Romance scam letter(s) from Bridget Cook to John (Brazil)
Letter 1
yes I know but I like matured people like you as a father to daughter and in term of advise,guidelines from elderly person like you because I have met a lot of men here but never seen the serious and faithful ones out if them sir
Letter 2
Well, I am contented with what I have and I don't need to wait for any man before I eat or take care of myself as I am also the only daughter of my parent before they died.
Letter 3
Yes sure you can text me on 443-488-5541 more secured because I am not always on here. Thanks a lot John.
Letter 4

Good morning,oh sorry I thought you are in the state here and its okay. Well, email is still a better secured means to chat and mine is
Letter 5
but I will be happy and more comfortable if you can take me as your best friend,daughter,lover,adviser and everything you could ever need beside you John but I need to ask you some certain questions via our emails. Hope you are good? Take care dear.
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