Scam letter(s) from Margarita to Eddy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear Eddy! How are you ? What was unusual happend with you today ?
something interesting)? Thank you for your letter. Can you send me some of your photos please? As you know, my name is Margarita. But all my friends call me Margo !!! I was born in the city of Krasnyi Luch, Lugansk region, Ukraine. It's a wonderful little town! Maybe one day you can see it!)) I was born on February 21, 1981 year . I am 36 years old!!! I was married during 2 years but divorce .
Men here are not reliable and womanizers. So I do not have man in my life now. I have been single for the last 5 month. My previous relationships nothing positive. That is the reason why I'm searching my future husband abroad. I heard that foreign men are serious to make a family with a good, feminine and caring Ukrainian girl. Am I right? I want to love and to be loved. I always try to stay positive ! I dont have children. But I love children!)) So If you have children it's not a problem for me)) I'm sure I'll be a good friend for them . I work chef in a cafe . I love to cook from childhood!
About my culinary talents Mom Found out even in my childhood)) I made a fire in the kitchen after one culinary TV SHOW))) LOL !!!!)))And my *** was red)))))) after this story))))))))))) I also send a couple of my photos .I hope you are not bored and will send me your reply soon! :) All your thoughts are interesting for me so tell me more about you and whatever you would like to tell me! Also I love dancing!) Oh yeah! About dancing ...)) I professionally dancer in ballroom dancing! Maybe we will dance with you whole life ??? Please tell me more about your life, I'm really very interesting in you and I'm waiting for your photo !!!! I will wait for a new letter from you Kiss Margo
Letter 2
Good afternoon Eddy!!!!!!!!!! I read your letter and answered it! Why are you asking me to postobret your letter ?? Have you read my ?? Why did not you comment on my letter! How are you doing ? What's new and interesting? )))) I want to know you more and more! Eddy? This is a big surprise for me! I've never been so interested in correspondence on the Internet before! I think you are very Handsome ,Eddy and interesting man for me !!! Well, it's time TO ***** MY Soul —->and tell about all my SECRETS ))) (laughs)
I want to tell you about my life !! I think it will be very useful for you ! I live with my parents after divorce. I do not want to go into details, so a little For history, my ex-husband was a tyrant and sometimes it seemed to me a madman !! So I decided to change my life!
I hope you Will help me Eddy??)) I have some dreams ! It's to travel around the world and BIG DREAM LOVE AND BE LOVED !! I have some desires!
It's to travel and be happy !! And I like a little princess believe in Miracles and Love !! For To get to know each other better, I suggest playing a game))) do you like games? I propose to play IN GAME facts from YOUR / MY Life! So the first secret fact about me))) My first ****** relationship was with a girl)) What about you ??? ))))) What important for you in YOUR WOMAN, PLEASE ANSWER ON THIS QUESTION !!!! I really would like to know your better and to see your new photos!))) I will be wait a new letter from you!))) I'm send some of my photos!))) And with impatience I will wait your next letter! Your Margo
Letter 3
Where are you? How are you!? Are you all right? You did not answer me, and it ****** me off. What happened!? I hope I'm not tired of you! And I want, that we could communicate with you! How do you? What's New? Margo
Letter 4

Good day to you, dear Eddy!!!!! You made me smile again. I am glad that you spoil me with your photos.
Thank you, my mood is better) How are you today? How was your day? What news do you have? Tell me everything! I am very interested in you !!!)))) Thank you for your answer, and it's great that we can share information and get closer and closer to each other !!!! As you already know that my profession is the chef! Yes Yes Yes! I love my profession and I love cooking! But I also have a special preference for eating! What are your favorite dishes ??? I like a lot of fish and vegetables. I love fruits and vegetables.
Also, I really like meat and vegetables on the grill. It seems to me that it is on the grill that this special cooking! Because there is a very tempting smell from which water drools !! LOL !!)))) In addition, I love to cook, it always relaxes me and puts me in a good mood. The work inspires me! Honey, enough about me! Tell me something about yourself! Do you like to travel? What kind of films and music do you like? What about me, I like to watch different films. Basically it depends on my mood !!! Today I can watch funny comedies and laugh!) And tomorrow I want to see the drama and cry a little!)))) But it always looks ridiculous !! Because basically the film ends with a happy ending! But I have a big and kind heart and I always feel sorry for everyone!)) Honey, probably in my heart I'm a child)) because I really dream)) It always helps me to believe that I have a happy life! Have a good day and stay in a good mood! Hope to read you soon))) Kiss Kiss Kiss Margo
Letter 5
HELLO! How are you??? What did the new day give you ???? I'm at work. All the time I thought about you !!!! I think that we will be a great pair! What do you think??? You're busy??? I miss! But I'm sure that you will not miss my letter! Margo
Letter 6
Hello, my dear Eddy. Thank you for coming back to me! I understand that you have a lot of work. But dear, I'm waiting for your letter every day! I thought about you today))))))))))))) What's New? How was your day? I want to know you more and more, you are getting closer and closer! Honestly, despite my openness, Eddy I do not allow people to close, especially men. But you are a special person, I like to communicate with you! Maybe several times go and meet in real life))) I represent our first meeting :-) :-) :-) We would walk gently, holding on
Arms. You would tell me the story of your life, and I would like to share with you you are mine. Eddy, imagine our meeting? Do you want to meet me? I so want to see you! We would have passed in your wonderful city. Are there any theaters in your city? I adore theaters. I would like to go with you there. Or we could go to Romantic film in the movie :-) :-) :-) And then a romantic dinner :-) ;-) I like to spend my time in a different way! I walk the streets and parks A lot of!!! I love active sports, I like volleyball on the beach, active games in the water and tennis! What are your favorite sports ??? Do you have good friends? The best of the best?? I am yes !! I'm a sociable lady, and I always help my close people)) So, my dear one !!! I must finish my letter !!!!! Hope to hear from you later !!!!!! Your Margo
Letter 7
Hello my sweet man Eddy!!!!!! Dear, I understand that you need to work! And you do not have time for me. But I also work and I always find a couple of minutes to write to you! Thank you for your compliments! No, I'm not a model)) Lol! But they probably earn well! You have to try it yourself. I received your letter ... I was very pleased to read it! )) For me, everything is interesting about you !!!!!! Every letter makes me understand that you are really a special person!
Do you know what I mean? I feel our connection)) I like the opportunity we need to know each other! But I think that we should not dwell on this)) We are moving in the right direction, and the next step is to be a meeting!)) Do you agree with me? You know, I was looking for a man, but I think I already found ... Can I think that you are my man and I am your woman? I know that we live in different countries, but maybe it's not a problem, but an advantage?) We are different, very different. Like yin and yang. But ... if we join, maybe we will create something whole and perfect? You know ... I thought before, but now I'm sure - I want to try about us. Therefore, if you love me as much as I like you ... Let's try. I will wait for you positively (I hope) the answer))) Darling, how did you spend your day? Oh ... Actually, I do not want
Read about it - in the sense that I want to spend this day with you.))))))))))) But while we live quite far apart, so the letter
One of the few ways for us to communicate, because of shame (That's why I
I ask you, and I really hope that it was great) Or at least not so bad) As for me. Today at work I received a burn on my arm. Today there were a lot of customers and it was necessary to rush to prepare meals. I absolutely accidentally touched a hot *** in a hurry ... it's very painful ((( Now I am shedding pain and flying my arm. I rarely have such cases.
Because I always try to be careful !! But today was not my day! Lol !!! If you were right next to me now. Would you give me your support and kisses ???? I'm here, yes !!!!!! I kiss you !!! I hope you will find the time to write to me.
And now - let me send you the biggest kiss that I have !!! Margo
Letter 8
Hello Eddy! I'm glad to see your letter !!!! A lot of work now. I decided to write you a short letter and go to work !!! Those days, I almost did not sleep, I heard a lot of shooting and explosions! It was very close ... I had a feeling that these were the last days of my life ... I really miss you!!!! These days in my city there was a big attack. Many left the city ... I'm very afraid ... The boss said that if the war continues. That our cafe will close.
Because it is very dangerous for us !. A lot of problems piled on me. We need to find a way out, but it's not there.
That's why I'm very upset. Only you are my support and hope for a bright future ... Let's build happiness for two: we will make one complete heart from two broken. We will give the world a bright light of our love,
And again we will be the first people for each other. Let's create a waterfall of tenderness,
And we will drown in his tender water all doubts. We promise not to play with each other feelings and words. We promise not to be rude, not to lie,
And then love decides to stay with us. We will get rid of all bad manners, excessive jealousy and curiosity. We will not look for an example between the others, so Because of this. Let's find out how to be a couple everywhere: alone, together, with other people. Do not betray, do not care, do not appreciate and do not build happiness for two since then! Honey, are you ready for this? Answer me. Are you ready for happiness? Maybe I have a chance to prove it? Let's build this world with you, I promise, you will become the most beloved and happy. I will wait for your answer ... Margo
Letter 9
Where is your letter Eddy??
Letter 10
Hello my dear Eddy! How are you?? How was your day yesterday ?? My friend and I thought a lot yesterday where to organize a meeting of classmates. Just called all odnoklsssnikam and asked who will come to the meeting. You are representing! Everyone will come! It's so unexpected! Because the last time we all gathered in the 11th grade! Lol! And now I'm starting to panic! Because I really have nothing to wear!
I want to look the best! arling, do you want what would your woman look like the best ??? I hope that yes! Because I want you to give me a dress!)) Will you make me such a hobby ??? All my classmates will come and I want to be at the highest level. All I will ask about me, work and personal life. Can I say that you are my man ?????????? And it will be great if I show them the dress that you gave me! You do not regret anything for me ?? Darling, I really want you to accompany me to the meetings!
We will look very good together! What do you think?? I really want you to be with me on this day. Because probably many will come with their husbands or wives. I do not want to be alone ...
I now feel very sad! (((( I will wait for your reply. Margo
Letter 11
Hello my happiness Eddy!!!!!!!!!!! How are you?????? Yes, I want to ask me to sell you. What would it be a dress.
If you have problems with clothing. Then you can send me money on the flat and here I can buy it! What do you think?? How were your days off ??? Dear on the weekend, I met with my friends! We walked a lot and talked about life! I'm friends with several couples, it's Kristina and Aleskander, and, Oksana and Valery.
They always call me to go to a park or a cafe. But I'm ashamed to go with them! Do you know why ???? Because they all go for a walk with a couple. And I go alone. And I'm very upset! My friends are going to go on vacation on the sea)) and they call me also to go with them! Dear maybe we can go on vacation with you ??? I really dream of the sea !!! Because I was at sea for a very long time! What do you think??? The whole point of my life - It's you! I fall asleep, and think about you! I wake up and think about you! I sleep at night and smile, because I'm thinking of you. I'm ready to scream everywhere and everywhere that I love you. I can not imagine myself without your smile, without your eyes, without your kisses, without your hands. You are my happiness! I love you! Do you have such thoughts about me ??? I hope so!!!!! I'm waiting for you and your letter! I hope you have a good day! Margo
Letter 12
Hello, my man Eddy!!! How are you? Can not you transfer money to me on a dress ?? Ask someone. Even in my city in a military situation there are such money transfers. I woke up today with a thought for you! And since the morning I was happy! Do you think there is a continuation in our relationship ??? I think yes! Because all this is not accidental! And we were introduced to fate! Do you sometimes think of me in the day's curiosity ??? I think about you often at work. The other day I was cutting fish and cooking it for baking. And then you came to my head ... and a broad smile appeared on my face. I really get happy from thinking about you! And in the end I dreamed about you and remembered your lines and your words to me! And cut a finger! You represent ?? Thoughts from you make me suffer! Lol! ( I'm kidding!)) In fact, I'm very glad that I am visited by such thoughts about you ... This is the only thing that now makes me happy !!! How are you??? Everything is fine??? Have you already thought or planned our meeting? Do you really want this ??? My dear ... I know that I am able to make you a very happy man! What do you think about it????? I do not need much! I need your love! Margo
Letter 13
Hi dear Eddy! So unpleasant to read your letter .. I think that this will be my last letter! I do not see that you are serious about me! Because I thought you were my man! My man must take care of me. Do not play games ... No! I do not want to take your money, no. I am a hardworking woman, I have always worked and will work. Yes, I get not a decent and small salary. I'm not guilty that I live such a life! Because I have no options! I have a salary for my needs. You live in another world, on another planet. You do not know how to live in a war .. I thought you were my close friend, so I told you about my problems !!! I believed you ... You can eat good food, wear beautiful clothes, and your girl sits in a bomb shelter and does not have a penny to buy food. So, I decided to ask you to help me leave all this terrible horror, create a family, live in love and happiness .. Make my man the happiest! And be a happy woman! I've decided about it, and now I see you do not care about it, You want to go the easy way, without understanding and helping, it's your life and your choice .. I saw your smart, intelligent, attractive man, I sincerely
I thought that we could be a good couple, but everything was fine before I asked you for help. I do not know, and I do not want to know about your past, I had a bad relationship, and I was deceived several times .. Thank you my dear, you gave me another lesson that you can not trust and open your soul to people !!! But it was our past, we need to see in the future and start a new page in our life ... I'm sure that I can find a man who will really make me happy for life and save me from this terrible war! That's it this man will forever be my hero! I wish you happiness and wish you all the best ... I just want you to know that the relationship is not to share good moments, but bad too. I was sure that you are my man ... But you showed me your other side ... All the best Margo
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