Scam letter(s) from Irina to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
Very sorry for so late answer, but I'm so happy to write you now))))
John, I want to tell you that I'm here not for games and fun. I want to find my man with whom I will spend a rest of my life.I hope you not like another and really want to find your soul-mate???? wait of your honest answer, with respect Iryna
Letter 2
Hi, my sweet John.
THank you so much for your letter..
YOu are a nice man, I like you , and such a kind easy-going person..
I'm so sorry you left alone of all your family.. And I'm so sorry about your girl friend..
How was it possible, she was only 35.. I'm really so sorry.. I think you live in a wonderful country and tha's a pity noone to chat.. Even here in Ukraine and in Russia people speak English.. . You are a good man, and I feel i can open my soul to you.. Yes, my dear, we have a lot of grief in this war, I feel not safe, because I live in Lugansk region, and may be you don't know about the war in Lugansk and Donetsk.. Sure it's very hard here and I work now in hospital as a nurse.. In Lugansk they don't shoot, but any moment can start and economical situation is very hard here.. Totally poverty, miserable and with no opportunities here..
I work for 3 month already without salary but I can't quit people and can't quit my job not to lose my medical skills..I even don't have plans to move to other territory of Ukraine as I thin it's the same problem there, I hope for better.But if i meet my real love, not the first man to escape, I will if he wants..I hope to find a real friend, partner and lover in my future man.. And abpout the war In fact I live 40 km from Lugansk and 13 km from Lugansk airport(which is totally destroyed) and see many things whech neither Ukrainian, nor Russian tv will show((
Anyway, Ukraine sent army for Lugansk and Donetsk and they bomb peaceful people,this is the fact, no difference , separatists or not. When Lugansk and Lugansk airport was bombed in summer 2014, we operated under shooting(I didn't operated, I assisted and helped as a nurse) and we didn't care were it soldiers from both sides or peaceful people.. But too many wounded people and they needed help.
Yes., my job is very interestimng and need, but not regarded unfortunately..
And now we are declared as terrorists just because we live in Lugansk region! And My granny doesn't get pension from Ukraine on which she was working just because she lives in Lugansk region.. May be she is a terrorist in her 76 years) John, this situation id difficult to explaine, some people try to help and save others, and some just make money in the war.. More then half of Ukraine believed they struggle agianst separetists,and Lugansk and Donetsk stay for it's history and valueties and think they struggle against Nasiz in Kiev.. And in fact the main reason is money and interests of some countries, and peoplke die from the both sides..
And now Donbass/lugansk and Donstsk /people are prectically starving in such economic situation.. John , I don't want to bother you with all that and I'm getting sad..Please, tell me about your likes, dislikes..
What kind of person are you, what are your hobbies?
Do you have pets? What cousin do you like..favorie dish..
I think you want to be loved and cared and want also to love and care of somebody as I do..
You are a very nice man and I think of you a lot, my dear..
Letter 3
How are you , dear John ??? I'm really very happy to receive kind letter from you! I can tell you,that I'm looking for the real relationship.
John, please don't think that your age can be the problem for us!
I don't think that the age can be the problem for feelings, for love. Please, understand me. I'm dissapointed in young boys. They need to be cared like children, and i don't want such a man.. I want serious and ready to love his woman, not only himself..
John, I want to know you better. Can you send me more your pictures? As you know, my name is Iryna, I am 30 years old, I live in Krasnodon, it is situated in the eastern part of Ukraine.
Now, honey, I'd like to tell you about my family. I live with my mother and my brother,his name is Alexey. When in 2011 in september my father died, my mum and I lost everything, only my brother was the real support for us. Do you have brothers or sisters? You know, every time care and support are very important and I know for sure that in my future family this values will be on the first place, as love and mutual understanding!!
So, since my childhood I I decided to become a medical nurse. Now I'm working now in hospital, as a nurse for people after operations, also I attend courses once week and study to be a beautician, cosmetologist.. I dream to do girls and women beautiful as i can..
I work hard and I want to say that I like my job very much because I feel that I help people to feel better and it makes my heart better! So, that's a little about my life story, and I hope that you are interested in me!
I will be very happy to know about you and your life more, to feel how you are living there, what do you want from your life and what do you miss sometimes... You know, I'm very optimistic and kind person, and I want to devide my kindness with you. John , it was very pleasant to receive your letter to answer it back!!!
I hope to hear from you soon. With best regards, your Iryna )))
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