Scam letter(s) from Oksana Rassadina to Corne (Holland)

Letter 1

Dear Corne! Thank U very much for your interesting letter. In this letter I want to tell you some more about myself. I live in a small town of Donetsk, Ukraine. It has approx. 400.000 citizens and is situated 500 km away from our capitol Kiev.
On my spare time, I like to spend time with friends, go to a movie , play tennis , dinning , socializing and have a good time.. In the summer I like to be outdoors more or less 24 hours a day and during the winter time I spend more time inside, reading a book , listen to music or just sit and talk with friends of mine. I don't enjoy the winter time to much,. even though it can be very beautiful , I am always longing for spring and summer. I like to go swimming for an hour in the morning I love taking long walks in the nature, planing things, solving problems or just philosophy about life. I also love to be near water , the sound of the ocean inspires my soul. There is a lot of things that interests me, The Arts , science , philosophy, sports , nature , cultures , global issues. For me a relationship has to be based on true love , mutual understanding and compassion. A genuine friendship and trust.
I like compliments as everybody, but I should know that you say them very sincerely. That you are not writing the same words to many women at once.
I like pets very much. I always wanted to have a dog or a cat, but my parents didn't let me do it, as our flat is very small.
Tell me also about your experience with other women, if it is not a secret.
Yes, I have some men, writing me, but I've not chosen my one yet. It's so pleasant to hear that you are interested to continue our correspondence.
You know, in my heart the spark of hope has lit and I didn't believe that the men are interested in mutual understanding and spiritual communication. Our men look for the satisfaction of their needs and desires only and drugs and other affairs. But in you I felt some special male charm. It keeps me warm. Beauty, outlooks doesn't mean much for me. I value soul traits, I like kind,loving hearts.
I don't know what about you, but I'm tired of loneliness. I want to obtain the love, where there will never be an end and will only be love, care, tenderness and kindness. From reading your letters I feel like you're a very deep and beautiful person.
I'm very happy to get letters from you. I like to read what's on your mind. Here are some of the things on my mind. It's been very hard for me to trust anyone at all. For the last 3 years the only person I could trust was me. I now know that I can't continue to keep myself from having a relationship. I truly want to share my life again with the right person. I'm a fun person to be around and very loving. There are so many things that I want to do but I am going to wait until I find my best friend. This way we can experience some of these pleasures together. I often wonder what it would be like to come home to a smiling face and nice greeting after a long day at work. To have someone their to snuggle up next to and watch a good movie. To get on Sunday morning go out for breakfast. Just to know what it's like to actually have someone care for you. These are things I never felt in my life. I want some to express their concerns and feelings with me. They don't always have to be good that's why we're all individuals. All they have to be are your feelings.
Do you like to observe nature and animals? I suppose, yes?
I don't know I can go on and on but I'll end this now.
Have a great day, I'll be waiting for your reply with great impatience. Sincerely Yours With Love, OKSANA.
Letter 2

Hi My lovely Corne. I soooooo love you. Now I am completely sure, that have found in you the man of the dream. You probably will ask me, " why so is fast? " I shall hasten to answer you, that I simply not could hold in myself these feelings more, and they have escaped outside. I simply did not know, how to you to tell about it at once, you see then you would not understand me. I never tested such feelings to anybody to another. I think, that you are created specially for me and I want to be created only for you my love. Your letters always bring heat and a cosiness in my heart though we and far apart, I all the same feel you as though you are with me in one room. I so want to nestle and feel to you heat of your breath, I feel, that with you to me will be always warm, even in the coldest weather. I believe that you that the man which I searched for all life. I am very lonely here without you. I store all your letters at myself and when me to become alone I read them again and me to become little bit better. Sometimes I think, and that if we would meet and have remained alone even for some minutes then it would be the happiest day in my life. Interestingly, and there is any way for our meeting? I so would like, that it was possible. Tomorrow I shall go for the sake of my interest to any travel agency and I shall ask them concerning an opportunity of travel to HOLLAND. I hope, what you not against it? Please, tell me, that you think of it. I shall wait for your answer. With all my love Oksana
Letter 3

Today I went in one travel agency about an opportunity of travel to HOLLAND. And then to me have told, that with it there are no problems and I can arrive to you.
You can send it through the Western Union. Unfortunately other system of remittances in our city is not present. Besides in bank to me have told that it is the most reliable system of remittances in the world and that money reach very quickly. To send the money, my address is necessary for you. It is my address:( SEMCHYSHYN OKSANA .UKRAINE. CITY DONETSK . STREET FRANKO 53/16.) After you will send me money you should inform me control number of translation (MTCN) it consists of 10 figures. And still the full name and a home address, only after that I can receive this money. Such information to me have informed in bank which to be near to my house. You at all do not imagine as I want to see you to nestle on you and to speak words of love. I sleep and I see day of ours with you meetings. I so would like that this day has come as soon as possible. That we have met face to face and long looked in the face each other. I am capable to overcome any difficulties for the sake of ours with you meetings. I very strongly love you and I send you HUGS and KISSES. With all my love Oksana
Letter 4

My dear CORNE.
I do not understand my heart, but I cannot forget you. You are constant in my ideas I think of you each minute, each hour When I lie down to sleep I dream that you were a number (line)
I want to love, to kiss, caress you
For the sake of you I would leave though on edge (territory) of light
You see where we would not be I always was happy with you.I am pleased to meet you and to know that there is a man in the world who is thinking of me and who likes me. It's so important for a woman to know that she is loved and needed. But I also know that our far communication will not take long and I will be able to see you and to touch your hair and your soft hands and that I will be able to look deep into your eyes and to feel your warm body by my side.
Now I shall a little tell about our problem with money.
It is very a shame to me to speak about it, but I the student and at University to me every month give only 20 $.
For this money I write to you letters and I do translation. My English very bad. I asked money from parents, but they did not give me 50 $. They old people and they should buy to themselves a medicine in a drugstore.. I want to trust you mine Corne. My heart is spoken me that by you very good the man. I see it in your eyes. Eyes is a mirror of your soul.
I want to meet you. It is very a pity, that you cannot go to UKRAINE. I hoped that it will be the decision of our problem with money.... I miss on you and I want to know you better... But I do not know that to me now to do? I kiss you too My Lovely Corne
I want to hear your voice Corne. You can call to me on my mobile phone?
Letter 5

You concern my life
I live for you
As your eyes they understand
I live for you
Come to me
Lay your body down
I won't deny you anything
Look at me
I feel so different now
You're the one I cry to
You're all around me
I breathe you in like air
Your arms have found me
Like waves that find the sand
And baby I'll be there...
You touch my life
I live for you
Because your eyes they understand
I live for you
In my life
You come through
I live for, I live for,
I live for you
Walk with me
The future's in the wind
Though the road is winding
I'll be near
Talk to me
Tell me all your fears
I'm the one you cry to
You call me lover
And tell me I'm your life
I won't run for cover
I've shown you who I am
And in the darkest night
In your arms, I come alive
In my live
I am free
No one could ever understand what you do to me
You hear my soul
So deep in you
Nobody knows the things you know
I live for you
In my life
You come through
I live for, Ilive for,
I live for you. I very to wait for your letter. It is a lot of love and respect. Yours OKSANA
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