Scam letter(s) from Marina Nikolaevna Chikurova to Paul (New Zealand)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Paul. I hope you have a good day there. And I hope that you are not upset by my letter yesterday. Dear, I'm waiting for your message soon. I kiss you. Your Mari
Letter 2
Hello dear Paul. How are you there? What was your day today? I'm glad that I can read you. I re-read your letters every day. I am pleased to read how you write. ))) Yes, I understand that you're upset. After all, 16,000 rubles, this is very little money. But I have such a job. But I'm not complaining. But if you can help me with 100,000 rubles, it will be wonderful. If not, we will have to wait some more time. And time is not left at all. I rest July, August month. Then I go back to work. The next vacation will take me from December, in 3 weeks. But this is not enough to spend time together. We have the opportunity now, and I would not want to miss this opportunity.
Yes, I am a believing woman. But I rarely go to church. I hope that this is not a problem for you. Paul, what's your plan for tonight? Tonight, I'm going to visit a colleague at work. She will not be alone. There will be her man and 2 children. Earlier, we saw each other more often. Now everything is different. But we do not forget to visit.
Before I come to visit, I'll make a pizza and a sweet pie. As you already know, I love to cook. ))) And when we are together, I will also cook pizza and pies with different sweet fillings (strawberries, blueberries, blueberries, orange and other fruits).
Paul, what kind of pie filling do you prefer? I miss and think about you often, although we have not met yet. But I have a feeling that I've known you all my life. ))) Paul, do you have the same feeling? I feel like you are close to me with your heart and soul. That you understand me, that you feel me. Therefore, it is easy for me to communicate with you. We are like two halves, which were divided many and many years ago. And now, we have found each other and again want to be together. It is not easy to write in a letter about your feelings. I can even say that this is impossible. To really understand each other's feelings, we need to meet live. Otherwise, we can write about our feelings forever, but the fire in the heart will fade with time.
I look forward to our meeting with impatience. Only at the meeting, we can see what kind of love can be between us. What kind of feelings do we have for each other?
Ahead will be difficulties, obstacles, pitfalls. But all the difficulties, we will overcome together and only together. Paul, do you agree with me? I want to write, write and write. But I have to go. I'll wait for you to write again. Take care of yourself. Your Mari
Letter 3
Hello my dear Paul. It's great that you wrote back so quickly. Are you at work, on the farm? Or what are you doing? I hope that you spend time with benefit. )))
When do I need to come home to work? Since August, 25th I need to be already at work. I can be with you until August 24, if you do not mind. If you're against, I can leave earlier from you. It all depends on your hospitality.
No, I do not write fast on the keyboard. But I'm trying. Moreover, today I write to you early. And honestly, I'm looking forward to our meeting. There is no strength to wait for our meeting. And I do not want to lose this opportunity when everything is so transparent. I do not want to lose you, Paul. I hope that you understand my feelings for you. If you have any other questions, ask. I will answer. Take care of yourself. Your Mari
Letter 4

Hello my dear Paul. How are you there? Do you have a night or an evening now? I'm already confused about the time difference between us. 10-12 hours ahead of you? ))) How I want to come to you as soon as possible, so that I no longer think about such things. But tell me, can you help me with 100,000 rubles? The matter is that I precisely can not find such sum of money. I try to search, but so far without success. I have a feeling that I'm lost. (((
Thanks for the answer. I'm glad you're ready to leave me before August 24th. I'm sure we'll have a good time together. But I need your support. Yes, I remember that you wrote that you can help me with half the money for the trip. But I do not know how long it will take for me to find the other half of the money for the trip. Will you help me with the full amount?
I wish you a pleasant evening. Hug you. I shall wait for your answer. Your Mari
Letter 5
Hello dear Paul. How glad I am that you wrote. How was your day today? How are things on the farm? I look forward to the day when I can see your farm. ))) Dear, thank you for being ready to help me with the expenses. Here are the details of my bank account to make the transfer of finance. I'll wait. My full name: Marina Chikurova Nikolaevna
Bank name: Tinkoff
A/N (IBAN): 40817840600000317711
Swift code of bank: TICSRUMM
Bik code: 044525974
Address of bank: Moscow, 123060, 1st Volokolamsky Proezd 10.
currency: USD My home address:
ul. Dzerzhinskogo, 21
Samarskaya oblast'
446204 As you already know, I was visiting my colleague. And I had a good evening at a party. Everything was delicious. But, despite a good evening, I thought about you, about our meeting. I asked myself: how are you there? And what are you doing? Do you miss me? Are you dreaming about our meeting? I so badly want you to refuse with me. So that you hug me, kiss me gently, and tell me: I'm near, my dear! I came to visit not alone. With me was a little Miro. The children were happy to see him. Children all night playing with Miro. Miro was happy that they were playing with him. I was pleased to watch him play with the children. And how Miro rejoices that they are playing with him. )))
My colleague does not have pets. But after my visit, they will take a kitten from the shelter. Children really want a pet. Otherwise, they are bored. (((And the children have a good mom.) Therefore, she decided to take the kitten from the orphanage. As I told you, my colleague knows about you, about our contact. And I gave your greetings for her. She was glad to hear about it. She also sends greetings to you. )))
She asked me when we meet? I replied that soon. My colleague asked me, what kind of person are you? I told you that you are a kind, caring man. That you are attentive to me. That you understand me, even though we live far from each other. But I think that we will be fine when we are together. ))) I was on a visit until 22:30 pm. By the time the man came to my colleague. He was very tired from work, which he did not even want to eat. But he greeted me. And then, he went to bed.
I said goodbye. She took my little friend and went home. And honestly, I'm also tired from such an evening. But this fatigue was pleasant. Write to me. I'm waiting for your message back. Your Mari
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