Roamnce scam letter(s) from Valeria Bogatyreva to Bob (USA)
Letter 1
Hi, my favorite Bob I'm the happiest girl in the world because I have you, my love. My feelings for you are sincere and bright, and I hope for reciprocity. I so want to cuddle up to your shoulder, and forget about everything.
With you I easy. Their attention, affection, sweetness, you just fascinate me. Let the fire of our love burns brighter, let come true all your plans. I will be thankful all my life for what she gave me you, my only and most desired. I'm afraid to lose you.. very afraid... My settings are : 90 my chest, my waist 58, hips 89 my. I hope that you won't be disappointed? I wish we are with you enjoyed our stay at the beach. It's so interesting that you grow roses. It is even very romantic. I adore roses) a rose is beautiful flower. I'm sure sex with you would be wonderful. because when you love person, then the sex is great. I'm sure you're full of energy and energy. I'm willing to accept you for who you are. You can don't hide anything from me. I understand you and will support always. But there is one problem. You know I write you from Internet cafe and it is quite expensive for me... over My finances, so I don't know how to continue our communication and I want you to know that. Because if I disappear, you'll know why. The reason for this is the inability to pay for the Internet cafe. I am ashamed to ask money from you... But if you can, please help me. I will be grateful to you if we can continue our communication and to make plans for our future... Love you and softly kissing you,
your Valeriy?
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