Scam letter(s) from Olga Maksimova to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi :)
How are you ?
Let's get to know each other on the closer?
Here are a couple of my photos!
Letter 2
Yes I am from Russia.
I am 20 years old.
I'd like to meet you. You do not mind?
I am waiting for your reply
Letter 3
For me, age is not important, the main thing is that we were interested in communicating.
I found you at a dating agency.
Letter 4

I live in the city of Kazan. I study at the university, I want to become a famous designer baby clothes. Now I'm making money in my free time in a cafe.
You have a very nice dog, I really love animals.
Are you keen on fishing?
Of course, I'll send my photos.
You can ask me any questions, I will answer everything.
Letter 5
Sorry, I urgently need to work in a cafe.
As soon as I come back from work, I will answer all your questions.
Wait for me.
Letter 6
Hi, I just came from my job. I'm tired, so I want to take a warm, relaxing shower ...
I am very glad that you are interested in our communication. While I was at work, I thought about you for a long time, and the idea of our friendship with you came into my head. Do you mind?
I need to tell you, I recently bought my laptop and it has a very weak operating system and it will not be convenient for me to communicate with you on Skype ... I'm sorry ..
But if you are interested in our communication, then continue to write me an e-mail.
I will be happy to communicate with you, you are interesting to me, as an interlocutor :)
Also, I believe that it is still too early for us to discuss the conversation over the phone, we recently met and are not so closely acquainted. And it will also be difficult for us to understand each other, because I know your language only at the initial stage. And my cellular operator forbids talking abroad, both outgoing and incoming my state network. And it prohibits such calls.

Thank you for the compliment about my figure, if you want, I can still throw off.
What a sweet name your dog has.
Yes, I had experience in fishing, but it was not very successful, I even had a catch, but it was a very small fish.

Goodnight. Your Olya.
Letter 7
Good afternoon, my dear friend!
I am very pleased that you take our communication seriously :)
I use an interpreter to communicate with you.
I wanted to write that I can send you more pictures if you ask.
Today I was at work. Soon I will have to return to work. We have a small cafe. I work as a waitress. We cook wonderful coffee and delicious desserts.
I did not have a boyfriend, I lived with my parents until I was 18, but now I live alone in a rented apartment. It happens hard, but I cope. I love to cook, sometimes my friends come to visit me and I cook specially for them different goodies.
And how do you like cooking?
I adore children, sometimes my relatives ask to be taken with their children and play with them happily.

Your Olya.
Letter 8
Your dishes look very appetizing, I would gladly try. I will also throw off what I have prepared. Basically I cook Russian dishes. Recently made a cheesecake.
I am very pleased. I hope you like me.
Letter 9
Thank you very much, I'm very happy with your compliments :)
I want to attend cooking courses in the future. I am very pleased that we have common interests.
Letter 10
I am 5,3ft and weigh about 92 pounds. You yourself see what my physique is.
I'm Russian by nationality. I have fair skin, green eyes and blonde hair.
I have a dream. I want to leave Russia. I believe that there are more opportunities abroad for study and work. If you remember, I dream to become a designer of children's clothes. And I get the impression that there are more opportunities abroad to become a popular designer. I want to give children joy that clothes do not interfere with their active games.
In my opinion, there are more opportunities to improve their skills. In Russia, you need to make a lot of efforts to fulfill your dream, to develop as a person. I think you have a free country and no one will forbid to engage in any activity that makes you happy.
Do you think that you achieved what you wanted in your life?

I kiss you, Olya.
Letter 11
Good afternoon :)
I have not measured my parameters for a long time, but they are close to the standard 90-60-90.
I'm sending you a couple of pictures where you can see the color of my eyes
What I think is my dream is not executable.
My salary for a month in a cafe is 8 thousand rubles. At your rate it is almost 140 dollars. And I also have very good tips, about $ 60.
We have a small salary in our country. In my opinion, you can earn such a sum in a week.
I am sincerely glad that your dog has everything perfect.
To be honest, I do not like to wear heels. I like comfortable clothes and shoes.

I kiss you, Olya.
Letter 12
Thank you very much. I'm very pleased with your attention :)
I would gladly spend time on the shore of the lake, but this summer in Russia is very cold, there were only a couple of warm days.
I am very pleased that you imagine me next to you. I hope I like your dog. And we will spend time together.
Today is my day off.
I spent the whole day lying around at home in a warm bed. A little later I will meet my mother and we will go shopping.

Your Olya.
Letter 13
I also clean the apartment in the apartment and cook. Soon my mom will come, I'll feed her dinner and we'll go shopping.
And what are you going to do?
I would like to surprise you with photos in beautiful underwear, but I do not have that.
At home I go in short shorts and a T-shirt.

Your Olya.
Letter 14
Hi dear!
My day is terrible, yesterday I broke my phone and now I absolutely do not know what to do ... :(
When I'm at work, I try to discuss buyers as well as possible, we do not have such brazen visitors. In the afternoon I take the laptop to work.
I prepared a light salad and chops for my mother.
I've never been in a canoe.

Your Olya.
Letter 15
Hi dear ! You started to write less to me, I miss you. Why are you so busy?
No, my phone is not subject to repair, I found out. He crashed so badly that all the details flew out of him. I find it very difficult without him :( I can not even call my parents.
We had wonderful weather in the morning, but now it's spoiled and it began to rain. All the sky in the clouds. I feel so lonely.
If you were close, you would hold me to yourself and we would both be better. I hope your weekend will be wonderful.

Your Olya.
Letter 16
I was not offended, just was busy at work and could not respond to your message.
I lost all the information that I had on my phone. And it's even more so.
Yes, I have my photos on the laptop, do not worry.
These two days without my phone seem unbearable.
Funny pictures that you sent me. I did not think anything wrong.

I kiss you, Olya.
Letter 17
I was not offended, just was busy at work and could not respond to your message.
I lost all the information that I had on my phone. And it's even more so.
Yes, I have my photos on the laptop, do not worry.
These two days without my phone seem unbearable.
Funny pictures that you sent me. I did not think anything wrong.

I kiss you, Olya.
Letter 18
Hello my dear!
How are you?
I'm at work, but what do you do?
I think that we will fit together in the shower and in the jacuzzi :)
I'm very pleased that you tell me how you got. I am very glad that the road was safe.

I kiss you, Olya
Letter 19

I wish you a great day.
I've been thinking about you all day, too.
Now I have to work every day from morning till night. And the time is getting shorter.

Kiss passionately.
Letter 20
Today, I will not be able to answer you more messages, I will be very busy at work.
In advance I will wish you sweet dreams.
I kiss and hug, your Olya.
Letter 21
Hello my dear, it's Olya.
Forgive me for not writing for so long. I was hacked by mail, I had to create a new one.
Letter 22
I thought that you could meet another.
I'm at work, there are few visitors, so I can easily answer you. And what are you doing ? I miss you. I miss you so much, madly, to hell.
But all my thoughts are daily occupied exclusively by you. So many memories of you. So much and so little at the same time.
Maybe we were not close in recent times, more precisely we were never very close, but you were dear to me, like everyone who was even fleeting in my life. I so miss your presence next door. I hope one day, we can talk with you Now I'll send you photos that I have on my laptop.
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