Scam letter(s) from Lily Anderson to Emre (Turkey)

Letter 1
Hello Emre, it's me, Lily! May I call you by name? Talk a little about myself: I am 33 years old, I'm from South Korea, working as a party planner, but now I am on vacation, so I'm in the USA with my sister. My sister recently had a baby and I help her. I'm sorry, I'm so bad I know english language, but I try to write to you was understandable. I do not have a husband and children. I would be happy to meet you closer and learn a bit about you. If you do not mind, we will be able to see when I'm in the Turkey. I'm planning to go there in early October, to the wedding of a friend. I hope we can become friends, Lily.
Letter 2
Hello Emre! Thank you for your kind reply. Pre-planned my trip for October 11 and I think I'll be there until 01.11.2017, because the next day I have to go to work. You will be free at this time? I would like to meet you in a cozy atmosphere and see you struck me as a good person. Why are you registered on the site? When I lived in Korea, all of my married friends were just sitting at home and doing household chores. Once I began to travel to other countries, I saw how people live in other countries and what kind of relationship between people can be ... I do not want to just sit at home. I was in a relationship, but they did not last long, after 2 months we broke up because my boyfriend realized he wasn't ready to spend his life with one woman. This happened 4 months ago and I still can't recover from this betrayal. I hope I did not embarrass his story, I'm not chasing rich men have a good income and wealthy parents, I'd like to see next to me was a friend. If you want to be my friend, I will be very happy. How do you feel about that? Tell me about your relationship with your family. Sincerely, Lily.
Letter 3
Hello again Emre. Thank you for your answers, for me it's really important. I'm attracted to people like you and sorry that I did not understand everything that you write, even though I use a dictionary and translator. If your attitude to me sincerely, we could meet over a cup of coffee and hug each other as good friends. Maybe if you'd like, we could build a serious relationship. What do you think the Asian girls? My friend from Korea told me the program, and sent the texts can be translated and delivered as e-mail, here's my page, I just added my new photos . My friend met there with Spaniard Carlos month ago he arrived in Seoul. It looks like they have everything in order, however, girlfriend sometimes complains that have not yet fully learned the Spanish language, but they understand each other. Haha)) Write me a page try to talk there.
Have a wonderful day! Lily. Forgot to tell you: send reference to your page as soon as it will do on the site, I will try to write you a message there.
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