Scam letter(s) from Cassy Pereperlova to Dave (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Dave
Thanks for understanding well its my fault i had to explain it to you earlier and how are you doing. Am fine here just thinking about what will happen when i meet you for the first time, may be a hug first and you take me home.
Dave, how was your day yesterday, mine was boring you know why cause i cant wait to get on an air plane and fly to the state am getting nervous lol.
Nervous because am at long last going to meet a great person i have taught of in my life Dave. I know its going to be fun all am hoping now is i meet you safely and see what the future brings us.
Please, dont forget to add your address to the e mail you will send to me when you send the $ to Emmnauel he has to give out all those details before he can take the money for me and remember to take care of yourself and remember someone Dear is thinking about you. Take Care abd have a nice day.
Letter 2

Daer Dave
How are you doing Dave, hope not bad and am missing you badly.
Dave, thanks for the money you sent to me but unfortunately i cant go for it. You know why? cos i will have to provide a voter ID Card which only Ghanaians own here i am not a Ghanain so i dont have one thats was why i told you to send the money to Emmanuel so he can get it for me besides he is a Ghanaian and he has the ID card and he also works at the Western Union Branch here, so i cant go for the money.
Dave, you have to go back and see how you can collect the money and send it to Emmanuel so hw can get it to me, its unfortunate i cant get the money that way that was why i told you to send it to Emmnauel, may be i ahd to explain things to you so you could understand why and what does TEST *** means. Take Care Dave and find a way to get the money and send it to Emmanauel so i can get it. Love Cassy.
Letter 3

Hi Dave
How are you doing, its a long time i heard from you, well sorry i never droped you a message its been very hectic i have to move here and there to be able to make some money to travel back to the states, the good news is that i have gotten a visa and i will be coming back soon in April thats the first two weeks in April and i would like us to arrange so i can meet you in a hotel or you pick me up at the airport any other way that you want it that will be fine. I know you are smiling to hear this form me at long last you are going to meet your Dreamgirl and am also going to meet my
So what have you been doing anything new and how is work, well the only thing you have to help me out with is i have been able to get $800 and i need $700 more to make up to $1500, $1200 for plane ticket and $300 to take care of myself may be i have to take a taxi and other expenses when i get to the state. Hey Dave i know you are Dearly wanting to meet me and so do i and helping me out will make that Dream of mine and yours possible i know you will think about it and give me a good reply, remember the earlier i get the rest of the money the sooner i get to the state. Tell me Dave, what would you like for me to bring to you from Africa so i can get something nice but i have a suprise for you and you will get it when am back home and probably in your home. I have attached two pictures of me i know you would love them and would really want to see the long hair that i have and probably have a feel of it. Tell me what would you do as soon sa you set your eyes on me, may be a hug and i kiss will be perfect and we will get to the next level of this relationship.
Remember when you are sending me the money send the money to the address i e mailed to you the other time he will get it to me as soon as possible when you send it trough Western Union. I will write the address again so you will know who to send to remember i will come online on sunday and we will have a chat then. Hey Dave take care, have fun and remember someone loves you. Love Cassy. Mr Emmnauel V Mewnsah
P O Box CT1532
Cape Coast
West Africa
Letter 4

Dear David
How are you doing, and its a long time i heard from you. Well, whats going on for the past weeks, i dont know why you behaviour towards me have changed like to this, i know its not your wish to behave towards me this way but it that of friends that have influenced you, but i have aleady forgiven you and i hope you feel free to e mail me and talk to me.
Anyway, how is work doing, i wish you all the best and hope you have a nice time today, i can never forget about you and i said i dont have anything against you okay, cos am always your Dreamgirl and i will always be okay.
David, tell me what you have been doing for the past weeks and how did the meeting that you attended go, i hope its was cool, it was after that long time that i never heard from you again but i promise you that i am not mad at you either okay and remembar that i will be there for you when ever you need me okay.
Never frown even when you are sad , because you never know who is falling in love with your smile, to the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world. I Miss You Luv Cassy.
Letter 5

Dear David
How are you doing and its a long time i heard from you, i hope the summit is over and you are going to have time for me.
David, i hope when you read my offline messages you will know how to send the money to the information i e mailed to you? I cant wait to meet you online there is a lot we have to talk about David, I Miss You David.
Letter 6

Dear David
How are you doing out there alone, its a long time i heard from you and i have really missed you and i hope you are missing me to, so how is your work going on , i hope not bad and am praying for you very hard so that everything goes on well with you Dear. Well i had your offline message and am sorry about the hackers messing your computer up, well the address is below and i hope you will have a nice time during your conference.
Well i guess i have to leave you hear so that you get enough rest to go to work, see you David Please e mail me when you send the money to the address, i might not be able to check mail frequently because of power breakdown. Bye Dear Cassy Emmanuel Vincent Mensah
P O Box CT1532
Cape Coast
West Africa
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