Scam letter(s) from Victoria Diegel to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
Hi, John My name is Victoria Shirey, I'm seeking for a soulmate on here, if you dont mind You can Test me + One Two Four Zero Four One Six Nine Two Two Eight or Mail me on Iloveyou so much 1979 at yawho durt ***
Letter 2
My name is Victoria Shirey Diegel , 33yrs, old single never married with no kid I was Born and raised in Baltimore Maryland USA but presently in Peoria Ill, I live with my Uncle down here his name Wayne Diegel ,I went to Methodist college of Nurse and allied health in Omaha Ne, graduated in 2004 and i worked as a nurse in St Francis Medical hospital but it takes all of my time and since have been a kid my dream job is a Designer so I decided to stop working as nurse and be a self employed Fashion designer ,I lost my dad when i was 10 and lost dad before coming down here
Tell me everything about yourself
What I need to tell you first Vicky is that I am sterile so if you are thinking of raising a family you need to look somewhere else love, If you are happy with the fact that I can't give you kids I will tell you all about me, Don't want to waste your time love
Letter 3
Well, I will say as for as you are honest, decent, loyal, doing your best for me and having time for me and not cheating on me and as I told you earlier I hate LYING its the most disgusting thing to me cause my ex lied to me as have experience it and I don't want such to ever repeat its self in my live, and about living with you , How do you feel about the distance between us am all free not doing anything here just part time job and sow cloths for neigbour... My uncle disturb me everyday and night that I should find.a perfect match he always try to make me happy
Letter 4

My name is Victoria Shirey 32 years old single never married with no kid ,I think i'm a Honest,Loving,Caring,Daring,Decent lady thats the way i see myself... ,I can say i am kind Hearten,Considerate and also Open Minded even Understanding I want a Loyal Self-Confident,Trust-worthy and Down to earth person of which i also posses most of these qualities
What more would you like to know more about me ?
Letter 5
Hello ,its my pleasure John , hope you must be doing good today,will you mind if we get to know each other a little bit more then who knows best ,how it may lead us to...Hope to hear from you soonest
Letter 6
if you dont mind You can Text me on Hangout or you can email me Two Four Zero Four One Six Nine Two Two Eight
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