Scam letter(s) from Julia Iurchuk to Per (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello dear!
What do you know about love, feelings, emotions? Would you like to share your love with another person, maybe with me?)) What love means for you?)
As for me, I know exactly that somewhere is my man with whom I will become happy)) I really need to be beloved, listened and cared. I want to hear nice words. I think it's important to say kind words and how much do you love your partner)) I dream to come home and see my lover, to eat with him, to watch different films. How it would be great to travel together, to find out a lot of interesting things and to feel fascinating emotions))
I am tender, sincere and happy person because I have a lovely family, I am really thankful to my parents that they brought me up and gave me a lot of love) But now I want also to create my own family, my own future)) If you want also serious relationship, write me and we will try to do it together))
With love,
Letter 2
Dear Per
Hello first of all))
I see that you are a good, kind and interesting man but unfortunately women lied you and it's pity. We shouldn't trust all but without mistakes we won't understand what we really need from life. It's experience and each of us has different one.
I really wouldn't like to loose such a man like you and I have some questions to you but I will ask them later because I have to go to the hospital right now.
Have a nice man Lucy
Letter 3
Good afternoon my sweet Per
My honey, at the moment I am watching on one very cute couple. The are really so sweet. They are sitting on the bench and talking about how much they love each other. The most interesting is that he is about thirty and she is sbout twenty-two. They are looking very happy. Oh honey, he is making her a marriage proposal. A bouquet of red roses and a very beautiful ring. All people who are also here are following this event. It is so romantic.
My sweetie, such moments make me believe more in love. People themselves create their happiness.
The spring came and people smile more.
I wish you also a nice day with a lot of positive emotions
Smile to me)))))
Your warm
Spring girl
Letter 4

Good evening my dear Per
My honey, as I am going to bed, I would like to tell you "good night" and to wish you very sweet dreams where I will play the main role
Also honey please remember that I am your girl and it is important for me to wish you good night, because then I will be sure that you sleep well.
These smiles are for you
I hug you
I kiss you so gently
Be sure that tomorrow you will get up and you will think about me, then you will come here and you will know that I thought this night about you.
Sweet dreams my darling

Letter 5
Sweet afternoon my dear Per
Hope that you are well and in a good mood. If yes, please smile to me like this
My honey, I want to notify you that two or maybe three days I will not have an opportunity to write you. Because I am going to the village to help my grandparents with all those fruit and vegetables. Also we are going to do makeovers. There is not Internet. The entertainment there is only TV
So these two or three or even more days I will be very busy and exhausted.
My train arrives at eight.
I will miss you. When I will come home, I will write you.
Kisses and hugs
Letter 6
Good morning my dear Per
I have just come home and I am very very exhausted. I need to take a bath. I need to do washing up with all my clothes. These days were very hard but at the same time I spent very nice time with my grandparents.
Honey, I will write you a bit later
Letter 7
Good afternoon my sweet Per
Sorry, I was absent for some days. We had Easter on the sixteenth of April. And I celebrated this holiday really good in a family circle. After that we went to the forest and fried meat. Then in the evening we came home. The weather
was not so good.
Can you imagine, yesterday we had rain with snow? Very cold. It was very strange to see snow in the end of April. We did not expext it. Today is sunny but it is only two degrees. So the sun does not warm us.
Concerning music, I like all music. When I liked one song it does not matter what it is. I like different kinds of music. Especially I like listening American songs. And what is your favourite kind of music?
Honey, I am sorry for your wife
Oh honey, will you cook for me your extra food? Of course I will cook our Ukrainian dishes and you will taste it)))
Have a nice day)
Letter 8
Good afternoon my sweet Per
Honey, you cannot imagine how I missed you all this time. But I fell in a hard depression.
My father had a heart attack. I was shocked because he is so young. He loves sport and does not stay at one place. He was healthy and happy with his life. He loves my mother and his job. I did not leave him even on one minute. Because I was afraid not to loose him. The doctor told me that he had a good luck to leave safty. In such moments you don't know what you can do and how could it happen.
Honey, tell me please which is the best job for women in your city? What usually women do?
Have a great day)
Only your
Letter 9
Good evening my beloved Per
Tell me please how was your trip? What did you do? How did you spend that time? Did you enjoy your trip?
My father feels better but still he needs to stay in the hospital some more time until he will recover.
My honey, I would like to work with people, to help them and support.
Concerning my plans, to be honest, I want to travel around the world. And my dream is to be with you my Per, to have my own big family and to be happy.
And what about you?
Your beloved
Letter 10
Good afternoon so sweet Per
Yo did not read my last letter, is all ok with you? Because I am worrying about you.
What about having a good conversation? I would like to talk with you about pleasant things.
Please come back here and write me)
I miss you
Letter 11
My sweet Per
Hello))) I missed you so much. I was waiting for your message but I knew that you had not enough time to do it, so I was waiting. And tadaaaaam, you finally wrote me.
I am glad that your trip to London was good. It is always great to travel, to meet new people, to see something new.
I am going to eat an omlet.
Later I will write you
Letter 12
Good morning my sweetest Per
Sorry that I did not write you yesterday later. I went to bed because I had a headache.
I read your letter again and I want to tell you that I like your plans. I want really a big family with you. I want you to become a good father.
I would like to travel to America to see all those places, jolly people. I want to see life there.
And I can imagine us as a big family and happy family. I always dream to go on a boat by sea. It will be very romantic))
Letter 13
Good afternoon my lovely Per
I congratulate you with your holiday!!!?? I would really know more about this national holiday.
Oh honey, it is a very cood holiday, especially for children))) I like how you celebrate it.
As for me today my grandmother has a birthday. I am going to bake a special cake for her birthday and also I want to buy her something like a dress.
It will be a surprise to her. I want to gather all the family but it will be unexpected to her to see all of us.
So I will prepare all.
I wish you to celebrate your national day very greatly))))
Letter 14
My darling per
Thank you for noticing me that you have not opportunity to write me yet. Of course I will be waiting for you as much as you need. I miss you very much
Have a nice day
Your sweet
Letter 15
Good afternoon my romantic Per
Yes, I can say good afternoon)))
Honey, today I have received my payment. I cannot say that it is so big, because here people very seldom earn a lot of money. For example young people without a high education cannot find a job. It is really very hard.
So my payment I will spend my money for food. Because my fridge should be not empty. As I told you, I like cooking. Do you here anything about "Master chef?" It is a show where people develop their skills in cooking. They cook not simple dishes but something special and expencive like people eat in the restaurants. There you can really learn a lot of foreign dishes, recipes and you do it in extrimal etmosphere. It is really exciting. In the end when you become a winner, you receive a lot of money and good job in Paris or somewhere else and also money. Wouldn't you like take a part in such a show or maybe in other show?
Letter 16
Hello my sweetest Per
Honey, it is really a good news I am so happy that finally we will communicate more often. It is pity that you cannot see my smile at the moment but you can imagine it.
Honey, yes I travelled several times. I was in France, in Italy. I also wanted to travel in Germany but some things changed and I lost this opportunity.
My darling, I want to travel with you and it does not matter where. Any place you want.
At first yes, we should meet in Uk and then travel together. Which will be the first place?
Honey, maybe the next month of summer will be warmer. So do not be disappointed)
Today is warm but not sunny)
Have a nice evening)
Letter 17
My darling, my Per
I came here to wish you good night. Because I am already in my bed. I want to sleep very much. I am very exhausted after fitness. I can say that my day was useful and healthy. I like the days when I have fitness.
So my sweetie I wish you sweet dreams. Please think only positevely. Because life is really a beautiful thing. We should just enjoy it. Sometimes when our wishes come true, we do not notice it. And it is pity. We always want something and when it appears we think ok, it happened.
I would write you more in this letter but my eyes and my brain do not allow me to do it.
So good night and sweet dreams)))
Letter 18
My dear Per, good afternoon my sweetie)
August would be ideal for me. It would be great to meet in Ukraine. You will see my city. I will showbyou the best places which I visit. My favourite one is "Public". There is alive music and delicious dishes. You can also offer some **** which is also very great.
Honey, of course honey I want it to come with you in Norway to see how you live.
Honey, maybe you should go to the doctor?
Sweetie, I am going to eat)
Letter 19

Good afternoon my darling Per
I am so happy that I am writing you now. My favourite song is playing now. I am sitting on the balcony and looking how the cars are riding at the street. And what are you doing now.
Today I have bought some fruit and I want to make a fruit salad. I like cutting all fruits I have and to add there sugar with sour cream. Mmmm...??????
Tomorrow I will prepare my favourite pancakes with jam.
Today I was also sitting with children. There are two of them. They are almost one year old. They are girls. It was very interesting to follow how they speak, how they crawl, how they laugh. They are so interesting.
I am going to cut my salad and you please take a rest and think about something very pleasant)))
Only your
Letter 20
My sweet Per
Good afternoon!) Honey, yes, we should talk about hotel and room. I think we don't need more than one room. I don't want you to pay a lot of money.
Unfortunately I cannot speak English without an interpreter. I speak Ukrainian and Russian only.
No not fly but train. I was in Kyiv and I went there by train. For example you sit there at eight pm. so you will be here at seven o'clock am. One night you will be there
I am worrying about you. Please tell me every day how is your stomach.
Mmm I like your tradition with barbecue)
Sweet kisses
Letter 21
Good evening my beloved Per
Oh honey, sorry that I misunderstood you. Next time I will be careful. Now I understood what do you mean. One big room will be enough for us.
Honey, todY we have not a good weather. Because it was cold and windy. I even caught a cold in my hands. So I did not like today's weather.
I came from the fitness and to be honest I am very hungry.
I would like also to go to the sea with you and join all the beauty of it.
Time to prepare food
Letter 22
Good day my sweet Per!
Yesterday I was also very tired and I went to bed earlier than ever.
Honey, I am not afraid that we will have misunderstandings because we feel each other, this is more important. We will understand each other even without any words.
Today is not hot, a bit windy. I can agree with you that this summer is hopeless. I want to sunburnt. But the weather should be hot. I hope that next month will give me an opportunity to become brown)
I love you too and kiss you)
Letter 23
Good afternoon my wonderful Per
Honey I forgot to ask you for one advice. Will you help me?)
My honey, today I have seen a very nice summer dress but it was too expensive. So I did not buy it but now I often think about it. I have money on it but I am not got used to spend a lot of money on clothes. But I am afraid that if I don't buy it, I will regret.
Honey, I am a girl, girls like different dresses, skirts, blouses and so on. We always want to look greatly. Will you tell me buy it or not?
Letter 24
Good afternoon my darling Per,
I am very very happy to read your message)) You are so amazing. My honey it is not a jacket but a dress) It costs three thousand hryvnas. I think it is too much for dress. But at the same time it is so beautiful. I am like a princess in that dress. Honey, I don't know would it be ok if you send me money for it. I think I do not deserve it. It is really to expensive. I don't want you to think that I want only money. I am not such a type of girl. I value some other things, not money. I like when people understand each other.
I am very glad that you have a rest with your friends. A cabin trip it is so cool) Did you tell anything about me to your friends?
Here the rain started at night and was lasting to the morning. It is windy and cool.
I kiss you and wish you a nice weekend??????
Letter 25
Good evening my sweet Per
I can say that today I really made a lot. This day was devoted for tiding my flat and cooking. I have cooked really a lot of food: fried chicken, some chops, cutlets, potato with sour cream and dill, rice, soup with meat, and some salads. However outside is not hot, but in the kitchen it is very hot. This all will last for one week.
Tomorrow I have some plans. My friend has a birthday. She will celebrate it in the restaurant. This restaurant is not far from me. I was there once. But now it changed it's name and cuisine too.
Now I am going to take a bath because I have a food smell.
Have a nice evening)
Letter 26
Good afternoon my sweet Per
Oh my honey, oh my Per, thank you very much))))) I can't believe that you can help me with that dress. But honey, you mustn't spend a lot of money on me. I do not deserve it.
I am very glad that you spent good time on a fishing trip with your friends and that you fished a lot. Even the weather was good. You had luck.
Today was very hot, very sunny, very good. Such a weather I was waiting all this time. But I was working so I couldn't enjoy this weather. But there are two months left.
I will search on youtube " Tore Tang".
Time to go on fitness)
Only your
Letter 27
Good afternoon my sweet Per
My honey, I have checked my email and I have answered you, I told that your photos are so great)
Today the weather is rainy. But it is not cold.
I got up and Infelt that I have a sore throat. I drank some warm tea and one thing not to fall sick then. However I do not feel myself better. My throat interfere me to eat. I even decided not to go on fitness because there I will be like a dying swan.
Oh honey, I congratulate you with this holiday!!!))) I wish you to spend it very good.
I will prepare a hot tea and come back to you)
Letter 28
My lovely Per
Thank you thank you thank you very much for money. I did not think that you will send me it. I did not want you to spend money on me because you earn them very hard. But again thank you very much for such a present. Finally I will buy that beautiful dress))))))
You can't imagine how happy I am????????????????
I want to hug you very strongly and to kiss you very softly and a lot of times. Maybe I can also make a present for you? What would you like my sweet Per?
Letter 29
Oh honey, sorry I forgot to answer your questions. Honey, I know that when you have a sore throat you should not drink a hot tea, just warm will be enough.
The rain had stopped. It is sunny. But in the evening it will go again.
Tell me please what are you doing now?
I will tell you when I will retrieve the money)
Letter 30
My love Per
Thank you very much. I have just told you that I want something, and you will give me it, however I did not deserve it.
I am also at home. I am drinking some warm tea will honey and lemon. What movie are you going to watch?
Tell me how do you make your onion soup?) Will you share with me? Maybe I will also cook it one day)
Your sweet
Letter 31
Good evening my adorable Per
Honey, now is raining a lot. I am looking through the window and all is wet. There were also a thunder. Are you afraid of a thunder? One day one of my neightbours was otside and a lightning had strucked him. He fell down on the earth. We called an ambulance. The next day I saw him alive. I was shocked. How? I think the God saved him and his life. He gave him one more chance.
When I was younger, I used to watch BBC news about the different animals. I liked programmes about nature. I was interested in everything exists around us. And even now I am interested in all this. And I think that it is good.
I feel hot, I think that I have a temperature because of the sore throat. I feel bad.
I will take some pills and write you later.
Please take care)
Letter 32
My lovely Per, I was really afraid that you smoke cigarettes and you spoil your health but you use electronic, it is better. Bowever I heard that electronic cigarettes are more harmful than simple one. There is a poison. Here in Ukraine people also use them. They are also popular here. But most of people smoke simple cigarettes. Did you try not to smoke any more?
Honey I am not against, if you smoke, you can smoke)
I will be thankful for your list)
Have a nice party)
Letter 33
Good morning my sweet Per
Honey, thank you for sharing with me about your smoking. It is not good that you started it with so young age like 15. But I know that with this age all starts. Smoking, drinking, drugs and so on.
It is really good that you use electronic cigarettes. If it is like a food for you, do it. We have only one life and why not to do that we want and brings us pleasure??? Maybe with me you will stop smoking, or maybe we will do it together))) We will see it soon.
Thank you also for your recommended netflix movies))) I think I will enjoy these films.
I will be making my breakfast and I wish you a nice morning)))
Letter 34

My sweetest Per,
I was also thinking about you. I still have this terrible sorebthroat. I had also a nice weekend because the weather yesterday was so good and I went with my fanily on the river. I have sunburned a bit because the sun was always hiding behind the clouds.
Oh honey, it is very good that you visited your deceased wife and parents. Sometimes people need to set up new flowers and so on, we should make beautiful that place where lies our dearest people. Well done honey.
Yes honey, we learn from school not only subjects but some other things like smoking. We are young and we want to try all. We want to show that we are already adults and that we are cool. I know all this. When I was at school I have also try to smoke. But I was seventeen. But I did not like it.
Honey, there were weekends and Western union did not work. Today I will get them. However I can't believe that you made it and sent me money. You are the best my Per)))
Million kisses for you
Letter 35
Good night my lovely Per
Sorry that I am writing you so lately, but only now I have finally time to do it.
Thank you my darling for asking my question and sharing your opinion with me. It was really interesting to read about what would you like to change in your life.
Concerning the conflict in my own country, I would like to say that I would like to change this but it depends on all people not only on me. We can get rid of this war if we were cleverer. We own build our country, only we can make it better. But people do not want to do anything for it We want to have all but we don't see the value of it. We do not think about the next day. Sometimes I think that people are not people. Money makes people cruel. People forget that they are people. I would like to go on the square and scream "Who are we? We are People!" We have always remember about it.
My honey, I would write you more but I want to sleep very much. Sweet dreams)))
Letter 36
Good afternoon my love Per
Honey, finally we have also summer here, today and yesterday. It is almost thirty degrees on the sun. I was waiting for such a summer, however at home it is so hot.
Honey, grill it is a very good idea. And how did you soend time in that smalk forest? Was meat good and tasty?
Yes my sweetie, I have picked up money yesterday. But I did not buy that dress the same day because that shop was closed. Today I will buy it immediately. And that's all is with your help. Because you are the best man, because you think about me, because you want to see me happy. You make me really very happy. You are sonattentive tonmy wishes. The next present will be from me to you)
Kiss you a lot of times)))
Letter 37
Oh my lovely Per
I forgot to write you sbout that hacker attack. When I heard it, I was shocked. I could not understand how could it happened. Which people have it done? They might be very clever. Because it might be difficult to do it, to break it all.
At first a war, then hackers, I cannot understand what is going on with our world. Why people do it? Because they want money. But *** can they sleep if they know that these people who left money in these banks are very disappointed. Maybe it was their last money. I would rather be poor than steel money from other people. Security was not good enough while hackers broke it. Workers told that maybe in three months all the money will be on their place.
Kisses your
Letter 38
Good evening my adorable Per
It is great my honey that your meat was tasty. I would like also to be in that forest together with you) And it is good that children have a place for their games.
Yes my honey, banks' accounts were lost. I have luck that I picked your money because if your money was disappeared I would never forgive myself for it. Because your money would be lost.
My sweetie, dress looks very beautifully on me. I am like a princess in it. But I know that not clothes decorate us but we decorate clothes)) Thank you again for your present. I will never forget it.
I am your flower. It sounds so cute)) I am very satisfied and I am happy when you are happy too.
Honey, I will let you know if 20 August suits me.
Love you too)
Letter 39
Good morning my special Per
I missed you very much my honey. How are you my dear? What did you do on weekends? Did you visit your sister?
I did not have any plans, but my family decided to go to "Aqua". Have you ever heard anything about it? It is a lake. My skin is a bit darker. I was swimming and sunbathing. I have spent very good time there.
I have to go)
I am waiting for your message, my love))
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