Scam letter(s) from Melissa Harrington to Frank (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Good to read from you frank you sound good, well as you know I am still here west Africa Nigeria now and I am not doing anything now just been looking for a man who is ready to marry me again, well about ex I will tell you if will meet in person. Let me know if you ready to have me with you, I love you so much I will send you some pics soon.
Letter 2
Which messenger are you using now?
Letter 3
Good to hear from you dear, I am happy to read from you again, I have my daughter with me here in Nigeria I hope we can both come to you if you don't mind, her dad is in united state, we have separate we are not together any more I am alone now, help me if you really want to help me with anything you can, I am in need of that, do anything you want to help me with in time darling.
Letter 4

Hope you see what you want now, I need the money on time to get what she need for her
Letter 5
good to hear that from you am also want to be with you and live the rest of my life at your place, well we can chat on yahoo messenger next week, please don't send my new picture out to anybody I don't want to be used by bad people
I have to take care of my daughter now I will hope to read from you later
have a sound night
Love you from my heart
Good Night
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