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Age: 26
Name: Natalia
Age: 31
Name: Elvira Karsakova
Age: 28
Name: Anastasia
Age: 26
Name: Kristina Zhuk
Age: 23
Name: Simona
Age: 33
Name: Anna Nazarowa
Age: 27
Name: Elizabeth Emily Rodriguez
Age: 26
Name: Grace Karume
Age: 24
Name: Kristina
Age: 32
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Age: 25

Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Deinisova to Eddy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello! Unfortunately, for some time I can not regain access to my e-mail :.
Therefore, I decided that it would be better to use my old e-mail. I hope that you will answer me soon and we can finally start our dialogue. Regards Nadya Hello Eddy!!! How are you? I have check my e-mail and saw your letter.
I have addressed in dating agency and have asked to acquaint me with the man from other country. To tell the truth I do not know, where the manager of agency took your e-mail, but the manager has with confidence told to me that I can write to you.
I am very glad that you have answered me. I hope that we can develop our dialogue. I wish to be frank from the very beginning. I live in Russia. We lives in the modern world and consequently now there are no barriers to a meeting of people from the different countries, you agree with me? Who knows, if we have feelings each other, we will meet and we will be happy.
All is possible, there is nothing impossible. My dear friend Eddy, you agree with me? What can I write to you in this first letter? My full name is Nadezhda Denisova. You can name short me Nadya.
So I wish to tell more words about me in this letter. I never was married, I have no children.
Mine birthday on 18 September 1987, to me 29 years . When is yours birthday? My tall of 170 cm, weight of 57 kg. I will send you a photo where you can see my full body. I hope that i will like to you. And if you can send to me more photo I will be very grateful to you also. I do not know what write to you in the first letter. If you have any questions ask at me.
To me will be easier to write letter, resting on your questions. I hope that you will not reject my letter. Even if you will not wish to begin with me relation or I will not be pleasant to you let to me know about it. Because I should know about it, whether I should have hope that we can begin development of ours relation? If you are interested in me I will write about myself more and so we will learn every day more about each other. Because in one letter I cannot write you all about myself. I hope that you agree with me. Please take care, and write to me as soon as possible. With kind regards Nadya
Letter 2
Hello Eddy! Today I have again checked up my e-mail and was very glad to find there your letter. I see that you are interested in me and I have a smile on my face now.
Thanks for your answer. My friend Eddy, my day has passed good. We begin our acquaintance and I want that you knew that purpose of my dialogue with you - serious relation. I have got tired of a lonely life, I wish to find man for true and big love.
I trust in love though has been disappointed and had only bad experience with man. I do not want any games. Many men want girl only for one night, use her, and then throw. I sincerely hope that you not such man and want with me only serious relation. I do not exclude our future meeting. But about it to us early to speak now because at first we should learn each other better, to learn all ours good and bad character traits. You agree with me? I am glad that you know Russian. We can talk in Russian!
Now I would like tell to you more about my life. I live in city Rostov-on-Don. It is very beautifuland big city. What can you tell about your city? It is the big city, beautiful? My parents live in village, is far from Rostov in 110 km. I was born also in that village. But my parents have bought apartment for me and now I live and work in the city of Rostov.
I have one sister, she lives with my parents, she is younger than me for 1 year.
My mother name Anna, my father name Anatoliy.
My sister name Tatyana. What can you tell about your family? Now I would like to write to you about my work. I am a Designer interior. I think that you do not need to explain in what consists this work. The designer interior - the founder of design concepts of premises. I work 6 years by this trade and have finished the State technical university in Rostov-on-Don. I studied there 5 years after have left school. I have left school in 18 years and university 23 years. Has started to work in 24 years. What can you tell interesting about your education and about work? To me will be interesting to learn about it also. After this letters you learn still more about me. I wish to send some more my photos to you in this letter also. I very much hope that you will not lose interest to me.
Because I want development of ours relation and to write each other every day. If I do not receive your letter, I will miss and worry about you. I wait your letter. Tomorrow I will write to you again if I will receive answer from you.
With Best wishes,
Letter 3
Hi again my new friend Eddy! I am very happy again to see your letter. You miss to me, you wait my letter, you think about me? I thought of you, I very much like correspondence with you. Your letters make my day and I very much happy to development of our relation. I think that relation should begin with good friendship. And I want that at first you were my best friend on whom I could rely with which I could divide all my grieves and pleasures. You agree with me, or you think differently? I wish to thank you for yours very sincere the letter. To me really it is very pleasant that you have told to my story about your life. It will be very pleasant to me to learn every day about you more than new details. Thus I can learn is better you. In turn I promise to you that I as I will try to tell each time to you about myself. I would like to tell you about mine hobby, that I do in free time as I spend a holiday and weekend. I very much like to be in the company of friends. We often go to cinema, cafe, to play bowling. I like to spend time with the best friends. It always good when is friends which can to understand, help you a difficult minute. And now you my new friend.
I was today with my best friend Olya in cafe. We shared our secrets, successes in work and events from private life.
I have told to her some words about you that has got acquainted with good man. I did not begin to speak in detail about you because we know each other not so much. In the nearest weekend I plan to go with friends to cinema, on any romantic film or a comedy. I very romantic girl and like when my partner also romantic.
I would like to find in you good, kind, careful man with which I will be happy. I really do not have man with which I could go to cinema, walk in park having joined hands, to go on an attraction. I am lonely in this life. Yes, I have friends with whom I can spend time and not to be the lonely. But to me not enough of it, I wish to find man my heart, I wish to find partner in life, second half. For this reason I have decided to get acquainted with you. I do not wish to hasten, time will show, whether we can be happy together.
I like to go to a sports hall also, to hold a body in the good physical form. From holidays I love Christmas and New Year because it is a family holiday and I always have these holidays in a family circle. I am very close to my family, and our family very amicable, strong. I love my parents and sister. You could possible notice that I the simple, kind, loveful, sincere, romantic girl. It is pleasant to you these qualities in the girl?
I send you my new photo near to mine friend Olya.
My friend Eddy now I should go to a shower, and possible after I will go to sleep. Do not worry, tomorrow I will write to you again. I am very glad that have found you and that we are closer every day. I give you today my first friendly kiss. Yours friend Nadya
Letter 4

Hello my dear! I write this small letter to tell to you that I always think of you and I wait your letter. I hope that you as it should be.
I only wish to wish you good mood for all day. My kisses, yours Nadya
Letter 5
Hi my friend Eddy! My dear, as nice to see again your letter. I want that you knew, that sometimes I have no possibility write to you every day. Because I have very slow speed of the internet, I use modem.
Therefore do not lose me if you sometimes not see my letter. I will not forget you, I will always write to you when will have possibility.
Because I am very interested in you and I wish to have with you serious relation. I do not wish to stop our correspondence, on the contrary, I wish to learn about you more every day. I hope that you had nice day. At me all good. I have miss only of one - beloved man near to me to share all these nice thing which are possible between people which are enamoured in each other. I would like present near to me man which will to love me very much, which never will leave me, will struggle with all difficulties for the sake of our happy future.
I do not speak that I dream about prince. I wish to find worthy, fair, careful, kind man. You would like to go on walk with me, to take me for hands and to speak with me? You dream of the girl which will love you? Who knows, probably we will together happy pair in the future.
But I not can tell that it will so because I need dialogue with you, to learn you better at first. My dear, tell to me that for you most important in a life?
What for you on the first place? What do you wait from this life? What dreams you have? It will be very interesting to me to hear answers on all these questions. Today I send you a photo which I have made in the summer. I had other hairdress.
Therefore now I finish letter and I will wait your answer.
With a smile for you and kind intentions yours friend Nadya
Letter 6
Hello my dear Eddy! How are you my nice Eddy? I hope that at you all good and as soon as you will see my letter your mood will be even better. Because you written again yours Russian friend Nadya. It is the truth that you wait my letters also much as I wait your letters?
You are happy to see my letters and a photos?
What emotions you test when read my letters?
How you concern me? What girl you see in me? My dear, I ask all these questions because I wish to be assured, that we go on a correct way to ours relation. I very much good concern you, I see in you good man. And I have decided to construct with you serious relation.
If I did not want it, I would not write to you already after the first letter. My dear, I would like to ask, you have now dialogue with other girls from a site?
If yes, tell to me the truth. Because I do not wish to divide you with other girl. I write only to you, I do not communicate with other men, I do not look at others man even when I leave with friends at cinema or in cafe. I think that serious relation should be based on honesty, the truth, sincerity, respect, understanding. Therefore I always opened and fair with you. I write you in the letter those words which are in my heart and in my thoughts. I am already afraid to lose you, I am afraid that you in one day will tell that to you not interestingly dialogue with me. I hope that it does not happen and you will not throw and will not betray me. I wish to tell to you about that what bad experience I already had with man here in Russia. I had boyfriend. We met, spent time together, went to the cinema, in cafe.
He swore love to me, cared of me at first. But in half a year I saw him with other girl as he kissed her and even slept with her in one bed. He admitted to me in it. After that I very cautiously concern to man and consequently I do not wish to hasten and make a wrong choice.
If to hasten that it is possible to commit follies and after yours heart will be broken. I will not take out more such and consequently i now carefully choose my partner. I want as possible more to learn about my future partner, the man with which I wish to divide rest of my life. I hope that you will understand this my letter and you will answer me as soon as possible.
To me are very important to read from you all answers to my questions.
Today I send you a photo, on which I near to the image of the name of my city.
It is on the Theatre square in Rostov. I hope to you it will be pleasant.
I kiss you already second time but this kiss will be more gentle and warmer more than amicable . Yours friend Nadezhda
Letter 7
Good evening my dear Eddy!
As nice again to see and read your letter.
Thanks that you do not throw me, continue write to me. To me so pleasant that our relation develops and we become closer and closer. I promise that I will not throw you, and I will always write to you. I very much hope that in the future we can meet in real life and to be happy together. I live with hope of the best because I think that our thoughts are material. If we think about good if we positively look at the world at all of us will be good. But even if something will change or will occur in your and my life and we cannot unite our hearts we can always remain friends. I think that to have a true, fair, good friends it always advantage. My dear, I do not know, from what site to me a distance your e-mail.
Simply I have thought that you have till now a profile on what that of sites. Please do not take offence at me. Now I wish write to you about that as usually I spend my days. I wake up in the morning at 7-00. At first I go to a bathroom, I wash, clean a teeth.
Then I do a hairdress, a make-up. After that I have a breakfast.
Usually I have for a breakfast fruit, easy salad, a cup of coffee or the remained dish after a yesterday's supper. After that I go for work. I usually reach for works on public transport - the bus or a trolley bus.
It occupies about 20 minutes. I begin work at 8-30 or 9-00 mornings. I think that you know that does designer interior. A main objective of my work - BEAUTY, HARMONY, COSINESS of premises. I think these 3 words give concept about my activity. I develop projects of design of premises. I work usually till 6 evenings. And already at 7 o'clock in the evening I at home. At home I have rest after the heavy working day, I watch TV, laying on a sofa. I very much would be once that we together sat on a sofa having embraced with the each other and looked any a romantic film. Of course the important part of my day is a check my e-mail to see your letter and answer to you. I now check every day my e-mail to see any news from you. I have possibility to write only in the evenings, therefore excuse if I write only 1 letter in day. But I will try to write more to you, sometimes in the mornings if I will have time before work.
Because I know that you always wait mine for the letter and miss on me. Before a dream I take a shower and I fall asleep about 23-00 evenings. It is everything, how I spend usually week-days. I would like to write also about that as I spend a free time from work, in the evenings after work or in weekend. Usually I spend time with friends. We often go on a premiere of any interesting film, recently I was with friends on a film "Great Wall". You looked already this film? Also I usually sit in cafe, we drink juice or coffee. I do not drink alcohol and I do not smoke a cigarette. I for a healthy way of life. Also I visit a sports hall in free time, usually I do it on Saturday or Sunday in the afternoon. I like to play with friends in bowling also very much. Of course I visit sometimes in weekend parents, and sister, usually it is 1-2 times a month. My dear, I already have much written today, but I even have not noticed as there has quickly passed time. I did not think that this letter will be such long when has started write to you. But I have so a lot of interesting to tell to you, you do not represent. I wish to tell every day to you new about my life that you saw and knew what girl I. I can tell that I am cheerful girl, I love humour, but also serious, formed, clever. I think that you can understand all these things in the course of dialogue with me. Thank You for that friendship which you have with me! To me so it is pleasant that i has got acquainted with you. Now my days are brighter because of your letters to me. You have given me hope on love, happy. I very much hope that between of us all will be good and once we will be together.
Today I send you the third kiss for history of our correspondence.
Store my kisses in your heart because they are intended only for you.
Yours loyal friend Nadya.
Letter 8
Hello my lovely Eddy! I thought of you today all the day long, I very much waited your letter. And I very much happy that you again have written to me. I know that you wait my letter and I write you this letter to you as soon as I have found possibility. I miss on you. I think all more and more of you. What do you do now, what thoughts at you in a head, how there is your day, whether all good with you? I have started to worry about you because you became close to me and I want that at you always was good mood and that your affairs always went good. My darling, I long thought about what I can write to you today.
I wish to share with my feelings which I have started to show you. I think often at night of you, and even it is sometimes difficult to me to fall asleep.
I think as would be nice if we are together this night.
We could sit the house in silent, cosy, romantic conditions. We would speak about our tomorrow's plan, that we could make. We could speak about all our desires and dreams. It would be so nice if we are together. But as I wrote in the last letter, I will continue hope that at of us all will good and that once we will meet and we will be together. I am assured that we build ours relation on a correct way.
You agree with me, or you think that something not so in ours relation? I wish to hear from you all thoughts and ideas on that as we could construct the happy future? As we could be together in the future? I know that you want one girl for all your life. And you know that i also want one man for rest of my life. You know, recently at me very much good mood.
On work I do not get tired, I smile much and even my fellow workers have noticed it. It is all thanks to you, my dear Eddy! You have brought in my heart light and hope on big and true love. I want that our feelings grew every day all more and more. I want that we had a sincere, pure, mutual love.
You probably notice that I cannot tell to you that i love you now.
Because I do not wish to hasten with feelings.
Feelings should be checked up time. You agree with me, my dear Eddy? My darling, I feel that in me there is something, but I cannot understand what is it?
there can be I start to test to you any feelings, there can be this origin of that feeling which I wished to test so a long time? My darling, thanks you for this friendship, thanks that you make my day with your letter. I did not
think even that between us there will be such attachment. I test to you the big liking. Knowingly I wait every day your letters with the big impatience and when I read your letter, I as if receive forces, energy, a drink of fresh air. My darling, I hope that you will like my letter and you will understand that I tried to tell in this letter on changes which occur in me. Please be always such kind and sincere with me, i like it very much. With kisses yours Nadezhda.
Letter 9
Hello my sweet man! Eddy, Eddy,
Eddy, I do not get tired to repeat this name before a dream. Because when I think of you when I represent you near to me, I always fall asleep and I have sweet dreams. Again your letter to bring to me the sea happiness and pleasure. My darling, I want that you knew, that I will not leave you never, that I will always care of you, that my thoughts always together with you. My darling, days in our life pass very quickly.
But I am not happy in this life. And probably you know why. Because I one because near to me there is no my second half, was not present man which would care, loved me. I know that now we have friendship, I know that you man which would cared of me, and always support me.
But me very much disturbs thought that you far from me. I very much would like that you were here together with me, or on the contrary I was there together with you. So it would be much easier to us to construct ours relation.
Ah, I have started talking about sad, I will not write more such things. I trust that all will be good and that we will meet once. I ask you that you trusted also in it and at all of us will turn out. My darling, I wish to tell to you about that, that today I very much missed on you, I thought of you all the day long and wished to check up as soon as possible my e-mail to read your letter, to learn as you have answered on my last letter. And I very much liked to read your letter. You write to me very beautifully and I see in you worthy man which could make my heart happy. I wish to be yours girlfriend. I want that we have connected our lives together. You want it? You dreamt of the girl as I? You trusted that our friendship can develop by such way? I want that you knew that I have kind, big heart and which I am ready to give man which will be really ready to love me. I would like to give my heart to that man which never to cause me a pain, which will love me till the end of days of a life. I understand that it sounds is banal, but I want such pure, mutual love! To tell the truth I not absolutely correctly understand your request.
I should find to you work? My darling Eddy, on it I finish my letter and I hope that you will be glad to read these lines. For me it is very important to receive your letter as soon as possible. You know that I cannot without your letters any more. Yours faithfully and sincerity girlfriend Nadya.
Letter 10
Hello my darling Eddy! How are you? At me all good, thank God. My darling, I hope that with you also all good. I madly missed on you.
How you there without me? You missed on me? I hope that you have not lost interest to me and will be again happy to receive this my letter.
I would like to tell that for me days and nights without you are very lonely. I very much would like to meet once you, to be together with you. I would like to continue ours relation and to develop our feelings in a real life. What you think about it? You would like it? My darling Eddy, I think that you agree with me, that serious relation it is impossible to construct only on letters on the Internet. We require to be together, we should see each other, feel each other. I think that you adult man and understand it. I do not wish to hurry you with ideas about our meeting, I do not wish to tell to you that I am ready to throw now all and arrive to you. I only wished to tell to you, what we should start to plan our meeting, when and how we will meet? You thought about this serious question? My darling, I speak today about our future meeting because I'm used to you, because I wish to see you very much, to look in your eyes, to embrace you, to kiss you. I wish to have with you the happiest moments in my life. I think that if we have mutual desire to be together, we can overcome even it is big distance, oceans.
When I go on park, I see many enamoured pairs together. Which keep for hands which lovely talk, laugh. And I think during this moment of you, about that as would be nice if we are also together now. My darling, I do not regret about that that have met you. On the contrary, I am very happy that have found you. You have changed my life to the best and I am very grateful to you. My darling Eddy, what changes have occurred in you after you have got acquainted with me? My lovely, in the nearest weekend I will visit parents, and I wish to tell to my family about you, about our friendship and relation. You will not be against if I speak them about us? I ask you because you are possible do not want that I spoke to nobody about it. But I think that here there is nothing terrible.
I think my family on the contrary will be very happy to learn that at last in my life is man. I wish to be assured that you man which are worthy me, which will love only me. When I will be assured of it, I will be ready on all to be together with you. I know that trust very important between us, we should trust each other. But the trust comes through time, through dialogue, through actions which we make for each other. You understand about what I speak? My darling, it will be the end of my letter. I will wait your letter with all answers on my questions. If you have any questions you can always ask at me. I will always openly and sincerely to answer them. I give you my kiss from my heart. With love and care yours Nadya.
Letter 11
Hello my lovely, my the gentleman Eddy! I have read your letter and I write you answer in this lonely evening. Lonely evening because you not here near with me. My darling, only you give me a light beam, only you bring adrenaline in my heart, only you give me hopes on happy, love. And I trust in you, I trust that you that man which can make me happy. You know that for full happiness to me necessary only one man which will give me pure, mutual, sincere love.
You know that for my happiness mountains of gold and money here are not necessary. Because for many girls money for the first place. But for me money has no value. To me is necessary only care, love my beloved man . I think that in the course of our correspondence you already have learnt about me much as the person. I once again wish to tell that I am simple, fair, sincere, romantic, loyal girl. Now I wish to devote my life, my heart only for one man - for you! Because I'm used to you, I live your letters, I live thoughts only about you, I live hopes of our meeting. If you wish to connect this life with me if you want that I was your second half if you want that I was your woman for all life I will be very happy. I trust in you and I want that you had a belief to me.
Because the trust between us is very important. With belief and hope we can reach wished, we can achieve all ours goal. You agree with me? My darling, I write this letter to you feelings of love, care and attention. Because I want that you saw as my feelings are close to you that you knew as much i want you. My darling, I even could not think that between us there will be such friendship which will outgrow in something more than friendship. Now I am assured that I wish to be close to you, I wish to be near to you. I know that together with you I will be in good hands and you never will cause me a pain, will always love and care of you.
When I will speak with parents about ours relation, they will see in me that did not see earlier. I mean sparks in eyes, sparks of these sincere feelings and they will see in me the big desire to be together with you.
Therefore I am assured that they will only are glad and happy to release me to you. For me the opinion of parents is important because they have brought up me only good morals, have brought up me only to do good acts, to bring to people kindly and blessing. And thanks to my parents now you see in me such girl. My darling, therefore you not need worry about that that my parents can to be against ours relation.
They very much good people and always will understand me as the daughter. Because all parents wish children only happiness. My darling, I have started to think of our meeting already now. I know that our meeting needs a lot of time, for me it is necessary to receive many documents to arrive your country. It will be very long trip. But if you invite me to yourself if you is ready to open doors of your house for me, that you probably already know my answer. My darling if we are together if we unite all our efforts, we can overcome mountains, oceans, storms and thunder-storms. All in our hands, all depends on our desire. You agree with it? My darling, tell to me your opinion on ours the future as you see our meeting, our future life? We should share with all things which in our head and in our hearts. We should not have any secrets from each other. We should trust each other and all will be good. Has come time to send this my letter to you because I know you miss on me and you wait for this my e-mail. With love and care yours Nadezhda.
Letter 12
Hello my love Eddy!!!
I am very glad to receive the letter from you.
I looked forward your letter, and now I am happy to read it. Eddy, I love you! You that person of whom I dreamt! I always think of you, I dream of those minutes when we will be together. As I wish to drop to your lips, to hear, how you whisper me tender words on an ear, to embrace you and do not let go, feel how your heart fights, to say to you that I love you, not ceasing! I want to be with you as much as possible. I am ready to give everything, only to be with you nearby, to look in your eyes, to feel your hands, to see how you gently smile, and I smile to you in the answer.
To give itself, the love and to receive at the same from you. I never represented that sometime can to go so mad on someone! Waking up in the morning, at a dawn I think of you, and in the evenings when I observe of the star sky also think about you. In cool and a little bit sad morning to become the warmest and joyful at one thought on you. Without you - it is dark and cold. And I do not represent the life without you. I am so grateful to you, that you are at me. You such good, you so love me, strongly, we did not see each other, but I madly miss, I cannot live without you, I will be only with you always, always, my gentle, lovely man Eddy. To me so it is lonely without you in this city. I would like to throw all and to run to you. As it would be desirable for me to nestle on you, to kiss you warm lips. I do not see you, but each time when I read your letters, my heart is ready to be broken off on a part. Each letter fills me with happiness.
Thanks you for these letters. They give me tenderness. Your love - it very tasty and desired drink. My darling, I hope after these words you understand my feelings. I tried to open all my feelings to you. You should know that they sincere, real, with all my heart. And I think that they mutual because I see that you also love me and want only one girl in this life - me!
Therefore I wish to write following lines about our meeting. My darling, recently I think much of our meeting. Because I really want it. I wish to be together with you, I already wrote above as much I wish to be together with you. When I read your letter, I have understood also that you wish to be together with me. Therefore I wish to begin steps to our meeting now. My darling, I would like to visit you soon on my vacation. At first I should take a vacation on work. My darling, write to me how long you would like that I remained with you?
And also my darling write to me when for you there will be convenient time for our meeting and I will try to receive a vacation during same time. I wish to make all correctly, I wish to discuss all things with you that was not any misunderstandings then. If you are ready to our meeting now, I will try to take a vacation as soon as possible. After I will know exact date of mine a vacation, I would like to begin registration of all documents arrive to you.
What do you think of this all? To me very important your opinion, my darling. My native man Eddy, simply be with me and I will be happy. On it I finish the letter, write to me, I with impatience will wait from you the letter. I love you, I miss you, gently and passionately kiss you.
Yours Nadya.
Letter 13
Hello my love Eddy. It is very pleasant to me read your tender words to me.
My lovely Eddy, I always think of you just as you about me!
From a dawn to a decline and from a decline till a dawn! It seems to me, I without you cannot live even 1 day! I wish to feel always heat of your body, your sweet lips. You for me most dearest in the world! I value you! I do not know, as I could live without you, I do not represent, as earlier I could without you. You for me most, most.
You for me one the most good and nice person. At me it for the first time, that I have fallen in love and I do not pay attention to others - you have made it! You have forced me to believe in the present love - and my love it you! I madly love you!!! I very much love you, you at all do not represent, how much strongly, you became sense of my life.
I cannot transfer you the love words at all since it is simply impossible. You the best man in the world are the fact. I so would like your love, your heat and tenderness. I would like, that once, you have told: «I am yours forever», want, that you have passionately whispered me it on an ear, have touched my cheek the cheek. Sometimes my dreams of you come so far, that it seems to me, as if I have gone mad, but I like to be the madwoman because I am glad that I can though to dream of you, after all dream to me can to forbid nobody. I wish to wake up in the mornings in your gentle, tender embraces. Only beckon, and I will follow you, call, and I will come at any time as it would not be occupied, I will come, I will come tearing along, you to me are the most important on light, you are necessary to me, as air, as water, as food. But recently I have no time to eat, drink, breathe and other since I constantly think and I dream of you. My darling, I wrote to you in the last letter that I wish to begin a way to our meeting.
Today I have some good news about it. My darling, I spoke with boss about a vacation on work. To me have informed date when I can have a vacation on work and without problems arrive to you.
I hope that you will be very happy to learn these news. From 15.08.2017-15.09.2017 I will have a vacation. I can spend all this time with you. I am so happy! I hope that it good time for you to meet me. My darling, I should already as soon as possible start to make all papers arrive to you. Because it occupies not so little time. But I hope that I will have time to receive all documents in a current of 2-3 weeks. As I have learnt that there is variety of conditions which need to be executed that I without problems could go to you. In the nearest future I will go to travel agency and I will try to find out all details of process of preparation of my flight. I will necessarily inform you on all news. My heart very much worries. I cannot find proper words at all to describe my feelings. You feel too most? You understand that all it occurs to us? It is a little more time and we will be together. I never was in other country earlier. But I am assured that all will be good. My dear Eddy I know, and I trust in you, you love me and will never do to me something badly. I am ready on all for the sake of you. When I will be close to you, I will be happy and I will be never sad.
Everything because you always will be a near with me. I madly love you. I am assured already, that you - my second half. We really have much together, and I admire and I respect you.
Thus I finish my letter. Kisses and embraces. You - always with me in my heart.
Yours Nadezhda
Letter 14
Hello my darling, lovely , sweet prince Eddy!!!!!!!!! Today here nice day, and in my heart a storm of emotions, I so miss on you, I wish to be a near with you, to embrace and kiss you, I wish to enjoy you. You know all about my feelings and about my love to you, you became all in my life, without you I do not represent further my life.
I want, that you knew, that I very much love you! I never will give you, I will give you to nobody, I never will forget you and I will not leave you. I am happy, that have found you. Thanks that because of you my soul to be in a constant euphoria, thanks, that you give me such feelings which do not allow to my heart to fall asleep, thanks that my thoughts are constantly in work, to me is never boring, because I have met you, and you have given me food for my feelings. You bring to me strange feelings which I earlier never tested and I can not describe them, I can tell only that it is pleasure, happiness. I very much love you, though did not see you, but I love you all more strongly more strongly. Today you have dreamt me.
And I even did not wish to wake up, I had a dream where i with you together, you there gave me flowers, you kissed, loved me. It was the finest dream in my life. I cannot without you, I can not live without you. I very strongly love you. You for me everything, all my life it you, only for you I live and only for you I am ready to make all. You unique on light. I ADORE YOU! My darling, I already wished to go today to travel agency and to receive all particulars about my trip to you.
But I have forgotten to ask you in the last letter that you have written me the airport name.
My darling, write to me to what nearest airport I should fly? As soon as you will write me the airport, I will visit travel agency and I receive all particulars of my flight. I learn about that what documents I should issue, how many will cost all trip and as long will be made all papers. As soon as I learn all information, I will write to you or I will call to you and I will inform you on these news. Also my darling, please give me your full name and the full address. I think that should contact also Embassy, and I will explain to them for what reason to fly in your country and to whom I will fly. My darling, I think that our meeting is already close and I with impatience wait for that day when our eyes will meet with each other. I one more time wish to cry out for the whole world, that I LOVE YOU.
You for me most dearest man on light, I very strongly appreciate you, I appreciate our relations. I think, that I the happiest ******* light, because you with me, that you mine and only mine. As I am grateful to destiny, that I have met you in the life. Yours for ever Nadya.
Letter 15
Hello my love, my sweet prince Eddy!!! My lovely prince I very much happy to receive every day your letters. I wait for your letter with every day more and more and my feelings to you also become all is stronger and stronger. I love you, I am assured of it because a lot of in my life has changed. Now I think of you every day and night. And in my head only you. My lovely prince my heart belongs now only to you.
And I completely trust you that you never can deceive, throw me because I know that you also love me. My lovely prince now my heart is opened only for you. You have stolen mine heart and it belongs only to you. My angel I wish to be now only with you, only with you I can be happy. My darling I think of our meeting about that as we spend time together. I wish to be in your embraces and kisses. My darling I wish to look at a sunset together with you, I wish to walk with you under the star sky and also kiss you under a moonlight! I love you!!!
Also I ready to repeat these words of 1000 times. My lovely prince today I went to the tourist agency to learn details about my trip to your country, to the airport which you has written to me. To me have explained all details trips to your country. My darling unfortunately a trip costs very big money.
Workers of travel agency have told that tickets there and back will cost 550 euro. For official registration of papers and services of agency I should pay 160 euro. So all the trip will cost for me 710 euro. I really did not know and did not think that trip will cost so much. I was very strongly afflicted and sad. To me have told that all documents can be ready for 2 weeks from the moment of payment of money. Manager of agency to me have told that tickets I also should get in this agency.
Only provided that they will be to make all papers for me. I do not know what to do now. I have only 300 euro which has saved for this time. To me necessary to find yet 410 euro. I should find money in the near future if I wish arrive to you on my vacation. I cannot simply miss chance meet you on my vacation because then I long time I will not have a vacation. My love I cannot address for the help to anybody. I asked the help of my friends, my chief on work, my parents, but nobody can help me. I simply do not know that to me to do now. I very strongly am afraid to lose chance to go and be near to you. My heart already is completely ready, but has in a flash changed and consequently to me very sadly now. My love I write you this letter and I hope that you understand all. My love my biggest desire now it to be near to you. I never loved so strongly as I love you now. It can seems for you madness that I have fallen in love with which person I never saw.
But I cannot make anything with my heart. My heart chosen you and I trust in you and in our happy future. My lovely prince on it I finish the letter. My lovely prince I will wait for yours letters with impatience. With love and kisses your love and future bride Nadya.
Letter 16
Hello my darling Eddy! My darling thanks for your answer. I will not ask your help, I understand that you have also problems with money and I do not wish to put you in difficult position. To me it is really very sad and pity that al so has turned out. I very much wanted our meeting and I wish to meet you till now. But I understand that it is impossible. Probably it is destiny who knows. I think that you understand that I cannot wait and I have no time. Because already soon I will have a vacation. I wrote you about date of mine a vacation. I should already now start to make all papers. I should make the visa also. It occupies not little time.
But I have no all sum to pay a trip. I would like that in the world there was no this ****** money because of which 2 loving hearts cannot be together. If i could take a vacation for other time, i would make it. I spoke with mine boss about it but was not present any good news.
Sorry i will not have yet one vacation more. I do not know what to do to me now. Where I can find such money? How to me to be? Really this ****** money will not allow us to meet and be together? My darling, my heart is broken off when I think of it. I do not wish to lose you. I very much love you and I wish to be together with you. My love, here only one problem for our meeting - money. As soon as I will have all sum, I can start to make all papers and to reserve tickets. I do not know where to find still these 410 euro.
I am very sad, my darling. Sometimes I think, why the destiny so is unfair with me? Why I cannot be together with man which I love all heart. Really this test sent by the God? It is the truth, that if we will overcome this obstacle that we will be happy together for ever!?
Probably it is real so. So my love let's not surrender and lets struggle for our love contrary to all difficulties! I love you and I will wait your letter.
Yours for ever and only yours Nadya
Letter 17
Hello my love Eddy !!!! Your letter has again brought light in my life. How you? I hope, that At you all is good? I think, that a life not so bad if is Such people as you mine Love Eddy. Many thanks to you for this purpose. You have And it our warmer relations can make kind heart. Now, when I have you I think, that our life will change. The world becomes Kind, bright and Warm for us.
I think, that everyone demands this world in high temperature and Love. I grieve without you very much and I think of you much. I am very happy, that you have appeared in my life, and I want to tell to you, that now you are constantly on my opinion. Every day I wait till time I can open my letter box and read the letter from you. Your words and care mean much for me, and I grieve without you regardless of the fact that I do or where I. My love, I has read your letter. Yes, I understand and I know that you now in China.
But I after all I wish to go to China, not to the USA.
That I have written all to you about trip cost, it about a trip to China, to you. If you could help me with 410 euro, in the nearest future I could receive all documents, the visa and tickets and to arrive to you to China.
Please tell to me, you can help? Yesterday I dreamed about our meetings. I to close eyes and to represent, that we, to be at coast the river only two. Easy impacts of a wind, the years sun, water in river very silent lights. The grass easily changes also rustles of a reed. We sit two at coast the river, and we are happy. You to hold me in hands and us so it are good, It is more than anything, it is necessary also, we is not ready to sit so all life. Then we to put in a grass and for a long time long kiss. Our kiss to reduce us from wit and we cannot limit our desires And we to employ love. When I think of you, my favourite person, I become so Happy, and it is pleasant and joyful on heart which for me it would be Desirable to fly with happiness. I understand, that I cannot live Without you, without your words, without your embraces and kisses. For This purpose, that I searched for all my life. You - it is probable Intended to me destiny.
I should connect a life only to you mine Fine. I am happy, that my you. I estimate it very much. I want To not lose you never. You - my meaning of the life. Without you I have no anything to live in this world. I always dreamed from such person as You, such understanding and the person of love. Kiss my love!!! Your Nadya!!!!
Letter 18
My love, I is very glad to see your letter. I have read and I will try to answer. I think that do not understand me. You do not need to do the visa to me. You do not need to buy tickets for me. I all it will make itself in travel agency. I need to have money for full payment.
You understand me? If you are ready to help me about 410 euros, I can go to agency and I will try to learn, in what way you can help me. My love, our meeting now in your hands. Please hear and understand me. I very strongly love you and I wait your letter!!! Yours Nadya
Letter 19

Hello my love. I am a little frightened. Why you speak only about money.
Where your feelings have disappeared? Yes, I have understood you that you cannot have cash. It seems to me that I can go to agency and I will try to learn about, whether you can help me by means of a credit card. What do you think of it?
Letter 20
I do not understand you. You at all do not wish to try? You intentionally do not wish to give me any money? In that case you understand that I will not arrive to you?
Or it does not disturb you?
I do not understand, why you do not want that I have learnt about all in travel agency?
Letter 21
Hello my love Eddy! My darling, thanks for your letter. I very much waited your letter. I very much miss on you and I wait for day of our meeting very much very much. My love, for me always your letters bring pleasure and happiness. But it is not enough for me only letter. I cannot wait our real meeting when I at last can kiss you, embrace you.
I am girl which wish to give you the heart filled with feelings of love. I do not want more this lonely life, I have decided to be together with you and nobody can stop me to be together with you. I never will change my opinion to be together with you. I want it very much. I hope that you too wish to be together with me and will trust me as second half. Yes I know that it for me the big and serious step - to go to other country, to go so far, but I am ready on this step. I have already solved and I will not change the opinion. I do this all for the sake of our meeting because I wish to be together with you. If we are happy together I would like to marry you and to remain with you forever. My love, right after that as I has read your letter, I have gone to travel agency. I have asked questions to the manager about how my beloved can help me with payment of mine trip with credit card.
Manager has answered me that I should address in bank with this question. I have gone to bank and talked to the employee of bank. To me have informed that there are some ways, but the fast, reliable and safe service is WesternUnion. Manager has informed me that I should give you all my data and then you will not have any problems with sending of money. I will write all my data:
Name: Nadezhda
Last name:
Country: Russia
City: Rostov-on-Don
street Suvorova, house 89, apartamento 45 Post code: 344006. My lovely and the most gentle, you need to find only a place where there is service WesternUnion and then you without problems can help me. Manager in bank has told to me that service WesternUnion allows to send money by means of Credit card. My love after you will send money, you should write me only control number transfer of money - MTCN and the exact sum.
When I will know this information, I can receive money without problems in 10-20 minutes. As soon as I will receive money, I will pay for all my trip. You know that the sum which I should pay still - 410 euro. I once again wish to thank you for everything that you do for the sake of our meeting. I never will get tired to tell you thanks.
All because I see that our feelings and desires mutual. My dear as soon as I will receive your money, I will go at once to travel agency and I will pay the full sum. After that the agency will begin work on mine to documents and preparation of mine trip. I will inform you on each news which I will learn. My love, I cannot describe my feelings simple words at all. To me never anything similar occurred. Soon we will together and these thoughts force my heart to beat at reckless speed. I love you very much. I will wait your letter with good news to our meeting.
Yours loving Nadya
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