Romance scam letter(s) from Maria Ieromenko to Michael (USA)
Letter 1
Hi, my Michael! The last two evenings I was with family. I tried to talk the day before yesterday with my parents, but they talk only about busines. Yesterday evening I told them about you. I said thad I would be pleased if you could come to our country house and meet them. I want that you live with me but in in the guest room. My parents still against a foreign groom. They say that I should give them an heir and look the for a real groom. They can not enough help me at a distance, and said that even before the wedding you are not interested about my life. It's all my imagination and you do not have to me any serious feelings. They do not want in-law, who can not even pay for my English courses. In Ukraine usually a man helped to his woman. I know that they are right. I think that the problem in me. I have to correct the situation. I understand that when a man loves, he is ready to take care about a woman. I think I should be more attentive to you and I should give you more love. Then you will take care of me. I will try as much as possible to open a female character. In Ukraine, a decent man pays for a woman. I am pleased that you organize trip to my city and now I wish be with you. I'm miss you so much. We should rather make love when we meet. I need that I will wake up with you every morning. I want you in reality to show how much I missed you. I want to have a lot of different sex with you. I must open my feelings to you.
I hope, that you need me and want me too.
Now I will dreaming about you
How is your mother?
I want to feel your tongue on my clitoris. It will be your best gift for me. I'll kiss your penis until you cum in my mouth.
I need you
Letter 2
I am happy that God hear me. I wish you nice trip with your mom
If you have possibly, pls, send me 50$
I want go to courses of massage
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