Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Jim (Canada)
Letter 1
I'll tell you a little about myself!
My name is Ekaterina.
I do sports. I go to aerobics. I often go out for the morning jogging.
I've never been married.
Now I'm in an active search.
I want a serious relationship.
Tell me something about yourself.
I want to know you better!
That we would have a warm relationship!
To start a friendly relationship. In the future, something can be more serious =)
Send me your photo. I'll send you mine!
I hope that you will answer soon. I'll be waiting for your letter!
Letter 2
My name is Ekaterina, I am 27 years old.
My date of birth is August 8, 1990! I live in Russia, in a city called Kazan ', I really love my city here very nice and spacious! Dear please tell me about your place of residence?
I think you once did not hear about the city in which I live! You can learn more about my city on the Internet. My height is 172 centimeters. Weight 53 kilograms.
I am very indignant that you think for me you are old !!!
This is not true, I have lived very much and I have practically studied all my life, my mother and father consider me very wise, I always give advice.
For those who really need them.
Dear, the age is just a figure)
No matter how old you are, the main thing is your education and culture of speech!
I do sports. I go to aerobics. I often go out for the morning jogging.
I've never been married. I have no children. Now I am in an active search.
I want a serious relationship. And not just flirting. Tell us a little about yourself, are there any children? I want to know you better! I also want to become good friends with you! So far we are just friends, in the future I pretend to be something more !!!
I'm very glad that you sent me your photos, I really liked them!
You look very fresh and beautiful, you are a very attractive man.
Thank you for your photo! I will be happy if you will also please me with your photos in the future !!
I'm waiting.
Ekaterina !!!
Letter 3
Hi Jim!!!!! How is your day? What's new in your life? How is your work? I hope that you are doing well and well.
I think it will be interesting for you to learn about me some more things. Sometimes it seems to me that I live on the same day everything repeats itself again. Not so often there is something new in my life. But recently it was a pleasant experience for me. I met you. And I'm very glad that at least I was pleased to have a dialogue with you.
In this letter I will tell you about my work!
I love to dance, I dance since childhood, as soon as I hear energetic music, my soul dances and it becomes very easy for me.
I work in the dance studio "energy", I really like teaching dance!
Dancing is an art, of course not everyone can move to the rhythm of music, but it turns out very well!
I teach in a younger group, I really enjoy studying with children, they are wonderful!
I love these Pranksters, I'm ready to spend with them all day and all night, I like how they are gaining experience before my eyes and are moving very nicely.
I love my work, the parents of my students are grateful to me. And I love them with their gratitude!
Our dance studio is like a big family!
Darling, what's your job? Tell me please about your work, I will be very interested in reading about your work!
I want to know everything about you! I send you photos from my work, also in my photos you will see my Pupils!
Letter 4

Hello my friend Jim! I read your letters with a smile on my face!
I'm very glad that we communicate very well!
I will also devote my time to you.
How did I tell you that I really love to dance, and what dance can there be without music?
Dear, I also like very much to listen to music, I am cute!
Music is always with me! I'm almost everywhere with music!
From the music, I listen to almost everything. I listen to classics, pop, hip-hop, dance. Sometimes I can listen to classical music.
It all depends on your mood. If I like the song, then I listen to it.
What music do you like?
From movies I like comedies and horrors. Here is a combination =)
If the film is good, then the genre is not important to me. The main thing is the actors' game.
My favorite movie ... hmm ... I do not know what my favorite movie =) I like any interesting films.
Although probably more like detectives :)
I would be glad to go to the cinema with you. It would be great.
I'm very interested in you.
I'm interested in telling you about my life. Read about your life, about your interests.
For a long time I did not communicate with such interest with a man =)
The men with whom I talked lately wanted to not recognize me and create a family.
They were not interested to know me. They just sat and undressed me with a look.
To be honest, it's not a pleasant feeling!
And with you I feel light.
I know that you are interested in knowing me! And it makes me very happy!
I hope that we will do just as well!
I already have friendly and confidential feelings for you.
Do you have anything similar to me?
I hope that you will answer me soon!
I'll wait!
Ekaterina !!! I really like to relax in my circle of friends, I have photos with my friends, I send them to you!
Letter 5
Hello Jim, I'm very glad to receive your letter!
When I read your letters, a smile always appears on my face.
Thank you for the good mood, your letters bring me a good mood.
Sorry for the long answer ... I want you to trust me ...
I'm honest with you ... I want to tell you that yesterday I had a lot of work .... I came very late from work and immediately went to bed ...
Please forgive me
How was your day today? I am fine. Yesterday I met my mother. We went with her to the grocery store. We have a good time together.
I would like to share with her all the new developments. I would like to talk with her about sincere emotions. I think that you know that parents are true friends. I love my mom.
My mother even now treats me like a girl even though she understands that I'm already quite an adult. But this does not stop us. I told her that I met a person on the Internet and we communicate with you. My mother is the best in the world! I am very grateful to her for all my years, she always supported me and was always on my side. We have a very close relationship with my mother! My childhood was with my mother, since my father died when I was very young!
I'm sorry I do not like to tell you what happened to him. Especially on the Internet, I think we still have time to talk later about it!
If you are interested then tell me, as soon as I get ripe before this conversation! I'll tell you myself!
My mother coped well with my upbringing. She taught me all the rules of behavior, and the right manners.
I'm grateful to my mom! She made me a real housewife, she cooks very well! She taught me from childhood to cook fine food and delicious!
It's just that I'm really good at cooking. And my mother and I often stay together, and cook together in the kitchen. In the kitchen, when we cook together, and we share small female secrets.
I really do not want to finish this letter. But I have to do it. Because I need to prepare a report for the month, for my work.
I'll be bored :) I'm looking forward to every one of your letters!
Bye-bye your Ekaterina. Today you will get a photo that I like to make and how I am twisted in photos!
Letter 6
Hello my dear Jim! I am very glad to receive your new letters. All new letters are very important to me. Every time I read them to me, he cheered up. And I'm glad to understand that I'm not indifferent to you. Your letter is very very very interesting to me! I will be happy to answer your letters. Every new day I think that you will write me letters. It is very important for me. This means that I have very much interest in you. Jim in my letters I see respect for me. And most importantly, you have the desire to get to know me closer and communicate further. For me it's very nice. I keep all your letters because I appreciate them. I want to tell you about my character, and my soul. I think you need to know my inner world. I think you do not have to study against it. Especially I'm a romantic. I want to tell you about myself as much as possible, that you do not have any questions for me. I'm not looking for a rich man, for me money is not important. For me, money is in last place. The main thing for me is the soul and the attitude of a person to me. His love for me. For me it is important that a person appreciates me and respects me as a woman. It was his feelings that were real and sincere to me. I'm looking for someone who will share with me, my love and happiness. A person with whom I will have a happy family. Most men in Russia are not ready for marriage. Because they drink a lot of alcohol, smoke a lot and often use drugs. I am very glad that I could find you in this world. You are not the kind of person who lives in my city. I heard that in your country a just man is respected and appreciated by women. I get a lot of pleasure from our correspondence. I spend a lot of time in the house. I love the inner comfort, I love peace of mind. Many times when I listen to music, quiet slow music, which brings a lot of peace and harmony. I really love flowers, especially red roses. But no one has given me them for a long time. I dream that in the near future I will have a loved one. With him, I'll go to the streets with red roses, which he will give me on this holiday. I will carry them in my hands, because it will be very beautiful. And I will be proud of this gift, because my beloved will represent these flowers. I will kiss a person, very often and for a long time, because it will require my love. And I will be ready to give him love and affection. I am ready to give all the souls of my man, because I love him! It will all be so beautiful and romantic. When I think about it, I want it to happen to me as soon as possible. And you want this to happen to us? Do you and I have dear? I hope that you will have pleasant moments in life when you read my letter. I look forward to hearing from you, my dear Jim. With best regards, Ekaterina! Today you will get my photos from my not long ago photos :) I think you'll like them!
Letter 7
Hello, I read your letter and it became very good for me!
I'm glad that I met you, you do a lot of good for me, thanks to you, I always shine like a ray of sun!
Dear, I want to thank you for the roses that you sent me, ahahhahaha. It is very cute
I'm always happy, everyone notices it. I read your letters very carefully and carefully, I delve into every letter of your letter!
I will always love to read your letters!
You know today I had a dream, I really liked it. Listen now, I'll tell you!
I walked along the street, I could not understand where I was. But in my opinion it was some kind of park, I walked along the road, the sun was shining brightly and the birds played nature music and I was very well, it was very beautiful and I liked it all!
I walked and looked at all this beauty :) I saw with a glance that someone was at the end of my road and the sun was shining brightly over it! I want it was a man very much like you! I started running towards the end of the road and you ran to meet me, in your hands there was a bouquet of beautiful flowers!
It was very nice and as soon as we got closer to each other, I started hugging you tight, you know I felt warm at that moment! I am very warm because of your embrace! Thank you for your warmth. You know dreams come from under the consciousness of a person, they are stored in the head and the brightest events come to sleep, and here is the answer: "You are the brightest event in my life lately!" Have you ever dreamed such dreams?
How do you sleep at night? I like to be photographed and send you photos from my gallery again :) I hope my photos are not boring you.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Jim!
How are you? I hope everything is OK!
I am very glad to receive a letter from you!
I've been thinking about you all this time, and I've missed your letters and your words.
Dear, I believe that at night the body should rest and breathe fresh air ... That's why I sleep almost naked .... in some panties
I constantly think about us with you. You're a very good man, and I really like you. I'm not afraid to admit it.
While I could not read your letter, I felt uneasy. I can not even describe this feeling.
I really wanted to write to you.
I do not know what's going on with me.
I want to hug you tight. And just be in your arms.
Though you are far away, I feel your warmth towards me. And I hope I'm not mistaken.
I do not know what is happening with me. Maybe it's love?
Maybe I love you?
Being at such a distance from each other, is love possible?
I do not know what others think, and I do not care, but I think that love can be at a distance.
You will not believe, I'm now reading my letter again. And I just do not understand how I wrote it.
I did not sit, did not think what to write. I just sat and wrote what came from the soul.
I do not even know how you will react to this letter. And I hope that you will not judge me strictly.
And you will understand everything correctly.
I expect a letter from you!
Your Ekaterina. I'll send you a photo today in my swimsuit, which I did not even use :(
Letter 9
Hi my love JIm. How are you? I hope everything is OK!
My dear, I was very much waiting for your letter.
Dear on my body there are no more tattoos ... This is the only tattoo on my body ... I'm very glad that you are trying to capture me ... Frankly, I have a feeling that I'm already in your captivity and not where I can not get away from you ....
I thought how you would react to my words!
What I said could shock you.
You probably wondered how you can love a person only through letters.
I can answer this question. Because I fell in love with you.
It's possible!
And your feelings are also mutual with me!
I was afraid that you would react to my words a little differently.
But I'm glad that you have feelings for me!
I am very happy about it. The only pity is that we are so far apart.
But I think that distance is not a hindrance to our feelings and relationships.. yes
And maybe fate will bring us to you!
And we will meet. And we will live together.
This of course is only a dream. But we do not know what will happen tomorrow. And who knows how life will turn!
I expect a letter from you!
Your Ekaterina! Today I will send you a small video clip
Letter 10
Hello my Jim I'm so glad to receive your letter, you can not imagine!
Dear me it is not convenient to communicate by Skype and whatassp, I do not understand computers and modern technology, it will be much easier for me to write to you by mail letters!
Your cottage looks very nice ...
I really want our acquaintance not to stand still and move forward!
If you are interested in me, then choose this option of communication!
I want to be with you, I was so wound up with the idea of traveling to your country!
Dear, I wanted to tell you that in a short time at my work I will be entitled to leave, I will go to my superiors and will apply for leave! Dear, do you really want my visit to you? Darling, I want to spend your vacation next to you, so that we can get to know each other closer and look at each other in real life! I want us to try the relationship on a new level.
Dear, I ask you to answer my question, are you ready for my arrival to you ??? Back roads will not be!
I want to see your everyday life, so I want to meet your relatives and friends.
I want to look at our relationship in real life, but what if I do not like you ???
Suddenly you do not like my character?
I hope that everything will be fine with us, and we will understand each other. By the end of my vacation, we will converge on a single solution, can we link our lives to always and whether I can stay with you forever.
That's why I want to come to you on my vacation!
I want to embrace you, I want to taste the taste of your lips!
Will you give me your Weasel?
Dear, I ask you once again to think about our meeting! And give me a specific answer to my question.
I will wait for an answer from you.
Your first meeting depends on you.
Yours Ekaterina These two photos are specially for you!
Letter 11
Hi Jim! I was glad to see your letter! How do you? How is your mood? What is your weather like? It's cold outside, it's raining today! It's a great joy for me, that I can read your letter again! Sometimes I'm afraid of not seeing your letter! But I see that my fears are in vain, because you answer my letters all the time! I'm glad that we exchange letters with you every day, that we have respect for each other! I'm glad to meet you and me, that you and I could find each other in this huge and cold world! Now it is a great rarity to get acquainted with such a wonderful man who understands me, to whom I am interested! Jim by your letters I recognized you better, we have become more than friends! Do you agree with me! I'm glad that you are not such a man as everyone else, you understand me! Jim, I'm glad that we have found a common language!
Forgive me, I was not in the city, I was going to my grandmother in the village, she was very ill and I could not warn you, everything happened suddenly and I had to come to the village faster ... I hope your feelings have not cooled to me, I'm all So much I love you and I need to be confident in our destiny ... I want to be close to you at all times and I do not need anything like your understanding and your love, and especially I tire of your trust ....
Yesterday at work, I approached my superiors in order to ask me to give me a vacation, that he was thinking about giving me a vacation so that I could have a good rest. I have not had a long vacation for a long time. Last summer, I did not take a vacation, because there was no substitute for me, and there was no point in taking a vacation. I have long dreamed of spending my vacation well. Dear, as I understand you want me to find out what documents I need to travel to you? I will do it on weekdays! Dear, I will guide you in the course of all the news!
I am so glad that you are ready to receive me in your country. Dear, I realized one thing, that you are the best man in the world, and I have very strong feelings for you! I want you and me to be all right! Dear, I expect letters from you! I really miss you!
I want to feel all your love, I want to jump into your arms!
Let me taste the taste of your lips!
Letter 12
Hello my love Jim! My dear, I'm so glad you want to meet me, too. This will increase our relationship with you to a new level.
I went yesterday to a travel company, I talked with employees. I was advised to do everything myself as, through a travel company my trip to you will be very expensive!
I now watched the information on the Internet and my trip. It will not be easy.
I will need to issue a travel visa and a foreign passport so that I can travel to you.
You will also need to buy tickets. Dear, I'm ready to do all this, in order to be near you!
I also called the embassy and learned from them all the information.
I will need to collect a package of documents and send them to the Moscow embassy, that they would start processing my visa.
They told me that the average visa processing takes 5 days.
I also learned about the foreign passport. They told me that it could take about 10 days.
There are a lot of travel companies on the Internet.
I do not want to use their services. They take too much money for their services.
I want to arrange these documents myself and find suitable tickets. I also looked at the prices. I also need to get to Moscow to get on the plane.
And so I'll tell you the whole way, I'll need to get to Moscow by train, then I'll fly straight to you on the plane!
My trip will cost me about $ 1205! it is very expensive for me. I was very upset by this.
We need to solve the problem of paying for my trip.
What do i do?
Letter 13
Hello my love Jim! Sorry that so late but I had some problems in the mailbox and I could not write to anyone well but now everything is fine
I am very pleased to see your letter, but today I do not have a fine mood.
Yesterday I was at a travel agency and found out details about how I can come to you.
When I found out about this, I was very upset.
For my trip, you will need a very large sum of money, which I do not have.
I have never been abroad, so that I could go to you, I need to do many documents that cost a lot of money.
Last night I told my parents about this and my parents said that they do not have this money.
It's very sad, all my dreams about our future are falling.
My dear, I do not know what to do now. I was very upset and I do not have a good mood.
In the travel agency I was told that for my trip to you you need to have a visa, a foreign passport, go through a medical examination and pay them money for my insurance.
Only after all these documents are ready, only after that I can go to you.
I was told the prices that I will have to pay them and I will write to you now about it. Tourist visa (valid for 3 months or 92 days) - 90 euro
Foreign passport - 136 euro
Medical examination - 60 euro
Health insurance - 130 euro
The total amount for documents is - 416 euro.
All these documents will be ready in 4-5 days from the date of payment.
I also need to buy an air ticket that costs about 1619 euro.
I have to buy this air ticket, the weight of the travel agency, because this is their obligatory condition of the contract.
Ticket for a train from Kazan to Moscow, which costs about - 60 euro.
The total cost of my trip to you is 2511 euro. My parents said that they have small savings of 200 euro, and they will be able to give me this.
They do not have other money, because they give almost all of their salary to the bank for a loan, which they took to repair our apartment.
My dear Jim, I do not know where I can get the rest of the money 2311 euro.
For me it is a very huge amount that I can not find.
I am ashamed to write this, but I have no other choice.
I ask you, can you help me with the rest of the money for my trip? Can you send me 2511 euros so that I can come to you?
I really love you Jim and I'm very scared to see your answer.
I hope that you will understand my letter correctly.
With love, your Ekaterina.
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