Scam letter(s) from Julia Aleksandrovna to Fabio (Italy)

Letter 1
Honey, I'm still very glad that I had the opportunity to check my email again today and I received your letter. Honey, I understand that you accidentally deleted my previous letter. Now I will write again my full data.
My full name is Yuliya Aleksandrovna.
My name is Yuliya.
My last name is Aleksandrovna.
My city is Pushkino.
Honey, I'm glad that you found MoneyGram in your city, and that you can use their services to help me. Honey, as I already wrote you to buy tickets, I need $ 930. I hope that today you will go to MoneyGram and help me. After you send money do not forget to send me a copy of the form. I love you, and I look forward to our meeting. I'm glad that I will be with you soon, and we will not have to wait for letters from each other, because we can talk about everything personally. I love you . I miss you . I'm looking forward to an early reply. Your Yuliya!
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