Scam letter(s) from Anna Mogensen to Maxi (Sweden)

Letter 1
hello Maxi, Good day to you and how was your day? I hope you had a nice day? You started your week awesomely and i think you ending it with a victory on your Saturday game.
I work as a store manager here, I own my job, i bought my goods in stocks then distribute to retailers. The goods in the store are out of stock, so it was necessary for me to travel so as to place order for the goods. so there is need for me to travel in order to purchase new ones. I will be traveling to Nigeria very early tomorrow morning, and the trip will take me about 7hrs. It is my desire to get everything done, then i can return home as soon as possible. I will be staying only a week there, so i hope everything goes successful as planned. We will always keep in touch, and i will write you as much as i can. You are a winner already, my guardian angels are with you, i wish you all the best of luck tomorrow.. you are the best! I wish you a evening dear, and hopefully waiting to read from you soon Big hugs and kind regards to you dear.. Love greetings and sweet kisses
Letter 2
Hello Darling,
Good evening to you Maxi, I feel so glad to write you this evening because you've been in my mind all day and the thoughts of you made my day awesome. Today was a very busy day for me because i was out to the central market to purchase the goods i came for here in Nigeria. Everything went well as planned and the goods are well in order.
The weather was very good because there has been sunshine all through the day. How is your weather today? How you feeling today? you feel better? and how was the game? i hope your replacement did well too, in everything health first. How was the short meeting with your friend? any other development?
The goods have been moved to the warehouse for safety, and i hope it will be safe till i make arrangement for the transportation. I feel so tired now, and i will like to have some rest, then go down to have my shower later and also have my dinner. Hope you had a nice day? and what have you done all day?
Until later when i read again from you.
Big hugs and kisses
Letter 3
Good morning love, how you doing and how was your night? i hope you feel better this morning? my night was good. This morning i will be going to the trade ministry's office. i have a meeting with the director concerning the clearance of my goods, and they have to come check if the papers tally with the goods.. my appointment with them is 9:00 am here.. i just have take my breakfast and wait for the taxi to come pick me up.. what is your plan for the day? Right from the day i met you, i find my heart moving in one direction alone. Yes, that is towards you.
Have a wonderful day ahead
Letter 4

Maxi, i know you are now very mad at me and am just so mad at myself too, all i will say now is am very sorry the way you are feeling right now, i could feel the same if i were in your shoes despite the things you read and also experience you still choose to be there for me, Truthfully, and undoubtedly, I can fool anyone but I cannot fool myself. I would be a great liar if I uttered that I'm not in love with you. No matter what you think or say, all I can say is; I really love you with all my heart and I will not hesitate if you will give me just a little time to prove my feelings of endearment and to prove to you that I'm deserving of your feelings, from your heart.
Yes i have been here before like 4 years ago, That time the usage of the warehouse was completely free. Recently there was a change of government in Nigeria and there is a new policy and the new policy that was introduced caused high rise and high levy on the warehouse. So any goods kept in the warehouse either by importing or exporting their are high charges on it due to the current economic recession in the country.
Maxi, i like the fact that you are being careful dealing with people online, i am for real and i am for you. i can assure you that i will never let you down. i don't take you for a fool. it isn't my mission on here. my mission on here is to meet the right man of my dream and build a happy home together and spend our lifetime together and am happy you came through, you are exactly what i dream for when i was a little girl, someone respectful, faithful, caring, loving, romantic, a good lover and with a good heart, trustworthy and supportive of me. I still don't know what I did to be so lucky to have you in my life, my dream come true. I am so thankful though. In this short time that we've been together.
Your daughter is part of our family and we will meet soon, please don't create any form of hatred in her to me, i hope we be best of friends, laugh together and also share ideas, my dear please just keep this away from her. most relationship have their secret and the ability to make it a secret make all worthwhile, just like i told you before to let keep the whole relationship a secret, lets keep our world to ourselves before so no one will ruin it for us.
I wait to read from you again, and i hope you can change your mind to help me for the VERY LAST TIME, my flight is on Saturday, The goods must leave the warehouse tomorrow therefore i look forward to your kind respond.
Please give me a chance and don't doubt our relationship.
Have a good evening and hope to read from you soon.
Letter 5
Hi, Stop talking like you are not a believer, i believe faith brought us together. i am the one behind my picture and i will go extra miles just to prove this to you. What you suggest its not just possible, my passport already with them, i dropped it as a surety that i will come for the goods before i leave the country and if i have someone to lend me the money in Denmark do you think i will have ever involved you in the first instance? am a responsible woman and also have my integrity to protect. You will never be a laughingstock, i pledge with the allegiance of heaven. You once asked me for the hotel invoice that was why i make sure i scanned the copy of the warehouse invoice before i leave there because you will want to see it. We all have our past experience, we cant just think because some people died in their sleep we wont sleep again. You just have to continue trusting me, i will never let you down and as i told you my words i am nothing compare to my action. i miss you so much and cant wait to meet you and share wonderful moments together and plan for our future. what will you do when you first see me in the airport? you must come to pick me. Nothing is smelly here, you are just the one allowing negative thoughts to run your world. You should be optimistic about us, nothing in the world matters to me than to see both of us happy together. Maxi, i have a secret i want to reveal to you, Do you know i sold my shoe here just to pay a week hotel room here? Do i ask you i want to pay the hotel again? i decided to make it a secret because i believe am independent and i most do things alone. This is just beyond me that was why i had to involve you. am sorry again. To me, money is not everything and we shouldn't allow it to rule us so it wont destroy us. i cant take advantage of you or any other person, it is against my religion and wasn't brought up that way. I am not forcing help on you Maxi but you should give the chance for this VERY LAST TIME. once i paid them tomorrow, am leaving on Saturday unfailingly, my ticket is open already and once i loose my flight i will need to pay another fee to reschedule my flight. with that i think am getting more stranded here. Sleep peacefully my dear, You deserved it. at least you are not the one in shambles. i dare not, i cried all night and wishing my parent were alive, it is so sad thinking of that every time. RIP to them. For the very last time honey, I PLEAD IN TEARS, Anna
Letter 6
Hi, i wrote over 7 email to you yesterday, i got no response from you and i even got so infuriated that how could you be so heartless. i never think something unusual occurred to you, i think you have been writing via your phone for a while and that was why you had to change your email for our communication to be faster.
There was nothing i could do yesterday to meet up the payment from the warehouse, i already sold all my belongings here and have absolutely nothing to sell again so i canceled my flight yesterday. I wish I knew more of what to say to you. I wish that I knew something, ANYTHING, to say that would encourage you to have trust in me. All I want is to make you happy for the rest of your life, and to tell you that whatever we have, whatever it brings, is okay. If we meet, and something doesn't click, then having a friend that understands you as much as we understand each other, would be entirely worth it. Maxi, If we do click, then we will begin the most amazing ride of our lives. Either way, we win. So why forfeit when you are a sure winner? Give us a chance, I will never cause you any pain, because love doesn't cause pain, but only joy.
I told you i don't have Skype and i even don't know how to create one, since i don't have a laptop here anymore am using the hotel receptionist pc to write to you and each time i do, i might excuse her many times before i finish a sentence, that is why you got my reply late atimes. She will never allow me to download stuffs on her computer because it will cost her the job.
I can see you have lost interest in me, and even close to forgetting me, forgetting you is nothing i will ever imagine, You'll never understand how your message brightens my day and how the thought of you brings a jubilant smile to my face. We would have be talking about our meeting now supposing you have helped me yesterday because i will have been on my way home by now.
A Danish philosopher, theologian, widely considered to be the first existentialist philosopher(1813-1855) says and i quote " There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true." Maxi, you refused to believe what is true, you don't just know the emotional trauma am passing through here,Our once beautiful love is fading away into oblivion.
I will talk to the receptionist to allow me use her phone to call you and we can talk. But that will be when she closes for the day.
Letter 7
Hi, Firstly how was your trip down there? i feel am missing out big time. i love historic events and such is surely a remarkable one but since i couldn't make it down there for the reason well known to you. man proposes, God disposes. my heart is with you, i really hope you don't travel without it. I am not against you telling Elina, i only felt we are both mature enough to handle things in our own way, most relationship have their dispute and solved within themselves. When I like people immensely I never tell their names to anyone. It is like surrendering a part of them. I have grown to love secrecy. Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. Asking her about her opinion is folly when we are mature folk. I am not living here for free, if you got my 5th to the last email, i explained to you how i was able to paid for this week. i have to pay for another week tomorrow which is my greatest fear because i have sold all my belongings here and actually have nothing else to sell. The more i stay the more bills i have to pay. Maxi, i am now telling that you are 100% WRONG about any other request occurring after this, i am 101% sure everything will be solved with this, i cross my heart. Goods bought here are not returnable nor refundable, there's always an agreement reached before the purchase which bound such. I have to pay the Warehouse $600 for Safe-guarding, $300 for transportation of the goods to the shore where it will be shipped to CPH and also $200 Loading of the goods to the container all is making $1100 darling. There is no way i can make this without you Maxi, please do this for me for the very last time, i promise to pay you all back when am home. I also promise to come to you in Finland. Trust me Maxi, To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved. I truly believe that everything that we do and everyone that we meet is put in our path for a purpose. There are no accidents and only if we are willing to pay attention to our positive instincts and not be afraid to take risks. Do not let your heart be troubled, Trust in God and also in me, No letting down. Thanks for trusting me for the very last time, Trust in our dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity. Love you
Letter 8
hi Maxi I know all is fine there, why are you now making my own life miserable here? i detest the way you reason and talk to me most times, you were not like this when we meet, all seems so perfect and our future so bright. its so sad that the person i claim i love and want to spend the rest of my life with is on other side of the road. My flight has been cancelled and its because i couldn't meet up with the said payment moreso my passport is with the warehouse security, i dropped it with them as surety for the goods. After reading your email, it is now very clear to me that everything is vague to you. i can never leave here without my goods and the only form of payment they accept there is cash. You have changed, changed so much that my well being doesn't concern you anymore, To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved. You have to trust me with your money and i will also compliment the trust by paying you back, Please do this for me for the very last time, no letting down and you will surely be glad you did. I know creating a Skype will take just a few minutes, The receptionist doesn't want it on her work Pc because it belongs to the hotel and she cant not just risk it and secondly the Pc don't have a webcam, we cant video call so what is the essence of the Skype? i need to know?? I am surprise i don't interest you anymore, Money matter should not bring an end to our relationship. Let's love take control and give love a chance. i belief vividly that soon we will be together and hopefully start our new life journey together and all this will be story. Love always, Anna
Letter 9
Hi Maxi,
Nigeria is not Europe that i will just walk up to someone to snap me. try and be rational. Maybe i will have to go to the Warehouse, From there i will scan my passport front page and i attached it for you as proof of my identity. The only problem with that now is transport fare to the place. It is another stress for me but i will do it for you and i hope you will help me after you see it.
Have faith in me, Will never let you down. Faith is very enough.
Letter 10
So you have been chatting with many women here.
Your daughter shouldn't decide for you, we have our world in our hand.
You are all i have and hope in Maxi, please do not let me down. I don't have anything to use to take photo.
I will beg the receptionist to take me to the Warehouse tomorrow so i will get the Passport scan to you.
If i have any other means to raise the money, believe me i wouldn't have bother you. i really wish parent is alive to help me but its a pity no one. i promise i will return this money to you and i will forever be grateful.
Dear i really have a deep and strong feelings for you which i can't wait to show you.
Letter 11
Hi darling, We just got back from the Warehouse. Yes, i scanned the passport there and this is it. with a picture i took on the receptionist PC when i was writing you.
I wait to read from you again, and i hope you can change your mind to help me.. if i pay them today, will also go open my ticket and i can leave with the next available flight. Have a nice day and hope to read from you soon Kisses
Letter 12
Maxi am going NUT here, i have done everything to proof myself to you and all you could say is this? am very disappointed in you. Only if you know what i went through before i could get the photo and also the passport to you. Your daughter apparently doesn't know anything about me, i don't blame her at all, she meant well for your safety. i dont know the reason why you went ahead and tell her when i already told you not to. no hard feelings to her, shes also a lady and might found herself in a similar situation in the future, she is lucky she have her parent, thats why am always sad my parent are no more, nothing in life is compare to love of parent. i wish her goodluck. You should keep our world to ourselves, follow your mind, deep down inside you, you know am real, have proof this over and over again and not just only words, you now have my identity. i never say you should give me this money, only lend me for few days which i will pay back. How many times will i have to tell you about this whole skype thing? You see the PC i use to write you in the photo i send you, there is no cam here I wont call Elina greedy because shes all over her kids, i dont know why she will say have to say it is more important to help her kids that dont need the help now, we have dreams, we have plans, we are born to meet oneday, a pregnant woman meet her baby oneday.. it is only sad we met this way online, You could have probably meet anywhere since we are destined to. I dont know your pocket Maxi. Yes, we all have our obligations to fill. but do you know if you have borrowed me this money, i will have pay you back and could have possibly meet? I know you have no part in my situation and my problems are mine, i share it with you to help me of a burden. i have never been in this situation before, am growing lean here because i have not been feeding and am fading out. Do you know what surety is? i told you my passport is with them at the warehouse, dropped it as surety, i cant leave here without paying for the goods. A friend in need is a friend indeed, i have all of my world on you love you
Letter 13
I am in a dilemma now, The hotel Manager already ordered me to leave the hotel premises today which i must leave, to where i don't know. i must park out of the hotel today unfailingly.
Something just came through my mind now that you have suggested before. I think i will have to go to the embassy as also advised by the receptionist. The embassy will be open tomorrow and Saturday, it will be close on Monday because of the Easter celebration..I told you how far is it before, its in another state, the capital city and i will need to lodge a day. I will only need a little help from you just to get there and also to sleep in a near by hotel in the state when i get there before i book my appointment with them. Please am sorry to ask you this, i will need like $195 to $235.
And please you can send it to the receptionist name, she is the one that will help me go and collect it, they attend to them faster and wont ask her for tip unlike me. Her name is STELLA JOHNSON
I wish to leave here soon and i will need the money for my movement. Thank you darling for your understanding. Hope to read from you soon.
Love you
Letter 14
I have been waiting to read from you since, i already pack my luggage and only waiting for your message, I know you are doing this based on trust for me, i will never betray your trust, every promise i make will be fulfilled, Thanks darling.
I am not what you think i am, i will proof myself for you soon and i will make sure the hotel i will lodge in the capital city have the complete internet facilities so we can also video call and see me face to face. Please send the money to STELLA JOHNSON, The receptionist will cash it for me and drop me off. Thanks once again
Love you
Letter 15
Hi Maxi, thank so much darling, you have proof your love for me over and over again. i also promise not to let you down. The time i got your email was late and the bank already closed, Stella said we will go there first thing tomorrow morning to get the money and also drop me at the bus station. Had to go now because am going with her to her place since i was evicted from the hotel. Will write you tomorrow morning.
Thanks love
Letter 16
I am in a dilemma now, The hotel Manager already ordered me to leave the hotel premises today which i must leave, to where i don't know. i must park out of the hotel today unfailingly.
Something just came through my mind now that you have suggested before. I think i will have to go to the embassy as also advised by the receptionist. The embassy will be open tomorrow and Saturday, it will be close on Monday because of the Easter celebration..I told you how far is it before, its in another state, the capital city and i will need to lodge a day. I will only need a little help from you just to get there and also to sleep in a near by hotel in the state when i get there before i book my appointment with them. Please am sorry to ask you this, i will need like $195 to $235.
And please you can send it to the receptionist name, she is the one that will help me go and collect it, they attend to them faster and wont ask her for tip unlike me. Her name is STELLA JOHNSON
I wish to leave here soon and i will need the money for my movement. Thank you darling for your understanding. Hope to read from you soon.
Love you
Letter 17
I am in a dilemma now, The hotel Manager already ordered me to leave the hotel premises today which i must leave, to where i don't know. i must park out of the hotel today unfailingly.
Something just came through my mind now that you have suggested before. I think i will have to go to the embassy as also advised by the receptionist. The embassy will be open tomorrow and Saturday, it will be close on Monday because of the Easter celebration..I told you how far is it before, its in another state, the capital city and i will need to lodge a day. I will only need a little help from you just to get there and also to sleep in a near by hotel in the state when i get there before i book my appointment with them. Please am sorry to ask you this, i will need like $195 to $235.
And please you can send it to the receptionist name, she is the one that will help me go and collect it, they attend to them faster and wont ask her for tip unlike me. Her name is STELLA JOHNSON
I wish to leave here soon and i will need the money for my movement. Thank you darling for your understanding. Hope to read from you soon.
Love you
Letter 18
Hello darling How are you doing and how was your day? am so glad to write you this evening, my day was good. i came back 3 hours ago, had to go to the restaurant to eat, relax and have a shower. And i have been on my Pc for the past 2 hours setting up my Skype, so we can do video calls before i check out of here tomorrow. My Skype name is Anna Mogensen, you can search for me and add me up or you give me your Skype again so i add you up from here. will check out of here tomorrow noon 12:00pm and i will be going back to VI to see the receptionist to sort out. Like i told you my appointment in the Embassy was 9:00am but i had to stay for 3 hours before the consular came to attended to me. I explained everything to her and she really pitied my condition because i was actually getting stranded. She let me understand that they always provide help for their citizens, my passport is with them at the warehouse, i only showed her the scanned copy that i send to you. She told me the priority of the consulate is to provide help for any of her citizens but they usually offered help if they are having traveling problems, they offer free flight for her citizen to get home. in my own case, they are also interested in it. She told me they will assist me with 60% off the bill and she also understand the only form of payment accepted here is cash, she collected Stella (The receptionist) details and send the 60% of the $1100 to her. and implore me to go back to them to monitor the goods. i even pleaded and pleaded but she let me understand that it has been constitutionalized. So practically, They will take up $660 out of the $1100 needed for the bill and now remaining $440 to balance up. I hope you had a nice day all alone today? which food do you prepare? and how many bottles of beer do you take? About the Prague is such a nice news, i can boldly tell you that i will surely make it there, and i will like if you could keep the flat reserved for us. I just want you to always have the believe and faith in me, I promise never to let you down, I don't ever wants you to ever believe in what people say about us, Just be focus and face what future brings out for the both of us, It will worth it. PS : I cant wait to talk to you on video chat, please try and make yourself available, this an opportunity to see me on live. Love you
Letter 19

Hi darling, We just got back from the Warehouse and now we are trying to cook something to eat. we haven't have our breakfast yet, we had to rush to the Warehouse earlier. I hope you had a great time in the bowling hall and you enjoyed the game today, You will take the number one position one day too, its only a matter of time and dedication. I envy your travel experiences honey, you have seen the world. we explore together soon. We have paid them the money as instructed and also fax them the receipt as required. I talk to them in the warehouse about letting my goods go for the shipping because i have my flight to catch on Wednesday, since they received deposit now they should know i will balanced them up when i get home but he said NO, that they must receive all the payment before i can be given my goods and the passport, i tried to beg them again but they insisted. I thought about your advise and tried to act on them That i should give them the money i got from the Embassy and should make arrangement with the Warehouse to give me some of my goods as ransom. This was not possible because the Embassy must see my evidence of payment which they had fax to them and also the the Warehouse commander said it is not possible to get some of the goods, i gave them for safe keeping as a whole and must take them in a whole. The warehouse also have my yellow paper, the purchased invoice without this i cant ship the goods out. The embassy contacted the warehouse and they confirmed my passport is with them that i dropped it as a surety and the NPF (Nigeria Police Force), is aware and they have the court ruling to keep it, everything is official. They cant offer me a temporary passport because it is official not i lost it. They also implore me to abide by the rules and regulation of the country and keep safe. The Warehouse will be open fully tomorrow, how i wish i just get this money and pay them the balance tomorrow, they send my goods out and i open my ticked and leave the fuck country on Wednesday. am very sick of all this tribulations. i am needing $440 to balance them up. I need a miracle! The words that you have expressed to me were the words that I have wanted to hear for many years, I'm anxious to see you love, You have rekindled the flame called love in me. You have given one more reason to look forward to tomorrow. Now, you are a significant part of my life and I look forward to the day when we can make it permanent. I love you so much. I love you for your kindness, for your caring and giving nature and most of all I love you because you are you. The fact that you show me who you really are and not what you think I may want. Maxi, let this be a testament to my true feelings for you. The whole world can see and know how I feel for you. I love you Maxi
Letter 20
Hi Maxi, I am so devastated as at now but reading these lines from you brought a huge smile and butterflies in my tummy while reading how our life would be full of love, passion, caring, good sex and all.. i really want the life to start just at this moment because when you realize the rest of your life is the best of your life you will want it to start right away. In fact am really trying my best but presently i just don't know what to think or how to think. I am managing hard here, Stella also has been very good to me, she put gas in her car to take me everywhere and also feed me. She was even discussing with me why i don't ask you again and when i get it tomorrow morning, i leave on Wednesday. i told her i don't know what you will say and i am tired of begging, begging and begging. i also have my personality to protect Maxi. All my life i have never be so expectant like this before. Am so curious to meet you and the Prague trip is what am daydreaming. Yes, you have to arrange the room for us. a twin bed will be better, must i participate in the meeting? sometimes am shy and i will have to stay in the room waiting for you till we have the evening for ourselves. Yes i cant wait to know all about Lyoness, how big it is and all countries it has activities. when we are couple we share everything together and we will be together for the best. for better for worst darling. I hope i can just pay them the $440 tomorrow and leave this hellhole! some people are good here like Stella, i don't regret meeting her and i can always hope the best for her. Ever since you have entered my life, I've been flying on Cloud 9 and I have not come down yet. I am so thankful though. In this short time that we've been together, we have grown so much and I can't wait to see what the tomorrow holds for us. Have a lovely night rest and have wonderful dreams about us. Love you darling
Letter 21
Hi my King,
Wow, thank you very much, you just relieved me of such an heavy burden. you know everything about me is right and true. I have been 100% faithful and loyal to you which i will remain forever. You will never regret having your trust in me. i cross my heart. Send it to the receptionist STELLA JOHNSON and please kindly do in the morning.
I owe you the world, Thank you honey
Now i have to sleep, sweet dreams.
Your princess
Letter 22
Hello darling,
Good morning to you, how you doing and how was your night? am sorry i couldn't get back to you yesterday, i had a very long day. i got back home 11:00pm and now i am having flu. What really happen was that some officers from The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) inspect the goods yesterday at the seaport, they had to unload everything, inspect one after the other. They are drug people and checking if drug was packaged in the goods this one took them like 7 good hours and fortunately nothing was found so i am free by the time they finished the seaport already closes. They closed by 4:00PM, the time has already gone so i was given appointment by 10:00AM this morning. You know i will have to wait for Stella to come pick me up as i am not with any money to pick a cab home, i waited for over 6 hours before she came through, she finish work by 7:00PM and there was traffic before she got to me it was already 10:00PM there was an heavy rain and all fell on my head for more than 2 hours, i was in the rain helplessly. was feeling very cold and that was why am having a flu now, i was very sick last night when i came in that was why i couldn't stand to write you before i sleep but now i have to be strong to meet up my appointment today. My appointment today is 10:00AM and Stella have to resume work by 9:00AM, she wont have time to drop me nor pick me up, am afraid i don't want to pass through what i went through last night. i don't really know how i will make it. once am through at the seaport i will also have to go to the ticketing office and i don't have any money for all this transport Maxi. Am thinking maybe you will have to lend me $120 to make all the trips today, i just have to get everything done today and pick my flight before i finally breakdown here. You can send it to Stella too. All you want in Skype are normal things couples do, that why we have the Video call. since am not having the skype here as at now you can maybe send me the picture of it, i will enjoy the view here too. i hope you had a nice day yesterday and everything went well with all you planned. I am on the computer waiting to read from you soon, thanks for your understanding and being there for me. Love you
Letter 23
Hi Maxi, I tried hard to understand everything and i am also dissatisfied with myself, I think thoroughly too and i must tell you i dont too blame you over your reaction. But do you also think if you have assisted me go to the Seaport and also the ticketing office in the airport since Wednesday, i will have been through here and taking my leave to Copenhagen tomorrow? only if you reason with me. You want me to go to Embassy again? the Embassy is in the capital state of Nigeria it will took me like $200 to 250 for my trip there. I just need only $120 for my running around, from here in Stella house to the seaport to the airport and from there back to Stella house and i leave to the airport the following day. you are not just understanding me. Stella could have take me there but she dont have free day at work, she work 8:00AM to 6:00PM everyday and by that time the seaport would have closed. Am not having any problem here anymore, it is all settled darling. just the little money to for my movement up and down. How was your day and what have you done today? I miss you Love you
Letter 24
Maxi, i have a dual citizenship, i am not here with with it. I used my Finland passport across the globe. we do not go out today, we are just home all day because it is raining and not safe out there. I keep looking forward to read from you every minute, I am missing you right now, i couldn't stop thinking of how lovely it's going to be to be with you soonest but you keep setting us apart. Miss you, i really do
Letter 25
police opinion ? like we met through them.. Grow up Maxi
they all ruin good things, $120 is what you cant just risk for me?
i dont even mean anything to you again? send me tomorrow before going to the police so i will get it early enough to make my trips tomorrow
Letter 26
Hi, We do the Skype call tomorrow when am home Maxi, but it will be very late in the evening when am settled. Its been long i left home, will also have to do some housewares cleaning too. Stella called me that she had an Urgent call from the port regarding the shipping of my goods, and i should report there, actually i thought it was only to check if my container has been lifted but on getting there the workers at the seaport informed me that the officers of the Nigeria Customs Service stopped them from working, put the goods on hold and dropped me a letter to report in their office which is within the premises, I did and met with them and they said they are the supervisory officers responsible for the collection of customs revenue and anti-smuggling efforts. That my goods have been Investigated, and Inspected and am to make a payment of $5,550 for the Custom`s charges on them which is very compulsory and without it the goods will just be there at the port. They gave me the document on which i will use to make the payment and also submit to the comptroller to get the goods shipped. I told him no where am to get that for now, that i have suffered enough here in Nigeria on the goods, they insisted that no one is above the rule. i was furious and left there angrily. Well, am less concern about it at all, The goods can just be there at the port, i am taking my flight tomorrow morning and leaving this country, when am home i will make arrangement on how to get the money and send to Stella to paid and send me the goods. i have no worries about it whatsoever. I will have to settle my goods first before i can afford to pay for my tickets to Prague, i hope you understand this. Thanks for your understanding With Love, Anna
Letter 27
Hi Maxi, Good morning to you, how you doing and how was your night? i am up very early today so as to write you before getting ready for my flight. My flight is 9:00am so i have to move early as to beat the traffic, because that time is a rush hour. I dont put money anywhere in Denmark, and NOT i have to sell the goods beforehand, i will take a quick loan from a merchant bank, should get the money from 3 to 5 days and will be able to do this without much stress. The Taxes are not robbery, it is customary. You show your love to me every day. I thank God that I have found a man like you. Please forgive me for not giving you enough time to chat with me, but I promise I will make up for it once am home now and we chat from time to time. I want to be with you and I want you in my life. Be by my side and the rest will fall in place. We will live life in the most enjoyable ways possible and there is nothing that can hold us back from being the best couple in the world. Just wait and be patient as I bring you all the joys of world. Only yours
Letter 28
Good morning Maxi, how you doing and how was your night ? Am sorry I couldn't write you for days now. Stella didn't connect her internet and now am using her phone to write to you. I hope she subscribe for the internet soon.
My plan now is to go to the embassy again that's where I could always turn to, will have go today but I don't have means of getting there, I hope Stella could do something for me because I will be needing little money for my trip there like $220 or more. And as for now, she don't have it. Now am here stagnant.
Am sorry I couldn't make the trip to Prague because of the circumstances here, man proposes and God disposes. I hope you have make all preparation since you are going tomorrow, how many days will you stay there? I hope you could write me when you are less busy over there.
To love is something, to love and be loved is everything. Love you darling.
With love, Anna
Letter 29
Hello dear, how was your day? I told Stella to come back earlier so I could check what you write and also replied. I understand you need all your money for yourself now, you have your bills also have a trip it's all costly.
Stella came back with much excitement because I begged her to try and get me something so I could go to the embassy she don't even know I asked you for it again. She only came back with $70 that's all she could raise for me and she need it back as soon as possible. Am still needing $150 now, I don't know where on how to get it. And I have to unless I will just stay here doing nothing darling.
I have not contact the lawyer yet, I want to go to the embassy first, you also said yourself that contacting lawyer will take very long time which I don't want.
What time is your flight tomorrow? How l wish I could just leave for the embassy tomorrow I won't like to still be here when you are away, had to make move too.
Love you
Letter 30
Hi Maxi, How was your day? mine was good till i read your email.. You really hurt me so bad reading this shitty lines from you. what the hell is my business with some other guys? what we have for each other is real even though we have not meet in real life, i keep dreaming of spending my entire life with you. I NEVER SAY YOU SHOULD GIVE ME $5550 i only say you should lend me so i can pay and leave. It is not about the money, it is my situation here, you went too far to think am after your money. we are meant to help and assist each other. relationship is not only about kissing, cuddling and sex. it goes beyond that. you just have to change your mindset towards me. it so sad, the one i trust and love so much is not loving me back, what a crazy circle. Before it was Elina now a Friend! cant you just grow up and decide on your own.
i also read so kind of shit online, and i dont ever think online dating could be a reality but everything changed when i met you, you are very perfect for me and am glad we came this far. please dont insult me or mock me, we all have our problems and sharing mine with you should be a relieve not addition.. I also have my personality to protect. my world is my pride.
Maxi, i have no parent to turn to, you should be happy you are in a position to assist me, not just anybody, but the one that adore you, pray for you and love you more than herself. we must not lose hope, for if hope is lost, then I fear we too will be lost forever.
I just wanted to let you know that you are never far from my heart or mind; I love you and I will forever miss my "Matt" until God helps our paths to cross forever I love you.
Letter 31
Hello darling.. good evening to you, how you doing and how was your day? Am good here. I attended church service with Stella today, you need to see how the crowd gathered around looking at me, I was scared before but I later notice they are looking at my outfit and also because am white. They called me different names, I told Stella to let us go immediately. Safety first darling.
Your optimistic spirit and cheerful words always encourage me. Am very fit now, I was discussing with Stella 3 days ago and we both reason maybe I should get a lawyer here so I will be permitted to travel to go get the money but it will cost me nothing less than $500 I will have to pay him and he said he's not going to take any step until he received payment.
And secondly which I think it's the best option I have at hand, I have contacted embassy again, and I have book appointment with them.. I will be staying there for 2 to 3 days maybe they will have to give me another passport to travel I don't know.. now I will need close to $280 because I will have to pay for my hotel for 3 days and also pay for my transport fare.. I just have to make move, can't stay here idle.. this not me, am getting sick everyday, I got to go home Maxi.. what do you think about this? And which one do you think will be better among the two options.. Thanks for being such a great lover.
What have you done today?
With love
Letter 32
Hey Maxi, how you doing? You said Daniel info? who is Daniel? i have given you my number and address before i dont know why i have to keep repeating words. My number is 40999302 and address is Handv?rkervej, 9000 Aalborg
Am not hiding a shit from you, can someone hide from his helper? now you insist you dont have any means to help me. how do i make it out of here? Maxi you know i need just a very little amount to make my trip, you could get this for me if you want to help me. please try and do this for me its urgent, i need to be home for my birthday.
Dont forget my birthday gift too.
Letter 33
Hi dear,
How you doing and how was your day? i have actually been waiting for your message all day. i know the Daniel will be a typographic error because we never say anything relating to that name.
Okay, i never know have not given you the infos before, now you have them.
I tired many times to understand why you wouldn't be able to get me just the transport fare and lodging in the capital city where the embassy is. Yes i need to pay 5500 on the goods but that aside for now. i want to go the embassy and explain things for that they dont want to allow me leave the country so maybe they could get me a temporary passport to make my trip so i can go home and run around for this money, they will surely help me out. i will need to stay there few days and they dont provide accommodation that why i will need close to 250 for my trip there and from there i should travel to Denmark.
Thanks for the birthday wishes, I cherish my birthdays, it is another year for me, i always try as mush to get myself a birthday gift and also drink wine to make the day a memorable one for me.
If all you could do for me is just to get me the little amount to go to the Embassy tomorrow, i will be so glad and that will be the greatest birthday gift for me, am fading out i just have to leave me. i hope you understand me
With love, Anna
Letter 34

Hi Maxi, Once i get the money, on that same day i will leave for the Embassy, i told you before it will take me 3 days there after which i will come back to Stella place, Go to the airport here change my flight to the next available flight and leave for Denmark the following. That is all.
Letter 35
Hi, Maxi i will need like $350 for my trip because i will have to go for 3 days, the transport fare and also my staying because i will have to book a cheap hotel to put my head over there and eat at least once a day. and i will need extra $100 to change my flight to the new date given to me for my flight. so $450 is perfect for me and that is all i need.. send it to Stella Johnson, she will cash for me and drop me off at the park, Thanks so much to be willing to be there for me.. no letting down, i cross my heart. With love
Letter 36
Maxi, am here waiting to read from you since and you haven't respond to me yet. What is going on? If you prefer to send to me than Stella then you should.. Maybe Stella will follow me to bank and they will be faster to respond to me.. or I wait till they respond to me.. I still have a long trip to make today.. please send me soon so I can make my move today. Please get back to me soon No letting down, always think positive..
Letter 37
Hi Maxi, Am good here, alive and well.. i had long day with Stella here doing the housework now am weak and tired but i have to write you something before i sleep. we did laundry and clean the whole place, am sure Stella is missing me already. now i have packed my luggage and tomorrow morning i will be on my way to Abuja. everything will be fine darling. what have you done all day? Going fishing is a nice idea, i love to fish too, it is fun. i have to sleep now.. hope to read from you very soon sweet
Letter 38
Good Day Sir,
In the late evening yesterday, a patient was rushed in to our hospital, an accident occurred on the Abuja express road, in which one of the casualties is Miss Anna Mogensen.
A Danish citizen, and she was brought to our hospital by the Travel Agency Ambulance and she is unconscious for now.
We found on her some documents, a diary in which your name was written inside, your email address and phone number.
She has been unconscious for some hours, and she is being placed on medication in the intensive care unit of the hospital.
She sustained a back injury with hip crack, so she will have to undergo surgery later in the evening.
We the management of SAINT MOUNTZION HOSPITAL NIGERIA, wants to inform you that Miss Anna Mogensen is right now in our hospital as a result of the injury she sustained in an accident.
It is sadden to write you about her accident, but we just have to let you know the current situation of things here since you are the only one in her diary and we will like to ask you few questions about her.
We will keep on updating you of the situation of things with her, and we also look forward to a good cooperation with you..
Awaiting your quick response.
Yours Faithfully
Dr. Simon Agbaje.
Chief Medical Director/ Hospital Registrar.
Letter 39
Hello sir, Thanks for your cooperation, the little info you gave about her is also something, we are private hospital and have no right to contact the embassy for someone. we will try to contact Stella Johnson since shes the nearest contact of her here but how is what we dont know, if you know the name of the hotel it will have make things more easy for us. maybe i will have to check up all her documents and recipients here, maybe it can help too. We have already contacted the Nigeria Police Force, we hope to gather some information from them too and we will give them the information you gave us. She needs an urgent surgery for her to quickly recover, And we really need someone to stand in for her, shes in the ICU and placed on drugs. What is your relationship with her? Can you stand in for her? Awaiting your quick response.
Yours Faithfully
Dr. Simon Agbaje.
Chief Medical Director/ Hospital Registrar.
Letter 40
Hello sir, Your prompt response to our mail is well reckoned with, Have not respond to you email since morning because am in night duty today so i used my day to make my findings about this patient. Health insurance in Denmark doesn't cover her here in Nigeria. This is another continent. Dont be sure and certain of things Nigeria is still a developing country. The hospital has taken every available means to make sure she get the best medication, and we can assure you that she will be fine in few days time. The accident was so much that she lost conscious of herself and she is still at the moment in the intensive care of the hospital. All we could do for her is to give her first aid and also conducted every tests and also xray for her. she is not conscious yet and needed this surgery for fast recovery and also to ease the pain. The hospital want to assure you that everything will be fine with her and we hope she gets better soon, so she can leave here. The hospital is taking responsibility of the bills here at the moment, But also she needs an urgent surgery if we want a quick recovery for her, the hospital must take a deposit for the surgery because it is costly, we need to be fast about this, we need to safe her life and ease the pain she is presently passing through and we hope she make the balance back as soon as she feels better. We are in Abuja/lokoja express, she is in the Orthopedic department. we care God heals. Awaiting your quick response.
Yours Faithfully
Dr. Simon Agbaje.
Chief Medical Director/ Hospital Registrar.
Letter 41
Dont feel guilty of your actions, i never except such from you, you owe me an explanation for such wicked act from you, Maxi you left me for dead and that was actually when i needed you most. A picture? i even ask the doctor how come he dont take picture of me while i was on sick bed and unconscious, he told me i was in the Intensive care unit and photography is not allowed there because its harmful to my health. Doctor could not give name of hospital? i just knew this morning that i was first in an hospital on Abuja express way where they have lesser facilities and transfer here for surgery.. Stella told me this morning.. till now i cant remember. You make me smile Maxi even though this not funny, you must be very naive for reasoning like the hospital email must contain name of hospital not! email can be in any format, it is not a government hospital. you must so be naive for comparing Nigeria to Europe. The doctor actually told me you quit responding to his email and i knew actually what will be going through your head, like you just expressed it here. why cant he ask you for money for my treatment, is hospital a charity organisation? Well, you left me for dead and Stella came through for me, no one is perfect but you should at least shown concern. The doctor said they didn't found any money on me only western union receipt that reveal there is one Stella somewhere. Yes, i will pay you your money back, you really fell my hand, i hold you in high esteem but you treated me with levity, i hate when someone handle me like that. You just shown who you really are, you let your money rule your world, money is not everything. Do you want to tell me you dont have the $5550 to lend me to clear my goods at the customs? but for your wickedness you let me pass the death path, told you how worst the road was and yet you told me to go on with the journey again, i ended in the hospital and you came here to run your mouth and cant even ask how about my health but came with making me famous in a Danger Zone!!! Now, i need money to pay them at the hospital, i have not been discharge yet, Stella brought me food this morning so am using her Tablet to write you. am feeling better and recovering fast, your heinous email also added to the magic! You dont have to be too mad at me, am just a victim of circumstance and could surely happen to anyone. Most things you mentioned here doesnt have answer. how come you dont go to sites to read online dating success stories? just because you are pessimistic, you stick to the negative side of the world. Your future wife, i hope! Anna
Letter 42
Hi, Many times i now felt life is a problem to be solved and not a gift to enjoy! My life experiences are far above my age.. I have been so strong for myself while growing up, took care of my own things by myself but here now is just what i couldn't handle alone. If there was any other means to resolve my problems, i wouldn't have involved you.. Sharing my problem with someone could relief me of burden and a problem shared is half solved they said! Thanks for the brilliant advice ever but it will be so possible if not here in Nigeria, you making one mistake that you refused to correct, Nigeria is not a developed country and they just have their way of operating. They have a separate building inside the hospital that all debtors are put till they pay. They put them under security surveillance so they wont abscond. Africa mentality is very different and it is very strange to me, but when you are in Roman you behave like Romans. I dont have ties here so it will be very difficult to let me go according to the Doctor. You think i have strength to go to the embassy, whenever i move my hips the pain is incredible. i cant stand on my feet yet. Tried to walk yesterday and that shit was so difficult that i dont think i will want to try again today till i see the physiotherapist. Also have stitches on my back so the pains is so intense i think not only painkillers i need. Have you ever be involved in an accident before? i really doubt if you can withstand a lot of physical pain and discomfort!! The country is not keeping me but the hospital will keep me, Stella also told me that hospitals here wouldn't mind to keep someone till they are paid, they have right to do so. Stella was the one that stand in for me that was why i got treatment. They give food at the hospital but i need so much fruits that why she come with some for me everyday and also to check on my health. she already told me i know her standard of living and she cant assist me financially to pay them. i dont know my bill yet till am discharged. I know you have no spare money for me and you have really tried your best for me but believe me your best is never enough till am back on my feet and also back at home. You will receive all your money back but i have to be home first you know! Most important: The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater. The very least you can do is to put up your Faith, Hope and Love. And the most you can do is live inside them. “And now the three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” With Love
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