Scam letter(s) from Anna Blokhina to Jimm (Canada)

Letter 1
Nice to meet you Thank you for giving me your address on the dating site. I want to continue our acquaintance and learn more about you. I hope you want this, too. There are many different people on the Internet and everyone has different intentions. I'm looking for a serious man to create a serious relationship. I'm not looking for a virtual relationship. I need real meetings and relationships. I'm a serious girl. I like reading detective stories, doing sports and enjoy cooking. I was brought up in a cultured and honest family with high moral values. I think that the girl should support her chosen one in everything. Now a lot of different girls and everyone chooses his own soul mate.
I am ready to give a lot to a man who will take my fragile heart into his hands.
Sport is an important part of my life. I like to spend time in the hall) There's a good team and it's nice to talk with them and practice. What kind of girl are you looking for))? What kind of relationship do you consider ideal?
Send me your photos, please.
I hope that I'm interesting to you and I'll wait for your answer. Sincerely, Svetlana
Letter 2
Hi Jim, Thank you for your photos. you are a handsome man.
You told me your e-mail address given on the dating site. But I do not answer, because at that moment I was in a relationship. But I did not work with him. There are different situations in life. So I decided to write to you. I thought that maybe you're still looking for love. Or a soul mate)
We know little about each other. And I want to correct this mistake and tell a little about myself.
Age for me is not important. For me the main feelings related to the person. On the contrary I am looking for a man older than me, so he was able to care for the girl, a man who has experience in dealing with a woman in relationship and he should know how to appreciated her. I also need a man who stands firmly on his feet and it can not be yong boy. So, that is what I'm looking for.) You see, we have no problem with age here anymore )))
I'm already 30 years old. I live in Ukraine in the Poltava region in the city of Shishaki. My birthday is October 2, 1986. My weight is 57 kg. A lot or a little I do not know)) And my height is 172 cm. I have higher education, and I work as an administrator in the gym. In my city there is a small gym. But nevertheless, many people go to it. I'm interested in my work and I constantly improve my skills. I have dark hair and gray eyes. Also I have a good figure ;-). Do you agree? I was not married. I have no children. And it's hard for me to be a strong girl all the time. I want to be loved, to receive attention and tenderness. I love sports and go to the gym. It's good when a girl watches herself and she has a beautiful tightened body)). Sport takes an inseparable place in my life. When there is no mood for me, then I go to the gym. And I have a mood, this atmosphere, these unforgettable emotions are beautiful and will always remain in my memory). I would like to be a professional coach, but I graduated to finance, but at that moment I did not know what sport was)) I knew more precisely, but I did not like him and always skipped pairs and physical education lessons. That's the kind I was a bad girl)) ahah. I can not live without him now, but I also like my profession. I have already graduated from university and received a diploma of a specialist and have been working for many years. I provide myself. I also know how to cook quite nicely, even delicious) I like to cook something new, try different recipes. I'm used to being independent, but I do not have a strong shoulder near, because the girl must be weak, and next to her is a strong and loving man. I so want to know more about you. Do you have any bad habits? Do you like sport?
I will wait for your answer here. Waiting for your answer ))
P.S. +380996118910
Letter 3
Hi Jim, You know, I've heard of those people and I think that it's very mean to use people, to play with their feeling and emotions as well as stealing something from them. Unfortunately we live in a dangerous world and we always need to be careful. We never know where could we be tricked, even at the supermarket, not only in the Internet. It seems that people who do this do not have any consciousness or moral values, it's even hard for me to call them people. I was brought up in a family with high moral values, so you don't even need to think such things about me
I was looking forward to your next letter, your answer is important to me. But I so want to talk with you that I was waiting impatiently for a minute to answer you on your letter). I understand that we have enough time to learn about each other more. It is so?
I'm looking for a partner in life: sincere, kind, caring, a man with a masculine character. I believe that a man should be the boss, but he also should not forget that his companion needs attention, care, surprises and various pleasant trifles). There are not many such men now and I decided to try my luck on the Internet. I'm not the only one looking for my soulmate with the help of this site and many are finding, and I want))
As for independence, I provide myself and live with my parents. I have parents who are always happy to support and advise. My father works for teachers at the university and my mother too. I have a good and understanding family. And most importantly, I love them and they love me, too. Family is the main thing for me. But I also want to create my family. I have it partly. But for a complete family there is not enough of a caring and understanding man. Every day I'm saturated differently, I have an active life and good, but there is a big one, but, I do not have a loved one nearby.
I can not fully describe myself, as they say, from the outside I know better. But I can say that I'm kind, gentle, affectionate, caring, but I'm vulnerable and sometimes harmful) Each person has his own shortcomings), and I'm sociable. Every girl should take care of herself, and I'm no exception, I also cook very well and my house is always clean and tidy. For my figure, I also watch, although I love to eat sweet, I go to the gym, so it does not harm me).
I also do not like being lied to, I prefer to tell the truth and expect it in return. And I want to fall in love, so that I can take breath away from his sms or ring, so that the shivers run from his touch, and his voice beckoned me. To love with all my heart, sincerely and forever. I hope I did not tire you with my letter.
I look forward to hearing ...
I rather want to receive a letter from you ...
Have a nice day Svetlana
P.S. Its my number. Call me +380996118910
Letter 4

Hi Jim, I do not like to write big letters, but with you it's so nice to talk to me, that I always want to write and write. I do not know how to explain it, but it's true. I wrote to you that I have an active life and this day is no exception. Since morning I have a job. Do you like my figure? Do you have a hard day today? How do you spend your weekends?
I like to spend weekends with friends, in a cafe, or rather with my beloved friends, after meeting them I always have a good mood. And I treasure these people very much)) But I also cherish your attention).
In people I always try to find good qualities and treat them with all respect. You know, as a child, I dreamed of becoming a doctor, I liked to treat my parents and my soft toys. I still like this profession). And what did you want to become as a child?
As you noticed, I do not know English very well, but I want to study it thoroughly. You will help me in this?
I hope that I'm interesting to you)
Can you send your photos for me? And I'll send you my own now so that you will not forget me) To be honest, I want to hear your voice) If you want you can call me) Your Svetlana))
Letter 5
Hi my Jim, Wow. You had a wonderful time. I always wondered how it was to fish. I would like to try. I would also like to swim in clean water. I have not even been anywhere this year. I did not have the possibility of such.
I was glad when went to the post office, and there came a letter from you. My happiness has no limits. I like you. And every day I'm waiting for you answer me. I hope all is well with you. And you would like to walk with me on the beach under the stars at night? It would be romantic)) I've been dreaming about this.
After all, do you like the night ?? After all, the world of the night fades. One after another, go out of the window of houses, streets and roads are empty. Single lights illuminate the small islands of space.
Amidst the darkness, and in the sky the stars are lit) Close to midnight the sky lights up in the same place, the pale glow gradually flares. After a few minutes there is a full moon, which even with the ground can be seen strange figures. You can see there is a human face, strange animals, or even something else.)) After a walk around the city at night so romantic, it fascinates me with its beauty. Especially on the beach. It is impossible to convey in words.
But with the rising of the moon it becomes so light that you can easily discern the silhouettes of houses, trees and even some leaves on them. All night the world appears to me as if covered with silver paint.
And, despite the fact that most people have a sweet sleep in the night, night life goes on.))
Most of all I like the fact that at night appears moonlit path on the sea. It stretches to the horizon in the place above which floats the moon, to the shore. It seems that the waves themselves bring to light. And around the track - quiet and dark waters.
The night is fascinating and inspiring. Do you like the night and walk under the stars? Or do you prefer a romantic dinner under the stars?)
For me it is important to your opinion Yours Svetlana
PS I miss)
Letter 6
My dear Jim, It was two years ago. I was traveling to Odessa at that moment)) I was pleased to talk with you. After all, talking on the phone is also important. I was glad to hear your voice.
Every time I see a letter from you, I smile. You and I already know a lot about each other. Imagine, today, I had a dream. I do not believe it, but it was you. We walked with you on a wide field around us parted golden ears of corn, and in the distance - a large wooden door. At first I was frightened: from the middle of the field the door, and we go further? Approaching it, we stopped in confusion. But some unknown force prompted us to bend down and things start to look on the ground. After a while, our eyes fell on the key. We took it, opened the door, and the ill-fated went on, hand in hand ... You know, it was a good dream. Golf - it is our life, great and interesting, the door - an obstacle that together we will overcome because we find the solution to this problem - the key. I truly believe in it.
I'm happy that you came into my life. I'm with you easy and pleasant to communicate. You are dear to me. And I want to have everything worked out.
And I hope that you are honest with me. I am ready for a good relationship to be done. And I believe that this meeting is not accidental. Do not you think?) What makes you happy? I do not have much time to write to you again, but every minute I go to see whether it was not a letter from you. I look forward to following your answer.
Always yours Svetlana
Letter 7
Hi Jim, How are you? Do you think about me at least sometimes? At me today at job it is boring and there was a lot of free time to think and you know, my thoughts were about you). I do not know why, but now you are often in my thoughts. I want to tell my parents about you, to share with them such good news that I have a person in my life who can make me happy.
I am writing this letter, and you are in my thoughts. I just can not stand it without you for a minute. When I think of you, it seems to me that you are near, I feel your exhaling breath, the warmth of your body. Darling, you have no idea what you're doing to me! I do not know who to thank for this meeting. And I hope that this is mutual.
Do you have a cherished dream? How nice it would be if this dream was me) It would be unforgettable news. Have you already submitted our first meeting? What do you think about me?? Are you serious about the relationship with me ?? I do not want to be mistaken in you. You are a serious man and I am sure that we can be happy together. We can be a happy family.
Waiting for your answer. Svetlana
Letter 8
Cute Jim, I'm sorry I did not answer you that much. I went to the grandmother for the weekend and she has a terrible connection in the village and I could not write to you either to call. I did not travel far. I was only in Ukraine and in Russia. In other countries I unfortunately did not manage to be.
I could not get together and do this step. At first, she could not decide to write, and then could not decide where to start, it took a few minutes to think about the very first word. And now I turn to the main. You are so dear to me, you are my ideal. Surprised? Now I can finally tell you what I think and do not be afraid at the same time because you can not see me, but you see my feelings. But I will try to tell you about them as much as possible so that you feel about what I feel! To make you understand how much I appreciate you and I'm afraid to lose! It is so strange and nice when waking up in the morning and going to sleep at night, so do not miss you. I'll follow you into the fire and into the water! My most dear, welcome. Because I just need you to be always near me. Do you miss me? A better tell me, how are you doing ?? Or just talk to me. I hope I have touched your heart. Yours Svetlana PS I am happy with you
Letter 9
Hi dear Jim, I understand that it is easier to communicate with programs. But you also understand me. I can not use these programs at work. They can fire me and they are blocked at work. I have a mobile phone with buttons. He does not support these programs. I live in a small town. And for me all these communications are a problem. I hope that you will understand me. That's why I use the mail and phone number you can call me.
That was a crazy long day without you! It's so much ... routine, vanity, endless case only for a moment, can distract my thoughts from you. I miss you, I want to see you smile. I feel sad when you did not write, I feel good, when you remember me and think. Every day I wake up with a smile)) The world is a magical, thanks to you. From your letters my heart starts beating faster. I did not have such strong feelings for the man, pulling me to you, madly pulls. I even dream about our meeting. I do not know what it will be, but I know that it will be unforgettable. It will be our common memory of the first, because this meeting is the first big event in our relations). It would be great if it was a romantic dinner under the stars at the restaurant, which is on the roof of a tall building. You just imagine: burning candles, red wine, fresh air, starry sky, soft music, our eyes meet, sincere conversations. What could be more beautiful? How's the weather in your town ?? What did you do today? Svetlana PS Waiting for our meeting. It will be unforgettable.
Letter 10
Hello, my dear Jim, My dear, you did not send me anything for the stone beach. I do not know what you're talking.
That was another day without you. you become more and more important for me every day. Every day, my feelings for you grow. My heart is ready to drown in love and no matter what the distance is between us ... it does not change anything. Yes, it is incredibly hard, difficult, but ... but my feelings are endless, they can help to move it all. I try not to notice the distance between us, which is like a chasm separates you and me. After all, we do not see each other, but feelings only grow. Is it bad luck.)?
I look forward to our meeting, and I will continue to wait for her. Wait, I can you tightly hug, tenderly kiss) I miss you terribly.
Good day to you, my dear) Yours Svetlana
Letter 11
Hi dear Jim, I sat a long time on this letter in the search for words that could convey the true my feelings for you. And fully understand how far the word, they can not compare with what I feel is for you. I can not live without you - these words are powerless to express the amount of tenderness, affection and passion that I feel for you only. You are amazing. Your attention is incomparable with all the pleasures of the world. You are my joy. I feel that you're part of me, which flows through my heart for you, surpasses all other emotions that I have ever experienced. You filled Hi dear.
I sat a long time on this letter, looking for words that could convey the true my feelings for you. And fully understand how far the words, they can not be compared with the fact that I feel it to you. I can not live without you - these words are powerless to express the amount of tenderness, affection and passion that I feel for you only. You are amazing. Your attention is incomparable with all the pleasures of the world. You are my joy. I feel that you are part of me, that flows through my heart for you, it is superior to all other emotions that I have ever experienced. You filled my life with new opportunities and adventures, and there is nothing in this world that could ever take your place.
When I look at the twinkling stars in the night sky, I miss you. And when clouds obscure the clouds I especially sad. You're like my sweetie, but you're so far away, and so we rarely see each other. Intolerable desire to hold you in my arms. I want to see your sincere smile, hear your laughter, gentle voice, feel your lips ... Mentally travel to distant lands and try to imagine where you are, my dear, what are you doing, what kind of people you meet on the streets how you walk ... Every day expectations, so slowly passes, oh so slowly! This morbid desire to be with you, penetrates deep into the heart. My soul cries out to you more and more.
My dear, how are your days without me? What are your thoughts today?
Dear, I can no longer have feelings for you at a distance. I want to meet with you and be with you a little bit of time. it means a lot to me. And so I know that I will need for our meeting. My boss often goes abroad. She advised me to call one a good travel agency. And as soon as I know what I need for our meeting, I'll write. I tell my friends that I should not waste time and must meet with you. Because I am suffering with my feelings, I need to show them to you. Svetlana
Letter 12
Hello my dear Jim, I miss you. And I look forward to our meeting, my heart beat faster with the thought of it. Do you remember our last conversation about the meeting. I would be very happy to come to you, or meet you anywhere. To do this, I'm ready to take a vacation, I have it next month and therefore I would like for this time a good rest with you. You really like me and I have a great desire to see you. But for this I need a foreign passport, and I promised to learn what is necessary to me for our meeting. For a start I need a passport as I was told it is done within 5-7 days, it will only cost $ 310. This I learned from my friend, she works in a travel agency and said that it's easier to make everything in travel agency than applying for each document separatly myself. All the necessary documents for that I have. And as soon as I get a passport, can I get any visa. I went to the travel agency, because it's safer, and I trust this agency, as my friend works there. As for the tourist visa, it will cost $ 170 as well as the cost to make the consular fee $ 70, as there is compulsory health insurance in the amount of $ 60. Total visa will cost $ 300 and I can get a visa for a couple of weeks. The visa will be open for 30 calendar days. But apart from that I needed tickets two sides. I will need to fly from Kiev Boryspil to Toronto, Canada. A two-way ticket will cost 500 & this is price with discount) I made a friend a good discount and I'm happy. I look forward to our meeting, it is likely to take place. I already imagine how I will meet you and kiss for the first time. I have goose bumps at the thought, and breathtaking. This feeling is impossible to convey in words. I'm happy that you came into my life, I do not believe my luck. You are dearer to me than all. You are my ray of sunshine that warms me. And I want it to go on, and maybe then everything will be stronger, because at the meeting must be feeling even more manifest. Oh, you're my angel. I kiss you. Svetlana
Letter 13
My dear. I apologize for my late reply. I lost the password from the mail and could not enter my mail. and now I have restored access and I see that you wrote me a letter. I hope. that you have not forgotten me and still want to be with me. because I want to be with you, I want to be around.
the current situation in my country is very difficult. Many of the unemployed, but my work is considered good), but these means that I get for a month, I will not be enough even for a foreign passport and to travel even more. ((
We must decide what to do with you next.?
Honey, I like you a lot, and happy to have meeting you. You are my happiness and I can not live without you, you are constantly in my thoughts. And this meeting will solve a lot for us. And I think that we shouldn't waste time that is so precious to us and decide something. Do you agree with me? Because earlier or later we will need to meet anyway! Aoa as for me, I'm having holidays from my work next month. So, it'll be the good time for me if we plan our meeting for the next month. And what about you? Svetlana
Letter 14
Where are you?? Why you dont answer me??
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