Letter(s) from Svetlana Belova to George (USA)

Letter 1

Hello again George! I am sorry that you haven't received my letter.
Therefore I send it to you again, and waiting for your reply soon.

Hello George!!! It is me Svetlana from other part of the world. Exuse me that I could not to write you earlier, but I am a teacher and we had a check from the Ministry of Education. So I had so much work. I am new in the Internet things and I do not know how everything works in it. I contacted your ad but I was not sure if you would write me back. But you have written and I am very excited about it. You were able to see some information about me on my profile but I think you want to know more about me. You know that I live in Russia in the town called Kotelnikovo. It is very beautiful but rather small town. I think it looks like your countryside. It has population of 21000 people. If you want to look for it on the map there is one rather big city not very far from my town, approximately 190km. It is Volgograd city. I do not know if you have heard about this city. It is situated on the Volga River in the southan part of Russia. I was born on the 3rd of May in 1976. My height is 5'6" and my weight is 125 pounds. I have never been married and I do not have kids. I work in the school as I teacher of Russian Literature. I have a lot of different interests. I like reading. It goes from my job as you see. I am rather active person and I like to be active in live. I like sports, outdoor activities, camping, fishing and etc. I think I am also rather romantic person. I like romantic things like flowers, dinner with candles, and walk under the moon. So it is brief information about me.
You should be interested why I contacted your ad and why I am looking for somebody from so far away. I look for the right man who will be my friend and my soul mate. Who will love me and will understand me, who will share with me all happy and sad moments of the life. I am one-man woman and I will be able to give all my life, love and care to the right man. Hope I will be able to find him one day. All right I think I should let you go for now. I am sending you the picture of me in this letter so you can see how I look like. Hope you will like it. I understand that it is difficult to write everything about me in one letter. I hope we will be able to know more about each other in our next letters if you would like to continue writing. So I am looking forward to hearing from you. Take care and have a good day! Your new friend from far away Svetlana.

Letter 2

Hello dear George!!! It is nice to hear from you. I begin to think about you almost all the time and every time I go to the Internet cafe it is like a date with you. You know that you have become important part of my life and I wait for every moment when I can write to you. I hope you will not think that I am weird. Thank you very much for all your beautiful photos. I am very glad to see you and the places near you. But please stop to apologize so many time, I feel a little not so well because of it. And I think you look very attractively. I learn English at the university. At school too, but less. And I want to have boyfriend drinks maybe twice on a week, but the first, he should understand that he does, to behave in hands, and adequately to estimate a reality. Everything is rather good here. My girlfriend asked to say great hello to you. As for me I am a little bit tired today. I had rather hard day on my work. You know that I give to work all my energy and it takes a lot of time. But I want to do it and I like my job you know. One boy in my own class where I am the curator caught cold and had high temperature today. He has very difficult family situation (his parents drink frequently), therefore sometimes I try to help him more than to other children. I went to the medicine cabinet for the drugs from flu but there were nothing. It is like a rule in our country when government does not give enough money for its organizations: for the social sphere, schools, health and medicine. I have heard that there are a lot of private and commercial schools in your country. But we have different situation here. You know schools belong to the state here in Russia. So I had to go to drugstore to buy some medicine for his recovering. The medicine is very expensive here but I did not care and I bought all medicine he needs for the recovering. I do not have good feelings and thoughts about my country in such moments. Food, medicine, everything costs rather expensive but sometimes people do not get their salaries for several months and government do not pay attention on it. I hope you will not think that I am complaining to you. I just want to share everything with you.
After all this day I was so tired. But I am better now because I can talk to you and share with you with the part of my life and me. I think it would be great if you were near me so you would be able to help me to relax much more. But it is just a dream. But maybe it will happen one day. All right, it is enough about me. How are you today? Do you have anything interesting happened in your life? You can always write me anything you want. You know that I want to know everything about you. But I am sure that you will write me anything you think I should know. Well, I need to close here and go home. You should know that I am really happy that I met you. I have only warm thoughts about you. I hope you do not mind me thinking about you. I want to thank the God that he gave me the opportunity to find you in this big world. I hope the God will help us on our way. I will miss you and will wait for your letters. You know that you mean a lot to me already. Remember I think about you. With best regards yours Svetlana.

Letter 3

Hello my dear George!!! What have you been doing these days? As for me I missed your words till now. You know it is the best moment of my day when I can read your words and I always wait for the moment when I can get to the Internet cafe and write you. When I wrote you first time I did not know that it would work and that I will have such feelings to you. But now I am sure that you are the man whom I would like to have near me. In spite of the fact that I have not met you in real life and we only changes the letters I can say that I want us to meet someday. I want to be with you, to feel your warmth and care. Maybe it seems strange for you to hear such words from me. But I have the feeling that we know each other for ages. I have never had such feelings to nobody. It is unusual for me but I can do nothing with it. Hope you are not scared with all these words and you understand me. I hope that you can feel it too. I am always honest with you and hope you will be honest with me too because I think that honesty have very big meaning in relationships between people. Without love, honesty, respect and understanding there cannot be relationships between woman and man. You know that I do not like to play with the feelings of other people and do not like when somebody plays with mine. I hope you will never do it. All right I think it is enough about it. I saw you in my dream yesterday night and I woke up with nice mood and smile on my face. Do you want to hear about it? I think you do. I saw us together. I do not know exactly what place it was. I just know that it was weekend. There were a lot of our friends with us. I think it was some kind of party or picnic on the nature because we made kebabs or barbecue. We had a lot of fun together. But in the evening we had remained alone and all time was ours. It was night with full moon. We had romantic dinner with candles. We were alone and nobody was able to prevent us. Then we turned on the music and began to dance slowly. I looked into your eyes full of emotions and you looked into mine. We enjoyed every second and tried to catch eye of each other. Every minute was an eternity for us.
I woke up with good mood in the morning and have good mood for all day long. What do you think about my dream? I hope you are not bored with it. I hope it will come true one day. You know that I have nothing special here and sometime I feel so alone. But now I have you and I am happy that we were able to find each other. I need to go now but I am waiting impatiently for your reply. I am thinking about you. Hugs and kisses. Your Svetlana.

Letter 4

Hello my love!!! Hello my dear George!!! Thank you very much for your nice photos. I am very glad to see you in a good shape. How are you? I hope you are fine. I am so excited now dear. I am crazy about you and I know that you are too. I miss you and it is very difficult for me to be apart from you. The idea that you are there and I am here makes me feel sad. You are my life now and you know it. I want to look into your eyes full of emotions, to touch you, to kiss you. I am sure that everything will work between us and we will be happy together. I often imagine our wonderful life together. I can feel you even on such big distance we have between each other. But I want to delete this distance. I wanted to do something for us and I went to the Consulate as I wrote to check what I need to do to be able to come to you. I had talk with people there and I have known that I need to do some paperwork and get visa to come to you. The visa I can get in easiest way is a tourist visa. I was told that I would be able to get it without any problems. It will take some time and I need to pick up many documents from my side. But I will do everything what depends on me. But I have one problem that upsets me very much. It is not convenient for me to ask you for help but I will not be able to do it without your help. You know, I need to pay for getting visa and doing all paperwork I need to come to you. And you know that my salary is too small for it. I have the great desire to come to you, to see you at last, but I will not be able to do it without your help. I do not want to complain but I do not want to lose you. I love you very much and I will not be able to go through it if I lose you. I do not know whom I can ask for help except you. You know that I am always honest and sincere with you. I hope that you will understand me and will help me to do this serious step of all my life. When I was in the Consulate I gave them some documents and they have already made a file for me.
Now I need to pay them and they will continue my visa process. They gave me quotations for paperwork I need to do. They said that I need to pay 100$US for the visa and 30$ for registration. I also need to pay 75$ for foreign passport, 50$ for medical exam and 40 for interview and for some other expenses I can have. In general I will need about 300$US to cover all expenses. You know that I do not have such money and I do not know where I can get it. I can hope only on your help. I have known that there is Western Union office in our town. It is not very far from my home on the same street. You can send the money using this bank system to my name. You just need to know my full name and address. I was told that it is the quickest and safest way of sending money. My full name is SVETLANA BELOVA. My address is Russian Federation, Kotelnikovo, Chkalova street, 7, apt #3. And zip code is 404352. After you send the money you will need to send me your full name, exact home address, amount of money and Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). I was told about it in the bank. I will need it to get the money. Honey, I need to pay them during the week, so, please, try to send it as soon as possible. I really hope that you will understand my situation. I want to see you very much but I will not be able to do it without your help just because I don't have such money. I will understand if you do not want to help me but it will hurt me that I will not be able to be with you. I trust you dear with all my heart and I hope you will never hurt me. I will never hurt you too. I just think that we need to trust each other, to be honest and to share everything. I hope you will agree with me. I imagine that we can meet really soon and I have tears of happiness on my eyes. I do not want that there were problems that can prevent us. But I can hope only on your help, dear. It will be the happiest moment of my life when I meet you. I love you so much. You are the best what I have in my life. I want to be with you more than anything. I miss you, dear and wait for your reply with big impatience. Your Svetlana.

Letter 5

Hello my love!!! My dear George!!! I love you so much and I am so happy to know that you understand me. You know that I want to do this serious step and come to you. I know that it is everything I need now.
I want to be with you and share every moment of my life with you. I want to give you all my life, love and care. I know that I will miss my friend and children on my work but I also know that I will not be able to live without you. You are the meaning of my life and you are everything for me. I have read that you sent the money. I will get it as soon as I get to the bank. Then I will pay for the paperwork I need to do to come to you. It means that soon we will be together dear. I am the happiest woman on the planet. We spent some time with my girlfriend yesterday. We talked a lot about you, us and my decision to come to you. She is very happy for us. She always supports me in all my decisions. I baked a taste chocolate cake and Nadezhda liked it very much. I know that soon I will be able to cook something delicious for you too. I hope you will like my cooking. I think you will. You know I have a lot of dreams about us and our meeting. You will meet me in the airport. We will run into the hands of each other. I will hug you with all my power and kiss you with all my emotions. Then all time will be ours. We will be together and we need not anything else. We will do everything we want and will enjoy every second of our life together. I know that this dream will come true. It is just the matter of the time. It is so hard to be apart from you. You can understand it as nobody can. I love you dear and this love helps me in my life now.
I really need to go now, dear, and I want to sorry that I do not have time to write you a lot right now but I will write you soon. I will wait for you letters. Be sure that I love you most of all in the world. You are always in my heart. Your Svetlana.

Letter 6

Hello dear George!!! What have you been doing? Hope everything is all right. As for me I am really excited now. I can think only about you and about our meeting. You know that you give me the reason to live. I love you and it is the best what has happened in my life. You know I have received your money and have paid my visa. There was no any problem and they have told me that all my papers have to be ready to 20th of April. That makes me so happy to know that very soon I'll get an opportunity to meet you. The visa I will get will be good for 6 months but we will be able to do all arrangements to be together forever when we meet. Am I right? And about coffee, I think it is popular the same as tee, but less than vodka. (Joke) My girlfriend Nadezhda asked to say great hello to you. You know that I told her about my coming to you. She is very happy for us and wishes us to be happy together. She knows that she gives me in good hands. I am sure that she is right. I had wonderful dream about us last night and I want to share it with you. I saw us together. It is very good sign, isn't it. We were sitting together in a big room. There was a fireplace; you were looking at me with love and care in your eyes. It was some holiday, maybe my birthday. I was in a beautiful white dress.
Birthday time is a wonderful time when all your close people gather together, give presents and congratulate you. But the best presents for me are you, your love and that we will be together. I felt so happy in my dream and even when I got up I still had that feeling of happiness. It was amazing! Oh, darling, I want this to be true so much!!! I know that my dream will come true and we will be together.
Every night I close my eyes and pray the God. I pray for us. I ask the God to help us. I know that He will always help us because love is a feeling that is made on haven and my love to you will never die. I love you, and I am not tired to tell you this. I will love you always, no matter what would happen. Remember that I love you and think about you always, because you are my life and my reason to live. I will wait for your letters. I miss you so much. My heart belongs to you. Your Svetlana.

Letter 7

Hello my one and eternal love!!! I miss you every second of my life. I am so sad when I cannot talk to you, read your wonderful words. I love you and I want to say this to you until the end of times. I live in a fog now you know. All my thoughts are only about you and about our meeting. I know that soon we will be together. You know the day after tomorrow I'll go to consulate to check out about my paperwork. Hope everything will be good there and we'll be able to meet very soon. You know I understand that your parents have some mistakes. And I know that to not know each other completely can bring some problems. But therefore I think we need to meet each other in life, to know each other much better, and only then we'll be able to decide do we want to be together forever or not. Don't you agree. My girlfriend Nadezhda is very happy for you and me you know. She sees that I am in love. I am as a little girl who falls in love for the first time. It is such wonderful feeling to love. You know it too. I always imagine our life together. We will be very happy. When we meet we will never leave each other. I will cook for you and will bring breakfast in the bed. Or you will do it for me. We will do everything we like together. We will walk, talk, make love, do different interesting things and just be silent. Only one thing will have matter that we will be together and every moment will be like forever for us. All right I stop here. It is better to do everything I said. Soon we will be able to feel all these. The Internet cafe will be closed now for the night. So I must hurry. You know that I love you and will love you always. I feel every your thought. Your love is the best for me in this life. I will miss you. I will write you soon. I know that you miss me too. Love you.
Your loving Svetlana.

Letter 8

Hello my darling George!!! How are you? Everything is as usual here. I think about you every moment of my life. You know that my life was so dull and boring before. But now every minute I feel that I am happy. I have been changed a lot. You changed me and now I know that I am not lonely anymore. I have you in my life and you are everything for me.
You know I like "western" movie. And we even have some Russian films about cowboys. Everybody here says great hello to you. My girlfriend is fine. She is happy for me very much. As for me I did not do anything special these days. I miss you very much dear and wait for our meeting with so big impatience. I want to thanks destiny that it give us chance to meet each other and be together forever. I have written that I believe in destiny but I also think that we make our life with our own hands. And we need to do everything to be happy. I know that we will be happy together and nothing will be able to prevent us. I cooked very tasty pancakes for breakfast today morning.
Someday I will do it for you. Soon we will be together and I will cook breakfasts for you or we will cook together. We will have a lot of wonderful moments together. I like to cook very much and I am very good at it. I am not boasting, it is really so. You will experience it soon. Well, dear I need to close here. I will be thinking about you. I love you very much. Your Svetlana.

Letter 9

My love, George!!! How are you today, dear? Hope everything is fine.
You know, I think it will be better to buy the ticket here, because people in consulate have told me that they will help me to book the most cheap and convenient ticket, also they will explain me everything to do then. And certainly I'll tell you beforehand about my coming, as soon as I'll know it. As for me I am rather fine, just a little bit tired. I went to the gym yesterday and was training there for about 2 hours. I forgot about the time. I was training and thinking about you.
All my thoughts are always with you, you know. You even can feel it through such big distance I guess. And sometimes I even forget about the place where I am and about the time when I think about you and our meeting. I have a new dress. It is specially for you. It is almost the same as I saw in my dream. It is white and it is very nice. I want to look beautiful for you. I try to be in a good shape that is why I am training a lot. Everything I do, I do it for you. You are the meaning of my life now. I know that you will do everything for me and I want to do everything for you too. I often dream about us, honey. There is no minute when I don't think about you. I close my eyes and I see you, your eyes, your hands are holding me, you are looking at me with love and care and I am flying from happiness. I have never thought that I could love anybody so much. But now I know that I can. I feel it with every part of my soul and body. My heart belongs only to you. I kiss you every night and every moment in my dreams. Sorry, sunshine, that I am so sentimental. But when the woman loves, the whole world doesn't exist for her. Her thoughts are only with her beloved man and all her dreams are about him. When the woman is in love, she becomes silly and foolish as a little girl. It is a fact. I am kidding, dear, but it is really so. I love you most of all in this world. I will let you go now but I will wait for your letters and write you soon. Your loving Russian girl Svetlana.

Letter 10

Hello my love!!!

Hello again my dearest Beloved George!!! I really miss you very much.
I want to see you, to kiss you, to do everything you want. I will do everything to be with you as soon as possible. I know that you will do it too. I know that my life with you will be very happy. I will miss my children from my work. You know that I love children very much. I will miss my friend. But I know that I will not be able to live without you. I will not be able to live without your breathe, without your touch, without wonderful words you say. I love you most off all.
My love to you is my life now. I live only for you now. You must feel it as I feel your love. I think that I will be able to come to you very soon. I want it right now. But I know that soon I will be able to do it. Today I bought some presents for you. It will be the surprise for you. That is not big but hope very pleasant. I think you will be very glad to get some presents from me. I will be very glad to make you happy. I stop intrigue you. Soon you will see everything yourself.
Everything was very well in consulate. They have asked me some questions, and I answer them that I am going to go to my beloved person, I found all my life. All my paper are ready, but I don't have the visa still, because there have told me, I will get it as soon as I'll show them that I'll be able to go there and to come back. So I have to show them a ticket, and then I'll be able to come to you, without any problem. So, I'll check out about the most convenient and cheap ticket and will write you as soon as I can. I will let you go now. You must have a rest I think. I will write you soon and know that you will write soon too. I love you forever. I miss you so much. I want you with all my body, head and soul. Your Svetlana.

Letter 11

My dear love!!! My George!!! I am always happy now. Your worlds and thoughts about you help me to live and wait for our meeting. I live only for you now and you know it. Well, I have understood you, but I have found the best (I think) airticket only for 12th of May, therefore I think we'll not have problems to meet. So, that is for $739 but plus 138 for airport services. And I'll come to Sky Harbor Intl Arpt at 21:40. So, I need 877$ for my ticket. I hope I'll get my salary to come to Moscow, and to have some money for any unforeseen cases in a way, even to let you know what has happened. But I need to book that ticket as soon as possible, because prices changes every day. Today Nadezhda offered me to go to the theatre this evening and I agreed. Also we talked about you. You know that she is my real friend who always helps me and supports me. Now she supports me too. She sees that I love you and she has very good thoughts about you. She is sure that she gives me in good hands you know. All people who close to me are sure in it. So we decided to go to the theatre. We will see the performance "Georgy Rasputin". It is historical drama. I do not know if you have heard about it. I think that you do not mind me spending the time with my girlfriend. I want to spend my time with her until I leave. I know that you will understand it. But I think even during the play all my thoughts will be only about you, because you are the only reason to live for me. I really can think only about our meeting now.
I would like to see you right now. I want to see you as quick as possible. I know that soon I will be able to do it. I've already written that the idea that you are there and I am here makes me feel pain. I know that soon I will not feel this pain until the end of time. All right I think I should stop such talks. I will let you go for now. I want you always think about me, because I feel your thoughts. I love you and need you very much. With all my heart Svetlana.

Letter 12

Hello my love!!! My dear George!!! How are you today dear? I am happy to tell you that I'll come to you as I wrote earlier. So, here is information of my arrival: May 12, 20:55, America West Airlines, number of airflight HP17. Let's wait a bit more and I'll be in your hands. Also I am happy to tell you that I am beginning to finish my work. That will be not so easy, because here we'll have tow holidays.
1st of May - day of spring, and 9th - Day of Victory in 2nd World War.
But also, if you remember, at 3rd of May is my birthday. And it's a pity that you wont be here with me, but you will be as always in my thoughts with me. Your words calm me every time I read your letters. I am sure that soon we will be together. I see that you want it very much and do everything for it. I am also do everything I can to meet you as soon as possible. I love you and you feel it as I feel your love and care. When we meet nothing will be able to prevent us to be happy. I want to dream about you and about our meeting until we will meet. These dreams really help me to live now and wait for our meeting. But when we meet it will be the best day of my life and I know that your life too. I love you so much. I want to say this all the time. I hope soon we will be together. I am very happy about it. I am really ready to go to you and share my life with you. I want to be your second half. Do you mind? I know you do not mind. You know that I miss you very much. You know that I am always with you. Now we are single whole. I really need to read your words. While I cannot meet you it is the reason that makes me feel crazy. All right I need to go now. I think about you all the time. I know that you think about me too. I love you. I need you. Your Svetlana.

Letter 13

Hello my love, George!!! I like to read your letters. I imagine how I will like our meeting. It will be the best moment of all my life. I have never met such man as you. You are the really best what I had, have and will have in my life. You are the meaning of my life. I love you and want to be with you. I like your caring about me. I like your words and manners. I like that you perceive me such as I am. I love everything in you. I want to be with you forever. Most of all I know that you love me and it makes me feel the happiest woman in the world.
I have never been so honest with anybody as with you. I cannot be so truthful even with my girlfriend in spite of the fact that she is like a sister for me. You must appreciate it as I appreciate you, your love and your honesty. As for me everything is as rather good here. All right I will go now and let you have a rest. I will write you later. I love you! I miss you! I need you! Your Svetlana.

Letter 14

Hello again my dearest George!!! I am very glad that at last I have got a chance to write you. You know May 1 is a holiday here, therefore we had of 1st 2nd and 3rd of may, and I could not write you yesterday, because of preparing by Day of the Victory over Fascism. We will make some holiday, will invite some people who took place in 2nd World War.
And maybe some more. Therefore we have a lot of work now. I hope you understand me and do not angry to me for it. I missed you very much, but I could not write you. I thought of you all the time. I wished you to be here with me. Even my birthday was not a holiday without you. I want you to celebrate it with me, because here it is a holiday of spring and I want to spend it with you. Well. And how was your time.
Hope everything goes well there for you. You know, when I'll be with you, I'll accept everything you have there. I am ready to it. As I wrote the main thing is that I'll be with you, my dear George. You know, also we had Easter on May 1. I love you more than anything in this big world, and I prayed for us. I asked god to help us to be together as soon as possible and to be always happy together. I hope the god has heard me. I love you and with each day this feeling become stronger and stronger. Remember always that I live only for you now. Thank you very much that you are in my life. Well, excuse me, but I need to go. But I promise to write you as soon as I can. Write me very soon too. I miss you and impatiently wait for every your letters. I love you. Your always and forever, Svetlana.