Romance scam letter(s) from Donna Botchner to John (Brazil)
Letter 1
Hi...Am ne where and i will love to get to know u more better use this to get intouch directly with me and share some pictures... Jdougal4AtGmail
Letter 2
Pardon me for bothering you, Honestly i don't wanna do this but i cant help it after i recently came across your lovely little profile seemed pretty interesting, you sound so great and i think it would be wise to express my feelings...How are you doing?.. P.S Check out my profile and if u like what u see i would love u to send me more of ur picture to my email and tell me more about ur self and i will do the same...Or If u don't mind you can give me ur email and i will write you thanks. Donna.
Letter 3
Hello Dear Good Morning.....How you doing and thank you so much for this and i will be very glad and appreciate this alot and u re a life saver dear thank u so much and i will be glad to hear from u soon dear and again thank u so much for ur number and i got it and as soon as i get my phone done like i said babe i promise u to give u a call or add u on watsup Thanks alot dear...So what its ur plans for the rest of the day dear?... Please get back to me as soon as u get the wire done for me honey thank u so much and God bless u dear looking forward to meet u soon babe... I love u and i really do babe... Keep Love Real And Alive...Hugs and Kisses.... Donna.
Letter 4

Hello love Oh Thank u very much and i just get back inside room now and i will be very glad to hear from u dear in the morning there as u promise love God bless u and i can't wait to be also be with u soon love... Thank God for been u to me babe....Kisses i wanna have some nap now coz am very tired and feeling little bit sick but i will be fine after all this done my love Okay... I check on u again soon babe...I love you so much and Keep Love Real And Alive......Cheers.
Letter 5
Hello love i try to manage to get the scanning of my Driver's License done dear.. Please get back to me ASAP. Thanks...Donna.
Letter 6
Hello Dear, Thank you for getting back to me,i will like to know more about you if you don't mind...I'm 30years old, I am 5'7ft a from Sweden and am a business woman, I work mostly on buying and selling. My birth place is Sweden, but I was raised and living in the states Boise Idaho, my mom moved when I was age of 3years Old after the death of my dad and I have since then lived all my life here in the United States Idaho.I went through a very bad marriage to someone I thought he was my soul mate and he broken my heart in a very bad way. Am a widow,A single woman, i lost my two kids with my husband last year coz of his too much of drink and the Marijuana he was taken. Now i just need to move on and get my self better with a caring man without a game please.. if u re also serious to start as a friends and see what future holds for us, we need time to get to know each other and share our feelings out to each other then we re good. And i will be very glad to know more about you and what you want from this.....As i said before my last relationship was HELL and i was always been beaten up from the man i was in loved with and it was started in a good way but suddenly he changes to me ALL. i felt in love with him coz he was a very caring and very sweet on bed, but he too jealous he always beaten me up and he was the one who was been cheating on me, i will never do that coz i respect my self as a woman and for the one i love and am not a cheater i told him that but he lost his trust suddenly with me wish was caused and ruined my relationship with him and i don't want such a drama in my life anymore.. I lost my two kids with him in a car accident years ago now..Actually its a sad story..But right now i just need someone help on my business to be able to start a new life..I have been hurt so much and i don't want any drama again in my life or heart breaking anymore,i really need a man that knows the value of a good woman and has the desire to be love for the rest of his life. Someone to share my successes, my joys and my sorrows. A man that will go through the path of life hand in hand with me..... It will take a lot to move me out of my comfort zone and it cannot be too quickly. You have far more experience in that arena than me so you know more about what is going to work for you ... i should have not been here looking for someone but i just need to carry on my life with the right person and start as a good friend for now, so i can be overcome this quickly and start a new life..I also believe that love is not always present in the beginning but it can grow quickly or slower, depending on how both handle it. ....Anyway let me know if you still want to continue with me. With Love Donna
Letter 7
Hello Dear,

Am happy to hear back from you and i hope this get us somewhere cuss i think I'll like to meet you.....Like i said before i need a good start friend and someone that will serious with me at the end not a player..I was just hoping that u won't be a bad friend to me and i want to ask u this question have u ever cheat or raised you hand on a woman before? However i will like to know more about you like what you like to do for fun? Your hobbies and interests can reveal a lot about you,I'd like to learn more...Is there anything special that you're passionate about? I love swimming,taking walks down the park,observing nature,running and walking,i also love cooking and walking by the sea side,I'm passionate about a candle lit dinner with just i and my partner holding hands together and sharing intimate things about each other. Are you close to your family? I am asking if you're close to your family in emotional kind of way because i never got to know my dad i mean he died when i was just 3years old before i moved down with my mom together there in United State,in Idaho, and she died in 20014..Anyway enough about me for now,So how would you describe your sense of humor? Some people like silly slapstick, while others go for more subtle stuff. What tickles your funny bone? My sense of humor is quite interesting,I'm shy at first but as we get closer i feel free to express my heart desires.What kind of food do you like? Do you have a favorite restaurant? If you had to pick one type of food, what would you say is your favorite? I love American food and also Italian food and most times,i love to cook for myself.I love MC Donald.I love comfort food.It seems like we have a lot in common.I think we should be able to meet soon after am done with my business but the problem that am just having now is that i sold house our house 2years ago and invested to start this business that have been struggling to get done and that's what taking my time for now and with lot of stress that am into now. I believe it can get me back to my feet if not that i would love to fly to u within a day and I'd love to talk to you more if u can be a life safer and see what develops if you wouldn't mind... Maybe we can meet after am done with my business here..Anyway What do you think? Hope that soon we both can sit down and have a cup of coffee,though i am new to this online thing but i feel that I've found all what i want and desire because i honestly cant wait to meet my partner in near future...I want him to feel that he has someone who is loyal to the utmost, faithful and dedicated to his needs. I want to be able to satisfy all his needs. Emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual and most importantly sexually. My greatest pleasure is knowing that i can provide all these things with Gods help...Are you willing to move for the right relationship?I would,because I've done it before and i wouldn't mind doing it again.What kinds of music and movies do you like?I love watching comedies and romance. I also love dramas and thrillers. Loved the Borne Identity. I love fantasy films. Lord of the Rings is my favorite.What makes you laugh, smile, and cry? Crazy funny people. Sarcastic people like Dr Cox on Scrubs. I love his character. I love intelligent comedy like political satire. I love Robin Williams, Jim Carey and Mike Myers.They crack me up so much. I love watching those home video clips of kids doing hilarious funny things. Kids make me laugh. The things they say. You never expect it.What makes me cry, I'm always moved when i see scenes on TV between parent and child when they are struggling or dealing with the relationship...I wish i can tell you more but i gotta go for now and i hope to hear back from you soon. Hug And Kisses,
Letter 8
Hello Dear,

Thanks for the email... How are you doing and how was your health hope everything is fine? it so much nice to hear from you.. well I would love to tell you something more about me of something you will ask about and I know from there you will get to know much and more about me before I start I want to let you to know i mean everything I am saying here and am just been open and truth so I will know if you still want the kind of woman like me in your life, My life has been filled with heartbreaks and I don't want anymore hurt or pains, I want to find a man who will love me and be there for me and I am hoping it leads to marriage, I have been in a marriage for 7 years but i lost him and my two kids last year and now am looking for a good friend to start and build a good and happily relationship with and i just wanna try and give a try again coz we all need life partner and i hope u can be my connection and hoping I could get married again to the right man, based on "Truth, Real Love(not **** love), Compassion, Friendship, Loyalty, and Honesty!!!! I also want to be able to be "Romantic" to him with Love, Know what I mean? I want to feel EXCITED when we kiss!! When we hug!! When we hold hands while we are in public or our home but holding hand in public will be when we feel comfortable with each other.

I'm a realist, am the only child from my parent and I really don't have anyone close to me in my life except my mom and am a good christian woman and you too I don't care if you are a good christian or not all I need is you to be honest and a good heart, I think from my profile you will see and i just inform you that.. I haven't been in any luck with a good man they re all after something my beauty or my money, and all i just need is someone to love me for real and I need to be treated good as you. I am respectful, responsible, and sociable. I am respectful of other's personal lifestyles, belongings, as well as their privacy. All I ask in return is for my future man to reciprocate the very same actions that I give to him. I have a very culturally diverse personality, therefore I have the ability to connect to individuals from different walks of life. I enjoy meeting interesting people and seeking new adventures. In my past times, I like to read, practice the Italian Language, watch some educational channels, such as Discovery, History, Travel, and Court TV etc.... I enjoy playing the piano and practicing the violin, going to movies, I love romantic movies. I am open minded in nature and like to apprehend and appreciate the cultural lifestyles of others. Ultimately, I am always honest and will keep it real with you, but in doing so, I will be respectful and courteous of the other's feelings. I believe that I will make a great man as well as a good friend or loyal confident. a very reasonable and quiet man that will be with me, i'm friendly, very trustworthy and value relationship above anything. Again I love travelling , sporting and enjoy meeting people and seldom party. I am cool headed, pretty laid back and easy going person and would like to have a man who is very responsible and understanding, someone i can really get along with.

I am not "materialistic"!! I would rather have someone to respect, care for, and love from my heart & soul, then money!! Yes, money is nice, but it can't buy you real love. I just want it to be, that anything we were to "own", as "ours", not "mine" or "yours". Yes, I know that there are something that will be mine, and him, but do you know what I mean? I want him to me with love and as best as he can and i will do the same by opening a door for him, or carrying things for him, taking his clothe off when he back from work, for no special reason, but that I care for him, I hope you will love to have all that, I don't know everything about your past yet because I know everyone does good or bad, and I don't know what upsets you right now, but hope to know you better, so I don't say or do anything to upset you, because I hate that when I upset someone special to me. I love going out, taking walks down the park and thinking about my life, I love observing nature and cooking is also one of my hobbies do you also know how to cook ? I think I have tell you something nice and I want you to feel free to ask me anyting as for me I will ask more just for us to get to know each other this is online dating and this dating online thing required alot of questions that right ?

Can you tell me more about yourself? also hmmm I already learn alot like what you are doing for a living do you live alone are you really ready to meet someone and be happy through as for me this conversation is really important and I am hoping to meet you one day I own my business and I have my Store for supplies , Am a sales woman, I Export Golds and Diamonds I mean all such of Jewelries garbage... What do you really enjoy doing? What you do to have fun? What makes you laugh, smile, and cry? What kinds of music and movies do you like? hope to tell you more about me and waiting to read from you as well. I care.
God bless you
Letter 9
Let me start by saying thank you for the love and affection you've shown me so far and i really appreciate ur time and how much u re trying to be a good man as you re dear but i need your seriously and urgently support my dear and to know something about me now,so you would know if you still want to stay with me or you would rather prefer to leave me alone in my tears and pain... Please i just want ur trust!! It just won't work if you can't trust someone. If you even doubt someone for a second then it usually never works out in the end.I will be very glad if u can support me as much as u can for my situation right now....My last marriage got me into a bad situation here since then and am really stressing now dear... Please i will be very glad if u can do this for me for the sake of God dear .. Am owing Two Months house rent bills dear, i just get the email from the lawyer again that i need to get the outstanding bills paid by the 28th of the month and if i didn't get it paid by then, am going to face court with them wish i knew it's not going to be fine with me dear... am very sorry for this and it's just that i just have to be opening up to u so i won't be sending to stress or jail dear.... I have a problem aswell with my business and my credit card just coz of my bad marriage dear please for God sake i will be very glad if u can do something for me and i promise u i will return the money back to u as soon as my business fit back in for me soon dear and again my late husband Lawyer told me that in the next 2 years am having about $4 Millions from the Oil Company that my late husband was working before.. Please am telling u this to know that am also a very hard working person but things re just turn down for now with me wish i really need ur good supporting my dear and i will be very glad if u can help me out with this house bills my dear God bless u. Please dear don't think am after ur money but it would be very good and okay if u can try and understand me very well on this situation i was in right now dear please don't think am after ur money or asking u money if not that am in hell hole on this right now... Have been keeping this for my self to see if i can try to get things work out with Customs that holding my goods for now... i promise u i will return this back dear Please its a promise and promise is a promise to me babe. Please let me know if u can help me out of this.Thanks... Donna.
Letter 10
Hello dear how u doing and seriously i really thank u for ur message and thank u so much also for ur concerning and ur words.. Dear there is something that i wanna let u know it's about my naked picture dear ..Please i will like u to understand and i think i already told u before that my phone was not in a good position for now and i didn't have any camera again first things dear... and again asking for my naked pictures while u said u will never treat me bad and i hope u won't be treating me like other girl out there coz please am just who i am and i really respect my self and who ever is around me dear thats what a good relationship was all about babe.... and again seriously if truly the camera of my phone is good now then i can try and get get one for u but dear my camera is not okay again and God is my witness on that dear...But i have some of my bikini's pictures that i think it would be much better and to share with u and i hope it should be much better for u for now till we meet soon dear ...And again dear yes i want to ask u this re u willing to come to USA or u want me to fly down to u over there to book my ticket down to u or u will come? it's either way just for both of us to be together dear and i think we will talk and make a good plan work for that babe... I will be very glad to meet u and have u as my man for the rest of my life and to get to know more about u dear ...all am just seeking in man is just Happily home ..Well am kind of stress and down or should i say am sick anyway i will be very glad if u can try and help me out of this to save me at the moment of this time dear and Almighty God will also be with u my dear and i promise u as soon as everything work out very well back for me i will return this money back to u and am very very sorry for asking u for such of this help dear i feel so bad and ASHAME but i just don't have choice that to open up my heart to u for help dear as don't know who to turning to dear... and i will be very glad if u can make me happy on this dear....Anyway like i said i didn't have a naked picture but i have something similar to that wish i believe for a good man like u should be okay with and understand kind of woman and respectful we should also have for our self babe ...Anyway all i just need is $3600 to just get all this settle babe and i will be so much grateful and happy if u can really helping out...And here is my Account Details below dear ... Bank Name:US bank
Name: Donna Bochner
Account#: savings- 253353085413
Routing#: 123103729
State: Idaho
City: Boise
Zipcode: 82702
Address: 7230 Fairview Ave PD-ID-3661 Boise. ID
Amount: $3600 I will be very glad to hear good news from u like u said dear and here is my bikini pictures babe...Thanks once again dear Keel Love Real And Alive.....Hugs and Kisses... Donna. PS: Having Google account problem dear...
Letter 11
Hello dear well seriously i will never STEAL and why did u used that words and again u should know what u said its not possible and why did u said i should steal re u serious? anyway for God sake never share this to anyone and please make it save for God sake for me only u dear and i hope u promise me this... i had this and just coz its private for me and am doing this for u not coz of anything but to do what u want and to let u know that i really also want u too ... i will attach those i have for u and please no more dear and again if u have it in ur mind to send me $5000 dear i will be glad so i can pay for next coming month or use for other things that i needed dear... and here is what u re asking for please keep it thanks....
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