Scam letter(s) from Becky Love to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
I'm glad to hear from you once more John, well will you mind if we get to know each other a little bit and see how it may lead us to dear , Rebecca is my name but can call me Becky for short 33 of age single with no kids , from a mixed race half American and Black , but then born and raised in Michigan , have 2 sisters and a brother , I do work in a grocery shop and currently with my sister,and mum down here in West Africa, to pay here a visit dear,...How about you , will love to know more about you too?
Letter 2
Hello, I'm glad to hear from you John, hope you must be doing good today dear, well how is the day treating you as well.?
Letter 3
Well,that really sounds good and I do belief you have a great sense of humor John, and really like your profile dear, well I want someone who I will spend the rest of my life with and make me happy and put smiles on my face anytime when we together and I really love nature, sight seeing, shopping and travelling as well It doesn't matter with your age since you going to be loyal,honest and committed to me then...Well I'm with sick mum here in Ghana at the moment.
Letter 4

Goodnight dear, well take good care of your self then....?
Letter 5
Good day darling, how have you been dear , how is the day treating you like?
I just wanted to know how you faring
Letter 6
I'm doing pretty good today , well how is the day treating you like?
Letter 7
Hi Philip, I'm back here once more , well we need to know make time so we know each other more and i also do believe that it will lead us to something very meaningful, I'm happy within also darling...I 'm really happy I found you
Letter 8
I'm, glad to hear from you once more John, well that's a nice idea dear, and this alone tells me you have good intentions for our relationship to become a happy one and a success
Letter 9
That's a nice dream darling,and it will no longer be a dream when we meet each other together and holding hands and share moments together and having a good time with you John, It will be awesome I know someday we will be I won't be long darling.
Letter 10
What have you been doing today dear, how is the day treating you like dear?
Letter 11
Oh My God, it will be awesome dear, and really fun dear, that will be enjoyable as well dear ,but all depends on your seriousness darling ,and how bad you want me to make it to you over there darling, I know it be very nice having time spent together with you ........and having a lot more to be done together...
Letter 12
Good day John, how have you been today, however sorry for getting back to you late i had to take mum to the hospital for some medication which kept me long darling, It would be a nice trip dear, but then how long will we be there , because i have not been there before and its my out most pleasure to take this opportunity to make this trip with you , If you really serious about it...It's been raining here all day long , the wether has been very cold here....How is the day treating you like dear?
Letter 13
Hello there, how have you been today dear what are you doing now at the moment?
Letter 14
my internet has been very slow here dear, sorry for the late replies, handsome looking pictures dear, you look good
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