Scam letter(s) from Irina Pyzhova to Paul (Suisse)

Letter 1
Hi my darling Paul,
I am glad to see your letter. I rejoice to the fact that I have You. This morning I visited travel agency. I talked to the employee of travel agency. The employee travel agency saw my joy and impatience to come to you. Asked me many questions... Do I know English? I told that I know.
Also I was asked about duration of my travel in France. I had to answer many questions, but they were not difficult for me. we together with the employee travel agency came to a conclusion that the visa type "Tourist" best all will be suitable for my travel to you. According to the visa "Tourist", I can be in the territory your country within 90 days. Also I acquire the right to move across all territory your country.
I will stay to you for the term 30 days. Paul in order that I could come to you, me needs to issue the visa. Execution the visa takes place in several stages. The travel agency has no powers to make out the visa. I will need to arrive to the city Moscow and to visit embassy.
As I was told, execution the visa will continue about 10-12 days. Now I need to collect all documents which are necessary for execution the visa in France. I have to have photos, the marriage search certificate (here everything is simple, as I lonely), and also the reference from a workplace. It is not a problem for me. All my documents as it should be. also today I asked about the approximate cost a travel to you.
I was told that the visa stands near the 50th dollar USD, also I will need to pay filling questionnaires, execution the health insurance in embassy. Together with the employee of travel agency we counted, and it turned out that for execution the visa I will need nearly 300 dollars USD. Also I will have to live in Moscow when my visa is made out. Most likely I will look for housing because I have no acquaintances in Moscow. The last what I will need for arrival to you, this acquisition air tickets. Now I do not know how many will cost air tickets... Now I have some savings. I have 900 dollars USD. This money is enough in order that I issued the visa, lived in Moscow, and also bought an insurance. Paul, at me does not remain money to acquire air tickets. You will be able to help me to acquire air tickets?
It is important, and I want to pay much attention to this question. I will not be able to pay all expenses... It is not a shame to me to speak to you about it. I trust you and therefore I ask you about the help. Now I do not know how many will cost air tickets, I need to visit the airport and to learn about their cost. I plan to arrive to Moscow within several next days, and then I will tell you the exact cost tickets. I consider that division of expenses it is fair. I need to be confident that you wait for me, and you want that I became a part your future. It is all information which I managed to learn. Soon we with you will be together. I already prepared the report for my director. and I am ready to go to Moscow to visit embassy and to begin process of execution the visa. Please, write to me and tell that you think information which I managed to learn today? Tonight I plan to come home and to begin the choice clothes to come to you.
This photo for you, from my last rest to Egypt!!! Your Irina
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