I am so tired!
I have a backache because I’ve spent the night on chairs.
Please I need your help with money. You know I want to come to you.
Could you please tell me when you are able to send me missing sum of money?
My saving is not enough now and I am very upset about it.
At the moment I’ve got money for ticket from you
I’ll buy it and send you all the details about my flight to you!
Honey, do you imagine that we’ll be together soon? This thought makes me happy!
Hope for your help soon.
Hugs and kisses!
Letter 2
There is one more stupid rule from the Embassy that the tickets to your country must be bought in Ukraine.
The country where tickets are bought can be easily checked.
The Embassy doesn’t trust when tickets are bought abroad in any country!
They say this is one of the way to fight with terrorism.
I don’t know how they connect it, but they demand it very strictly.
That means that the only way to buy ticket is: you send me money;
I buy ticket here in Ukraine and show it at the Embassy. I hope you understand me.
This is not my caprice; this is the demand of Embassy. The Embassy doesn’t like when tickets are bought abroad.
They are afraid of terrorism very much because the last events in the world are not as calm as everybody wants.
I myself see a lot of news connected with terrorism all over the world, first big trouble was at the 11th of September, everyone is afraid of ISIS organization.
My God, what happens in the world…
I personally understand the Embassy’s warning very good and hope that you understand it right too. I just want to buy tickets here in Ukraine and get normal visa, that my documents will be clear.
In our country the Embassies are very careful also because of such kind of girls, who want to go abroad and to earn money as a prostitute.
I don’t want them to take me as such girl and I want to do everything correct.
Every citizen of my country must buy tickets here if he or she wants to get visa, so this rule concerns everyone. I hope for your soon answer and for our soonest meeting.
Letter 3
How are you, my sweetheart?
I am OK, just a little bit tired.
I have very good news for you. I’ve got my visa at last.
So this is done now. I have my passport for going abroad with the visa inside.
The only thing left is a ticket. I already know the airport I should go to.
And I even went to the cash department of the airport to check about the ticket.
They offered me the ticket on 7 of July from my city (airport code IEV)
And the price is rather reasonable. It will cost $600.
Unfortunately, there is a problem. I have only $100 and I still need about $500.
I really don’t know what to do. I have to pay for it soon not to be sold to someone else.
So I have to ask you if you can help me with this. Will you be able to send me $500?
I told you that I sold my fur coat to pay for visa and ticket.
But the money was not enough. I sold my fur tree.
That is why I ask you to help me and send me $500.
As soon as I buy the ticket I will immediately leave for you.
And in some days I will be in your arms already. Think on this.
Dear, I really have no one to rely on and I have only you who could help me in this situation.
You know I will give you the money back as soon as I will be able to work in your country.
So this is no going to be a problem. I will give it back to you by all means.
This is the only thing left now before we could be together.
I really hope that you will help me and we will be together at last.
I am sure you want it the same way I do.
So, please, write me your thoughts on this and when you will be able to send the money.
Also the ticket could be sold to another person if I don’t pay for it shortly.
You can send money to my name by any office Western Union or Money Gram (I was told that MoneyGram is much cheaper to send) and I will get it without any problems here.
My sweetheart, I need you and I hope you too need me.
I love you very much.
And I miss you badly.
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