Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Prekrasnaya to John (Greece)

Letter 1
Hello, dear John!
Thank you for your letter!And of course I'm happy to know more about you!How are you today?
So I'm single, have never been married. I was in a serious relationship with a man,we lived together and I thought we had a future.When I got pregnant,I was in seventh heaven!But my joy did not share my man,he just Packed up and left.Leaving me and the unborn child alone.But I move forward and hope for the best! I'm looking for serious relationships in which I will feel love , happiness and satisfaction of life. We all need love and feeling that we are living right. I didn't find my man yet as I need to find this only one and right for me. Nobody is perfect, so I'm not searching for ideal man or specific type. I'm searching for the one whom will love my heart and feel in his hands like in a most comfortable and warm place.
Well,I'm 32 years old, was born on 13 of September, so I'm Virgo.I'm living in a nice town Alchevsk. I was born here and living all my life, but don't worry, I'm ready for changes and of course realize that if I find my beloved man, I will need to relocate to another country. do you have any dream place to visit?
I work as a cook in a school.My daughter goes to kindergarten,the younger group,so I could earn some money for a living.
What about relationships , I think woman should be a lover , friend and to stay by her side would the most desirable and warmest thing!What is really important for me in relationships it is honesty, sincere, care , respect and understanding. It can make relationships strong and deep and bring internal pleasure.So here a little about my life to you and in my next letter I will open more parts about my life. I send you some photos and waiting some form you!I attach one from the store where I'm working, two just me but closer to you.It was great to hear form you and hope we will continue our communication and knowing each other. Enjoy your day!Sincerely, Kate
Letter 2
Hello, dear John!
Thank you for your reply with more information about you!It's a pleasure to learn each other step by step.Thanks for your photo,video,you're a very kind man and I like it a lot!
So lets proceed in knowing each other and i 'm going to tell you more about my life.
I'm living with my mother and don't know my father.
Unfortunately typical situation in Ukraine. But my mother is gorgeous, strong and cleaver woman so she grew me up so well and with all her heart. I got such qualities as honesty, kindness, understanding and warmness. I think every woman should have this sides to be a perfect lady for her beloved man. My mom helps me in raising my daughter. I realize that will need to relocate in future if i find my half in another country, and I'm not scared at all. I'm ready for changes and ready for new life full of love and you like animals?
I'm sporty and doing exercises in the morning every time. And when it's warm weather, I'm running. It really helps to stay fit and full of power and energy!My daughter is very energetic and bubbly girl,she won't let me sit still)
My mom and I traveled only in Ukraine.But she gave me everything I dreamed that I was different from other children.Two years ago, we made an international passport and wanted to go to Europe,have collected money.But the war began in my town.So we will not go,not enough money.There are its own laws,its own rules.Salaries are small,prices are large.No enough of money,many products or things in the shops there.But we believe that soon everything will be as before, Without a war!And in our city will be a world with peace of mind!Tell me about your dream? So I'm waiting a lot for your reply and to learn more in your next letter! Wish a great day and send you a kiss!
Letter 3
Hello,my honey John!How do you spend your weekend?I am very pleased to read your words,your plans for the future.Bad experience-too experience.He makes us stronger,gives strength and inspires to make a happy future,so as never to repeat those past mistakes and actions.
I would have met you with pleasure,the real meeting is always better than thousands of letters.We can get to know each other,become closer to each other.Moreover, soon I have vacation,I have no job.And we can just enjoy a week in each other's company.What do you say?YOU free you with 1 to 9 September?
my telephone number 380500247934)You can call me tonight,I'll wait for your call.
Kiss you!Your Kate
Letter 4

My honey,I made a copy of my passport.Now we become even closer to our meeting,to our meeting,to our happiness!I am very happy,thank you,once again, I feel happy!Kiss you!Your Kate
Letter 5
Hello,my honey John!Thank you for your lovely words,I am very pleased)I am very pleased that out of a million you chose me.Are you ready to trust your heart to me and I really it's important.I'm also ready to give you my heart,my soul.Because after our last conversation,I realized that you are a very kind and responsible man.You think not only for us in the first place you think about Anya and me, as the mother is very nice)I'm sure you won't just be a good husband and a great dad.
This morning I participated in my trip.My boss said I can take vacation in November.Then it will make it more difficult or impossible.I think I will be able to occupy yourself than you for 5-6 hours while you're at work.I can cook you a delicious dinner ready for you,I can go for a walk,but all my thoughts are about you.I will wait for you from work)And this will be the best waiting)What do you say?For me it's not a problem.
I think that when we meet if we like each other in reality,it will be easy to communicate and so on.I think at the meeting we will be able to speak on the subject of our future.Now I think we need to start to meet)
And at the expense of the friend said that she will be able to look and find me a ticket on the channels is not a problem.The problem is that I still need to do special permits for leaving the military city,to pay fees to the airport.Taxi because it will be safer.There were many cases when fired at a tourist bus,was killed.Therefore,it is safer to take a taxi.What do you think about this?Kiss you hot!
Your Kate
Letter 6
My dear,my dear!Thank you very much for your gift!It's so nice)I Have no words to describe my joy!We can chat,I can do a photo of my Ani))Thank you very much.I know how to convey your gift,because in my town don't use courier service.It's all because of the hostilities.
I think this amount is enough to pay for the whole trip and arrive to you as soon as possible!Very soon we will together and I feel with all my heart that we all get that we'll be together,be happy.I went to the Bank and found out all the information on how best to transfer the money.I was told that best Western Union.Only this service is running.I've never used this service.I was told to write to you all the information.
My full name Ekaterina Stanislavovna Tabula.
My address.Lugansk region,Alchevsk,Kirova street,house 5,app.12.Postcode 94200.
I can't wait so as soon as possible to hug you,talk to you and just be happy people!Hot kisesss!Your Kate
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