Scam letter(s) from Olga Yegorova to Erik (Sweden)

Letter 1
My dear Erik I write you this short letter to tell you that I too love you and thank you for the gorgeous flowers. Now, I'm leaving home again to go to friends and try to borrow money. Don't worry. I'll keep you posted on the news. Wish me luck. I really want to be with you. I have any way to book the tickets to you. I kiss you. Your Olga!
Letter 2
Hello my dear Erik. Just tried to call you on Skype.
And again I link. What's going on? I don't understand.
Again, I have some problems with the Internet. Maybe it's because of the weather. I don't know. Well, don't worry. I am going to try. Maybe I have to reinstall that program. I am very upset. I'm writing a quick reply to say that I got your letter and now I write you the answer. I love you very much. I am very sad because I was unable to speak with you. ****** computer, ****** Internet. Again spoiled my mood. I kiss you. Now I will write you the big letter. Wait. Your Olga!
Letter 3
Hi my dear Erik again. I really was hoping you would write me a letter before I sleep. Now I want to go to sleep, but as though he felt that from you the letter. And I was right. You wrote to me. Thank you very much. And now I understand why you have so many profiles on Skype. I hope you're not offended by my question. I have the right to ask you. Now, I understand that the phone you have a profile on the work of another, and the computer third. All clear. Thanks for the explanation. And I know that you communicate only with me. I believe and trust you. Just for me at first it was kind of strange that you have so many profiles on Skype. Now all my doubts have gone away. I'm sorry. I am very glad that we understand each other. And about the money I told Erik that it would be better if you can send me them soon. I even told you about the day, but for some reason you did not. You can read my last letter. And from your letter I understand now that you will help me next week to weekends. But again you did not tell me the exact date. I need to know this in advance to write a letter to the travel Agency. Do you understand me? It would be great if you could help me on Tuesday the 4th of July. Then I just had to draw up other documents. But now everything depends on you. Most importantly Erik,you don't deny me that. Yes my dear, I had nothing to do as to send you a copy of my passport. I wanted this for you was a surprise. But it so happened that I wanted to please you before. And I'm glad to hear that we will be able to go with you on hikes. We will take your dog with us. OK? She will not escape anywhere into the woods? Or maybe? So you know what to do. I also love you and want to be with you. And are you really going to buy me an engagement ring? This is not a joke? Do you really want us to get married? But we haven't even met. Maybe you don't like my character?))) Although to be honest, I'm a very humble, kind and honest girl. You'll be fine. Thank you for your trust and for your understanding. Now I lay me down to sleep. Wish me sweet Goodnight. I'm waiting for your answer. I kiss Erik.Your Olga!
Letter 4

Hi my dear Erik. Sorry I haven't answered you sooner. I've already told you that sometimes I can slow down the computer or off the Internet. So don't be offended. I always try to answer you. Because I know that you are very worried about me. We are located from each other at a great distance. Only letters connect us to you. But I know that very soon I'll be there and you won't have to worry about me). Yesterday I went to our theatre "Kinomir" and watched a very good cartoon "the Tale of Peter and Fevronia". This animated film about the big and light love. I'll even write you about it, if you don't mind. That's about what this cartoon of "XIII century. A villain seized power in the Murom Principality. Only a brave warrior Peter goes to battle with the villain and defeats him. But the poisonous blood of the witch poisons the Savior of the Duchy. The healer Fevronia ready to use his gift to save Peter. Young people between the flashes of pure feeling that they have to maintain despite the many obstacles." I ry, and really liked it. We went together with my girlfriends. It is a pity that you weren't there. And I think that your country will not show this cartoon. While it may be your country will buy the license and will show in your theater. I just recommend you to watch this. Of course it's all in Russian, but I hope that very soon will do captions for other countries. I got a lot of pleasure from viewing. I hope that when I come to you, then we can too go to the cinema. Because I love to watch new movies. You want that, too? Write me. Today we have Sunday. And tomorrow Monday I go to the Bank to find out about my loan. I hope that all will be well. Yes, I know that the cost of tickets to you and back is not very cheap. But for this amount I wrote the application for the loan. And I hope that the Bank will approve me this amount without any problems. And thank you Erik,what are you going to help me pay for the loan. It is very nice of you. To be honest,I'm ashamed of you help me with money. But I will try like anything to work out you the money). I'll do you every day massage to get you relaxed. I will give you a night you will never forget). So I'm going to do this for you. But the fact that I can't talk to your parents in English so it's very sad. But you're right. I am a teacher and I really went to master foreign languages. So I think that I learn your language,to say some nice words to your parents. And thank you darling for your gentle and kind words. I have really no one is talking. You proved to me Erik,that long-distance relationships are possible. And I believed in myself. Thank you for that. I love you very much. I kiss you a hug. I with impatience will wait your answer. Your Olga!
Letter 5
Hi my dear Erik. Thank you for your letters. I am very glad that you are also looking for ways for us to meet with you. It is very nice to me. I saw the links on the Internet that you sent me. It's all true. But do not forget that my tickets before I book my travel Agency and they have an agreement with our airlines. That is, with Aeroflot. I today since morning descended in travel Agency and showed them the links you gave me. They are with a strong desire do not have the right to reserve tickets via unauthorized foreign sites. Have you forgotten what it politics? Everything is done only through the Russian company with whom they signed the contract. Then I asked them for a link on the Internet that you saw Erik what the tickets cost about 680 euros. And by the way the price today, again a little older. Here's a look: I watched date from 5 August to 26 August. You know what 300 Euro is my Bank approved. And I didn't have enough on your tickets about 380 euros. So I have good news. My friends lent me the sum of 75 euros. And another 63 euros I sold music centre, DVD player and a TV. So for 2 days I found the amount of 138 euros. And now I don't have a tickets 242 euros. I will try something else to sell. I hope so. Just please don't hate me Erik because I'm not doing it very quickly. I'm a woman and I find it hard to find money in this way. I love you very much. And now I'm going back to look for additional money. Don't worry. All will be well. Of course I don't want to ask for your help. I know you have no money. I'll text you later today. I kiss and embrace you. Your Olga!
Letter 6
Hi my dear Erik again. Finally I can write you a response. You know today I went to all my friends, to borrow money for tickets. And it turns out not so bad. I was able to gather up about 60 euros. It is about 3600 rubles. It is not very bad my dear. Don't hate me. But now I don't have my tickets to you and back just 182?. This is better than 380 euros. Do you agree with me? But unfortunately my dear it's all I can do. I don't know where am I supposed to take this remaining amount of money. I already sold everything in the house that could be sold. I was not feeling very well at a thrift shop. I was afraid that I'd see. After all, I was ashamed to carry my home equipment. But I did it just for the sake of our meeting. Because I really want to meet you and I love you. Perhaps in your country it is cheaper to book tickets. But do not forget that I live in Russia and here we have our laws and customs. I have concluded the contract with travel Agency and I can't break it. I have to book the tickets only through the company Aeroflot. Such a condition of the contract. Do you understand me, Erik? My dear I already did all that depends on me. I have a few days left to book tickets. And what do I do? I understand that you're not going to help me because you have no money. What else can I sell? Please my dear give me advice. I'm starting to worry. I'll wait for your letter. Just please don't hate me. I just can't take it. I'm a very sensitive woman. Just understand me. I kiss and hug you, Erik. Your Olga
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