Romance scam letter(s) from Grace Raymond to David (Australia)
Letter 1
Firstly, I am new on this dating site.
I'm here looking for a long term relationship.Don't be surprised,I must confess I am getting attracted to you already.You are quite handsome fo your age.How do you keep fit? Truth is that I get easily attracted to older men than the younger men.I know I look good for my age; I am Grace Raymond, 41 years working as medical doctor(surgeon) in the United States Military (Army).
I live in Houston, Texas,USA... Please tell me more about yourself and your job I was once married but we got divorced because of a bad attitude of a bad man which I am really not willing to share with you for now, at the least until we know each other very well. However, I have a daughter who is 7 years old and she's the love of my life. My daughter's name is Joyce who is currently staying over with our nanny for the past seven months. Frankly, I can not say I am a bad mother; it is a hard decision taken due to the nature of my job,which is all so stressful and always demanding. I get to stitch up wounded soldiers all day and that is not something we can talk about right here.However,I am finally prepared to give up my job with the Army and be with my family soon.
I am a very decent woman and I do have regards and utmost respect for men. My friends say I am caring,loving,honest,understan ding, sincere, energetic, kindhearted,trustworthy, family oriented, romantic, faithful and God fearing.I love kids a lot and really love playing with kids and being around them makes me happy. I will treat any child like my real child.
I wish to date a man who is also super caring, sincere,honest,kindhearted,down to earth, faithful and truthful. A man who is ready and serious about relationship and also ready for a serious relationship that will probably end in marriage. I am here to meet my Soul mate, Someone i can conveniently call my One and Only.I have positive energy to express myself and talk about things honestly.I believe if I talk from my heart,my ideal match will definitely understand me. Please note i don't care about age, race or location. All I am interested in finding is true love.
I attached my recent pictures below. I await your prompt and honest response.
Yours sincerely,
Grace Raymond..
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