Scam letter(s) from Galina to Jakob (Denmark)

Letter 1
Hello Jakob ! How is your day? Millions of letters starting with this phrase.. and what if that is a sign for us?..) let’s begin with communication and with me telling you more about me. And you also, I hope?)) I am Galina and you remember me, I guess?)) don’t you?) I was happy to catch your page at a site and now here hope we will get closer writing more to each other. Of course endless letters that is not my aim at all, this is just what we can start with. My intentions are strong and I am here not for empty time spending! I am fed up with ‘one gate play’ relations. Love that is work of two, mutual care and mutual connection, you too think so? That is sunny nice summer goes.. I adore that! Time when all is bright, warm, sweet and pleasant!! Let' shine together also, are you ready? Do you like warm days? Birds singing, thunderstorms with lightning, all is green and warm around. if no then you need a right girl to hug you and you will love for sure:) ahaha;) I feel rising interest to you and hope that is reciprocally. Hope my whole day will be the same way nice like this part of that - writing you my lines!:) Wishing you plenty of smiles –
Letter 2
Hello to you here!
Hi, Jakob!! Thank you for answering, for that we can open more and more of us to each other! In my previous letter I didn't tell you about me much, I want to correct that lack of knowledge:) So, here I am - girl of 33 years old with B Day on 15th August. Hope not an old horse for you? ;)) I live in Roskoshnoe, near Lugansk. I live with my mama and older sister. since 2014 that is war here, you heard.. life is going other way.. my family became smaller at one person, my dad is no longer alive... My mama is as a doctor, my sister - a nurse. Sister dreaming to leave from here and she is about to find work in Kiev and go there. Till she is here - I asked her to help with English learning - she learnt that from school! I try and do all my best, Jakob!! Now sister helps me to write letters to you, but I hope with better learning I do that on my own soon, because I enjoy learning!
How many of languages you speak? Or maybe you are more digit person?:) I do animator job with kids in child room. seems doing fine - boss satisfied with my work:) I like to make children laugh! That is not my work according to diploma, I have a degree in Information Systems, but that is other long story :) if you want to learn more - I can share.
you do? :) I also enjoy cooking, gardening.. well - simply girls things)) I will show you some pictures of what I like:) Leaving life with work and home things I feel empty inside... I want to LIVE FOR EACH OTHER! I want my dear man and me to be happy... Maybe we can do that together, Jakob? ;) Seems we having great chance to try making that;) Wish you amazing day,
Letter 3
Hello to you, Jakob!
Good day!!! I sent you my letter and there is no reply from you still... I'm worry about you a little bit and I want to know what is happening with you.
Here I'm OK, I'm working, summer just is too hot all around, all my thoughts are around you and each day I wonder myself, where is my Jakob? I became attached to you for a very short time, that may be sound unreal but when man posses all thoughts this is not simple already...
Do you agree with me? That will be interesting for me to learn more about your thoughts and ideas, your interests and of course, to receive finally your answer. How do you feel this summer days? What are your plans? I really miss you here, I wait for your reply with impatience. Galina,
with kiss
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